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Prostocks Brokerage Calculator Online

1. Prostocks Brokerage Calculator

Prostocks mission is to make trading available to every other trader and also make it extremely convenient and inexpensive. Hence, they claim to be the true flat charging broker house.

They charge flat brokerage across all he segments. To ease out on the brokerages for the traders, they have 3 different types of brokerage plans for its traders. As we tread through this information below, we will figure out what is in the store for the traders on Prostocks.

There is however one disadvantage with the Prostocks. They do not have the commodity trading on their platforms.

They have confirmed they will soon come in this segment also but, until then this is a disappointment to the traders. We will also see how the brokerage calculator on their website works.

2. Prostocks Equity Brokerage Calculator

Equities are available to be traded on the Prostocks trading terminal. For equities the calculator is designed separately for each sub-segment. Equity Futures, Equity Options, Equity Delivery and Equity Intraday.

These are easy to navigate and can be switched with just a click of the button and does not take time to change. Come on, now let’s see how are they charged and what details do they provide.

Prostocks Account Opening

– Prostocks Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator

Equity Intraday calculator on Prostocks has 2 options to calculate the brokerage. Rs 15 flat per trade and the other one is the monthly fixed charges that do not charge any brokerage on any number of trades placed.

The calculator also gives the various other charges that are charged on each trade. STT charges seem to be high on Prostocks.

You can also choose the state you are from to make sure the correct stamp duty is charged. You can also switch between NSE and BSE exchanges with two option buttons available on the same window.

–     Prostocks Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator

Like the Intraday on equities, delivery trades are also charged the same. Rs 15 is flat for the free account opening opted process.

The monthly plan does not charge any brokerage. You can switch between these plans to calculate the brokerage and also other charges.

And also, the stamp duty charges can be calculated with the change in the state you are from with just a drop-down menu on left top corner of the calculator.

–     Prostocks Equity Future Brokerage Calculator

Futures contracts on the Prostocks are also charged similar, at Rs 15 per lot on the first plan. On the monthly 899 plan, the brokerage charges are zero.

These are useful for the traders who trade frequently or on a daily basis. You can also switch between BSE and NSE with just selecting them on the options button.

STT seems lesser when compared to the delivery trades. However, there needs to be a span margin to be maintained if required to carry forward the positions.

–     Prostocks Equity Option Brokerage Calculator

Options on equities also have the calculator which can be seen in the same window and can be moved to by a simple click. You can switch between the Rs 15 plan or the monthly plan.

Also, as on futures, there is also a switch button between NSE and BSE on top of the right corner.

The calculator gives details of the turnover, brokerage, STT, Stamp duty and all the other charges involved. 

It also provides per share breakeven points which will help at least to close position at no profit no loss. The page also has quick links to pricing, charges and margin calculators.

3. Prostocks Commodity Brokerage Calculator      

Unfortunately, Prostocks do not have the facility to trade on the commodity markets. That is, the MCX is not linked with Prostocks.

This can be a little annoying or one of the reasons for diversified investors or traders. Commodities are also getting popular with the day trading among retail traders. One can trade on Gold, Silver, Crude oil and many other metals.

            As the facility of trading on the commodity is missing on Prostocks there is no brokerage calculator on commodities on it. However, with recent news Prostocks are working on to get the commodities added into their trading platform.

4. Prostocks Currency Brokerage Calculator

Currencies are another emerging trading segment. They are also very volatile and turn out can give good returns on daily basis.

In Indian stock market USD and Euro are the most traded ones, also is good for businesses who trade outside India.

            Currencies can be traded in the form of a future contract or an option. We will see below how are they charged on Prostocks.

Prostocks Currency Future Brokerage Calculator

The charges on the Prostocks for trading on the currency futures is a is zero if the monthly plan. For the regular plan the charge are Rs 15 per executed order. The calculator also is similar to that of any other segment.

Can switch between the NSE and BSE exchanges to calculate all the applicable charges.

Prostocks Currency Option Brokerage Calculator

Like on the futures, options are also charged the same. Rs 15 for the regular plan and for the monthly plan it is zero. The calculator also works similarly. The below table gives more details.

5. Prostocks Basic Plan Brokerage Charges Table.

Segment Unlimited Equity Unlimited Currency Flat Fees
Monthly Fee (Fixed) ₹899 ₹NA
Equity Delivery ₹0 ₹NA ₹ 15
Equity Intraday ₹0 ₹NA ₹ 15
Equity Futures ₹0 ₹NA ₹ 15
Equity Options ₹0 ₹NA ₹ 15
Currency Futures NA ₹NA ₹ 15
Currency Options NA ₹NA ₹ 15
Commodity Futures NA NA NA
Commodity Options NA NA NA

6. Prostocks BO & CO Brokerage Calculator 

And to add another disadvantage Prostocks does not support the BO and CO order types on their platforms. These two options usually give more advantage to the traders and help them do stress-free trading.

7. Prostocks Span Brokerage Calculator

As per the exchange mandate, the span margin should be maintained to carry forward the future positions. Prostocks does not charge anything additional for the calculation of this.

8. Need Prostocks Brokerage Calculator

The brokerage calculator of Prostocks is very good to work on. The switches between the exchanges and the plan is very smooth and easy.

The calculation is very detailed and you can know all the possible charges that are applied when trading. The disadvantage as mentioned is the unavailability of the commodity trading.

But Prostocks are planning to come with commodity soon. Also, they provide 2 different brokerage types that are useful for different types of traders.

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10. FAQ

How are the brokerage charges on Prostocks?

Ans: Prostocks provides 2 different ways to spend on the brokerage. There is a monthly plan and a regular plan. On the regular plan, you pay Rs 15 for every lot executed. The monthly plan has zero brokerage charges but will have to pay Rs 899 monthly.

What is STT charges in Prostocks?

Ans: STT charge on Prostocks is Rs 8 + Rs 5.5 flat for every debit transaction. This is applicable for sell orders

Is Prostocks a good broker?

Ans: Prostocks is catering to different kinds of traders and offers nil brokerage in one of their plans. Hence it can be considered a good broker.

Can we convert intraday to delivery in Prostocks?

Ans: Yes, we can convert intraday to delivery in Prostocks.

Is Prostocks really free?

Ans: It charges nil fees for opening account with them. However there are other AMC charges.

Which is better – Prostocks vs ShareKhan?

Ans: Both the brokers are almost equal with ShareKhan being slightly better.

What is one unique thing on Prostocks brokers?

Ans: Prostocks are known for their unlimited trading plan.

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