Sharekhan Vs ICICI Direct: In Detail Comparison

ICICI Direct is one of the premier brands in the Stock-broking industry of India. According to the market it comes under grade/class 1 along with brands like HDFC Securities, Wisdom Capital, etc. Having a 2 million customer base and more than 200 branches in different cities of India.

If we compare Sharekhan vs ICICI Direct, we can analyze the real market value of this company.

Sharekhan Vs ICICI Direct

On the other hand, Sharekhan also comes under grade 1, but it is a very old and trusted name as an Indian stock broking organization. Having an experience of working 16 years in this industry with 675 branches all over India. 

Both these company deals in the money market as share /stock broking agents. We will here compare both of these companies according to the services offered to customers, offers, fees & charges, etc. The comparison made in this article is based on personal knowledge & research. 

The stock/equity/share market is a part of the money market, where stock buyers and sellers purchase or sell the stock. It is a virtual market. Stock exchanges mainly do these operations. It is the place where the entire buying & selling process takes place. The products are shares, debenture, bonds, etc. 


ICICI Direct:

  1. It provides E –Broking facilities. 
  2. Offers customers 3in 1 account (Salary cum savings cum Demat). 
  3. Offers many investment options to customers like- Derivatives trading, NRI trading, Mutual funds, SIP, IPO, Insurance, etc. 
  4. Share Trading available on both National Stock Exchange & Bombay Stock Exchange.
  5. Customer support is provided 24X7
  6. Provide a personal relationship manager to classic or privilege account holders. 


  1. Sharekhan holds a fame in the money market for their detailed and high researched information. 
  2. Offers every product related to investment – insurances, Mutual funds, debentures, stock, arbitrage, etc. 
  3. Call & trade facilities are available, for free of cost.
  4. Being the oldest one in this industry – it comes with a large networking system.
  5. Loan against security (LAS) facility available.
  6. Offers training for all the tradors to customers in association with Online Trading Academy (OTA).

Comparisons- Based on The Facilities Provided: 

Market rating as an organisation4 out of 54 out of 5
The rating according to Trading platform4.5 out of 54.5 out of 5
The rating according to the Investment offerings5 out of 55 out of 5
The rating according to customer satisfaction4 out of 54 out of 5
The rating according to Fees charged for Brokerage
3.5 out of 53.5 out of 5
Stock Exchanges supported 
Type of Broker
Full broking service provided
Full broking service provided

Sharekhan Vs ICICI Direct Account maintenance Charges:

Both companies provide free Account (Demat or Trading) to its customer. The AMC for the trading account is free but they both charge a nominal amount towards the maintenance of DEMAT Account. 

Account Opening Charges
Account Maintenance charges for trading
DEMAT A/c opening Charges
Account Maintenance charges for DEMAT A/c
600 Rupees p.a. (Free for 1st year)400 Rupees p.a. (Free for 1st year)
DP ServiceYesYes

Comparison- Based on Brokerage Plan:

Multiple plans monthly plans are available. Sharekhan & ICICI Direct both offer their customers multiple plans. Monthly & Yearly plans are not available in both of them. 

Multiple plans
Monthly plans
Yearly plans
demat acount sharekhan

Comparison- Based on Brokerage Charges: 

ICICI Direct has a fixed brokerage plan which is very good for casual traders. The amount of brokerage doesn’t depend upon the volume of turnover. 

On the other hand, Sharekhan offers a percentage based brokerage plan. No minimum brokerage amount is there. 

Plan Name I-Secure Trading Plan (% Based)Classic Trading Plan (% Based)
Equity DeliveryPercentage: 0.55Percentage: 0.5% 
Equity IntradayPercentage: 0.03% Percentage: 0.1% 
Equity FuturesPercentage: 0.05% Percentage: 0.1% 
Equity Options95 Rupees Per Lot2.5% of Premium OR, 250 Rupees per lot (whichever is high)
Currency FuturesPercentage: 0.05% Percentage: 0.1% 
Currency Options25 Rupees Per Lot2.5% of Premium OR, 30 Rupees per lot (whichever is high)
Commodity TradingNAPercentage: 0.1%
Minimum Brokerage35 Rupees per trade20 Rupees per trade
Hidden ChargesYesNo
FundingYes – 18% interest p.a.Yes – 18% interest p.a.
Call & Trade ChargesFirst 20 calls are free and 25 Rupees there onwards.Free of cost

Transactional Charges Compare

In this below-mentioned chart, the details of transactional charges are mentioned according to the product type. 

Equity Delivery325 Rupees Per Cr325 Rupees Per Cr
Equity Intraday325 Rupees Per Cr325 Rupees Per Cr
Equity Futures190 Rupees Per Cr190 Rupees Per Cr
Equity Options5000 Rupees Per Cr5000 Rupees Per Cr
Currency Futures100 Rupees Per Cr100 Rupees Per Cr
Currency Options4000 Rupees Per Cr4000 Rupees Per Cr
CommodityNANon-Agri: 260 Rupees Per Cr |
Agri: INR. 175 Per Cr

Sharekhan Vs ICICI Direct feature provided

Both of the organization provide ample of facilities to their customers. All the facilities hereby mentioned below along with the comparison:

3 in 1 AccountYesNo
ALGO TradingNoNo
SMS AlertsYesYes
Online A/cYesYes
Online PortfolioYesYes
Margin Trading Funding YesYes
Combined Ledger for Equity and CommodityNoYes
Intraday Square-off Time3:15PM3:15PM
NRI TradingYesYes

Compare Trading Platform

There are various methods offered by the companies for trading- like, online, mobile, desktop, tablet, etc. The comparison between Sharekhan vs ICICI Direct based on that is given below:

Desktop Trading PlatformTrade RacerTrade Tiger
Desktop Platform (Windows)YesYes
Desktop Platform (Mac)YesNo
Web Trading PlatformYesYes
Web Trading
Mobile SiteYesYes
Mobile TradingYesYes
Mobile Trading AppICICI DirectSharekhan
Android Mobile AppYesYes
iPhone Mobile App (IOS)YesYes
Android Tablet AppYesYes
iPad App (IOS)YesYes
Trading Software ChargesFreeFree

Comparison- Based on Investment offer: 

According to the large variety of investment opportunities, both of the companies provide many options like Mutual fund, bond, Insurance, SIP, IPO, etc. The comparison is mentioned hereunder- 

Equity Cash and F&OYesYes
Currency DerivativesYesYes
Online IPO ApplicationYesNo
Mutual FundsYesYes
Bond / NCDYesYes
MF SIP InvestmentYesYes
Equity SIP InvestmentYesNo
PMS ServiceYesYes
Other Investment OptionsNILNIL

Comparison- Based on DEMAT Account offerings:

ICICI Direct & Sharekhan both offer DEMAT A/c to their customers for share trading. The facilities & charges related to DEMAT account is compared below:

Source of DPCDSL (Central Depository Services LTD) CDSL (Central Depository Services LTD)
ID of DP1430036000
Annual Maintenance Charges(AMC)INR. 700/- p.a.INR. 500/- p.a.
Advance Deposit7,500 Rupees If the client is not having ICICI BANK Savings Account500 Rupees Advance (adjusted against billing (Optional). Tariff D-“Deposit 2999 Rupees (refund of deposit 2000 Rupees on closure).
Statutory chargesNilActual Stamp Paper Charges
Transaction Charges on Debit (Per ISIN)0.04% (Min ₹30 and Max ₹25,000) + ₹5.50 (CDSL Charges)0.03% (Min ₹30) + ₹5.50 (CDSL Charges)
Demat₹50 per set up₹5 per certificate (Min 50 per request)
Remat₹25 for 100 securities up to a maximum fee of Rs 3 lakh, MF Reconversion ₹25 per transaction₹50 per certificate or ₹50 for every hundred securities
Pledge Creation0.02% (Min ₹35 and Max ₹25,000)0.03% (Min ₹100)
Pledge Creation Confirmation0.02% (Min ₹35 and Max ₹25,000)Nil
Pledge Closure0.02% (Min ₹35 and Max ₹25,000)Nil
Pledge Closure Confirmation0.02% (Min ₹35 and Max ₹25,000)Nil
Pledge Invocation0.02% (Min ₹35 and Max ₹25,000)Nil
Failed Instruction Charges₹30 per transactionNil

Comparison- Based on Customer Service: 

Here are the comparison & details of Sharekhan and ICICI Direct the companies regarding customer assistance:

24/7 Customer Service NoNo
Email Support YesYes
Online Live Chat NoYes
Phone Support YesYes
Toll Free Number NoYes
Accessibility through Branches YesYes
Customer Care Number +91335511221800227500
Account Opening Process OfflineOffline
Customer Support Email [email protected][email protected]
Head Office Address ICICI Centre,
H.T. Parekh Marg,
Mumbai – 400020
Sharekhan Limited,
10th Floor,
Beta Building,
Lodha iThink Techno Campus,

Kanjurmarg (East),
Mumbai-MH– 400042


Both organizations are large and do have a very good market reputation. Also, they have goodwill for their extensive customer support. But the need for each investor varies from one another. So, the investor should go through the entire comparison between Sharekhan vs ICICI Direct properly before making any decision. 

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