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Sas Online trading platform was established in 2013 by 3 members in India. Having 1000 clients in just six months they increased the team. Sas Online trading clients increased day by and now they have reached a huge number of clients more than 30000 in 750 cities.

Sas Online provides all types of trading. They are having all the best trading platforms like Mobile, web and desktop trading platforms.

Sas Online trading provides the best charges for their clients. They just charge 9 INR on every single trade. Sas Online is having a monthly offer in just 999 INR for trading unlimited orders.

Sas Online is the true online trading platform in India.  Alpha is the name of the trading platform of Sas Online.

Mutual funds investment is available at Sas Online. They provide the fastest app for trading and the best desktop trading platform for their clients. Sas Online is having more than 1000+ cr turn over in trading.

Intraday trading and delivery trading are offered on different services. They have the lowest percentage of 0.01% for intraday trading and 0.1% for delivery trading. One of the best facility that they don’t charge anything on opening an account.

Trading Platforms Available

Forex trading platformNo
Commodity trading platformYes
Mobile trading platformYes
Web trading platformYes
Desktop trading platformYes
Algo trading platformNo
Options and futures trading platformYes

Sas Online Trading Platform:

All the trading platform with the latest technologies are offered by Sas Online for their users. They named their platform as Alpha. Alpha mobile trading app, Alpha Web and Alpha trader as a desktop trading platform.

Here we have a list of the trading platform:

  • Alpha Mobile
  • Alpha Web
  • Alpha trader

These are the trading platforms of Sas Online. All the mobile, web anddesktop trading platforms are the best trading platform.

#1 Alpha Mobile

Sas Online offers investors a way to get all their mobile marketing work done. It’s a very handy way to manage all your trades and work on your mobile phone, even without a laptop.

Sas Online offers an application for all types of mobile, web and desktop trading platforms. This application is available on all platforms. Here are some of the features of the Alpha Mobile app:

  • Position changing
  • Square-off options
  • Funds management

These are the different features of the Alpha mobile as compared to all others. Now, we have a complete overview of all the features:

  • Different types

All trading services are available at Alpha Mobile. You can do all kinds of trading.

  • Graphics trading

Sas Online offers mobile users the ability to manage all of their trades using graphics.

  • Notifications

Alpha Mobile is having a notification system that alerts you when an exchange occurs.

  • Strategies

You can use all the different strategies to control your work.

  • History

Sas Online lets their clients manage all of your past operations and you can manage them by checking history.

  • Access

It gives you the best structure you can manage your work anytime, anywhere.

  • Real-time data

You can manage and work with live data. Alpha Mobile is the best mobile trading platform that offers customers the ability to manage everything in real-time with data.

  • Messages

The best mobile trading platform has the best user structure that gives you an overview of all your past work.

  • Performance

Alpha Mobile operates at the highest speed and offers the best performance to its customers.

  • Orders

You can manage all your orders on one platform, as well as all pending orders. In addition, all types of orders are available on the Sas Online trading platform.

All of the above mentioned are the features that show that Alpha Mobile is the best mobile trading platform. Having all the services and offering all types of trading at Sas Online Mobile trading platform.

Rating of Sas Online

Star ratings★★★★


#2 Alpha Web

Sas is the best online trading platform that is very easy to understand. It provides their customers a quick way to handle everything.

All users can make designed the platform based on their preferences. This is the best online trading platform with the best visualization system and the latest technology.

There are different features of the Alpha web trading platform, but some are listed below:

  • Connectivity

Having the best and the fast speed facility in connection, you can trade across the different exchanges.

  • Multiple support

There is a multisystem that can be used at any place. It is compatible with all the browser system.

  • Protection

Don’t worry about any of your data. Sas Online Web users have the possibility that their data is always protected.

  • One-click

The Sas Online web trading platform having the ability to do all things with one click.  All actions can be done with a single click.

  • Trading through browser

Being the best online trading platform, it has the ability to open this web-based trading platform in any browser. It can be opened from any browser

  • Indicators

Sas Online is having more than 80 Technical Indicators for the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Display

With the latest graphics display systems, you can manage all the trades and can get their view.

  • Customizable

It can be customized to your requirements. According to your use, you can set all the tools.

Sas Online is the best Web online trading platform and has all the latest features for its users. Now we have the best desktop trading platform.

 #3 Alpha trader

Sas Online desktop trading platform with the advance and the best display system for users. Sas Online offers the best desktop trading platform that can do any type of trading. It is a reliable, fast, and safe trading platform.

Sas Online trading platform offers their customers and users the opportunity to customize the Alpha trader to their needs. It has the best visualization system, many services prove the importance of the Alpha trader, which makes it the best desktop trading platform. All of them are listed below:

  • Connectivity

Sas Online is having the latest connection system in all the exchanges for their users.

  • Easy to use

Easy to use is the best quality that displays your report and makes it reliable on the trading platform. You can adjust it as desired.

  • Control

All strategies and post-test systems can be used here. Here you can manage the Algos seeds and use them for verification and retesting.

  • Display

The Alpha trader with the best and latest graphic systems and which makes the best visualization. Latest system for customers to view and manage their activities.

  • Availability

All orders are available on this platform. Market orders are also available on this platform.

  • Live stream

The best feature is a real-time data set that proves it is the best desktop trading platform.

  • Working Type facility

Sas Online is the latest technology system that proves the importance of the Alpha trader. Do all kinds of trading. You can manage all trading on this top desktop trading platform.

  • Graphical display system

A newer and more modern chart system that indicates its meaning. Sas Online offers its customers the opportunity to manage by viewing charts and historical data for the whole day.

  • Performance reports

Sas online is having Alpha trader as their desktop trading platform that provides you your all the previous performance reports. It manages all activity reports.

  • Counseling

Sas Online is an automated trading system that provides you a facility of expert advisors. In addition, there is another way if you do not want the software problems to be related to consulting. You can get help from expert consultants.

You can also test your idea in the real market by using the Sas online trading platform.

  • Daily trading tool

The daily business chart is structured for 50 days.

  • Separate in all platforms

It’s a totally different platform with the latest system. You can Customizable and adjustable it as per your need.

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The Sas Online trading platform was created in 2013 by 3 members in India. With 1,000 customers in six months, they have increased the team. The number of Sas Online sales customers has increased day by day and now they have reached a huge number of customers in over 30,000 in 750 cities.

Sas Online marketing offers its customers the best trades. They only charge 9 INR per trade. Sas Online offers only 999 INR per month to exchange unlimited orders. Sas Online is the real online trading platform in India. Alpha is the name of the Sas online trading platform.

Mutual funds are available on Sas Online. They offer their clients the fastest trading opportunities and the best desktop trading platform. Sas Online trades more than over 1000 Cr.

Day trading and delivery trading are offered by Sas Online. They have the lowest percentage – 0.01% in intraday trading and 0.1% in delivery trading.

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Q1: How muchSas Online charge on single trade?

Ans: Sas Online charges 9 INR on every single trade.

Q2: How much Sas Online spend on calling trades?

Ans:  Sas Online trading platform did not provide any call trade.

Q3: Is Sas Online offering any monthly offer for the clients?

Ans: yes, Sas Online offers 999 INR per month for unlimited trades to its customers.

Q4: Is there any Algo trading platform?

Ans: No. Sas Onlinedid not provide any Algo testing. But they do provide the expert advisory to their clients.

Q5: Is it offering all the trading platform?

Ans: Yes, Sas OnlineTrading platform having the mobile, Web and Desktop trading platform.

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