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Prostocks Trading Platform: This firm was created in 2016, ProStocks is an online booking and trading platform by Sunlight Broking LLP. It has introduced with convenient trading at very nominal and economical rates.

ProStocks is providing the best trading in Equity cash, currency derivatives, Equity Future and Options and Intraday across BSE and NSE.

This company is enlisted with DP and CDSL. They deal in 2-in-1 Account i.e. Demat and Trading Account and with ProStocks you conveniently do the transactions of shares.

ProStocks is also offering NRI services at ZERO NRI trading fee and Demat Account fee and they are no hidden charges.

The success of ProStocks lies in its minimum charges in the industry of online stock marketing. With ProStocks, you can see differentchanges in terms of minimum in the brokerage charges.

They manage to offer trade at minimum transaction charges by not charging PCM fee which all other discount brokers charge.ProStocks also put trade and call to a lowest so that clients and users make the most out of their money.

If you open an account with ProStocks, it is a quick and easy online process with no printing, signing or sending paperworkvia courier.

Trading Platforms Offer

Forex trading platformNo
Commodity trading platformYes
Mobile trading platformYes
Web trading platformYes
Desktop trading platformYes
Algo trading platformYes
Options and futures trading platformYes

ProStocks Trading Platforms

This trading and broking company is offering web-based, desktop-based and mobile application-based trading platforms. ProStocks provides these platforms with collaboration of NSE NOW.

These are available in its website version, trading software version and a mobile application which are compatible with almost all operating systems.

Mobile-based Trading Platform

ProStocks mobile application was released on 19th November 2016. This 5.9MBS lightweight fully functional trading app is secure, easy to use and compatible with major mobile operating systems like android, iPhone, etc. The application has 10,000+ downloads and has scored more than 100 reviews on the Google Play Store.

Following are the features of this application:

  • Real-time market watch.
  • Market updates.
  • Regular and irregular movements of markets.
  • Watchlists.
  • Reports of orders.

Downloading of this application is easy just open Google Play Store and search for the ProStocks Trading, it will show up, press the download button and automatically the application will download.

Also, this application is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Rating of Prostocks Mobile App

Star ratings★★★★


Web-based Trading Platform

It works on HTML 5 browser-based trading which allows the user to trade and do broking activities securely and smoothly using only the internet without installing any application on your PC and laptop.

This is a very easy-going mode of trading and broking with real-time and fast access to news, quotes, and trading. This application offers all the features of a PC or laptop with a terminal and a browser window.

The main highlights of the web version of the trading platform are:

  • The payment gateway is to pay-in with HDFC and Yes Bank including payout with 20+ other banks.
  • View advanced charts.
  • Latest market updates.
  • Sharing of multi-screen.
  • They have provided the option to create hot functional keys like the PC or laptop version.
  • Providing secure, reliable and accessible.
  • See online market updates.
  • Get or make direct order placing via charting platform that minimizes errors and bugs while placing orders.
  • Provides multilevel security so only you can access and view your trade.
  • Password reset policy is very frequent so that there are zero chances of hacking.

Desktop-based Trading Platform

ProStocks has provided with a fully and perfectly functional trading medium that allows fast execution of orders, executing trading and broking activities with real-time monitoring.

This application is a downloadable version of software and exe. File which can be downloaded on the user’s laptop and PC. The user needs admin access to install Prostocks Desktop-based software.

This trading application has some following inbuilt features:

  • Advance charts including multiple advanced charting tools.
  • Displays real-time charts on the screen.
  • Shows options Calculator with in-built Options Strategies.
  • Includes AMO features.
  • Provides updates on real-time monitoring of the user’s trades.
  • For user’s, it automatically gives the index option strategies to a calculator.
  • Features single sign-in to back-office which makes operation lot easy for the user.
  • View multiple market watch including updates on real-time which gives users wider outlook of the scenario.
  • Provides option calculator.


There are many references forProStocks having a back-office but there is no such link that could provide information about its features or how to download it. But we are hopeful that ProStocks will update their website soon.


Third-Party software and that is maintained and managed by the technical team of NSE. Prostocks do not have any control over the implementation of their trading applications.

Some positives of this application include:

  • An impressive number of features
  • Detailed set-up for fundamental and technical analysis of stocks that use various charts and heat maps
  • Provides customization in terms of alerts, dashboard widgets including pop-up notifications.

At the same time, few concerns of NSE NOW are:

  • The applicant’s experiences with this software are good.
  • Amateur level traders will have a tough time understanding while navigating via the platform.
  • Prostocks does not control the maintenance and management of these application, but if in case there are any feedbacks which the user has any concerns. Prostocks will not be able to assist the user in that.

The user should check with the executive of the discount broker if there are any separate or hidden charges in order to use this trading software.

Sometimes, there are few charges included if the applicant uses third-party software and most of the brokers are not explicit about these charges when account opening.

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Products of ProStocks Trading Platform

Following are the list of products which are offered by ProStocks to their customers and the users around the globe:

  • Equity

Trading in equities with Profitmart will get the user the best of the best Access of Ease, Research, and Technology. This allows a user to invest in Equities by giving the best guidance for the user to learn when, where and how to invest.

Most hard-working, active and motivated team on the ground when it comes to Reach & Delivery Model. Providing both Offline/ Online and upgrading service delivery channels to its users at all times.

  • Derivatives

These are a kind of securities that derive their value via some underlying assets or benchmarks. Some common derivatives include:

  • Futures contracts.
  • Options, and swaps.
  • Forwards.

Most derivatives do not get traded on the stock exchange market also, they are used by institutions to hold risk or speculate on price fluctuations in the underlying asset.

  • Currency Trading

The worldwide increment in trade and foreign investments has made inter-connection of various national economies which are leading to a great need for the strongest foreign exchange risk management mechanism.

The resulting fluctuations in exchange rates have no doubt developed some huge multinational markets for Forex investors, giving another exciting place for trading.

Forex market provides the unmatched potential for the best profit trading in any market circumstances or any level of the business cycle.

Growth and development of our futures market will manifold with the participation and ambition to thrive for speculators and investors which emerge as alternative investment plans for Indian Investors around the globe.

  • Depository Services

This service offers users a secure, convenient, cost-effective and paperless system to keep a record of your investments in terms of shares and other instruments with a period of time and without any problem or confusion of handling extra documents.

  • NRI Demat Account and Trading Services

Any NRI can use the Demat account in ProStocks via the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PINS) to do investments in India.

All NRIs can do investment in Initial Public Offers (IPOs) with a repatriable basis via using NRE funds and Demat account and money in their Non-Resident External (NRE) bank account.

Following are the services for NRIs:

  1. Invest in Stocks.
  2. Stock Derivatives.
  3. IPOs.
  4. Mutual Funds.
  5. Bonds at BSE and NSE.
  6. Trade-in equity.
  7. Equity Futures & Options.
  • Mutual Funds

This is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from different investors to purchase securities.

All investors may be institutional or retail in nature. Mutual funds have disadvantages and advantages compared to direct investing in individual securities.

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Prostocks is one of the famous and well-known discount broker firms out of Mumbai.  They provide a good understanding of Prostocksbrokerage charges with Prostocks Demataccount includingProstockstrading platforms and other important features.

This firm is also famous due to the List of offers they provide:

  • Nill Margin Money.
  • FreeDemat Account.
  • Free Trading Account.
  • Brokerage Charges only for Rs.15 only.

Prostocks does ticks almost all of the boxes when it comes to client requirements and needs from a stockbroker and trading company.

Having said that, it definitelyshould work on its back-office and make sure that the users do get a consistent and flawless trading experience.

Moreover, the trust factor is just another area that will take some time to build the potential customer base.


Q1: How to use the Prostocks trading platform?

Ans: just download the software and open your account and start using it.

Q2: Is Prostocks is providing a demo trading platform?

Ans: Yes. Prostocks is the offering the demo trading to check and test first.

Q3: Are Prostocks is offering future business opportunities and structures?

Ans:Prostocks offers both of types, Future and options trading are used to make decesions on trading.

Q4: How are a Visulization system at Prostocks platforms?

Ans: Latest Visulization system for graphical view of the trades and all of your recent history.

Q5: What is the charges of Prostocks on trades?

Ans:Prostocks charges only 15 INR on every single trade.

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