Religare Review – Demat A/C, Brokerage Charges, Margin/Exposure & More

Religare Review

Religare Online is the subsidiary of Religare Enterprises Limited. It was established in the year 1982 as a full-service stockbroker. Religare is a New Delhi based financial group. Mr. Nitin Aggarwal is the CEO of Religare Online.

They hold more than 1, 56,212 active investors in multiple segments, including retail broking, depository, and investment services. 

Religare Online offers a substantial physical presence in over 500 major cities of India via its branches and sub-brokers. 

This full-service stockbroker has a running membership with BSE, NSE, MCX-SX, and USE. These memberships help the clients to invest across various trading products and services. 

Religare Brokerage Charges and Margin
Religare Review Brokerage Charges and Margin

Being a Full-Service broker, Religare online provides dedicated account managers to its valuable investors. They take special care of the client’s investments and guide him/her in risky situations.

They give special attention to the total capital to be invested and the overall profit-related with the investment horizon.

Religare Online is the depository participant with CDSL and NSDL. This broker offers extraordinary services like PAN and TIN facilities apart from stock trading.

It is also an NSDL approved enrolment firm for Aadhaar Card or UID (Unique Identification Number).

You can invest in the following market segments with this full-service stockbroker:

  • Derivative Trading
  • Equity Trading
  • Commodity Trading
  • Currency Trading
  • Mutual Funds
  • IPOs
  • NCDs
  • NRI Demat Account

1. Religare Online Trading Platforms

Every stockbroker offers various sets of trading applications and platforms to its clients.

It helps clients to perform trades across all different segments. Religare online is very useful in providing great trading platforms across web, mobile, and desktop based.

Here are some of the best trading platforms and application s offered by Religare Online:

#1. Religare Online WEB

This full-service stockbroker offers various types of trading platforms. This trading terminal is a web-based one; it is named as Religare online Web.

The clients need to log in with the credentials and start performing trade from any laptop or desktop without any critical installations.

Here are some top features of the web-browser based tool:

  • Highly effective market watch lists
  • User customized watch lists
  • Real-time quotes with high-speed trending charts based on market research.
  • Being a client, you can perform your trade from anywhere.
  • Clients can check intraday data of the last 10 days and historical data of the last 5 years.

#2. Religare Online- Trade On The Go

Religare Online Trade on the Go is the mobile trading application developed by Religare. It helps the clients to perform trade through mobile phones.

This application is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Also, Religare provides an additional downloadable file for the users using Blackberry phones. They can also install the app and use it on their phones.

Let’s check out some of the features of the mobile application mentioned below:

  • Clients can place orders from anywhere.
  • Users will get customized live quotes streaming as per internet bandwidth.
  • Users will be offered a personalized watch list based on market research. 
  • By using this application, users can track trade book, market depth, order book, stock portfolio, etc.
  • Advanced charting with marketing trends, indices, and other corresponding indicators.

#3. Religare Online- Dynami

Religare Online’s Dynami is another mobile-based trading application from Religare Online. This application is available in both iOS as well as Android versions with a clean and straightforward user interface.

Let’s find out some of the best features of this mobile application are:

  • This application allows the clients to trade across various segments such as Equity, commodity, and Currency.
  • Users will get multiple provisions to add various watch lists.
  • Users can customize and personalize the notifications and alerts based on trading patterns and interests.
  • Religare Dymani comes with order placement features.

However, this application comes with a few bugs and concerns reported by the users are:

  • Sometimes the application stuck in the middle and randomly crashed at times.
  • Transferring funds using this application sometimes fails to respond, which leads to transaction failure.
  • It’s not well optimized for every Android smartphone models. 

#4. Religare Online- Equity Odin Diet Application

Odin Diet is a very well known application in the field of the stock market. It comes with an executable file that can be easily downloaded and installed on a desktop or laptop. It is an old trading software with high trading capabilities.

Here are some most advanced features of Odin Diet:

  • It allows the users to perform the trade in currency, commodities, equities, mutual funds, IPO’s, and many more other investment options all in one screen interface.
  • Odin Diet offers advanced portfolio trackers and live market watch list.
  • Recently it was upgraded with a stock screener feature. It mainly helps the investor to perform direct trade on the single screen itself.

2. Religare Online- Types of Account

Like most of the full-service stockbrokers, Religare provides a 2 in 1 account to its investors. It is the combination of both trading and Demat accounts.

Recently Religare Online launched a unique concept named R-ACE (Religare Advanced Client Engine) to offer customized services as per clients’ needs and patterns of trading.

Let check out 3 different account types offered by Religare Online:

#1. R-ACE (Basic Account)

It is the necessary level of trading account offered by Religare Online to its clients. It is beneficial for low trading investors who don’t want to spend much time on trading.

By using this account, users can get notifications and information over the phone as well as in the online terminal.

#2. R-ACE LITE (Advanced Account)

It is a beautiful, hassle-free web-based trading terminal offered by the broker. It includes some additional features over R-ACE Basic Account. 

It is integrated with a variety of stocks and alerts based on real-time market analysis. Moreover, this feature is more useful because it keeps streaming on your trading screen on a real-time basis.

It is mostly preferred by those investors who want to keep tracking the real-time market all the time.

#3. R-ACE Pro (Professional Account)

In the case of professional and experienced traders, the R-ACE Pro version is introduced. It is so ergonomically optimized to handle super fast high volume trades daily.

Mostly it was found that full-time professional traders preferred to stay connected 24 hours with their trading market.

This is the only account that offers all the essential trading software with integrated plug-ins for active trade.

This account provides the latest advanced technical charts; the user can create customizable watch lists, provision of opening interest tables, F&O trade cost calculator, etc.

3. Religare Online – Market Research

Religare Online is the full-service stockbroker. It offers highly useful and accurate research services.

Religare Online provides both the technical and fundamental charts and market research reports to its clients.

Moreover, being an investor with Religare Online, you will be offered all intraday call and market research reports daily over phone messages, and e-mail. However, all these research reports can be obtained through different trading platforms offered by Religare online just by clicking the Research Tab.

The tops features covered by Religare online in its research reports:

  • The research reports provided by Religare online covers around 30 listed companies in its fundamental market reports.
  • The reports are based on market competition points and analyzed accordingly. However, the list of companies is very less when compared with other stockbrokers, covering more than 150 companies daily.
  • As the stockbroker claims to provide more than 150 intraday calls with a success rate of 65% and more.
  • However, both the numbers mentioned above are pretty less, and the accuracy level is not up to the mark.  The user needs to use its brain and experience to trade effectively with Religare Online.
  • Also, this full-service broker also provides around 200+ positional calls approximately with a mediocre rate of success of around 61%. The efficiency of the calls offered by the broker needs to be improved.

So, at last, we can say that Religare Online needs to work a lot on its Research services, and the team needs to include more mature personals.

If Religare online can’t improve its services, then soon it will lack its popularity amongst its clients.

4. Religare Online Customer Care, Support, and Office Addresses.

Religare online offers almost all communication channels for its clients to connect its service team.

  • Toll-Free Customer Care Number
  • Email Assistance
  • Customer Care Unit At Offline Branches
  • Via Social Media (Twitter & Facebook)
  • Offline And Online Trading
  • Allotment Of Dedicated Dealer

However, the customer service quality is not that effective when compared with other big players. Here are 2 essential areas Religare Online needs to focus more:

  • The broker needs to improve query resolving time. Must be prompt enough to solve the concerned issues within minutes.
  • The resolution quality must be professional and useful for futures growth and profits.

Religare Online is a Full-service broker; still, the quality and efficiency of the customer care are below average.

The feedback is based on customer satisfaction levels and trading experience with this broker. So Religare Online needs to work hard to improve its customer service to maintain itself in the race.

Customer Care Numbers and Addresses

Registered Office Address
Religare Online Limited,D3, P3B, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi-110017Phone no. +91-11-39125000
Toll-Free Customer Care Number1860-25-88888
Call-N-Trade Number0120-6798000
Customer Care Contact Number0120-6130300
Customer Care Calling Time Monday to Friday (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM)
On Saturdays (9:00 AM to 6:00 PM)For all overseas and domestic clients.
Email support Id[email protected]
Complaints or Grievances[email protected]

5. Religare Online Charges and Pricing

From a customer point of view, the pricing and charges are the main factors to understand the decide how to plan to trade with the broker.

Here the clients need to pay charges for all the trading activities he/she performs.

Let’s find out all the charges Religare going to charge from its customers in details:

#1. Religare Online Account Opening Charges

If you are willing to trade with Religare Online, then you must open a trading account first. So go through the below-mentioned table with all account opening charges:

SegmentsCharges and Costing
Opening Charges For Demat AccountRs. 0
Opening Charges For Trading AccountRs. 500
Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) For Demat AccountRs. 300
Annual Maintenance Charges  (AMC) For Trading AccountRs. 0

Note An additional offer for lifetime free AMC on payment of Rs. 2500.

#2. Religare Online Brokerage Charges and Accounts

Religare Online Brokerage Charges

SegmentsBrokerage Charges
Equity Delivery trading0.10% – 0.40%
Commodity Options Trading0.01% – 0.04%
Equity Intraday Trading0.01% – 0.04%
Equity Futures Trading0.01% – 0.04%
Equity Options TradingRs.100 per lot
Currency Futures Trading0.01% – 0.04%
Currency Options TradingRs.10 per lot
Minimum BrokerageAs per Transaction
Demat AMC ChargesFree or Rs.300 per annum
Trading AMC ChargesFree
Margin MoneyRs.50,000

Religare Online Brokerage Accounts

This full-service broker differentiates the brokerage accounts based on volume and frequency trading. It offers different brokerage Accounts mainly divided into three segments:

1. Classic Brokerage Account

  • In this Classic Account, Religare Online charges 0.3% to 0.5% intraday brokerage.
  • The delivery brokerage charge fluctuates from 0.30% to 0.50%.
  • Lastly, in the case of a Derivative, the Full-service broker charges 0.3% to 0.5% brokerage. 

2. Freedom Brokerage Account

In Religare Online’s Freedom Brokerage Account, the customer needs to pay certain charges before opting freedom account.

Here is the list of charges mentioned below:

Time SpanCharges
Monthly SubscriptionRs. 500
Quarterly SubscriptionRs. 1400
Half-Yearly SubscriptionRs. 2500
Annual SubscriptionRs. 4000

By purchasing any of the above-mentioned subscriptions helps the trader to trade Rs. 3 lacs in Intraday and derivative Trading and Rs. 40k, in the case of delivery based trading with zero brokerage. 

3. Trump Brokerage Account

It is the last and the final Brokerage Account offered by Religare Online. However, it comes with two trading options: The Trump Plus Plan and The Trump Super Plan.

Trump Account TypesFeatures and Charges
The Trump Plus PlanThe subscription charges: Rs. 25000.25% brokerage on delivery trades0.025% brokerage on Intraday TradesAnd lastly 0.025% brokerage at F&O trades
The Trump Super PlanThe Subscription Charges: Rs. 150000.15% brokerage on delivery trades0.025% brokerage on Intraday TradesAnd lastly 0.025% brokerage at F&O trades

#3. Religare Online Other Charges

Charge SegmentsCharges
Transaction Charges0.00370% of Total Turnover
STT0.0126% of Total Turnover
SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
Stamp DutyDepends on State (very minimal)
GST18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

It might be a bit confusing for new traders to understand the table contents. A detailed explanation is given below.

Religare online impose a charge from their investors and clients to pay a certain amount of 0.0126%  of the total turnover as Transaction charges it’s just for security purposes.

You will be charged 18% on the sum of the transaction and brokerage as a GST charge.

Transaction charges of 0.00370% of the total turnover and 0.0002% of the total turnover based on SEBI Turnover and a variable stamp duty charge based on state laws.

6. Religare Online Margin And Leverage

Being a full-service stockbroker Religare Online offers a great range of margin to its clients.  With this broker, you can perform the trade in almost every single trading segment available in the field of stock marketing.

However, this broker has divided the margin value into a few different categories like A, B, C, and D. the user needs to opt any of the categories to avail the margin.

Let’s check out the narrow margin and leverage the user will get while trading with Religare Online:

Trading SegmentLeverage and Margin values
EquityUp to 10 x times on intraday trading,Up to 4 x times on delivery
Equity OptionsNo leverage in the case of buying.Up to 3x times on shorting in case of intraday trading.
Equity futuresUp to 3 x times on intraday trading
Currency OptionsNo leverage in the case of buying.Up to 2x times on shorting in case of intraday trading.
Currency FuturesUp to 2 x times on intraday trading
CommodityUp to 3 x times on intraday trading

Religare Online provides 3 times of exposure in commodity trading. However, it doesn’t offer any exposure in currency option buying but offers 2x times on shorting in case of intraday trading.

This full-service broker offers 2x times exposure in case of currency futures.

This broker offers up to 3 times leverage in the case of Equity Futures.

The most beneficial thing about Religare Online is that it offers high exposure up to 10 times in case of intraday trading, and in case of equity, delivery about 4x times.

Whereas in the case of Equity Options, this discount Broker claims no leverage for buying but offers 3x times exposure for selling.

7. Religare Online Mutual Funds

The Mutual fund’s segment of Religare Online is solely managed by Religare Invesco Assets Management. However, it is commonly known as Religare Mutual funds. Earlier it was known as Lotus India Mutual Fund. 

Religare offers various mutual funds segments some are mentioned below:

  • Fixed Income Funds: in this type of mutual fund, we only invest in government and corporate debts. It offers a steady income on a regular basis. Best investment option for retirees and conservative investors.
  • Equity Funds: it mainly deals with stocks — it commonly known as stock funds. 
  • Exchange-Traded Funds: it is the open marketable form of securities and trades. ETFs, offer multiple alternative options for individual investors with low fees and higher liquidity rates.
  • Funds Of Funds: it is a particular type of mutual fund in which you get a scope to invest in other mutual funds. In some cases, it is also famous by the name of multi-manager investments.
  • Hybrid Funds: in hybrid funds, the investors get an option of investing in both stock and bonds within a single investment. This is commonly known as balanced funds. 

Being a financial Company, Religare Invesco Asset management holds an asset base of over Rs. 21,000 crores.

It is India’s one of the best companies to offer mutual funds and sub-advised portfolios to both Indian and global investors. 

Dedicated focused management teams manage the company, to offer superior services. With Religare mutual funds, investors can expect stable returns with the least risk involved.

Let’s check out some of the active mutual fund’s plans offered by Religare online:

Fund NameCategory
Invesco India Banking & PSU Debt Fund(G)Debt – Income
Invesco India Banking & PSU Debt Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt – Income
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(AD)Debt – Income
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(AD)-Direct PlanDebt – Income
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(D)Debt – Income
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(D)-Direct PlanDebt – Income
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(G)Debt – Income
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt – Income
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(MD)Debt – Income
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt – Income

8. What are the Reasons to Choose Religare Mutual funds?

Investing in mutual is ideal for those who want to get stable returns by investing in Indian equities. It offers a variety of attractive features and benefits to choose from.

Here are some top-notch benefits and features of Religare mutual funds:

  • An investor will be offered with multiple mutual fund schemes as per his/her investment pattern and needs.
  • It offers tax planning schemes that help you to plan tax returns and grab other benefits too.
  • User is allowed to invest both singly and jointly with fund switching facility.
  • Monitoring funds from online is possible from anywhere at any time.
  • Religare offers the secured and most straightforward way to invest in Mutual Funds with an effective and result oriented approach.

9. Religare Online Demat Account Opening Procedure.

Are you willing to try your luck in the stock market? The first thing you must consider is the best brokerage firm to deal with. At some point, you might have heard the name of Religare Online securities limited. 

Then I must say you came to the right place to learn and start your fantastic journey with Religare Online.

You need to join them to grab every fantastic benefit of trading. This broker offers to trade across all segments.

Here are the steps to open a Demat Account with this stockbroker:

  • Firstly choose a Depository Participant to open an account, including a beneficial owner account with the depository.
  • Fill all the investor details, with all supporting document’s copies like address proof, identity proof, income proof. Also, the PAN Card is the most vital and mandatory. Verification is done by comparing it with original documents.
  • Rules and regulation copies are provided to the investors with the opening charges to the depository participant. DP representative will confirm all the documents provided by the investor.
  • You can check details once the account is activated and can start online trading.

10. Religare Online with Closest Competitor.

Religare Online Comparison With Closet Discount Brokers

BrokerReligare Online5paisaZerodhaUpstox
Service TypeFull-Service brokerDiscount BrokerDiscount BrokerDiscount Broker
Brokerage Range1 paisa per share to Rs. 70 per lotRs. 10Rs. 20Rs. 20
Account Type2 in 12 in 12 in 12 in 1
Equity Delivery0.50% to 0.10%Flat Fee Rs 10FreeFree
Equity Intraday0.050% to 0.010%Flat Fee Rs 100.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower
Equity Futures0.05%Flat Fee Rs 100.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower
Equity optionsRs. 70 per lotFlat Fee Rs 10Flat Fee Rs 20Flat Fee Rs 20
CommodityOptionRs. 30 per lotFlat Fee Rs 10Flat Fee Rs 20Flat Fee Rs 20
Currency futures0.05%Flat Fee Rs 100.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower
Currency optionsRs. 30 per lotFlat Fee Rs 10Flat Fee Rs 20Flat Fee Rs 20
Rating4.2 out of 54.0 out of 54.3 out of 54.3 out of 5

Religare Online Comparison with Closet Full Service Broker.

BrokerReligare OnlineSharekhanAngel brokingEdelweiss
Service TypeFull-Service brokerFull-Service BrokerFull-Service BrokerFull-Service Broker
Brokerage Range1 paisa per share to Rs. 70 per lot0.1 to 0.5%Rs. 15 to Rs.30Rs. 10 to 0.5%.
Account Type2 in 12 in 12 in 12 in 1
Equity Delivery0.50% to 0.10%
0.5% or 50 paisaRs. 15 /trade less than Rs. 50k orderRs. 30/trade more than Rs. 50k orderRs.10 / 0.01% whichever lower
Equity Intraday0.050% to 0.010%0.1% or 10 paisaRs. 15 /trade less than Rs. 50k orderRs. 30/trade more than Rs. 50k orderRs.10 / 0.01% whichever lower
Equity Futures0.05%0.1% or 10 paisaA flat fee of Rs. 30/ orderRs.10 / 0.01% whichever lower
Equity optionsRs. 70 per lot2.5% of Premium or Rs 250 per lot whichever is highA flat fee of Rs. 30/ orderFlat Fee of Rs. 10
CommodityRs. 30 per lot0.1% or 10 paisaA flat fee of Rs. 30/ orderNA
Currency futures0.05%0.1% or 10 paisaA flat fee of Rs. 30/ orderRs.10 / 0.01% whichever lower
Currency optionsRs. 30 per lot2.5% of Premium or Rs 250 per lot whichever is highA flat fee of Rs. 30/ orderFlat Fee of Rs. 10
Rating4.2 out of 54.0 out of 54.3 out of 54.1 out of 5

11. Religare Online Consumer Complaints

Being a reputed stockbroker, Religare online offered best in class services to their clients. Still, there are some unfortunate happens which costs a lot in the case of customer satisfaction.

However, Religare online managed very well over the last few years to lower down the consumer complaints by enhancing their customer service compared with other full-service brokers. Let’s have a look over the complaints raised against the broker:

ExchangeFinancial YearActive ClientsTotal Complaints
Open Religare Demat Account
Open Religare Demat Account

12. Religare Online Merits and Demerits

#1. Religare Online Merits

  • This broker provides exposure against shares to trade with Demat Account.
  • On payment of Rs. 2500 onetime fee, you will get a lifetime AMC free account.
  • Religare Online offers highly effective research tools integrated with the trading terminal, and daily research reports will be provided to its clients.
  • You can drop a check in any of the Religare Online offline branches, and the same amount will be transferred in your trading account.
  • Customers will get interested in their available cash in your account. 

#2. Religare Online Demerits

  • Religare charges Rs. 10 per order executed for Call N Trade facility, and on a daily basis, you may be charged with an amount of Rs. 50.
  • No automatic payout facility to your bank account.
  • No auto-trading feature.
  • The mobile trading application needs to be optimized, including the web-based terminals too.
  • No support from MAC-based devices.

13. Religare Online Recent Updates

Religare group of companies is surrounded by multiple issues and scandals. The most renowned founders of Religare limited (Mr. Malvinder Singh and Mr. Shivinder Singh) found heavily involved in Fortis Hospital’s Scandal.

Due to all this issue recently, the Securities business of Religare Enterprises has been a takeover by Edelweiss Group’s wealth management in the year of 2017 December 20th.


Religare Online is a feature-rich full-service broker. It offers various trading and multi-investment options to its customers.

The trading platforms are well optimized and loaded with essential tips and charts. The overall research quality is manageable if you hold some knowledge about trading.

Its market research charts help the user to make quick trading judgments. 

However, the performance and profitability totally depend on the trader’s knowledge and experience, and you can’t place blind trade with Religare reports. We recommend Religare to those who want to invest for long terms and must be okay with average customer service.  Lastly, the brokerage charge also belongs to the higher side. So think and decide before trading with Religare Online. 

Religare Online FAQs

Q1. Do any news and live market alerts offer by Religare Online?

Ans. Yes, various types of news and live market alerts offered by Religare Online.

Q2. Are there any quarterly reports of equity and mutual funds provided by Religare Online?

Ans. Yes, quarterly reports of equity and mutual funds provided by Religare Online.

Q3. Are there free tips offered by Religare Online?

Ans. Yes, you will get trading tips from Religare Online.

Q4. Are there any daily market reports offered by Religare Online?

Ans. Yes, Religare Online offers useful daily market reports.

Q5. Does Religare Online have multiple branches in various cities of India?

Ans. Yes, you will find multiple branches of Religare Online in almost every city of India.

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