ProfitMart Sub Broker – Franchise – Authorized Person – Partner Review


ProfitMart is India’s fastest growing sub brokerage franchise. Being the first brokerage and sub-brokerage firm to offer 100% franchise model sharing, ProfitMart is becoming more popular regularly.

ProfitMart started its journey of being India’s best stock brokerage firm in 2010 and now with over almost 10 years of experience, it is considered as the leading stock brokerage and sub-brokerage firm.

ProfitMart, initially known as M3Mulitiple Securities Broker Pvt. Ltd. Offers it’s clients multiple investment opportunities like Currency, Commodities, Derivatives, Equities, IPO, Mutual Funds as well as Real Estate.

Here in this article,  we would discuss the offerings of ProfitMart sub-brokerage structure or in different words, we would summarize ProfitMart Sub—brokerage program.

ProfitMart SubBroker Review
ProfitMart SubBroker Review

ProfitMart Sub-Broker| Franchise| Partner

ProfitMart is still in its early days in the journey of being the best brokering house.  Right now it is only strategic for them to introduce basic brokerage programs. Profit Mart offers only one type of brokerage program-

  • Sub-brokerage program or Franchise

ProfitMart Sub Broker Program:

ProfitMart introduced its sub-broker program in 2011. In this franchise program, one can easily become a sub-broker just within 31 days and can receive an assured payout within just 14 days.

ProfitMart offers 60%-80% revenue sharing in the sub brokerage program with an overall 2.69 franchise customer rating. There is an available security deposit of INR Rs.25,000/- to Rs.100,000/-.

Being a part of the program is easily availed. It may take up to 5-7 working days in total based on external circumstances.

Details of Sub Broker Program of ProfitMart
Current Business ModelSub-broker
Revenue Share60%-80%
Limited Period Revenue Share100%
Refundable DepositINR 25,000/- to INR 100,000/-
Establishment Year2011

ProfitMart Partner| Sub-broker| Franchise Commission and Incentive – Revenue Sharing Model:

As previously discussed, Profit Mart is currently opting towards widening the connections and hence they, have selected the sub-broker model as their top business model.

ProfitMart admires that the fast way to widen the network and gain significant response is by conducting local camps and bases to obtain for more local visibility that will add to the trust of the clients which ultimately secures the increase of client base.

The brokerage firm acknowledges the efforts that every single sub-broker puts in and the ultimate benefit that they acquire for the main broker. That is why they(ProfitMart) always offer a very encouraging and motivating revenue sharing model with every sub-broker who puts their effort into Profit Mart.

The revenue sharing usually starts from 60% and it can go up to 80% even. In some special cases, 100% of revenue is shared until a limited period. However, the revenue sharing ratio can certainly, be negotiable.

DetailsProfitMart Revenue ShareSub Broker Revenue Share
ProfitMart Partner
ProfitMart Sub BrokerNegotiable60%-80% of revenue

Enroll or Registration process – How to become a Partner of ProfitMart?

Profit Mart is still in the development phase of being the best broking house in India. They, however, do not offer the partner program at this moment. The strategic move of choosing the sub-broker business model, therefore, is only reasonable right now. Though there is always chances of future introduction of various business model. But right now the sub-broker program of Profit Mart is best in itself.

Enrollment Process of ProfitMart Sub Broker Ship, Franchise, Partner: Become A Sub-Broker With A Few Easy Steps!

The enrollment process of becoming a sub-broker and succeeding as one the best in the regarding field with India’s best broking house, ProfitMart is mentioned below-

  • Step 1- Provide the necessary details on the lead form available in the website
  • Step 2- Representative from ProfitMart will contact you to further talk about your interest and eligibility
  • Step 3- The ProfitMart representative will then take the matter forward
  • Step 4- A meeting will be conducted with an authorized Sales Representative for terms and conditions such as the deposit amount, sharing ratio, the available or desired products, etc.
  • Step 5- Furnish the essential documents and the depository cheque.
  • Step 6-  ProfitMart team would do a thorough background check as well as document verification.
  • Step 7- Account Activation.

This whole process may take up to 5-10 working days depending upon how everything turns around.

  • The documents eligible persons need to provide-
    • Identity Proof
    • Proof Of Date of Birth
    • Address Proof
    • Certificate of Academic Qualifications
    • Canceled Cheque or Bank Statement
    • Registration Certificate of SEBI/ Indian Stock Exchange
    • Passport Size Photos
    • Proof Of Infrastructure
    • PAN Card
    • Aadhaar  Card

Open Demat Account

Joining Cost/fees of ProfitMart Sub Broker Ship, Franchise & Partner, and Profit Mart Authorized Person

ProfitMart, being filled with young visions follow liberal deposit policy and infrastructural base. One does not need to have the high-fi infrastructure to become a sub-broker of Profit Mart. The brokering house demonstrates the reassurance of work delivery and target meet.

Other than the required security deposit, there is no requirement of fancy infrastructure. An authorized sub-broker can work from the comfort of his own house.

Concerning the security deposit, the amount of refundable deposit ranges between INR 25,000/-  to INR 100,000/-. Again the amount may vary depending on the case.

DetailsFranchise Cost
ProfitMart Partner
ProfitMart Sub BrokerINR 25,000Rs – INR 100,000Rs security deposit

ProfitMart Sub Broker Pros And Cons

The number of Pros of being a sub-broker of Profit Mart is an ongoing list. One can have several benefits through the attractive and encouraging sub-brokerage program.

ProfitMart Sub Broker Pros

  • Huge product base
  • Least amount of security deposit
  • Beneficial revenue sharing ratio
  • Decrement of margin money requirements
  • Free DEMAT Accounts
  • A significant amount of relaxation period

ProfitMart Sub Broker Cons

ProfitMart sub-brokerage/Franchise/Partner program is designed specifically to have almost zero backlashes and only to provide maximum revenue for the sub-brokers.

Other than the significant amount of security deposit which is, of course,  refundable, one can be sure that there are no major drawbacks.

Open Demat Account with ProfitMart
Open Demat Account with ProfitMart


To conclude it can be said that ProfitMart is one of India’s standard broking houses. It gives a sub-broker to earn up to even 100% of revenue share just within 14 days with the least amount of security money. But at the end of the day, it is always the choice of the sub-broker aspirants which brokerage company they want to tie-up with.

ProfitMart Sub Broker FAQs:

Why Choose Profit Mart As Partner?

  • Available chances of becoming an integral part of the new company
  • Sub-broking business encouragement
  • Assistance in setting up office space
  • Attractive revenue sharing

What Services Does Profit Mart Provide?

  • Encouraging Brokerage Cash Backs
  • Extension of the Credit period
  • Tactical Brokerage structure
  • ICICI Direct Partner Program

What Amount Of Time does It take To Register As A Sub-Broker?

It usually takes 5-10 working days to complete the whole procedure and after that, you are good to go.

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