RK Global Mobile App Review

RK Global – An Overview

RK Global Securities is a leading discount brokerage house in India. The firm got established in the year 1995 by Ramesh Kumar Bhagchandka under the Bhagchandka Group Initiative.

During the initials years of serving, the RK Global Securities engaged only in Equity Market. In the upcoming years, the company diversified its portfolio, and now they deal with Equity, Commodities, Currency, Depository services, IPOs, Mutual Funds, Wealth Management, and many more financial products and services.

RK Global has been recognized and awarded by many reputed institutions in the industry time and again. In the year 2007, RK Global has recorded approximately over 200% growth and has opened the highest number of NSDL accounts.

RK Global has an extensive network of offices, and they are physically present in more than 150 cities and 24 states of India. RK Global has more than 90,000 active users and an expert team of 250 individuals who manage the overall operation of PAN India.

The company believes in staying updated with time. Hence they launched their mobile trading app in the early days when the technology started entering the stock market industry.

We will do a review of their official mobile trading platform, its features, charges, merits, and demerits in this article.

RK Global Mobile App Features
RK Global Mobile App Features

RK Global Mobile App

RK Mobile App is a next-generation mobile trading platform with a sleek user interface and smart experience design. The app started with an idea of accessing the trading facility on user’s smartphones, from wherever and whenever they like.

RK Global Mobile App
RK Global Mobile App

RK Global Mobile Trading app is currently available only for android devices. There are over 5000 active users who have downloaded the app from Google Play Store. These users have collectively rated the app at 3.2 stars.

RK Global Mobile App Interface
RK Global Mobile App Interface

This trading app is free for download and use. It comes in a download file size of around 26 MB, which is comparatively very small and hence runs at a fast speed.

Salient features of the RK Global Mobile App

  • RK Global app has a customizable watch list, used for tracking your favorite stocks and scrips on a real-time basis.
  • It has a fully loaded dashboard with information about major Indices of India.
  • This app enables trading in various marketplaces such as Equity, Commodity, Currency, and the Derivatives segment as well.
  • One-touch order placing feature is available.
  • You have instant and secured money transfer between your savings bank account and trading bank account, and vice versa. More than ten nationalized banks support instant money transfer in the RK Global Trading account.
  • Advanced level order types are available such as Cover Order, Bracket Order, Stop-loss Order, After Market Order, etc.
  • It offers historical charts, graphs, and various drawing tools for performing extensive technical research.
  • Also, it has Line charts, Bar chart, Candlestick chart, Hollow and Colored Candlestick, Mountain charts, and many more.
  • There are over 100 types of different technical indicators, such as RSI, BARC, VIX, Bollinger Bands, etc.
  • Push notifications can be received, and customized alerts sent in real-time.

RK Global Mobile App Pros and Cons

Here is a comparison of the advantages and considerations of using the RK Global Mobile App.


  1. RK Global Mobile App offers multiple investments and trading-related products and services under a single roof.
  2. RK Global is a customer-centric company and has a decent support system.
  3. It has discounted brokerage models.
  4. The company sends research recommendations and trading tips for free.
  5. Advanced level order types.


  1. Monthly and annual brokerage plans are not available, like other apps.
  2. Low leverage and exposure.
  3. The mobile app needs more advanced level features.


RK Global Mobile Trading Platform has all the app features required for getting a decent trading experience. Hence, we would conclude that RK Global is a proper choice for the newcomers and even for intermediate traders and investors.

In terms of customer service, RK Global is doing an excellent job since its inception, and it also can help you save a hefty amount in the face of the brokerage paid with the help of its discount brokerage models.

RK Global Mobile App FAQs

Q. Should I pay something for using this app and services?

A. The RK Global mobile trading app is available on the Google Play Store for free to download and use. There is no upfront charge applicable for using the app. However, if we talk about the service, they are changeable, depending upon your usage. Generally, a brokerage fee charged from the users for trading services of the app.

There are few other commission charges and transaction charges imposed as well, which are mandate by the Govt. of India and Stock Exchange Board of India.

Q. What is the brokerage charges structure of RK Global?

A. RK Global works on a discount brokerage model. Its brokerage fee is less in comparison to other traditional full-service broker houses. For all kinds of Equity trading, i.e., Intraday, Delivery, and Futures & Options, RK Global would charge flat Rs. 9 per executed order.

In the case of Currency Futures and Options trading, Rs. 0.99 per lot charged as brokerage. RK Global also offers an unlimited trading plan at a monthly brokerage of Rs 999.

Q. What are the other services being provided by the RK Global other than stockbroking?

A. RK Global is a versatile financial service providing institute. Apart from trading and investments in stocks and commodities, clients can also buy Mutual Funds, apply for Systematic Monthly Investment Plans, and subscribe Initial Public Offerings, etc. RK Global also provides research advisory services.

Q. Are the research advisory services of RK Global paid? What is the feedback about them?

A. RK Global provides free research reports, recommendations, and trading tips for all their clients. Their recommendations generated by the dedicated team of experts based on extensive technical and fundamental research.

The advisory of RK Global reported being highly effective as per the current clients of the company.

Q. Can I trade options using this mobile app?

A. Yes, the RK Global mobile trading app comes with the feature of derivatives trading. You have to open a Demat and Trading account (activate the derivative segment) before using the app. Once you open the account, a set of login credentials provided through which you trade futures & options.

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