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About SBICap Securities

State Bank of India formed the SBICAPS SECURITIES in the year 2006. It is a full-service broking firm. They celebrate an excellent reputation in the market.

It provides service to retail, HNI customer, and institutional customers for various investment and financial products.

The product range they offer is vast. It includes equity, derivatives, IPOs, MFs, NCDs, NFOs, ETFs, and many more.

They believe in customer education and have educational solutions to offer. Their research is one of the best in the industry.

With over 114 branches spread throughout the country, they claim to provide excellent services. The investor can enjoy a 3–in–1 account (Demat-savings-trading) account facility with SBICAPS SEC.

With the idea of facilitating convenient and efficient trading experience, SBICAPS sec has launched mobile apps and desktop trading terminal.

Let us check the SBICAP Security Mobile App as we go further.

SBICAP Securities Mobile App Review
SBICAP Securities Mobile App Review


Bygone are the times when you had to be tied down to your desk to invest in stocks. SBISMART mobile trader app empowers you to participate in stock trading from where ever you are.

Receive the latest news and analysis and very informed suggestions about the market. You can view the latest real-time quotes, read the latest research notes on particular stocks.


SBISMART mobile trader app has more than 500,000 downloads and a consolidated rating of 3+.

These added facilities enhance your trading ability and profitability. Several tools on this app make trading activity very convenient.


Some typical features of this app are:

  • The stock market scrip quotes and messages are live and real-time.
  • It provides in-depth information about the scrip of your interest on your fingertips.
  • Watch the NSE and BSE stock market live on this app.
  • You can place/cancel/modify/square off your orders on this app.
  • You can individually create a list of your scrips and watch their movements.
  • Since it a 3-in-1 account, you can view the status of funds in your account.
  • Once you place an order, you can also check its status.
  • Vast research information is available to make an informed trading decision
  • Using the analysis tool, you can analyze the stock of your interest.

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SBI SMART MONEY is the new mobile trading app from SBI Cap securities. SBISMART MONEY app is an excellent tool for a beginner as well as seasoned traders.

Do not lose any investment opportunities now, with this mobile app. It helps the investor by providing the latest and in-depth analysis of the stock.


It has over 100,000 downloads, and users have rated it at 3+. The user interface is amicable. But the technology has powered it to be a very versatile trading tool.

All types of trading commands executed here. Participated in equity and derivative with ease.

SBI SMART MONEY App Screenshot
SBI SMART MONEY App Screenshot

Some attractive features of SBISMART MONEY app are:

  • An intuitive dashboard depending on your profile, whether beginner, investor, expert, or trader.
  • It gives a very detailed and holistic view of your portfolio with heat maps.
  • They provide reliable research by Reuters Consensus Research for all types of trades like intraday, long, short, and so on.
  • Very easy and straightforward to check quotes and place an order from the watch list.
  • Very advance technical analysis charts available for technical traders.
  • The research team has lots of suggestions to offer.


The SBISMART DDTM app is not for trading but for in house use by the employees. It helps track the internal documents efficiently.

Documentation is an integral part of the financial service industry and demands attention with great care.


To maintain security, the user has to login with his domain and password.

Real-time tracking of documents removes lots of bottlenecks from the process.

Being available 24/7/365, anyone, anytime can check the status of documents and make a relevant decision. It is a great decision-making tool.

SBISMART DDTM App Login screen

SBISMART DDTM App Login screen

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SBIcap Securities App [SbiSmart] Competitor:

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This is a home loan, lead management portal. It helps offer better service to home loan customers and prospects. SSL HLP APP is principally for internal use.

Being a lead management tool, it is beneficial for the Sales and customer support staff of SSL.


The online status of the prospects in the sales funnel checked and, according to followup, can be planned.

Since it is for internal application, encryption and security are enhanced. It is to safeguard the prospect and customer data.

SBICAP Securities SSL HLP APP Login screen
SBICAP Securities SSL HLP APP Login screen

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It is the business app of SBICAP securities. The sales and customer support staff of SSL has the utility of this app.

SSL LMS not only tracks the prospects and leads but helps in maintaining a record to them.

SBICAP Securities SSL LMS App
SBICAP Securities SSL LMS App

The app also registers customer feedback, which allows the sales staff to improve their performance.

Being a real-time app, at any moment, the status of any lead can be easily checked and confirmed. This app achieves a systematic and well- organized allocation of the leads to the sales staff.

SBICAP Securities SSL LMS App Login Screen
SBICAP Securities SSL LMS App Login Screen


SBI Securities Limited has launched a handy app for its ground-level sales staff.

SSL iSMART app is fundamentally for the internal use of sales employees of SSL, particularly the sales and sales support staff.

SBI Securities SSL iSMART App
SBI Securities SSL iSMART App

Capturing details in the Daily Sales report is a daunting task for the sales staff. This app takes away the drudgery from the daily reporting.

You can not only track the lead but also set reminders for further meetings. Put a note on the last meeting and discussion held in the database for future reference.

SBI Securities SSL iSMART App Login Screen
SBI Securities SSL iSMART App Login Screen

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SBICAP SECURITIES Mobile App Pros and Cons

Now we look into the PROS and CONS of SBICAP SECURITIES and its apps.


  • The most significant advantage of SBICAPS securities is the fact that it belongs to India’s largest bank, State Bank of India.
  • You get a seamless transaction between the savings account, Demat account, and trading account.
  • Online investment is possible in IPO, mutual funds, and bonds.
  • If needed, support from any of the 114 branches available.
  • Free research and online analysis tools are available to all investors.


  • The brokerage charges are higher than most of the other broking houses.
  • Call and trade facility is also chargeable after 30 calls in a month.
  • Sometimes the app runs slow.
Open SBICAP Securities Demat Account
Open SBICAP Securities Demat Account


SBICAP SECURITIES and its app provide the latest technology and support to enable profitable trading. The SBICAP securities mobile app packed with lots of useful and necessary tools.

However, one should also consider the higher charges and finally decide if this suits him or not.

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Q. How to open an account with SBICAP?

A. It is relatively effortless to open an account with SBICAP. If you have a savings account, then using the Yono app, you can also open the Demat and trading account. Alternatively, you can always visit the closed branch and open a 3-in-1 account in the bank.

Q. Does the SBICAP mobile app, have online chat support?

A. No, the SBICAP mobile app does not have an online chat option. But the research and analysis are so good that investors may not have any questions to ask. Online tools provided for self-research.

Q. Does SBICAP Security provide help through the branches?

A. Yes, it has around 115 branches spread throughout India. You can visit any branch office close to us and ask for customer support. Apart from this, they also have franchisees, who would also be pleased to support the investor.

Q. What are the different instruments in that I can invest?

A. You can invest in IPO, shares, derivative, currency, mutual fund. The app and the customer support cell guide you on how to do it. And since you have a 3-in-1 account, the process is straightforward and seamless.

Q. What are the charges of SBI securities?

A. SBICAP securities do not charge anything for the trading account. However, the Demat account charged for annual maintenance, and the charges are 350/- per year. The savings account, of course, does not entail any charges whatsoever.

SBIcap Securities App [SbiSmart] Alternative:

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