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ProfitMart Brokerage Calculator

ProfitMart is the broker that provides an excellent margin for its day traders in the stock market. You can trade on equities, F&O, commodities, and currencies using the ProfitMart platform. You need to be a registered user at ProfitMart to be able to do so.

To do so, you need to open an account with them for trading and also for Demat purposes. ProfitMart charges you a one-time account opening fee of Rs 999. This covers all the segments of the market, NSE, BSE, MCX, and currencies. Once the Demat account is open, you can start trading with them in a couple of days.

For rendering the services on a day to day basis, ProfitMart charges the traders with the brokerage charges. The website does not have the brokerage calculator available. We will discuss more on the brokerage charges at various segments on ProfitMart.

ProfitMart Brokerage Calculator
ProfitMart Brokerage Calculator

ProfitMart Equity Brokerage Calculator

Equities, of course, is available on the ProfitMart broker to be traded. Equities can be purchased as an intraday, delivery basis and even in the form of futures and options. These are available on ProfitMart. And they charge a small nominal amount as a brokerage charge for trading on it.

We will discuss more on the way the brokerage is charged on ProfitMart. We usually find brokerage calculator on the other brokers. However, ProfitMart does not have a brokerage calculator of its own. We do see the calculator compatible with the brokerages by ProfitMart on the other third-party websites.

ProfitMart Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator

ProfitMart on the intraday trading on its platform would charge 0.01% of the traded value. This is equal to 1 paisa per hundred rupees. As always there are other tax and charges applicable which can be calculated by the calculator available in the other websites. You also get the details of all the expenses when you receive the contract note for the day. 

ProfitMart Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator

ProfitMart charges ten paise for the delivery positions. These are the positions that are held for more than one trading session. Traders old them to get a better price to sell-off. The charges can be calculated on the brokerage calculator on the 3rd part websites.

ProfitMart Equity Future Brokerage Calculator

A quick way to earn money (or lose them) is through trading through equity futures. They come in lots, and hence the small change in price can give a significant movement in p&l. Brokerage on the ProfitMart for the futures is 0.01% or as you may call it one paisa. You also need to maintain a span margin if you wish to carry forward it to the next trading session. One can check for which futures trade onto, on the exchange website. You can also see them on the trading platform on the ProfitMart.

ProfitMart Equity Option Brokerage Calculator

You can also invest in Equity options like equity futures. Here, the movement on the option price can spike either side with the progress of the underlying equity.

These are very volatile and are advised only for seasoned traders. ProfitMart charges Rs 25 for each lot traded and executed. Also, other charges are charged, and you can see them on the brokerage calculator.

ProfitMart Commodity Brokerage Calculator

In recent years, commodities have become quite accessible and also affordable to retail traders. With the introduction of the discounted brokers, the retail traders have become quite active and also finds their domination. MCX also has many retail-traders trading on their exchange. ProfitMart also allows the selling of the commodities on its platforms. Commodities like Crude oil, Gold, Silver and many more metals.

 To make it more affordable to the retail traders, there is an introduction of the mini lots in many of the commodities. This makes it easier to get exposure to the commodity market.

ProfitMart Commodity Future Brokerage Calculator

ProfitMart charges one paisa or 0.01% when traded on the commodity futures. Many other charges are found on the contract note of the brokerage calculator that is found on the 3rd party websites.

ProfitMart Commodity Option Brokerage Calculator

And like in the futures, options are also charged the same. 0.01% or one paisa for trading on the options. You would find very fewer options on the Commodity options, and you can find the details on the MCX website.

ProfitMart Currency Brokerage Calculator

Another volatile segment to trade in, are the currencies. The most popular ones are the USD and Euro currencies. Usually, business people involved with the business globally trade on money to hedge and make sure the volatility does not hit them. These are available for the retail traders also

ProfitMart Currency Future Brokerage Calculator

ProfitMart charges one paisa or 0.01% when traded on currency futures. One can trade in the currencies either through NSE or BSE exchanges.

ProfitMart Currency Option Brokerage Calculator

Rs 25 is the brokerage charged by ProfitMart when trading with the currency options.

ProfitMart Basic Plan Brokerage Charges Table

Segment Unlimited Equity
Monthly Fee (Fixed)
Equity Delivery 0.10%
Equity Intraday 0.01%
Equity Futures 0.01%
Equity Options Rs 25 per lot
Currency Futures 0.01%
Currency Options Rs 25 per lot
Commodity Futures 0.01%
Commodity Options 0.01%

ProfitMart BO & CO Brokerage Calculator 

ProfitMart on its trading platforms, make the BO and CO options for trading available. This is specific to day trading. This is the option where the trader can place trades, set targets, and mark in a single window. Rest the trading platform takes care. There are no charges that are charged by ProfitMart.

ProfitMart Span Brokerage Calculator

Span margin is a mandate that is set by the exchanges when a trader wants to carry forward the futures position to the next trading session. The exchange also provides the calculation which is also available on the ProfitMart trading platform. ProfitMart charges no additional fees for providing these calculations. However, these are nowhere found on any Brokerage calculators.

Open ProfitMart Demat Account
Open ProfitMart Demat Account

Need ProfitMart Brokerage Calculator

As mentioned previously, ProfitMart does not have a brokerage calculator on its website. Not sure of the reason, but these are available on many other websites which can be used to calculate the brokerage and other charges. The calculator helps the traders reach to a conclusion of how much they require the target to be and how much loss they can bear. Hence the calculator proves to be a very good tool to manage the capital for the traders.

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ProfitMart brokerage FAQs

What are ProfitMart Brokerage charges?

Ans: ProfitMart charges 0.01% on intraday trading.

What is STT charge in ProfitMart?

Ans: STT charge on ProfitMart Rs 325 per crore turnover.

Is ProfitMart a good broker?

Ans: ProfitMart is a good broker per various ratings over the web.

Can we convert intraday to delivery in ProfitMart?

Ans: Yes, we can convert intraday to delivery in ProfitMart.

Is ProfitMart really free?

Ans: No it charges nominal amount hence not a free broker

Which is better – ProfitMart vs ShareKhan?

Ans: Both the brokers are equally rates by the traders across various ratings.

What is one unique thing on ProfitMart brokers?

Ans: ProfitMart provides hassle free trading.

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