Prostocks Review [Latest]- Demat A/C, Brokerage Charges, Margin


Prostocks Review

Prostocks is a company in Mumbai, February 2016 and was found by the company named “Sunlight Broking” a limited liability partnership venture.

This broker is registered with SEBI and therefore, can be trusted with investments. It’s an online broking firm designed in a manner to help investors find a platform to invest in the share market.

Under Prostocks, you can trade in BSE- Bombay stock exchange and NSE- National Stock Exchange. And the segments whereas an investor you can invest include- Equity cash – intraday and delivery while Equity derivative – future and option as well as in depository services.

This broker is not into the mutual fund so far but will soon be offering this investment service in the future but not so now. Signing up with this broker comes with ease as you get services under low brokerage rate and therefore increases your source of investment and reduces your cost.

Prostocks Review 
Prostocks Pricing & Charges
           #1 Account Opening Charges & Annual Charges
           #2 Prostocks Brokerage Charges
           #3 Transaction & GST Charges
Prostocks Products & Amazing Features
Leverage / Exposure / Prostocks Margin / Limit 
Prostocks Trading platform
            #1 Prostocks Desktop
            #2 Prostocks Web
            #3 Prostocks Secure Mobile
Prostocks Customer Rating
Office / Branches in India
Advantages/pro & Disadvantages/Cons
How to open Prostocks Demat and Trading account
Contact Support customer care
Prostocks FAQ

With this company, you save a lot on brokerage. Being an online broker, we don’t have the overhead expense of advertisements, maintaining branches. We only have two offices, one in Mumbai and the other one in Daman.

The proud founders of this company include- SP Tohniwala (CEO) and Sourabh Ranka. As an online investor, you can invest with them in –Stocks, Options, Future as well as Currency. Services as an online broker include- equity trading, Derivatives trading, currency trading, and depository services.

As a company, we are a team of Chartered Accountants (CA’s), engineers as well as designers. Having a client-centric approach, transparent practice, and having corporate governance, we have earned respect and trust of our clients.

It’s the Best Available tool to provide you with guidance about wealth creation and increasing funds to increase return on asset ultimately.

open Prostocks demat account
open Prostocks demat account
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Prostocks Pricing & Charges

Here we will talk about Prostocks brokerage charges, Demat account opening fees, fixed monthly subscription plan, and transaction charges.

At Prostocks you are bound to pay some account charges that are as follows-

#1 Account Opening Charges & Annual Charges

Prostocks is a Demat account, Trading account, and Commodity account service. Which is a free service by a broker

DEMAT Account Opening Charges = Rs.0 Free
Trading Account Opening Charges = Rs. 0 Free
DEMAT Account Annual Maintenance  Charges (AMC) = Rs. 0 Free
Trading Account Annual Maintenance  Charges (AMC) = Rs. 0 Free

#2 Prostocks Brokerage Charges

ProStocks Flat Brokerage Charges Fee Plan

This plan of prostocks is specific for those who wish to TRADE BIG. As it offers you with ample amount of opportunity of trade. Get 15 per executed order no matter the size of your order. It’s best for traders that play big and scale large.

All they are charged per order is 15 per executed order. Order size doesn’t matter or concern this plan as it’s more focused upon execution and not placement. There exists no bifurcation w.r.t to equity, derivatives, and currency trading.

So if this plan excites you open your account today. And enjoy flat fee on executed orders best for traders looking for something substantial.

Trading In-Brokerage FEE Applicable
Trading in Equity DeliveryBrokerage FREE
Trading in Equity Intraday15/- executed order
Trading in Equity Future15/- executed order
Trading in Equity Option15/- executed order
Trading in Currency future15/- executed order
Trading in Currency option15/- executed order

ProStocks Unlimited Monthly Plan

This Subscription plan of ProStocks talks about paying a flat fee monthly; therefore, you are not charged with a brokerage fee on turnover. This plan works best for those traders having a higher volume and frequency of trading regularly.

You get benefited from this plan if you are a regular in the trading market. There is no limit on the number of securities traded as there is no limit on orders, trade, or even quantity. The user is charged 899 for trading in equity and derivatives of the stock exchange market.

While 499 is charged for having unlimited access to trading in currency trading. For more details about this plan, open the account with Prostocks.

ProStocks Unlimited Yearly Plan

This Subscription plan works for traders that are experts in the share market and wish to avail high returns on their investments (ROI). In this plan, you are bound to pay a flat yearly fee for a year. In this plan, you are not obliged to pay the brokerage on turnover as you enrolled for this plan.

So no fee is charged for the same therefore it’s ideal for high volume trader having a higher volume of trading and higher frequency of trade. In this plan there is no limit on order size, a number of trades done in a day, week, month. Nor there is a check on the number of shares invested in the stock market.

Users of this plan can avail a price lock feature for a year. And perform transactions that please them worth investing. You can avail unlimited equity, equity derivatives in the stock market by paying an annual charge of 8999.

For unlimited currency trading, you need to pay 4999 as an annual cost for performing trade activity. There are also some taxes and fees broker is bound to charge and deposit to SEBI.

#3 Transaction & GST Charges

  1. Security Transaction Tax (STT) – It’s a transaction tax applied to the person selling security be it equity type of intra-day as well as future and option trading.
  2. Exchange Transaction Charge- This broker doesn’t pay a clearing charge in the name of the transaction charge.
  3. GST- Goods and Service Tax is charged at 18% on the sum of Brokerage and transaction cost.
  4. SEBI – This institute charges 15 per crore as SEBI charge.
  5. Call and Trade – You are bound to pay 10 for every executed order as an additional fee.
  6. AMC (annual maintenance cost) – This broker doesn’t charge any AMC cost from its users be it for trading or demat account. However, this broker charges 1000 as a refundable deposit for a demat account.
  7. DP Charges- 5.5 CDSL is charged on every sale of equity delivery. And 18% of GST is charged for every sale transaction done by the investor.
  8. Stamp Duty- Investors residing in Maharashtra and Rajasthan get a benefit in this and are not charged with stamp duty. While the remaining customers are charged 0.01% or 50/day as stamp duty. 
  9. A physical copy of Contract- Clients are charged 50 for every physical copy of contract and also charged with the courier charges.
Prostocks Transaction Charges
Equity Delivery in NSE is 0.00335%and BSE is 0.00275%
Equity intraday in NSE is 0.00325%and BSE is 0.00275%
Equity future in NSE is 0.0019% and BSE is 0.0005%
Equity option in NSE is 0.050%and BSE is 0.0025%
Currency future in NSE is 0.0011% and in BSE is  0.0001%
Currency option in NSE 0.040% and in BSE 0.0001%.

Prostocks Products & Amazing Features

  • Demat Account 
  • Trading Account
  • Brokerage Calculators
  • Margin Calculators
  • Trading Platforms
  • SPAN Calculator
  • Call & Trade
  • Equity Trading
  • Future Trading
  • Option Trading
  • Currency Trading
  • Depository Services
  • Stock Research Reports
  • Customer Support
  • Online webinar
  • Advance IVR System 
  • NRI Trading Account

Leverage / Exposure / Prostocks Margin / Limit 

When you commit higher-margin money, will help in reducing brokerage charge in the trading account.

Here are brokerage levied on the following segment-

Equity Intraday Margin7x (Margin intraday sq off) | 10x (Cover Order)
Equity Delivery Margin1x (no margin)
Equity future Margin2x
Equity options Margin1X (no margin)
Currency Future Exposure1.5x
Currency option Levrage 1x (no margin)

When you trade with Prostocks, you earn a 7X margin on equity intraday and 10X on cover order exposure. 

For equity delivery, you are given 1X leverage; Equity is 2X leverage for future, equity option for 1X exposure.

If we talk about currency future, it is 1.5X Exposure, and for currency option, it gets the 1X Margin. For companies, this varies and can be calculated manually on the Prostox website. 

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Profit Mart Brokerage ChargesMaster Trust Brkerge Charges

Prostocks Trading platform

Prostocks offers three trading Platforms to trade to all kinds of stock market investors and traders. All trading application is available free to all its client & customers. Let’s learn about all three of them in detail-

1. Prostocks Desktop

With Prostocks, it’s possible to have an installable trading terminal that enables traders to perform trading. They are helped via trading tools to ease transaction, intraday chart to know about the market and live streaming to execute trades with ease. 

  • Using this platform, you can get a customized platform for yourself and also apply your choice color. 
  • Get a real-time market update on your smartwatch.
  • Avail the benefit of getting charts for Intraday, tick-by-tick, 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly charts.
  • Get access to 7 days intraday chart.
  • Create a real-time strategy for options market and also avail the option calculator.

2. Prostocks Web

It’s a stock trading website that will help traders as well as investors to lead a life with independent access to the site. You get real-time access that will give you market trends, multiple markets to help you make a wise decision. Here are some benefits of availing web trading-

  • You can access this portal from anywhere and still get secured access.
  • Get easy bug fix and independent access to the platform online.
  • Adaptability to the mobile application, support, and maintenance get accessible.
  • It uses less bandwidth even when you have real-time access to web trading.
  • Easy on updates so anyone can update the same and get benefitted out of it.    

3. Prostock secures Mobile

It’s a mobile trading application that is designed to help people trade. This application is very much compatible with android as well as apple devices. Using this application is easy and is simple to operate; therefore, it offers you a powerful platform to trade.

  • Get real-time access to trading directly on your mobile application.
  • A secure network is now possible using this option to access securities and trading. 
  • It’s compatible with all operating devices.
  • Its light weighted application that will make trading a secure deal.
  • Easy to use Applications compatible with iOS and Android.

Prostocks Customer Rating

Overall Rating ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 9.1/10
Fees ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 8.0/10
Brokerage ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 9.0/10
Usability ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 8.0/10
Customer Service ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 9.0/10

Prostocks Office / Branches in India

Prostocks doesn’t have any branch in India, but it has two offices situated in two cities-

Sunlight Broking LLP
B-53, Pravasi Industrial Estate,
Goregaon (East), Mumbai 400063


Sunlight Broking LLP 146, Center point, Near Somnath, Dabhel, Nani Daman, Daman (UT), India 396210

Advantages/pro & Disadvantages/Cons


1. You Get Trading Plan – Whether you are a newbie or existing player of the share market, you get trading benefits with this broker. From monthly plans to yearly plans, this broker has lots to offer to its investors.

2. Transaction Charges – You get the lowest transaction charge on your order. For every call and trade, you only pay Rs. 10 per order executed. While competitor names of a broker like Zerodha, charge more than this broker.

3. Two in one Account– You get two in grievances one accounts that offer you transaction from two different accounts.

4. Trading Platforms– You get access to the trading platform – be it website, mobile application, or trading application.

5. Customer Satisfaction– This broker earns more marks when it comes to offering customer satisfaction to the investors by solving their grievance and guiding them about investment. You also get 24*7 accesses through IVR.

6. Get extra earning– You get an additional 10% earning in the form of the brokerage on referring new clients for Prostocks.


The primary disadvantage of prostocks broker is as follows-

  1. No 3-in-1 Account – Prostocks is not good with offering three in one account, as it’s not a financial institute. So their primary offering includes Trading and Demat Account.

2. No Commodity Trading – at Prostocks so far there is no facility of commodity trading, so maybe this feature launches in the future.

How to open Prostocks Demat and Trading account

Opening an account with Prostocks is easy, and it offers you both “Demat Account and Trading Account.” For trading in the unlimited currency, you can start by paying Rs.499 per month. However, if you wish to trade unlimitedly in equity, it’s essential to pay Rs.899 per month.

It offers its users the trading website, free trading terminal, and mobile application which is functional. If you wish to trade-in equity or currency, it’s important to have a trading account.

You will also need a DEMAT Account, but you don’t have to pay the AMC cost when you spend Rs. 1000 as a deposit. So opening an account with this broker is pretty straightforward and cost-saving. You can open an account with Prostocks in two ways namely-

1. Online Mode

When you choose to open an account with Prostocks online, you need to follow this procedure to get started with a trading journey. Firstly you need to visit the website of Prostocks and click on the “Open an Account” button to open your account. Then you need to fill the online application by complying with five easy steps provided to you. All you need to do is upload your details, download the form in PDF format, get it printed for the record then sign the same and post its handout to the Mumbai office.

2. Offline Mode

If you are reciting in Mumbai or Daman, you need to go to the office of Prostocks to get started with your account. The process will remain the same; you need to fill the application form and start with your trading journey.

Contact Support customer care

The total number of complaints received by BSE against Prostocks is 1 out of 550 clients in the financial year 2019-2020. While with NSE complaints registered are 1 out of 2718 clients. Customer care is ready to solve your problems; all you need to do is reach us out if you find any issues related to the trading. 

Prostocks FAQ Question

What is Prostocks?

Prostocks is an online stock broker that is here to offer you services in the stock market for trading and investment service. It also provides you easy rates to promote trade in the share market, be it future or option. 

Does Prostocks make any profits by offering to trade?

This broker will help you with investing in the trade market. By allowing you to trade in unlimited ways by offering low brokerage service. Its cost-saving, less risky, 

How to open an account with Prostocks?

For opening an account with Prostocks, all you need to do is drop your details in the contact us form and get ready to be assisted by experts.

How much time is involved in opening an account with Prostocks?

Opening an account online takes a few minutes, as all you need to do as an investor is fill the account opening form. In turnaround time of 48 hours, your account will be processed and stated to help you begin with your trading journey.

What does an executed order on prostocks mean?

When you place an order in the stock exchange (through your trading account in Prostocks and the order gets traded, it is called an executed order, you don’t pay for placing, canceling or modifying an order; you pay only per executed order.

Is investor bound to pay Prostocks on the number of trade or executed orders?

As an investor, it’s very important to understand that the investor is not bound to pay per trade and instead complied to pay only for the executed order. So even if a user says they completed 15 different trade orders still, it will be considered as one executed order. So you only pay 15 not per trade order. As a result, you save money and cash in hand increases.

Does Prostocks charge extra for calls and trading?

As an investor when you call Prostocks, our customer representative serves you with a solution so a fee of Rs. 10 is charged on call as trade fee. It provides services via software- website, mobile application as well as a trading terminal to help you trade.

Does the customer get leverage for intraday trading with Prostocks?

Yes, when orders are placed under product type as MIS, the customer gets leverage for intraday trading with Prostocks.

How to transfer funds in the prostocks trading account?

Prostocks offers multiple banks to transfer fund. Includes using payment gateways deposited a check or online fund transfer. Go to Prostocks site for available fund transfer options.

How can I open a Demat account in the name of my minor son?

Yes, Prostocks does offer trading & demat accounts on the minor’s name.

If I already have a demat account with another broker. How do I link this account with the Prostocks trading account?

 You can link any demat account with the Prostocks trading account. You can provide this information at the time of account opening or contact the customer service at a later point of time to do so.

Is there any base or need to keep any minimum balance for keeping your Trading account live?

 No there is no such compulsion of keeping a minimum balance, and so you don’t need to worry about minimum balance in Trading Account.

Is it possible to open a Trading Account in Minor’s child’s name?

 No, this facility is not available with Prostocks as it offers Trading and Demat for Major clients, not minor clients.

Does the investor get a daily market research report?

 No Prostocks doesn’t provide such reports. So, they don’t get any form of a report.

What is the intraday timing of Prostocks?

 Traders can trade in equity from 3.15 PM/ current 4.45 PM.

What are the platforms offered by Prostocks for trading?

 There are broadly two platforms for trading – Prostocks and NSE NOW.

Can we trade in commodities with Prostocks?

 Prostocks are yet to trade in the commodity market, so they don’t offer this service so far.

Can I invest in mutual funds via Prostocks?

 Buying and selling of mutual funds are restricted with Prostocks, so if you have a trading account with them, you cannot trade.

Applying to IPO is possible with Prostocks or not?

 No, this feature is not applicable, especially when you have a trading account with Prostocks.

What kind of broker is Prostocks?

 Prostocks is a Discount Broker that offers you a discount on brokerage.

What are the exchange zones where Prostocks can trade?

 Prostocks can trade in BSE and NSE.

What are the charges applicable when you start with the Prostocks trading account?

 You are not bound to pay any fee; therefore, your account gets opened with zero investment.

Is there any AMC cost or Demat account opening cost involved with this broker?

 No there is no AMC cost nor did any Demat account opening cost.

Are Opening trading and Demat accounts mandatory with Prostocks?

 So far, there is no such compulsion concerning opening a Demat account when you choose to open a Trading Account with Prostocks.

Reason to Open Demat Account with prostocks

Its SEBI registered broker that allows you to open a DEMAT Account for FREE. It’s a safe broker being registered with SEBI. CDSL will hold shares; therefore, your account will be regulated by SEBI and CDSL. For opening A DEMAT Account, you don’t need to pay AMC on the DEMAT account. Prostocks DEMAT account is the cheapest account in India. Benefits of opening DEMAT account include-

 1. Hassle-free online Account Opening

Using the DEMAT account of Prostocks you subscribe to hassle-free online account opening.

 2. Referral Program

If you refer your 10 friends who are active as you and trade just like you, then you earn so much that you can quickly pay the brokerage bill. 

3. Free Software access

 Trading terminal, website as well as mobile application are the platform you get access for trading. So far, Prostocks is known for the platform it offers to its investors.


 You are not bound to pay AMC on the DEMAT account especially when you already pay 1000 at the time of account opening.

Prostocks Margin Calculator

F&O Margin Calculator

The future and options calculator offers you services in these two product types. All you need to do is enter the product type. Contract, the number of shares bought or sold and get margins.

If we suppose we are investing in the future and have a contract of ACC and have bought 1200 shares, then we get an initial margin of Rs. 273048. You get an exposure margin of Rs. 138850, where spread exposure margin is zero and total margin amount to Rs. 411898.

Equity Margin Calculator

At 3M India Ltd of you have cash available worth 10000 and if the stock price is 1000 then the number of shares that can be bought or sold- 10 shares Delivery 1X and 70 shares for intraday 7X.

However, if we talk about 8K miles soft service Ltd keeping the cash available and stock price constant, let’s know how many shares can be bought and sold. A person can buy or sell ten shares for Delivery 1X and 40 shares for intraday 4X. 

Currency Margin Calculator

For calculating the currency margin with NSE CDS, all you need to do is choose the contract type and product type, whether its future or option. Enter the quantity and type of transaction. Suppose your contract type is GBPINR product is future and quantity is 1 for a purchase transaction.

Which gives you an initial margin of 1771, an exposure margin of 439 which provides a total margin of 2210. However, if you talk about the option and prefer call option at a strike price of 0.975 and 1 sell quantity can give you an initial margin of 10169, exposure margin of 19 and a total margin of 12398.

Brokerage Calculator

Equity Future Brokerage Calculator

So a brokerage fee of equity future includes two plans – Fix monthly plan and Rs.15 per executed order and can also decide the stock exchange be it BSE or NSE. Suppose you took fix monthly plan at NSE where the buying price is 100 and the selling price is 110 share a quantity of 100 shares.

This variant of trading gives you a turnover of 21000, where there is no brokerage cost but STT total of 1. And exchange transaction charge of 0.4 and stamp duty of 2.1, SEBI turnover fees of 0.03 and GST of 0.07. Which amounts to a total charge of 3.6

And per share breakeven of 0.04 that gives a net profit of 996.4. Whereas, if you choose BSE and fix monthly plan and have 100 shares whose purchase is a price worth Rs. 100 and selling price worth Rs. 110. The turnover will remain 21000, but there is no brokerage while

There is an STT total of Rs. 1. And exchange transaction charges as 0.11, stamp duty as 2.1 and SEBI turnover fee as 0.03 and GST as 0.02. So the total brokerage and costs amount to Rs. 3.26 and share breakeven as 0.03 that amounts to a total of 996.74.

Equity Options Brokerage Calculator

If you invest in the equity option under fix monthly plan, here are the details about your investment. If you buy 100 shares at a premium price of 110 and selling premium per share of 120 and a strike price of Rs. 500. You get a turnover of Rs. 23000 where no brokerage is chargeable for NSE

And STT is charged, and exchange transaction charge of 11.5 is chargeable. And stamp duty of 2.3, SEBI turnover fees of 0.03, GST of 2.07, total brokerage and charges include 21.9 sand per share breakeven of Rs. 0.22. and get a net profit of 978. Keeping everything constant if the same is executed in BSE

The STT is charged at 6; exchange transaction charge amounted to Rs. 5.75 and stamp duty is chargeable at Rs.2.3 and SEBI turnover fees as 0.03 and GST as 1.03. So total brokerage and cost amounts to Rs.15.11 and share breakeven as 0.15. So you get a net profit of 984.89. However, if you choose Rs. 15 per executed order in place of a fixed monthly plan, then you need to pay a brokerage of Rs. 30 if you are trading in BSE. 

Currency Future Brokerage Calculator

When you trade-in currency future and take the fixed monthly plan here is how things are calculated for you. Suppose you bought the same at a price of Rs. 100 and sold the same at Rs. 110 and quantity worth 100 shares. You get a turnover of 21000, and no brokerage fee is charged on the same.

But exchange transaction fee of Rs. 0.19 is loaded, a stamp duty of 2.1, SEBI turnover fees of 0.03, GST of 0.03 which amounts to a total brokerage of 2.35, and point of breakeven as 0.0235. And you earn a net profit of 997.65. However, if we keep the Buying price, selling price, and quantity constant in the BSE market,

Then things might slightly vary. You don’t pay brokerage and exchange transaction charge is 0.05, stamp duty is 2.1, SEBI turnover fees are 0.03, GST of 0.01 which amounts to a total brokerage of 2.19 and breakeven point of 0.0219 giving a profit of 997.81. But if you choose Rs.15 per executed order, you need to pay a brokerage of Rs.30.

Currency Option Brokerage Calculator

There are two plans an investor can choose, and it broadly includes- Fix monthly plan and Rs. 15 per executed order. And if we go with the former plan where buying cost is Rs. 100 and selling value is Rs. 110 of 100 shares purchased. And has a strike price of Rs.150 giving a turnover of Rs. 21000

Where there is no brokerage but exchange transaction is 8.40, stamp duty as 2.1, SEBI turnover fee as 0.03 and GST as 1.51. That amounts to a total of 12.04 and point of breakeven as 0.1204, which gives you a profit of Rs. 987.96. And Keeping other things constant. If you choose Rs 15 per trade,

Then you get to pay a brokerage of Rs. 30 in the NSE market. But if we talk about the BSE keeping everything constant then you get the same turnover but a brokerage of Rs. 30 as fees and exchange transaction fee as 0.21. And you also get stamp duty of 2.1, SEBI turnover fees of 0.03, GST of 5.44 so a total brokerage of 37.78 while point of brokerage is 0.3778. 

Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator

There are two plans one is Fix monthly plan, and the other one is Rs. 15 per executed order. Suppose the buying cost per share is 100, the selling cost is 110, and the quantity is 100 shares.

You earn a turnover of Rs. 21000 and no brokerage is charged, STT of Rs 3, exchange transaction charge of Rs. 0.68, stamp duty as 2.1, GST as 0.12, SEBI turnover fees as 0.03, so a total brokerage was charged as 5.93 and per share breakeven as 0.06. So you earn a net profit of Rs.994.07.

Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator

 Broadly you can calculate the equity delivery in two plans that speak about two choices- fix monthly plan as well as the Rs. 15 per executed order. Assuming the buying cost of a share is 100 and the selling price of a share is 110, so this will apply to 100 shares.

This arrangement in the NSE market gives you a turnover of Rs. 21000. Against which no brokerage is charged while Rs. 21 STT needs to be paid. And exchange transactions of 0.68 and stamp duty of 2.1 is payable. GST is applicable at 0.12, SEBI turnover fees of 0.03 and total brokerage of Rs. 23.93 will be payable along with 0.24 as per share breakeven.

So you earn a profit of 976.07. Whereas if you invest in the BSE market keeping purchase price, sale price and the number of shares as constant you get a turnover of 21000, STT as 21, 0.63 as an exchange transaction fee, and stamp duty as 2.1, GST as 0.11, SEBI turnover fees as 0.03. So a total of 23.87 is to be paid and per share breakeven as 0.24 and will give you a profit of 976.13.

NRI,s Trading Account with Prostocks

When you choose prostocks as your trading partner, you get a SEBI registered stockbroker and depository participant. Here you can trade-in equity, future, options on NSE, and BSE. For the NRI account holder, this broker only charges Rs. 100 for executed order.

This platform also offers you with the website, mobile application, and trading terminals. You don’t need to deposit with them. Nor you have to pay AMC for Demat and trading account as there are zero charges for that service. All you need to pay is Rs. 100 for every executed order.

NRI can buy stock from and trade-in equity futures and options from any corner of the world. As per the RBI guidelines, NRI’s have permission to trade in the Indian market according to Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives (ETCD).

Prostocks Advance IVR System 

IVR is Interactive Voice Response where you get access to touch-tone or voice access. So for availing this benefit, you need to call Customer Care. And you can get access to five reports either on-call or your registered email ID.

Press 1If you need information on your Mobile Phone
Press 2If you need information on your email ID.
Press 9Talk to customer care representative for call, trade or another query.
Press 1For Balance Confirmation
Press 2For getting Bill Summary
Press 3For Stock holding Report
Press 4For Trade Details
Press 5For Net Outstanding Position
Press 11Financial Balance Confirmation on PHONE
Press 12Bill Summary on PHONE
Press 13Stock Holding report on PHONE
Press 14Trade details summary on PHONE
Press 15Net Outstanding position on PHONE
Press 21Financial balance confirmation on EMAIL ID
Press 22Bill Summary on EMAIL ID
Press 23Stock Holding report on EMAIL ID
Press 24Trade details summary on EMAIL ID
Press 25Net Outstanding position on EMAIL ID

However, if by chance, the same number is used by your family members, and they are also a member, then it will ask you to ender “client code.” Here are the codes of various numbers you can avail of for your help with the report.

Prostocks Comparison Other Full Service Broker

When we compare the Prostocks with Angel Broking, we came to know these essential findings. And it broadly includes two types of plans offered by Prostocks in comparison to Angel Broking.

The two plans are namely- Fix monthly plan and flat fee plan. The former plan charges 499 or 899 per month where there is no fee on opening a trading account, trading account AMC, Demat account opening and Demat Account AMC.

But if you choose the latter i.e., Flat fee plan you are charged 15 per executed order wherein no Trading Account opening fee, trading account AMC, Demat account opening fee and demat account AMC is charged.

Angel broking offers one plan and that is named “Angel diet” where trading account opening fee is not charged but Trading account AMC is charged 300. While Demat Account opening is not charged any fees while Demat account AMC will be charged 450. 

Prostocks VS Angel Broking Prostocks VS Edelweiss
Prostocks VS Motilal Oswal Prostocks VS Sharekhan
Prostocks VS Hdfc Securities Prostocks VS Icici Direct
Prostocks VS karvy Prostocks VS Smc Globel
Prostocks VS Indiabulls Subh Prostocks VS Wisdom capital

Prostocks Comparison Other Discount Broker

When we compare the Prostocks with Zerodha, we came to know these basics. And it broadly includes two types of plans offered by Prostocks in comparison to Zerodha plan named standard plan. The two plans of pro stock are namely- Fix monthly plan and flat fee plan.

The former plan charges 499 or 899 per month where there is no fee on opening a trading account, trading account AMC, Demat account opening and Demat Account AMC. But if you choose the latter i.e., Flat fee plan,

you are charged 15 per executed order wherein no Trading Account opening fee, trading account AMC, Demat account opening fee and demat account AMC is charged. While Zerodha offers one plan and that is named as “Standard Plan” where trading account opening fee is charged worth 300.

For trading account AMC there is no charge. But the Demat account opening fee worth 100 is charged for this service. And Demat Account AMC is charged 450.

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Become a Franchise Partner of Prostocks

Most are curious to know how they can be a part of this Franchise Partner program. And here is the solution to it and what it broadly talks about the steps. So let’s know about the steps without wasting time.

All you need to do is sign up with us and get started with an amazing journey of being a Partner with us. Trade-in stock and currency derivative market start easy and also invest in markets like equity, derivatives as well as currency. Partnership model only expects you to do the following-

  • Share the leads and start growing with us.
  • Provide prostocks with the contact number reference and earn handsome brokerage on every conversion.
  • And the rest will be taken care of by the company. 

Fund process Process

At prostocks, you get the following features for transfer funds. This broker allows you to transfer funds from 20 banks on using their trading application. These payment gateways of Prostocks give credit instantly ad for every transfer charges Rs. 9 + GST. Banks in tie-up with this broker include-

  1. Axis Bank
  2. Bank of Maharashtra
  3. HDFC Bank
  4. J & K Bank
  5. Tamil Nadu merchandise bank
  6. Federal bank
  7. Karur Vysya Bank
  8. Yes Bank
  9. Catholic Syrian Bank
  10. ICICI Bank
  11. Kotak bank
  12. City union bank
  13. IDBI bank
  14. Lakshmi Vilas Bank
  15. Deutsche Bank
  16. Indian bank
  17. Saraswati bank
  18. Dhanlakshmi Bank
  19. IndusInd Bank
  20. State Bank of India

Prostocks Account Closure

If you are a dissatisfied customer of Prostocks, then you can close your account and choose to discontinue operating trading and Demat account. For closing the account, all you need to do is send an application in writing to show interest that you wish to stop.

On receiving the form with us, our customer representative will call you to confirm your interest in drawing the account. To ensure you requested the same and is not asked by any false person. The initial amount you paid for account closure worth Rs. 1000 will be refunded to you. Ensure knowing these points-

  1. Your account of trading and DEMAT will close after clearing all the dues. 

You need a written application, so no need for a Phone call and email ID.

Prostocks Back Office

For all sorts of back-office information visit the broker’s website then click on the top right-hand menu, then click on log in and then select and click on BACK OFFICE. And you are good to go with the back office access. 

IPO Service

Here is the list of companies that have listed their IPO on a specific date and here are the details about its listing date, issue sizes, QIB (Qualified Institutional Buyers), HNI (High Net-worth Individual), RII (Retail Individual Investors), total, issue, listing open and listing close. 

Prostocks Conclusion

For a newbie in the field of trading, it’s imperative to understand that trading is “not everyone’s cup of tea” as fewer people are aware of the stock market and trading.

So choosing Prostocks, you need to understand that it’s fundamental to know the stock market to enjoy high returns on investment. When you opt for this broker, you save most of your cost as these are discount broker offering you some saving when you invest in multiple orders.

Because of cost-effectiveness your cash in hand increases which increased your scope of investment. That ends up expanding your returns on investment by investing in equity, future, and option in a manner that is wise enough. Understand the market and get used to easy learning and tech-friendly platforms offered by Prostocks.

The simple pricing model will help you invest in them as they don’t have any hidden charges. They mention their pricing clearly without worrying about profits because their ultimate aim is not earning as they believe in serving.

You also get enrolled in a partnership program where you earn returns on referral. And earn a specified share on every trade done by them. Having a broker like “Prostocks” makes life easy with trading. So get used to it and enjoy life with trading and investment. Support via email, phone, and website are provided to you so that you never get stuck with your trading journey.

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