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Shriram Insight Brokerage Calculator

Shriram Insight does provide the facility of a brokerage calculator. Brokerage in simple terms means the commission that a broker charges. In this case of the share/stock market, it is the brokers charging a commission for facilitating the trading services to the traders. As brokerage is something that the trader has to pay to the brokers for the services they expect to know before-hand how much are they paying as a brokerage and what are the other charges that they pay when trading in the stock market.

The brokerage calculator makes this calculation easier for the traders who can plan their trades much better. This calculator is available for all the segments of the stock market. Shriram Insight charges Rs 300 to open a trading account with them. All the charges are also detailed in the contract note that the broker must produce to the trader.

Shriram Brokerage Calculator Online
Shriram Brokerage Calculator Online

Shriram Insight Equity Brokerage Calculator

In the forthcoming section more details on the brokerage is provided on orders like intraday and delivery on segments of equities, commodities and their derivatives. Most common type of orders for retail traders are the intraday and delivery. Brokers usually charge lesser brokerage on the intraday than the delivery trades. Some brokers charge flat brokerage as commission.

Shriram Insight Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator

Brokerage on Shriram Insight for intraday trading is 0.015% – 0.05%. Also, there are other fees involved when traders trade on the stock market. Few of the charges are exchange related and others are legally related. The contract note that is generated from the brokerage calculator details out all of these charges.

Shriram Insight Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator

When a trader holds the position for more than one trading session it is referred to as a delivery trade. Shriram Insight charges 0.15% – 0.5% as the delivery trade brokerage. With delivery trade trader can choose to close the positions when they find a better profitable price.

Shriram Insight Equity Future Brokerage Calculator

In its derivative form equities can be traded as a future. Shriram Insight charges 0.015% – 0.05% as brokerage to the traders. There is also a requirement to maintain the span margin as per the exchange rules. Not all the equities have a future contract attached to the. The list of futures that can be traded s a future is listed on the broker website and also on NSE website.

Shriram Insight Equity Option Brokerage Calculator

Another form of derivatives is the options. Options have an expiry date attached to it, and the value of the option keeps on reducing with expiry date arriving. Shriram Insight charges Rs 75 – Rs 20 per lot on options trading on their platform. Similar to the futures, options also require the margin to be maintained on the trading account. Option list is also available on the NSE website.

Shriram Insight Commodity Brokerage Calculator

Traders can also trade in commodities on the Shriram Insight trading platform. MCX exchange facilitates this on the broker platform. Shriram Insight charges the brokerage on commodity trading similar to those of the equities. The most popular commodities are Gold, Silver, and crude oil. Commodities can also be traded in the form of futures and options. To facilitate small traders to trade on the commodities exchanges have made available smaller lots also known as mini lots. The profits on mini lots are correspondingly lower than the mega lots.

Shriram Insight Commodity Future Brokerage Calculator

The brokerage charges on the commodity futures are 0.015% – 0.05%. Contract note also specifies what other charges are included. The types of charges vary when compared to NSE.

Shriram Insight Commodity Option Brokerage Calculator

The brokerage charges on the commodity options are 0.015% – 0.05%. Contract note also specifies what other charges are included. The types of charges vary when compared to NSE.

Shriram Insight Currency Brokerage Calculator

Currency trading can also be conducted on the Shriram Insight trading platform. They can be traded in the form of either a future of option contract. The currency market is most of the times volatile. Small news can cause greater impact on the prices of the currencies. Currency market is open 24 hours across 5 days in a week.

Shriram Insight Currency Future Brokerage Calculator

Shriram Insight charges 0.015% – 0.05% as brokerage on currency futures trading on their platform.

Shriram Insight Currency Option Brokerage Calculator

Traders are charged Rs 20 – Rs 75 as the brokerages on trading on the options. All the options details are available on the website.

Shriram Insight Basic Plan Brokerage Charges Table.

Segment Charges
Monthly Fee (Fixed)  
Equity Delivery 0.15% – 0.50%
Equity Intraday 0.015% -0.05%
Equity Futures 0.015% -0.05%
Equity Options Rs 20 – Rs 75 per lot
Currency Futures 0.015% -0.05%
Currency Options Rs 20 – Rs 75 per lot
Commodity Futures 0.015% -0.05%
Commodity Options Rs 20 – Rs 75 per lot

Shriram Insight BO & CO Brokerage Calculator 

Bracket order facility is not available on the Shriram Insight trading platform. Cover orders also not available. These type of orders facilitates the traders to place targets, maintain stop loss in a single window while placing a trade.

Shriram Insight Span Brokerage Calculator

Shriram Insight does not charge any additional charges for the Span brokerage calculation.

Demat Account Opening With Shariram Insight
Open Demat Account with Shriram Insight

Need Shriram Insight Brokerage Calculator

The contract notes generated from a brokerage calculator details out all the charges that are charged by the broker. This makes the life of a trader much better where the trader can plan the trades better. The calculator is so smooth that it calculates the charges in a matter of seconds. The calculator all the various segments available on the platform to be traded.

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Shriram Insight brokerage FAQs

What are Shriram Insight brokerage charges?

Ans: Shriram Insight charges 0.015% – 0.05% for intraday trading.

What is STT charges in Shriram Insight?

Ans: STT charge on Shriram Insight 0.0126% on total turnover.

Does Shriram Insight charge brokerage on delivery trades?

Ans: Shriram Insight charges 0.15% 0.50% as brokerage on delivery trades.

Does Shriram Insight charge any monthly charges?

Ans: No, Shriram Insight does not charge any monthly charges to the traders

Does Shriram Insight charge a flat brokerage or percentage basis?

Ans: They charge both flat and percentage-based fees to it, traders.

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