Sharekhan Vs Karvy – Comparative Study

Sharekhan Vs Karvy- Comparative Study

Sharekhan is a much-known name in the money market especially for being very much customer-oriented in the industry. Sharekhan is a full-service broker providing every possible product of industry in multiple plan options. 

Sharekhan Vs Karvy

Karvy, on the other hand, is also a full-service broker offering various products to their investor. It is also one of the grade 1 broking house of India. 

Here we compared both Sharekhan & Karvy on many domains. Investors or probable investors should go thoroughly with this information for a deep-insight. 



  1. Won several awards for detailed research on market trends. 
  2. In terms of customer assistance, Sharekhan is a very dependable name.
  3. It offers commodity trading. 
  4. DEMAT & Trading Account opening is free.
  5. Facilitates Margin funding.
  6. Sharekhan charges minimum brokerage. 


  1. Unlike Sharekhan, Karvy also offers DEMAT & Trading account opening for free.
  2. Facilitates After Market Order (AMO), BTST, Bracket Order, Cover Order. 
  3. Karvy has a minimum brokerage charge.
  4. It provides an NRI trading option.
  5. Ranks within the top 10 stock brokers of India.
  6. Provides analytical research details to customers.  

Comparative Discussion on Service Rank:

According to the rank of service quality based on charges, support, etc. we can rate Sharekhan & Karvy as below: 

Particulars SharekhanKarvy
Over-all Rank★★★★★★★★
Rank based on Brokerage Charges★★★★★
Rank based on Trading Platform★★★★★★★★
Rank based on Investments Offering★★★★★★★★★
Rank based on Customer Service★★★★★★★★
Broker Type Full-service BrokerFull-service Broker

Comparative Discussion on Account opening & AMC:

Sharekhan & Karvy both don’t charge for trading & DEMAT account opening. Also, both the broker doesn’t charge for trading account AMC, but there are AMC charges for the DEMAT account. 

Trading Account Opening FeesZEROZERO
DEMAT Account Opening FeesZEROZERO
DEMAT AMCINR. 400/- p.a. (Waived for 1st year)INR. 500/-p.a.
Depository Participant AvailableAvailable
Karvy Account

Comparative Discussion on Brokerage Plan: 

Karvy doesn’t have any kind of brokerage plan to offer the investors. On the other hand, Sharekhan has only ‘Multiple’ plans to offer. In this below-mentioned table we compared Sharekhan & Karvy based on their brokerage plan offering:

Plan TypesSharekhanKarvy
Multiple PlansX
Monthly PlansXX
Yearly PlansXX

Comparative Discussion on Brokerage Charge: 

Both Sharekhan & Karvy has a percentage-based brokerage plan. Sharekhan also has minimum brokerage charge @INR.20/-, whether Karvy doesn’t have any minimum brokerage. The brokerage charges for each segment is stated below: 

Plan NameClassic Trading Plan (Percentage Based)Basic Trading Plan (Percentage Based)
Equity Delivery0.5% or 50 paisa0.3% or 30 paisa
Equity Intraday0.1% or 10 paisa0.03% or 3 paisa
Equity Futures0.1% or 10 paisa0.03% or 3 paisa
Equity Options2.5% of Premium or 250 Rupees/lot whichever is high50 Rupees/Lot
Currency Futures0.1% or 10 paisa0.03% or 3 paisa
Currency Options2.5% of Premium or 30 Rupees/lot whichever is higher50 Rupees/Lot
Commodity Trading0.1% or 10 paisa0.03% or 3 paisa
Minimum Brokerage20 RupeesNIL
Hidden ChargesNoInfo Not Available
FundingYes – 18% interest PAYes – 18% interest PA
Call & Trade ChargesFreeCall 18004198283 number for Call and Trade, SMS Order facility also available
demat acount sharekhan

Comparative discussion based on Transactional Charges: 

All the segment-wise transactional charged between Sharekhan & Karvy are quite similar. Only the transaction charge for currency future in Karvy is more than the charge of Sharekhan. The details of the transaction charge (segment-wise) are mentioned below: 

Equity Delivery325 Rupees/Cr325 Rupees/Cr
Equity Intraday325 Rupees/Cr325 Rupees/Cr
Equity Futures190 Rupees/Cr190 Rupees/Cr
Equity Options5000 Rupees/Cr5000 Rupees/Cr
Currency Futures100 Rupees/Cr110 Rupees/Cr
Currency Options4000 Rupees/Cr4000 Rupees/Cr
CommodityNon-Agri: 260 Rupees/Cr
Agri: 175 Rupees/Cr
Non-Agri: 260 Rupees/Cr
Agri: 175 Rupees/Cr

Comparative discussion on Feature of Trading & DEMAT account: 

Sharekhan & Karvy offers ample of amenities to the investors. The details of the same are mentioned in the below table.

3 in 1 AccountXX
Algo TradingX
SMS Alerts
Online Demo
Online Portfolio
Margin Trading Funding AvailableNo information
Combined Ledger for Equity and Commodity
Intraday Square-off Time3:15 PM3:15 PM
NRI TradingX

Comparative Discussion on Trading Platform:

Sharekhan & Karvy both market leaders offer their investors all the convenience to choose from the wide range of their trading modes. The modes are detailed hereunder: 

Desktop Trading PlatformTradeTigerKarvy NESTTrader
Desktop Platform (Windows)
Desktop Platform (Mac)XX
Web Trading Platform
Web Trading
Mobile Site
Mobile Trading
Mobile Trading AppSharekhanKarvyOnline
Android Mobile App
iPhone Mobile App (IOS)X
Android Tablet App
iPad App (IOS)X
Trading Software ChargesFreeFree

Sharekhan Vs Karvy Margin /Leverage: 

Assessing Sharekhan & Karvy based on the Margin/Leverage we got the below-mentioned information: 

Equity Delivery Margin Maximum 5x via Margin Funding.Max 4x leverage for equity delivery.
Equity Intraday Margin Maximum 10x leverage for equity.Max 13x leverage for equity.
Futures Margin Maximum 2x leverage for futures.Max 2x leverage for futures.
Options Margin Maximum 2x margin for Options shorting, No leverage for options buying.2x margin for options shorting, no leverage for options buying.
Equity CO Margin Max 15x margin/leverage in CO order for selected equity scripts.Max 20x margin/leverage for equity CO for selected equity scripts.
Futures CO Margin Max 15x margin/leverage in CO order for futures contracts.Max 20x margin/leverage for future CO.
Options CO Margin Max 15x margin/leverage in CO order for options contracts sell only.Info Not Available
Commodity Margin Info Not AvailableMax 30x margin/leverage for commodity trading.

Customer Assistance: 

As earlier said, Sharekhan is very popular for its customer assistance, Training & education programs & insightful market news bulletins. Also, Karvy is very much investor-friendly. They also provide detailed news to their customers. We below have compared both the brokers based on Customer supportiveness. 

24/7 Customer Service XX
Email Support 
Online Live Chat X
Phone Support 
Toll-Free Number 
Through Branches 
Customer Care Number 180022750018004198283/7093706007/18004198283
Account Opening Process OfflineOnline/Paperless
Customer Support Email [email protected][email protected]
Knowledge Centre/Education
Head Office Address Sharekhan Limited,
10th Floor,
Beta Building,
Lodha iThink Techno Campus,

Kanjurmarg (East),
Mumbai-MH– 400042
Karvy House,
No. 46, 8-2-609/K Avenue 4,
Street No. 1,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad – 500 034

Sharekhan Vs Karvy DEMAT account: 

Both Sharekhan & Karvy provide DEMAT account for free to trade in the share market and charges only an AMC for that. The feature they offer are mentioned hereunder:

DP ID 3600033200
DEMAT Account Annual Maintenance Charges(AMC)INR. 500/- p.a.INR. 365/- p.a.
Advance DepositINR. 500 Advance which will be adjusted against billing (Optional). Tariff D-“Deposit INR. 2,999/- (refund of deposit INR. 2,000/- on closure)NIL
Statutory chargesActual Stamp Paper ChargesNil
Transaction Charges on Debit (Per ISIN)0.03% (Min INR.30) + INR.5.50 (CDSL Charges)INR.15 per transaction
DematINR.5 per certificate (Min 50 per request)INR. 5 per certificate + INR. 40 courier charges
RematINR.50 per certificate or INR.50 for every hundred securitiesINR.20 for every hundred securities or INR.20 per certificate (whichever is higher)
Pledge Creation0.03% (Min INR.100)0.03% of the transaction value (Min INR.100 and Max INR.5k)
Pledge Creation ConfirmationNil0.03% of the transaction value (Min INR.100 and Max INR.5k)
Pledge ClosureNil0.03% of the transaction value (Min INR.100 and Max INR.5k)
Pledge Closure ConfirmationNil0.03% of the transaction value (Min INR.100 and Max INR.5k)
Pledge InvocationNil0.03% of the transaction value (Min INR.100 and Max INR.5k)
Failed Instruction ChargesNilINR.100
Other ChargesFreeze/De-freeze – INR.25 per transaction
Stock lending & Borrowing – 0.02% of the value of the transaction per request (minimum INR.100)
Client Master changes INR.30 per request


Finally, from the aforesaid analytical study, we can say that both Sharekhan & Karvy is a giant broker house of India offering numerous investment opportunities to the traders.

But it’s important to keep in mind that an investor should not only count the rating stars before investment. He should read every detail before making the decision.

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