SAS Alpha Trader For Robust And Fastest Trading Experience

SAS Alpha Trader Overview 

The SAS Alpha Trader is a robust, intuitive, fast, and lightweight trading application that will offer you premium and hassle-free trading experience in India.

South Asian Stocks is abbreviated as SAS. SAS Online is the provider of SAS Alpha Trader which has a desktop option. 

SAS Online Alpha Trader Desktop trading terminal is updated and will let an investor trade on all the available exchanges from one window.

The Alpha Trader SAS online is described as a front-end trading application that makes use of NEST (Omnesys) OMS and RMS as the back-end and ALPHA by Tradelab Trading Platform. 

The two platforms have mobile, web, and desktop versions. They offer many advanced and indispensable trading features for trading stock at MCX, NSE, and BSE.

To have direct access to SAS Alpha Trader desktop-based software trading application, you need to carry out SAS Online Alpha Trader Download and installation into your desktop or laptop computer.

SAS Alpha Trader

Once you do the SAS Alpha Download this, you can then access the trading software directly.

As mentioned earlier, the Alpha Trader SAS online trading application is one of the fastest and most lightweight trading applications in India.

This is due to the fact that the software is offered by the South Asian Stocks Ltd. – one of the providers of the most reliable, fastest, and user-friendly software trading applications in India.

You will have simple and easy trading in the stock exchange market if you can access SAS Alpha Trader.

You will get quick and immediate updates regarding the stocks and place quick orders through the SAS Online Alpha Trader Desktop trading application.

SAS Online Alpha Trader Desktop trading software application will offer traders speedy execution, flexibility and power, and flexibility to control and manage their trade effectively. 

There is no doubt about the fact that SAS Alpha Trader is the leading and best trading application for the smart traders who are eager to trade directly from chat.

With SAS Alpha, you will not only be location independent but also have the power of trading in your hands.

It makes it easier for traders to trade and analyze from any given location across India.

Moreover, the application offers traders access to segments such as Currencies, Commodities, Derivatives, and Equity among others in BSE, NSE, and MCX.

The Alpha Mobile Trading Application is on Android, Apple iOS, and Windows platforms.

Alpha Trader SAS Online Trading Software

SAS Online provides trading software across devices such as Alpha Mobile App, Alpha Web, and Alpha Trader.

1. Alpha Mobile App

Alpha Mobile app software is feature-rich and will make you trader stock like a professional.

The Alpha Mobile will sync to your SAS online trading account, letting you keep an eye on quotes, check your positions, place orders, and analyze charts – everything in real-time.

The Alpha Mobile App is designed for investors and traders who are always on the go. SAS Online Mobile app is an advanced and handy trading app.

Mobile App Features

  • Use a mobile app to deposit funds to your SAS account 
  • It gives the market indices and Real-time market data of individual contracts.
  • It offers Square-off Options and Position Conversion
  • Receive notifications for price alerts and order notifications
  • Advanced Order Types: After Market Orders, Bracket Orders, and Cover Orders.

2. The Alpha Trader

Alpha Trader is a superior and integrated charting SAS Online Alpha Trader Desktop charting platform that offers active traders and investors speed power, and flexibility.

 Alpha Trader delivers fully customizable charting, dynamic market scanning tools, facility to trade from charts, advanced order management, and lightning-fast trade execution. 

The SAS Alpha Trader is an installable desktop trading software. This windows .exe software trading application provides both integrated charting and trading.

It is a fast and customizable trading app for traders who trade frequently.

3. Alpha Web Trader

Alpha Web is a web browser-based trading website with the important features you need for your daily trading needs. It is fast, lightweight, and adaptable. 

Features of Alpha Trader

  • The Live Market Screeners: This feature is designed for finding hot stocks, like Volume shockers, the most active stocks, and 52 weeks high/ low breakers among others.
  • More than ten chart types, customizable themes for charting, and more than one hundred technical indicators
  • On the spot Buy and Sell without missing a beat during high volatility. Make use of recognizable keyboard shortcuts to rapidly navigate the platform and enter orders.
  • Delivers real-time market feed making use of highly-developed socket technology.

Key Features of SAS Alpha Trader

The Alpha Trader SAS online has a number of incredible features that will give traders like you a better opportunity in the stock market.

Some of the top features of Alpha Trader SAS online are:

1. Expert Advisors, Scripted Alerts and Market Scanners

 This is the feature designed to reveal emerging opportunities and test your ideas with real market data, by making use of Market Scanners and Scripted Alerts.

SAS Online Alpha Trader Desktop trading application will give you market scanners and scripted alerts.

As a result, you can try out your ideas by using real market data, which will eventually help you to increase the opportunity to accomplish a better result.

2. Connectivity: 

With the connectivity feature, traders and investors can trade across MCX, NSE, and BSE, right from one single window. You can also use it for getting fast real-time quotes. 

3. The Advanced Charting 

This is the combination of more than eighty Technical Indicators and ten charting types like Bar, Candle and lots more for Technical Analysis.

4. The Customizable Feature

This is one of the top features of Alpha Trader SAS online trading software. This feature will allow traders and investors to customize each component, depending on your requirements. 

In other words, if you so desire, you can edit colours, functions, headers, and other features on the SAS Alpha Trader platform.

5. Advanced Charting

You will be able to observe the market trends with the SAS online trading application.

You can use the advanced charting features of Alpha Trader SAS online software to analyze strategies, based on your observation.

This is an updated application that will provide you with eighty technical indicators you can use in the application and ten different types of charts that will allow you to carry out the stock market analysis.

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Alpha Trader SAS online Trading App Supported Platform / Devices

The Alpha Trader SAS online Mobile is available on Windows, Google Android, and Apple iOS smartphones.

1.  Mobile App for Windows Phone: You can get the Alpha Mobile Trading app for Windows phones at Microsoft Play Store.

2. Mobile App for Android Phone: Mobile Trading app for Android phones is obtainable at the Android Play Store.

3. Mobile Trading App for Apple iPhone: Mobile Trading app for Apple iOS iPhone is accessible at iTunes.

SAS Online Alpha Trader Download Tips

The SAS Alpha Trader is the most recent Desktop Trading application software from SAS Online Brokerage, India.

If you are one of the holders of the SAS online trading account, you can do SAS Alpha download for free and start trading from there.

Your current SAS Alpha Trader Login credentials or details will work on the latest SAS Online Trading if you want to carry out SAS Online Alpha Trader Download. 

Where to Get SAS Alpha Download

Visit for your SAS Alpha Download 

SAS Alpha Trader Login

The Login process is very simple to go through, even if you see the trading process as complex. The simple steps will see you through the process.

To make the process an easy process, just refer to the login Page instruction provided.

However, if you still run into any kind of issue in the course of your SAS Alpha Trader Login, it is strongly recommended that you to leave a comment relating the problems you have with SAS Alpha Trader Login to your SAS Online Account.

The Login Process

The SAS Alpha Trader login website is 

  • The first thing to do is to open a Demat account.
  • The Demat account you open qualifies you for a client ID and password.
  • Follow up you will arrive at or get to the website which allows you to trade.
  • The page will request that you should enter your client ID and password now to enable you to do the SAS Alpha Trader login.
  • It would then request you to replace the password with your 2FA password.
  • Just as simple as that, you will be able to make use of the dashboard for your SAS Alpha Trader login with ease.

Pros and Cons


There are many advantages for you if you can gain access to SAS online trading application. As a result, you will have the opportunity of making the right trading decisions that will make you a successful trader in India.

Here are some of the pros of Alpha Trader SAS online:

• Access to real-time updates concerning the existing market price and updates regarding the market.

• Access to email and SMS alerts as proof or evidence of your transaction. Plus, alerts concerning any type of significant trading update.

• Alpha Trader SAS online will provide you with your portfolio details. This will help you to be aware of your condition so that you can make positive decisions for investment.

• Ability to analyze the live market updates as all live market information is at your fingertips in this trading application.

• Provision of online MF Buy facilities. 

• Provision of Global stock and indices tips

• One of the affordable and cheapest trading applications available

• There is the availability of Margin against shares

• There are plans with limitless trading all over the segments and this provides total flexibility to the number of shares that a particular trader wants to make in one month.

• Provision of interactive charts


• Data delay problems

• There is no facility for IPO, FPO, NCD, Mutual Funds, and Fixed Deposits investment.

• There are no trading clients for the operating system Linux and Mac

• NRI trading is not available on the platform

• Customer service quality is of average, but this can still be improved upon.

• The back-office of SAS is not integrated into real-time data with a trading terminal/portal, causing most data to be updated on an overnight basis.

open SAS Alpha Demat Account

Conclusion of SAS Alpha Trader Review

It is the ground-breaking, premium easy to use and simple to access the trading application. It is a robust, light, excellent, and top trading software. No wonder it is one of the leading and most sought-after trading applications in India. 

The SAS Online Alpha Trader Download and installation process are one of the fastest and easiest you can ever come across. 

Whether you are a seasoned or beginner trader, the SAS Online Alpha Trader Desktop trading application will provide you with all of the essential facilities that help you engage in better and successful trading.

You can have control of the stock market and increase your trading chances because with Alpha Trader SAS online, you can get a research report, real-time updates, and market analysis. 

Another great thing here is that the SAS Alpha Download is FREE of charge, while the SAS Alpha Trader login process is very easy as we have discussed in the earlier section of the review.

SAS Alpha Trader FAQs

Is it possible to place AMO (After Market Orders) from SAS online Alpha Mobile trading application?

It is possible to place After Market Orders (AMO) from the SAS Online Alpha Mobile trading app.

Where can I carry out the SAS Online Alpha Mobile Trading App download? 

The SAS Online Alpha Mobile Trading App download is available on Microsoft, Android, and iTunes play stores. The application is available for FREE to all the SAS customers.

Can I place Bracket Orders and Cover Orders from SAS Online Alpha Mobile App?

You can place Bracket Orders and Cover Orders from SAS Online Alpha Mobile App because it supports both orders in addition to some other types of orders.

Can I use the SAS Online Charts to analyze stocks with the app?

You can use the SAS Online charts for analyzing stocks using the SAS Alpha Trader application. This is possible because the app supports advanced charts with drawing tools and technical indicators.

Are scanners supported by SAS Online Alpha Mobile Trading Application?

The SAS Online Alpha Mobile Trading Application does not offer support for scanners. Nevertheless, scanners are available in the SAS Online Alpha Trader Desktop versions.

Is transferring funds from the bank to my SAS account possible?

Of course, the Mobile Trading App makes it possible for you to transfer funds from your bank account to your SAS Trader trading account.

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