Sharekhan And SMC Global In-Depth Comparison

Sharekhan Vs SMC Global: A Relative Study

The 3rd largest financial retail broker, in tenures of customer base, Sharekhan (after ICICI Direct and HDFC Securities) is a renowned online trading platform in India. When we compare Sharekhan Vs SMC Global, then Sharekhan offers a broad range of financial products and services, IPO financing and wealth management products.

Let me present your side by side comparison of both the trading company in India. We have compared both of them based on different points like brokerage plans, Plan types, fees, rating reviews, etc.

Everything mentioned here will help you in finding and comparing the best brokers of India.

The differentiation is based on self-knowledge and research.

The stock market, equity market, or share market is the place where buyers and sellers buy shares in the company or sell it. 

A stock exchange is an organization of money market & an exchange place, where stock brokers and share traders buy and sell shares (stocks, bonds, and other security) in the form of indirect or direct investment.

SMC Global

SMC Global facilitates its customers to trade online into equity, derivatives, commodities & currency. It also offers its customers to invest in IPOs and mutual funds using any digital device (smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet).

SMC Global brokerage charges range is 0.03% to 0.3% 


Sharekhan also provides his customers the facility to trade online into equity, derivatives, commodities & currency.

It also comes with all the digital services and mutual funds service.

Sharekhan brokerage charges range is 0.1% to 0.5%. Both of them are fully licensed financial service broker. Sharekhan and SMC Global are rated 4 and 4 respectively out of 5.

Sharekhan and SMC Globa Review

Comparisons of Sharekhan vs SMC Global on the facilities they provide

Sharekhan SMC Global 
Overall rating★ ★ ★★ ★ ★
Brokerage charge★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Investment offering★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Trading platform★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Broker typeFull services broker Full services broker 
Broker inquiryRequest a call-back Request a call-back 
Broker overviewIt just not allows you to trade in all market segments but also offers the finest services, you can have investment options, can read news of share market, research reports, stock quotes, mutual funds, IPOS and more.It is a famous stockbroking organization of India has a very good track record in finance, NRI trading, margin facility.

What are the brokerage plans of Sharekhan & SMC Global?

Let’s compare both of the organizations based on plan options.

Plans are the most discussed or mentionable feature you look when compare Sharekhan with SMC Global.

This section is going to compare on types of plans offered by brokers. 

Multiple plans monthly plans and yearly plans are available basically. Sharekhan offers its customers multiple plans whether SMC Global don’t provide multiple plans- both the organization doesn’t offer monthly plans to customer. Remaining details are as follows:

Plan typesSharekhanSMC Global 
Multiple plans
Monthly plans
Yearly plans

Charges for Opening an Account

Now we will compare both the organizations based on trading and DEMAT account opening charges 

Sharekhan provides free account opening to its customers whether SMC Global account opening charges are INR.1000/-. 

AMC charges for DEMAT A/c – 

Sharekhan: Charges INR. 400/- per annum (waived off for 1st year) 

SMC Global: Charges INR. 300/- per annum

ChargesSharekhanSMC Global
Trading account opening feesFreeINR.1,000/-
Trading AMCFreeFree
Provide up servicesYesYes
DEMAT account opening chargesFreeFree

Special offers, advantages, disadvantages. Compare Sharekhan and SMC Global on the basis of some other features.

SharekhanSMC Global
Pay-in and pay-out optionsPAY–IN OPTIONS: Net Banking Online bank transfer (IMPS, NEFT, RTGS or UPI).ChequePayment gateway- reliance smart money platform. 
PAY-OUT OPTIONS- Bank transfer only.
PAY –IN OPTIONS: Online (NET) Banking Online bank transfer (IMPS NEFT and RTGS UPI),Cheque. Payment gateway- ODI & diet.
PAY-OUT OPTIONS: Bank transfer only. Also, it is the only method for fund withdrawal.
Pay-out processing timeMaximum 24 hours except bank holiday24 hours except bank holiday
Bank detailsYes Bank. Account type current. IFSC code YESB0000001No information available
Advantages:Calling and trading facility is absolutely free of cost. 
Share transfer inward & outward is free. 
The network is giant. Commodity trading can also be done. 
Functioned through all India,
Trading amount for free account AMC,
Supportive & dynamic customer care team,
Numerous trading platform call and trade facilities.
AMO (After Market Order) and BTST (purchase today and peddle tomorrow) order could be located.
Dis-AdvantagesIt does not offer 3 in 1 account. 
Brokerage is obligatory, for which it becomes very problematic to trade in comparatively smaller Stocks. 
High brokerage charge which is not acceptable for daily traders. 
The classic account does not provide a facility to trade in commodities.
Brokerage charges never unveiled to public.
Mobile app-based trading facilities are not available for NSC. 
Some extra charges are there to use featured products. 
Good till cancelled (GTC) and good till date and time order (GTD) are not available in the equity segment.

Brokerage Charges

Sharekhan has brokerage plans on a percent basis. They have one of the most popular plans for Currency future.

Equity Intraday, future, and option, and commodity trading price are on the higher range.

Equity delivery trading is on average brokerage level compare to another full-service broker. There is no minimum brokerage.

Comparison between Sharekhan vs SMC Global based on brokerage charge

Brokerage charge compareSharekhanSMC Global
Plan name Classic trading planStandard trading plan
Equity delivery.05% or 50 paisa.3% or 30 paisa
Equity intraday.1% or 10 paisa.03% or 3 paisa
Currency future .1% or 10 paisa .03% or 3 paisa 
Equity future.1% or 10 paisa .03% or 3 paisa 
Equity option250 Rs per lot70 Rs per lot
Currency optionRs 30 per lotRs 20 per lot
Commodity trading .1% or 10 paisa .03% or 3 paisa 
Minimum brokerageRs 20Rs 25
Hidden chargesNoNo
FundingYes- 18% interest pa
Call and trade chargesFree Free
Brokerage calculatorYesYes
Span margin calculatorYesYes

Comparing Both in terms of Transaction Charges

Transaction charges and PCM fee by segment

Transaction charges compare Sharekhan SMC Global 
Equity deliveryRs 325 per crRs 325 per cr
Equity intraday Rs 325 per cr Rs 325 per cr
Equity futures Rs 190 per crRs 190 per cr
Equity optionRs 5000 per crRs 5000 per cr
Currency futuresRs 100 per crRs 110 per cr
Currency option Rs 4000 per crRs 4000 per cr
CommodityNon Agri :Rs 260 per cr
Agri: Rs 175 per cr
Non Agri:Rs 260 per cr
Agri 175 per cr
Brokerage charges Rs 600Rs 1000

Account Facilities

Comparison between Sharekhan vs SMC Global based on account facilities.

We will compare Sharekhan & SMC Global based on account facilities, like 3 in 1 account, Algo trading, NRI trading, margin trading funding, etc. 

Account type – both the broker offers 2 in 1 account which includes trading and Demat account. 

Algo Trading– SMC Global provides the facility of Algo trading. Whereas, Sharekhan doesn’t offers this.

Margin Funding – both Sharekhan & SMC Global offer margin funding to its customers. Interest is payable only on the lend money.

NRI Trading– Both Sharekhan & SMC Global provide the facility of NRI trading.

Account facilities to compareSharekhanSMC Global 
3 in 1 account facility Not availableNot available
Charting facilityAvailableAvailable
Algo trading facilityNot availableAvailable
SMS alerts facilityAvailableAvailable
Online demo facilityAvailableAvailable
Online portfolio facilityAvailableAvailable
Margin trading funding available facilityAvailableAvailable
Combined ledger for equity and commodity AvailableAvailable
Intraday square off time 3.15 pm3.15 pm
NRI trading AvailableAvailable
Other featuresNot availableNot available

Compare Types of order

Let’s discuss about both of the corporations – Sharekhan and SMC Global grounded on order type.

Order Type

Compare both SMC Global and Sharekhan on the order types they are offering to people.

Every broker in the market provides CNC order, mis order, and Normal order. But when we consider all the different factors, we can see different advance order type like cover order, bracket order, AMO, GTC order. 

Cover Order also called co or (CO)

Sharekhan provides cover order whereas SMC Global offers Cover order is for stop-loss compulsorily and is only used in intraday trading only with cover order brokers give extra margins, as this order is placed with compulsorily stop-loss. 

Bracket Order (BO)

Sharekhan and SMC Global, both provide bracket order. An order is bracketed by a high range side sell limit order and a low range side stock order.

You can get a sophisticated margin in bracket order by decreasing your loss. Aftermarket order (AMO) is synonyms of it. Both of them offers this service.

GTC Order

Both of SMC Global and Sharekhan always provides better before the termination of GTC order, that is, if you place purchase or peddle equity limit order, then your order remnants in the system until it performed the quantified numbers of days.

Now let’s compare both order types and see their specifications.

Order type compare SharekhanSMC Global
CNC orderYesYes
Mis orderYesYes
Normal orderYesYes 
Cover orderYes No 
Bracket orderYes No
Amo – after market ordersYesYes
GTC- good till cancelledYesYes

Compare Margin / leverage 

Let’s compare both in terms of margin or leverage.

It is right that interconnected leverage and margin both means, taking on debt. But the margin is borrowed money, a firm uses to invest in other financial sectors. 

It is usually done to enlarge the potential return of an investment. Leverage can also be considered as the amount; a firm takes from the market for making finance assets.

Margin product compare SharekhanSMC Global 
Equity delivery margins Up to 5 times via margin funding Up to 3 times leverage for equity delivery via margin funding 
Equity intraday margin Up to 10 times leverage for equity Up to 10 times leverage for equity 
Futures margin Up to 2 times leverage for futures Upto 7 times leverages for futures 
Options margin Upto 2 times margin for options shorting .no leverage for option buying. Info not available
Equity co margin Up to 15 times margin/leverage in co order for selected equity scriptsInfo not available
Futures co margin Upto 15 times margins/ leverage in co order for future contracts Info not available
Options co margins Upto 15 times margin / leverage in co order for options contract sell only Info not available
Commodity margins Info not availableUp to 3 times leverage for commodity trading 

Investment Offerings Compare

Comparison between Sharekhan & SMC Global on investment offerings basis.

  • Commodity trading – Both of the companies (SMC Global and Sharekhan) offers all the trading options in commodity (mcx). 
  • Online mutual fund investment- Both of the companies (SMC Global and Sharekhan) offers the option of online mutual funds investment.
  • Portfolio management services (PMs)– Both of the companies (SMC Global and Sharekhan) provides all the PMs services. You can invest your money in equity / stocks / bonds using PMs.
Investment offerings compare SharekhanSMC Global 
Equity Cash and F&OYesYes
Currency DerivativesYesYes
Commodity YesYes
Online IPO applicationsNoNo
Mutual funds YesYes
Banking NoNo
MF SIP InvestmentYesYes
Equity SIP InvestmentNoNo
PMs ServicesYesYes
Other Investment OptionsNilInsurance
open smc demat account

Customer Services Offered 

Let’s compare Sharekhan versus SMC Global on customer services

Compare Sharekhan with SMC Global on customer services offered by the broker. Compare the several types of different services presented by each broker for a quick tenacity for all questions and matters.

We ensure you that we provide every knowledge about these things.

Customer service compareSharekhanSMC Global
24 into 7 Customer servicesNot availableNot available
Email supportAvailableAvailable
Online live chatAvailableAvailable
Phone supportAvailableAvailable
Toll-free numberAvailableAvailable
Thorough branchesAvailableAvailable
Customer care number1800 22 75009111 6607 5200
Account opening processTotally offlineBoth online and offline process is available
Customer support email[email protected]SMC. care @ SMC trade
Knowledge centreSharekhan.comSMC trade
EducationSharekhan.comSMC trade
Head office addressSharekhan Limited. 10th Floor. At the beta building. Lodha I Think Techno Campus. Kanjurmarg East. Mumbai MH 400042SMC Global Securities Limited. 11 by 6b. Shanti chamber Pusa Road. New Delhi. 110005
WebsiteSharekhan.comSMC trade


At the end Sharekhan Vs SMC Global both are remarkable companies. But all the significant and small differences must be noticed before looking at any of them.

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