SBISMART Review – App Feature, Login Process, Charges, Signup & More

SBISMART Introduction

The most difficult feat to achieve in life is correct decision making and at the same time, it is the easiest too. Financial decision is no exception. 

A well thought out and a well-etched decision can make your day in the world of finance, especially in personal finance. 

A hasty, impulsive, or intuitive decision can spoil the broth. SBI Smart just saves you from the second to happen. 

Wonder How? Not rocket science though. Just make use of the SBI Smart investment app tool and experience the difference.

SBISmart Money Interface
SBISmart Money Interface

An SBICAP securities Limited is the parent company that SBISMART trading mobile app for your stock trading in India for beginners as well as for experts. 

SBICAP Securities has a large base of more than 115 branches, highest penetration in the Indian subcontinent and is rated SBI CAP Securities with the highest credit rating and for rendering the best quality service.

SBI Smart is a Smart is a potent investment tool. 

It empowers the users with the following:

  • Business Intelligence
  • In-Depth Educational Resources
  • Sophisticated Analysis
  • An array of Investment Choices

It helps you to chase your goal at a scorching pace dwelling at the crest of supreme confidence. 

SBISMART trading platform based on cutting edge technology revamped with powerful new features emerges as the leader among the trading platform apps industry.

SBI has the largest penetration in the country with more than 115 branches and 1000+ field force spread across the country


Platform of SBISMART 

The State Bank of India trading platform SBI Smart offers online trading and investment tools. 

The trading software includes:

  • SBISMART Xpress Trading Terminal
  • SBISMART Trading Website
  • SBISMART Mobile Trading App

The following are the 3 trading platforms that are offered by the broker, viz, trading terminal, mobile app, and trading website:

SBISMART Mobile Trading App

SBISMART Money Mobile Trader is the mobile-based trading platform.


For advanced trading, the terminal is compatible with most laptops and desktops.

The trading website can be accessed on a laptop, desktop, and on mobile terminals. 

The web trading portal facilitates trading & investment in equities, 

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SBI Smart Money Mobile App

SBISMART Money Mobile Trader is the mobile-based trading platform. 

SBI Smart Money Mobile App
SBI Smart Money Mobile App

The app has certain limitations like although it facilitates trade & investment in equity, F&O, and currency derivatives; it does not facilitate investing in IPO and mutual funds

You need to download the SBISMART APP from Google play store or Apple store and create SBISMART Login id and password to plunge into the fascinating yet powerful world of trading, investment and SBISMART money.

SBI Smart Money Mobile App Interface
SBI Smart Money Mobile App Interface

SBISMART mobile trading app is to facilitate trading needs for both beginners and pro traders that are capable of offering trading needs for quick on the go trading from anywhere and everywhere. 

Key Features of SBI Smart Money app

  • View Live quotes and market updates
  • Leveraging the app, you can execute trading activities such as Place, Modify, Cancel orders
  • Lien & Unlined Funds & Stocks
  • Supports personalized & customized market watch
  • Enables managing funds efficiently and effectively
  • Enables you to view your Orders and Positions
  • Receive research calls and tips from the research team
  • Get detailed stock information
  • stocks analysis and view scrip rankings
  • Charts
  • Advance order types
  • Online IPO application
  • Options for Mutual Fund investments
  • Screener unavailable
  • PIN-based login

SBI Smart Application does not have includes:

  • SBI Smart Mobile Trading App is not a much-updated trading application as compared to its competitors. 
  • Rating as one of the worst trading apps by reviewers in current times is quite discouraging for SBI lovers. 
  • The user interface is not up to the mark; speed is sluggish, frequent logout, unavailability of charts and other basic features. 

SBI Smart Login Process

SBISMART Login can be seen in the below figure with SBISMART Trade Login on the top right corner where you can begin trading:

SBI Smart Login Process
SBI Smart Login Process

The above screenshot is the homepage of that enables investors to login to their trading account.

Enter your client code, password, and pan number then click sign in button.


  • Provides 3-in-1 accounts (Bank, Demat and Trading Account)
  • Full-service broker offering a range of financial products and research reports
  • Call & Trade and Doorstep services are available
  • Free access to the trading platform to all its customers
  • Registered with SEBI, BSE, NSE, CDSL, and NSDL
  • Customers can apply for IPO through SBI bank net banking


SBISMART is synonymous to trust. That comes from the reality that SBISMART is launched by SBICAP Securities Ltd which belongs to the SBI group led by the State Bank of India.  

SBI is the most trusted bank in India for centuries and happens to be the largest bank of India with the highest penetration in the Indian subcontinent. 

SBI has been a proud banker to every citizen of India in some way or the other for ages. The legacy continues unabated.

Product & Services

SBICAP Securities is a solution to every investment need of beginners as well as experienced and experts. 

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Benefits of SBI Smart (Sbi Securities)

Following are details benefits that a trader can look forward to:

  • Prominent financial brokers 
  • Diverse customer base
  • Offers a wide range of products
  • State – of – the – art service
  • Finance data with their intelligent investment tools
  • Extensive education resources 
  • Sophisticated analysis
  • Variety of investment choices to achieve goals
  • SSL has a partnership with SBI Cap
  • Offer an online trading resolution to NRIs
  • NRIs can take trading decisions feeling at home with SBI
  • High stock exchange expertise
  • Offers a variety of savings and investment solutions
  • Value-added services include equities and derivatives, reciprocal funds, NCDs, IPOs, etc. 
  • High excellence of Compliance
  • Good Systems outline is good
  • Controlled management of market risk 
  • Good External and offline Interface
  • The High credit profile of customers 
  • High Credit Rating from renowned credit rating agencies as the safest

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SBISMART Xpress Review

It is a terminal SBI Securities trading software terminal. This needs to be downloaded and installed in order to access SBISMART Xpress terminal. 

The application is meant for expert traders who trade heavily for high performance and quick order execution.

The key features that SBISMART Xpress includes:

  • Availability and accessibility of historical data for fundamental and technical analysis
  • Can leverage the charting features with available technical indicators
  • You can apply transactions such as modify the order, cancel a pending order, and squaring off
  • The trading platform provides research reports and trading research calls

How to apply for IPO in SBISMART?

  • Login to your SBI Bank Account portal
  • Click on the ‘Profile’ Tab
  • Select ‘Manage IPO Applicant’
  • You need to register here as IPO applicant
  • Then you can apply for an open IPO subscription

SBISMART Charges & Fees

SBICap Sec. offers relatively high brokerage charges among other discount brokers and Full-Service brokers. 

  • Equity delivery trading is about 0.50% of the transaction value. 
  • intraday equity charge is 0.08% 
  • Trading in derivative options, the Equity option charge of brokerage is flat Rs.50 per lot. 
  • Brokerage charge currency-options trading is flat Rs. 20 per lot and currency future trading cost is 0.02%. 
  • Rs.10 per Transaction is the minimum brokerage charged. 
  • Demat account Maintenance charge is Rs 400 per year, a fee that is to be paid yearly. 
  • A security amount of minimum Rs 25000 needs to be maintained in the Demat account to be able to trade with SBICap Securities.

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Open SBI Demat Account
Open SBI Demat Account

SBICap Securities Brokerage charges and Fees in a nutshell:

SBISMART Brokerage Charges and Fees
Equity Delivery0.50%
Equity Intraday 0.08%
Commodity OptionsNA
Equity Futures NA
Equity Options Rs.50 per lot
Currency Futures 0.02%
Currency Options Rs.20 per lot
Minimum BrokerageRs.10 per Transaction
Demat AMC ChargesRs.350- 400 per annum
Demat Opening ChargesRs. 850
Trading account opening charges0
Trading AMC Charges0
Margin MoneyRs.25,000

How to Buy & Sell shares using SBISMART?

  1. Login in your trade account on as shown in the figure at the start of this article
  2. Select the type of share as available there, viz, Equity, Options, Future as per your choice
  3. Select NSE or BSE where you want to trade-in
  4. Choose and select the share of your choice that you want to trade-in
  5. Tap the ‘Go’ button
  6. Select buy or sell option

SBISMART Conclusion

SBICAP Securities Ltd is a part of the SBI group and bank SBI which is a full-service broker. High charges are there for the opening of a trading account opening charge is quite high. 

It is developed to offers a complete suite as one-stop-shop that covers all the trading and investment extensions, such as, SBISMART Xpress, and SBISMART Mobile Trading App but all these terminals have to undergo a lot of technological improvements and upgrades to foster a better trading experience for the expert traders. 

You may go wrong choosing SBISMART as your trading terminal and app.


Q1. How to get SBISMART App?

Ans: SBI online trading mobile app get it at iPhone app for iOS (Apple iPhone) is available at iTunes. And the Android-based SBI Smart, the SBISMART Mobile Trading app is available for download at Play Store for android mobile phones.

Q2. Can I buy Mutual Funds using SBI Smart Mobile App?

Ans: Yes, you can buy Mutual Funds using the SBISMART trade login on the website but it cannot be bought using the SBI Smart Mobile App. website can be used to invest in mutual funds.

Q3. Can I view charts on SBI Smart App?

Ans: One of the biggest disadvantages of the SBISMART Mobile Trading APP is that Charts and charting tools options are unavailable in this app.

Q4. How to open Demat Account with SBISmart Securities?

Ans: To open demat account with SBISmart Securities follow the steps outlined below:

  • Click on ‘open demat account’ button below & fill up the lead form
  • A representative will facilitate the meeting with you
  • Home doorstep service for opening formalities by collecting require document
  • Demat account will be open within a stipulated period

SBI Smart Alternative:

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