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Sharekhan Synopsis

ShareKhan is known to be the pioneer and renowned stock broker in India. Sharekhan Trade Tiger trading platform was established by the SSKI Group in the year 2000.

The platform was named a pioneer in online stock trading because as far as the online trading facility in the equity market for India retail clients are concerned; ShareKhan was among the brokers that initiated it.

ShareKhan provides an online trading facility in currency, derivatives, equity, and commodity. Besides, ShareKhan review revealed that ShareKhan holds membership in NCDEX, MCX, BSE, and NSE.

ShareKhan is also involved in providing financial services in the areas highlighted below:

  • Investment in Bonds
  • Investment in PMS
  • Investment in IPOs
  • Investment in MF, IPOs
  • Financial Advisory
  • Online Education
  • Research Reports
  • NRI services among others

As a full-service stockbroking firm with the best and most trustworthy name in the share brokerage Industry, ShareKhan has seventeen million customers on its platform and have an existence in 585 metropolitan areas with 2300 franchisees and offices PAN India

ShareKhan also has modern and high-tech trading platforms loaded with powerful and excellent features to make trading easy, interesting, and convenient. 

However, our focus will be on ShareKhan Trade Tiger Review.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger Review
Sharekhan Trade Tiger Review

ShareKhan Trade Tiger Review

At the mention of the best terminal trading applications in India, ShareKhan Trade Tiger is one of the leading names that come to mind.

This application that has been around for some time now is one of the extensively used trading applications in India and it has been available for some time now.

A user or stock trader needs Download and installation onto his/her laptop or desktop computer to start having remarkable trading experience on the go or at the comfort of your home.

Its terminal-based trading application software is the best option and better substitute for the Mobile Trading App from ShareKhan.

The great thing about Trade Tiger is that it allows you to invest and trade all over the trading segments such as:

  • Derivative
  • Commodity
  • Currency
  • Equity

The performance aptitudes that allow you to trade seamlessly is the best aspect of making use of ShareKhan Trade Tiger for stock trading. Most of the ShareKhan clients use ShareKhan as their much-loved trading platform.

This comprehensive review will examine the amazing features of the application and other aspects that make it the trader’s number choice in India.

Top Features of Trade Tiger Trading Application Software

In terms of the features offered by ShareKhan Trade Tiger, it is a meticulous trading application with something for all categories of users, such as heavy traders, expert traders, and beginner traders.

Some of the distinguished and top features

  • Manifold Market Watch is accessible on one Single Screen
  • There are manifold Charts supported by End of Day Charting and Tick by Tick Intraday and it is powered with a variety of Studies
  • Easy and stress-free application of studies on the chart
  • You can save your template, meaning it is an EXE terminal that can save your layout for reference purposes and future use.
  • Alert settings are available on input Stock Price trigger
  • It comes with Tools you can use to gauge market like Option, Action Watch, Market Summary, Ticker, and Tick Query.
  • Span and Premium Calculator features
  • Online fund transfer stimulated by the top banks in India
  • The sole platform for manifold exchanges such as IPOs, Mutual Funds, Currency, NCDEX, MCX, NSE and BSE (Cash and F & O).
  • Shortcut key for SPEEDY access to Reports and Order Placements
  • Graph Studies such as MACD, Know Sure thing, Band-Bollinger, and Average among others.

Other Features

  • Manager Account
  • Tick Charts
  • Live News
  • Live Market Watch and Info
  • Live Reports
  • Live Streaming
  • Online Fund Transfer
  • View Account Holdings
  • Order Book
  • Online Trading is the Sharekhan trade tiger platform online or web portal where you carry out all your trading and get your investment needs. 

It is the most beautiful and well-designed investment portal for the Indian stock market.

The website offers more than a few investments Share Market News, Options, IPOs, Mutual Funds, Statistical and fundamental information across equity, Stock quotes, Research reports, and much more.

Trade Tiger Download

Sharekhan trade tiger is a highly sophisticated online desktop and laptop trading application. Its download is FREE to all Sharekhan customers.

You can carry out downloads on the Sharekhan website.

Trade tiger software offers to trade in the following areas:

  • Commodity
  • Equity
  • And Currency at MCX, BSE, NSE, and NCDEX.

If you are one of the Sharekhan clients looking to download the trade tiger terminal application, you can execute the software Download for FREE at

System Requirements for Trade Tiger Download

You must ensure that your system has the required configuration before you perform the Trade Tiger Download and installation on your laptop or desktop computer.

More importantly, don’t do ShareKhan Trade Tiger Download from any unauthentic site or source as it may be pirated version of the application.

Below are the quick configurations required for desktop or laptop.

  • The Operating System: At least, Windows 7 & 8
  • The Screen Resolution: 800 X 600
  • Dot Net Framework: This is Framework 4.0
  • The Browser: Explorer
  • Minimum RAM: 1 GB but 4 GB is recommended
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core

Depending on the configuration of your laptop, you can decide to download any of the 64 Bit or 32-Bit versions of ShareKhan Trade Tiger software trading application.

Trade Tiger Shortcut Keys

It is noteworthy that with trade tiger, you can use shortcut keys. On the other hand, you can customize the shortcut keys, based on your needs and preferences.

Its shortcut keys are designed to give you preferable and easy access to diverse kinds of features on the trading application.

This helps to boost the general user experience and tap into opportunities at the appropriate time.

Shortcut keys are mostly useful for swing and intraday traders with limited time to put into stock trading.

Charges for ShareKhan Trade Tiger

As a matter of fact, users don’t pay annual charges to use this application. However, you must pay ShareKhan an annual maintenance fee as part of the account management.

This annual maintenance fee covers everything like customer service, research, using the platform, and lots more.

Change Trade Tiger Password

To guarantee safe online trading on the Sharekhan platform, there is sharekhan change password policy.

Traders must change their passwords every fourteen calendar days.

This means that when you log in to sharekhan after the 14th day of the month with your old password, you will be directed to the trade tiger change password screen.

Your new password cannot be like the immediate former password. Also, the password can’t be the same as your ShareKhan user ID.

However, you need to trade tiger login to your account if you want to execute a change password order.

After login to the platform at the website, click on change membership password in the My Profile area.

The change password process is simple and straightforward with easy Sharekhan login.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger Pros and Cons


  • New features and updates are incorporated by ShareKhan from time to time. This lets users explore more by introducing advanced and high usability products like Sharekhan trade tiger trading applications.
  • Notable for speed and high performance. This trading application is designed for traders who are looking to trade particularly at the intraday level.
  • You can export live market data into an excel sheet and then place orders directly making use of the incorporated excel sheet if you are more comfortable with excel.
  • Trade tiger trading application allows direct mixing with 3rd party or intermediary analysis software.
  • It is preloaded with more than thirty trading tactics and techniques.
  • There are video tutorials for users to know the way each featured work.
  • There is real-time access to tips and news. Besides, there is a trading call that works for traders who are just beginning band needs the first handholding to keep them going. These suggestions and research reports are given at the basic and technical levels.
  • There are more than a few indicators and charts for technical analysis.
  • With a provision to include entry, stop-loss, and target price, you can place bulk orders at once.


  • There is no Mac version for an iOS trading application.
  • This trading software is relatively bulky, meaning that it requires a comparatively decent machine configuration to ensure its smooth running.
  • The facility is not available to place aftermarket orders on trade tiger platform
  • Once an upgrade is done, there are always problems in accessing charting functionalities.
  • The ease of use of the software can still be improved upon.

ShareKhan Products

Nearly all the financial products are available on sharekhan online stock trading platform such as the following:

  • Currency Trading
  • Bonds
  • Equity
  • Systematic Investment Plans
  • Mutual Funds
  • Derivative

Sharekhan Services

Different services rendered by sharekhan include:

  • Academic
  • NRI
  • IPOs
  • Demat Account
  • Dealer Support
  • Depository
  • Customer Support
  • Trading Account
  • Research Reports
  • Advisory
  • PMS

Sherekhan also offers research services in addition to the services enumerated above.

They have their research teams in place to assist traders with investment policies and advice, quarterly company result from analysis, stock tips, and news alerts via SMS, email, and through other campaigns.

The trade tiger accounts are available with both in-person and online help from representatives.

The Pattern Finder tool is another appealing offer of Sharekhan. It is an analytical tool that studies indices and scrips and then flashes potential opportunities to investors.

This helps save investors time and effort as it scans all the stocks, carries out all the analysis, performs technical analysis, prepares patterns, charts, and forecasts prices.

open Sharekhan Demat Account
Sharekhan Trade Tiger Review: Open Sharekhan Demat Account


This is an all-inclusive Sharekhan Trade Tiger review It is minimalistic and supportive to traders that choose to use the trading application. It makes stock trading easier for traders.

The sharekhan trade tiger Download is FREE and stress-free.

The amazing features of this trading application make the software the best for online trading in India.

All you need to have the best trading experience from the comfort of your home is just an Internet connection.

If you have limited stock trading experience, it is recommended for your use.

However, this Trade Tiger application is an upgrade for you as an experienced trader, particularly if you have been using the basic platform.

Nevertheless, you may need to devote some time to understand how the trading application works if you are an absolute beginner to stock trading.

This is necessary because the wide range of features of this application can be confusing and overwhelming at the beginning.

Having got used to the application, it becomes very easy to use without having issues with your stock trading again.

FAQs About Trade Tiger

Q1. What is the Trade Tiger Change Password procedure in Sharekhan?

Ans: To execute the trade tiger change password order in sharekhan, login to the classic website and click on change membership password in my profile section.

Q2. Can I use Sharekhan Trade Tiger to trade in currency derivatives?

Ans: Of course, you can use trade tiger to trade in currency derivatives. This is possible because it gives the opportunity to trade in currency futures and options at NSE and BSE.

Q3. Is trade tiger trading software application offered by multiple stock brokers?

Ans: Not at all. The trade tiger platform is particular to Sharekhan BNP Paribas.

Q4. Does Sharekhan BNP Paribas offer a website for trading?

Ans: Yes, the sharekhan provides a browser-based trading website.

Q5. Can I use ShareKhan TradeTiger to trade in commodities at MCX?

Ans: You can use Sharekhan TradeTiger to trade in commodities at MCX.

Q6. Can I use charts to trade directly in Sharekhan TradeTiger?

Ans: Of course, you place an order directly from charts in Sharekhan TradeTiger.

Q7. Does Sharekhan TradeTiger provide online IPO Applications for trading?

Ans: Of course, ShareKhan TradeTiger provided online IPO Applications for trading. In other words, you could apply in IPOs online with Sharekhan TradeTiger.

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