SBICap Review – Services, Brokerage Charges, Margin, Demat Account, Platforms, Research Reports & More

SBICap Review

SBICap Securities ltd is the broking arm of SBI or State Bank of India. It is India’s one of the best well know and renowned full-service bank broker. It started its operations in 2006 mid. It is one of the trusted stockbroking firms in the country.

SBI Capital Market ltd is the subsidiary brand of SBI with headquarters in the Mumbai city of Maharashtra. Mr. Arun Mehta founded it, and Ms. Varsha Purandare is the Chairwoman of SBI Securities.

At present, it covers more than 114 locations of the country, including a vast network of franchisees. 

Being a bank based broker, it allows its users with a 3 in 1 account facility and offers to get the option for fund transfers between bank and trading account.

Here are some best trading and investment options the broker offers to its customers. The list is mentioned below:

SBI Cap Review

SBICap Trading Software And Platforms

SBICap Brokerage firm provides its clients with in-house developed stock trading platforms and applications.

It covers all types of devices, including web-based trading, desktop-based trading, and mobile-based trading.

The main reason for staying ahead of other stockbrokers is all because of its technology-focused plan and offering the best trading experience to its users.

But still, there are lots of performance-based improvements needed to stand ahead of the best trading platforms available in the market.

Let’s check out some of its trading platform offering:


The official desktop-based trading platform of SBI Capital is SBI SMART EXPRESS. It needs to be downloaded and installed on any Windows-based desktop or laptop.

It is advantageous for heavy traders with high performance and quick order executions.

Here are some best features of SBI SMART EXPRESS:

  • The user will be availed with historical data of stocks including both technical and  Fundamental analysis
  • The single-screen trading experience offers functionality like chartings with a variety of technical trading indicators.
  • The user can modify, cancel, or square off the pending orders.
  • Trading research reports and call recommendations can be found within the trading platform.

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The official web-based trading platform of SBI Capital securities ltd is named as SBI SMART WEB. It can be used directly by accessing the trade link with no downloads and installations.

The user needs to login using valid login credentials. The web-based trading platform offers a fast and responsive trading experience to the traders. It can be easily accessible via Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone.

Some of the top-rated features of SBI SMART WEB:

  • Keeping the terms and conditions under focus, the SBICap managed to design the lightweight web-based trading terminal to its users. so that it can be used from in any device without any hassles
  • Easy fund transfer facility is integrated with the terminal for faster trade benefits
  • It offers additional features of both technical and fundamental analysis via different options of trading.


The official mobile-based trading application of SBICap is SBI SMART MOBILE App. However, the performance and the User Experience is very mediocre. 

It is very well designed and provides a variety of trading features, but the usability of the application is very poor.

The users might face random logout issues, and the order placing functionality is not very smooth.

Some features SBI SMART MOBILE App offers:

  • It allows the user to access live quotes of stocks and notification messages with trade calls.
  • It comes inbuilt with market watch list facilities
  • It allows its client to manage orders by checking the status of the order and stock positions too.
  • The mobile trading platform offers live real-time market tracking of BSE and NSE.

SBICap Research Report And Advisory Trading Tips

Being a full-service stockbroker SBICap provides the best set of research reports and trading tips to its users regularly. Here are some research reports and product tips SBI Securities offers to its clients for the best profitable trade output.

Detailed Heat Maps

  • It is used to figure out specific trending stocks depending on its usage; the color code varies.
  • It mainly saves the user’s trading time and allows the user to quickly buy and place intraday orders.

Stock Screeners

  • It is mostly used for having a quick look at the market stock momentum and comparing other stocks to analyze profit and loss results.
  • Besides, it allows its clients to monitor insight details of Equity and derivative trading segments.

Fundamental Reports

  • Here in this section, you will be getting detailed research reports of specific stocks and details about the companies from different sectors.
  • A trader will receive recommendation tips for buying or Selling or accumulating or holding the market situation and other impacts on stocks.

Bubble Trade Maps

  • This segment offers relative studies of different stocks in one go.
  • It allows the user to gain stock-specific movements as per the stock market scenarios.
  • Moreover, Bubble Trade Maps uses multiple color codes and are used to offer quick trading ideas as per movement types.

SBICap Customer Care, Support and Office Addresses

The SBICap Securities customer service offerings are very much different from other brokers in terms of quality and responsiveness. All your administrative and account-related queries will be handled very well, and they offer a fast turnaround time.

This full-service bank based brokerage firm allows its users with multiple channels of communication, as mentioned below:

  • Via Toll-Free Number
  • Via EMAIL
  • Web-Form Support
  • NRI Calling
  • Physical offline branches

Customer Care Numbers, Addresses, and E-Mail ids.

MUMBAI – 400013
Phone NumberCustomer Support /Call and Trade
For Account Opening
+91 (22) 217 8300
+91 (22) 3027 3300
Email Support[email protected]

SBICap Customer Ratings

Additional Fees3.2 out of 5.0
Brokerage Charges2.8 out of 5.0
Usability2.6 out of 5.0
Research Reports1.2 out of 5.0
Customer Service2.8 out of 5.0
Overall Rating2.6 out of 5.0

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SBICap Prices and Charges

While talking about the SBICap Charges and pricing, we need to consider all the charges. It mainly includes account opening charges, transaction charges, duties, and taxes.

Here is the detailed information of all the Charges SBICap imposes on its customers:

SBICap Account Opening Charges

For performing trading, we all need to open a trading and DEMAT Account with the broker. SBICap Securities charges a certain amount to its users for opening the account and for its yearly maintenance.

SegmentsCharges For Opening Account
Account Opening Charges (DEMAT)Rs. 850
Account Opening Charges  (Trading)Rs. 0
AMC  for DEMAT AccountRs. 350 per annum
AMC for Trading AccountRs. 0

While talking about the DEMAT Account opening charges SBICap imposes Rs.850 on its customers and no charges for trading account opening charges.

The AMC for DEMAT Account is Rs 350, whereas the AMC for Trading account is free.

SBICap Brokerage Charges and Plans

Here is the detailed information on charges SBICap securities impose on its clients as brokerage fees. However, the firm doesn’t allow its users to trade in Commodities as of now.

SegmentsBrokerage Charge
Equity OptionsRs. 100/Lot
Equity Intraday0.05%
Currency OptionsRs. 30/Lot
Currency Futures0.03%
Equity Delivery0.5%
Equity futures0.05%

While elaborating on the brokerage charges mentioned in the above table, we came to know that SBICap charges a higher brokerage rate from its customers.

As for Currency and Equity Options, the brokerage charge is Rs. 30 and Rs.100 per lot. 0.05% of the brokerage charge for both Equity Intraday and Futures.

However, for Currency Futures and Equity Delivery, the brokerage charges are 0.03% and 0.5%, respectively. 

SBICap Transaction Charges

The broker levied certain percent of charges as transaction charges for trading different segments. Here is the detailed information of transaction charges mentioned below:

SegmentsTransaction Charges
Equity Futures0.002206%
Currency Futures0.002206%
Equity Options0.05515%
Currency Options0.05515%
Equity (Cash and Delivery)0.00386%

SBICap Securities charges 0.00386% of transaction charge for Equity (cash and delivery) trades. Whereas for Equity Options and Currency Options, the transaction charges are 0.05515%. Lastly, for Equity Futures and Currency Futures, the transaction Charges are around 0.002206%.

SBICap Other Charges

In this section, we will discuss other trading charges apart from the brokerage and transaction charges.

These charges are mainly levied by the government for performing trading kinds of stuff.

Here are some of them given below:

SegmentsOther Charges
SEBI Charges0.0002% of the total turnover
STT0.0126% of the total turnover
Transaction Charges0.00384% of the total turnover
Goods and Service Tax18% of the total brokerage and transaction charges
Stamp Duty chargesThe charge is very minimal but varies from one state to another.

The transaction cost is around 0.00384% of the total turnover. The securities transaction tax is the imposed charges on equity gains which is 0.0126% of the total turnover. 0.0002% of the total turnover as SEBI Charge with GST of 18 % and a minimum state-dependent stamp duty charge.

SBICap Margin and Exposure

Trading sometimes wants margin facilities too. Most pro traders utilize the benefits of margin for gaining high profits. However, SBI Cap Securities offers its users with very low and average trade leverage across all trading segments.

Here are the details of the trade exposure given below:

SegmentsMargin and Exposure
Equity DeliveryUp to 8 times Margin
Equity  OptionsLeverage of up to 8 times
Equity IntradayUp to 12 times Exposure
Currency FuturesLeverage of Up to 5 times is allowed
Equity FuturesThe margin of up to 8 times
Currency OptionsUp to 6 times leverage is allowed
CommoditiesNot Applicable

In the above-given data, we came to know that the broker provides up to 8 times margin for Equity Delivery, Equity Futures, and Equity Options. However, the broker allows a margin of up to 12 times for Equity intraday trading, and commodity trading is not allowed as of now. 

Lastly, for currency futures and currency options, the financial firm offers 5 times and 6 times leverage, respectively.

SBICap Comparison with its Closest Competitor.

SBICap Comparison With Closet Discount Brokers

Service TypeFull-service bank-based brokerage FirmOnline Discount Stock BrokerOnline Discount Stock BrokerOnline Discount Stock Broker
Brokerage Range0.05% to 0.5%A fixed charge of Rs. 10A fixed charge of Rs. 20A fixed charge of Rs. 20
Account Type3 in 1 (DEMAT, Trading, and Banking)2 in 1 (Trading and DEMAT)2 in 1 (Trading and DEMAT)2 in 1 (Trading and DEMAT)
Equity Delivery0.5% or Rs. 0.50Rs. 10 (Fixed)Rs. 0Rs. 0 or no charge
Equity Intraday0.08% or Rs. 0.08Fixed charge of Rs. 10Rs. 20 or 0.01% (lowest will be preferred)Rs. 20 or 0.01% (lowest will be preferred)
Equity Futures0.05% or Rs. 0.05Rs. 10 (Fixed)Rs. 20 or 0.01% (lowest will be preferred)Rs. 20 or 0.01% (lowest will be preferred)
Equity optionsRs. 100/LotRs. 10 (Fixed)Rs. 20 (Fixed)Rs. 20 (Fixed)
CommodityNot ApplicableRs. 10 (Fixed)Rs. 20 (Fixed)Rs. 20 (Fixed)
Currency futures0.03% or Rs.0.03Rs. 10 (Fixed)Rs. 20 or 0.01% (lowest will be preferred)Rs. 20 or 0.01% (lowest will be preferred)
Currency optionsRs. 30 per LotRs. 10 (Fixed)Rs. 20 (Fixed)Rs. 20 (Fixed)
Rating80 out of 10080 out of 10086 out of 10086 out of 100

SBICap Comparison with Closet Full Service Broker.

BrokerSBICapSharekhan Online TradingAngel broking online tradeEdelweiss financial service Ltd
Service TypeFull-service bank-based brokerage FirmThe financial firm offers full-service brokingThe financial firm offers full-service brokingThe financial firm offers full-service broking
Brokerage Range0.05% to 0.5%The percentage  ranging from 0.10 percent to 0.50 percent based on trade orderVaries from Rs. 15 to Rs.30 depending upon the segmentVaries from Rs. 10 to 0.5% depending upon the segment
Account Type3 in 1 (DEMAT, Trading, and Banking)2 in 1 (Trading and DEMAT)2 in 1(Trading and DEMAT)2 in 1 (Trading and DEMAT)
Equity Delivery0.5% or Rs. 0.500.5% or 50 paise (lowest will be considered)If under Rs. 50,000 then Rs. 15 will be chargedIf above Rs. 50,000 then Rs. 30 will be chargedRs.10 or 0.01% (lowest will be considered)
Equity Intraday0.08% or Rs. 0.080.1% or 10 paise (lowest will be considered)If under Rs. 50,000 then Rs. 15 will be chargedIf above Rs. 50,000 then Rs. 30 will be chargedRs.10 or 0.01% (lowest will be considered)
Equity Futures0.05% or Rs. 0.050.1% or 10 paisa (lowest will be considered)Rs. 30 (fixed Charge)Rs.10 or 0.01% (lowest will be considered)
Equity optionsRs. 100/LotRs. 250 only or 2.5 percent of the premium (higher value will be considered)Rs. 30 (fixed Charge)Rs. 10 (fixed Charge)
CommodityNot ApplicableThe charge varies from 0.1 percent or Rs. 0.10 (lowest will be considered)Rs. 30 (fixed Charge)Not Applicable
Currency futures0.03% or Rs.0.030.1% or Rs. 0.10 (lowest will be considered)Rs. 30 (fixed Charge)Rs.10 or 0.01% (lowest will be considered)
Currency optionsRs. 30 per LotRs. 250 only or 2.5 percent of the premium (higher value will be considered)Rs. 30 (fixed Charge)Rs. 10 (fixed charge)
Rating80 out of 1004.0 out of 54.3 out of 54.1 out of 5

SBICap Complaints received at BSE/NSE

Here is the detailed information about the number of complaints raised against the broker. The table offers a summary of the grievance that went for resolution.

ExchangeFinancial YearNumber of ClientsTotal Complaints

SBICap Merits And Demerits

SBICap Merits

  • The brokerage firm is best in offering a wide range of trading and investment products.
  • The main advantage of this brokerage firm is that it comes from the house of a highly trustable brand.
  • The broker offers a widespread network of its offline branches throughout the country.

SBICap Demerits

  • The customer service is not at all satisfactory, offering assistance as reported by its customers.
  • The technology integration is on the weak side. The trading platforms offered by the broker are not well optimized in terms of its User interface and performance.
  • The mobile trading application is prolonged and doesn’t offer real-time updates
  • The trading and DEMAT account opening charges and AMC are very high when compared with other brokerage firms
  • The brokerage charges imposed by SBICap are on the higher side.
  • The trading calls and research reports are very not very accurate or can be considered as average.
open sbi cap demat account


SBICap Securities Ltd is the broking arm of India’s largest financial bank SBI. It is a bank based full-service broker offering 3 in 1 account facility with SBICap combing DEMATS, Trading, and bank account. 

Moreover, the broking firm offers all trading and investment options include F&O, Currency, Insurance, NCDs, Mutual funds, and much more.

However, in this Sbicap securities review, the main drawback of the stockbroker is that it doesn’t offer its clients to trade in commodities.

Considering the brokerage charges, SBI Capital is on the high side, but the broker does charge for opening a trading account.

Though the broker offers a variety of trading platforms,, SBISMART Xpress and SBISMART Mobile Trading App but still is lacking behind in implementing the technological advancements. The platforms need to be more optimized to offer the best user trading experience.


Q1. Does SBICap offer Analysis Reports?

Ans. Yes, Analysis Reports on IPOs is allowed with SBICap Securities.

Q2. Does SBICap offer Weekly Trade Reports?

Ans. Yes, Weekly Trade reports are offered by SBICap Securities.

Q3. Does SBICap offer Monthly Research Trade Reports?

Ans. Yes, SBICap Securities offers Monthly Research Trade Reports. 

Q4. Does SBICap Securities offer Detailed market Reviews to its Users?

Ans. Yes, detailed market reviews are available with SBICap Securities.

Q5. Is there any facility to contact the customer support team via Email?

Ans. Yes, SBICap Securities allows its clients to contact via Email to its customer support team.

Q6. Does SBICap Securities allow its clients to use the FAX facility for resolving issues?

Ans. No, SBICap Securities allows its clients to use the FAX facility for resolving issues.

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