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PNB Credit Card

Punjab National Bank (PNB) is India’s leading financial organization founded by Lala Lajpat Rai at Lahore in 1894. This bank has the largest customer network of 115 million, operating from 7036 branches and having 8906 ATM.

Features of PNB Credit Cards

PNB credit card has worldwide acceptability and has many exciting features. Three available PNB credit cards – PNB Global classic credit card, PNB Global Gold credit card, PNB global Platinum have attractive have features to attract various income group people.

PNB global classic credit card has zero joining fee, zero yearly, or renewal fee. This card has many advantageous features such as fuel surcharge waiver, railway ticket credit points, etc. 

PNB Global gold credit card is an International credit card being used as a VISA card. This card offers many purchase benefits such as discounts and credit points.

PNB Global Platinum card has little more features than the PNB Global Gold card. PNB Global Platinum card has additional functionality such as free airport lounge access, air travel accident insurance, etc. However, this credit card has the other entire feature available with PNB Global Gold card.

There are many questions that come in our mind related to the opening of PNB credit card; charges involve in this facility, grace period related to re-pay the amount, rate of interest after a grace period, EMI rules on loan taken against the credit card, etc.

To provide an amicable answer to above mentioned common questions, our research team has shared the following points in small separate columns; you require to give a few minutes of your valuable time.   

PNB Credit Card Eligibility Requirements

There are specific mandatory requirements essential to fulfill to be eligible for the PNB credit card.

  • PNB credit card applicant must be at least 10th passed. Such that he can effectively use the card and understand the essential responsibility.
  • The age limit for the customer is from 21 to 65 years. However, the add-on cardholder may be of a minimum of 18 years or more than 65 years old.
  • The minimum income barrier for salaried people is INR 1 lakh yearly for PNB Global Classic card, while it is a minimum of INR 2.5 lakh per year for PNB Global Gold card and PNB Global Platinum card.
  •  For business class or self-employed people, minimum yearly Income limit is INR 1 lakh yearly for PNB Global Classic card, while it is minimum of INR 2.5 lakh per year for PNB Global Gold card and PNB Global Platinum card.
  • The applicant must be a citizen of India is one of the requirement also.

PNB Credit Card Documents Requirement

The verification of identity, address of residence, age, education, and yearly Income are five basic requirements. However, your credit history will also be assessed and looked by Bank officials before granting you a PNB credit card.

Following are pointwise documents checklist-

  • Copy of self-attested PAN card or Form 60/61.
  • For proof of residence, one has to provide any one of these documents- Bank Account statement, Electricity bill, or telephone bill. In the absence of this one can submit a certificate from a recognized public authority or Bank officials.
  • For Identity proof allowed documents for PNB credit card are PAN card, Voter Identity card, Aadhar card, copy of Passport, Driving license, or a certificate from a recognized public authority or Bank officials.
  • For proof of Income bank official’s demands for Form 16 and Income tax returns for the last three years as well as salary slip for the previous six months. 
  • Educational certificates and age proof certificate are also a mandatory requirement. One can show the 10th Board certificate for the confirmation of the date of birth.
  • Minimum of six months customer of PNB is also another one of the condition, for that one has to produce the statement of PNB account.

PNB Credit Card Apply

The application process for PNB credit card is simple and have option such as online, through customer care or by visiting PNB local branch. Let us discuss one by one all the available modes related to opening a PNB credit card.

  • The online application is one of the favorites among the customers due to ease of time or place. Go to the PNB web portal having following Weblink-
  • Go to your online banking facility.
PNB Credit Card Apply
PNB Credit Card Apply
  • Log in to your Internet bank; you will get a credit card section on the left side as a group of option to click. Click the credit card, go to apply for a new credit card. Select the card of your choice and requirements.
  • Provide the required information sought and submit it. Note down the submission reference number for future needs, if any, rises.
  • Go to the mailbox provided in the right up corner of the screen over there.
  • Open the mailbox and upload the necessary papers related to identity proof, address proof, education, PAN card copy, Income tax returns, etc. as indicated above, and mail it to the customer care department mentioning the reference number of your credit card application.  Letter on, they will follow up with you for any questions if they needed.

PNB Credit Card Login

Once your credit card application is approved, you will receive credit card as well as PINs for the online operation of the card. Thus logging in to your credit card portal would be simple. Every information of your transaction, as well as statements, are available to you through the online credit card banking system.

Let us just talk about a little bit about the steps of login process stepwise-

  • PNB provides a dedicated web portal for its credit card customers. The web site is available with the link-
  • Log in the method is simple; you have to provide User Name and Password, particular word entry of Captcha for security purpose is essential.
  • If you are first time user, then please use the new user option, you can generate a new password with the help of a one-time password received in your registered mobile number.
PNB Credit Card Login
PNB Credit Card Login

Activate PNB Credit Card

Only a call to the PNB customer care office is sufficient to activate your recently received PNB credit card. The PNB customer care number is 8189818 or Domestic Toll-Free at 180010818 9818.

Customer care service is a computer-automated service; you have to provide essential information such as credit card number or some time your date of birth etc. These are inquired asked for safety purposes. Once you press the numbers on your crucial mobile board as instructed, your credit card will be activated, and you are open to use it.

Redeem PNB Credit Card Points

PNB credit card points redeem method is simple. You have to do it by visiting the PNB credit card web page. Following points are helpful in the redeem process-

  • Log in to your PNB credit card portal by providing a login ID and pass ward.
  • Go to the left-hand side menu and search for the Rewardz tab, click it.
  • You will be directed to the Rewardz web site.
  • This is the place where you can view the details of available award points.
  • You can redeem the reward points now.
Apply Now for PNB Rupay Platinum Credit Card
Apply Now for PNB Rupay Platinum Credit Card

PNB Credit Card Payment

Credit card bill payment in maximum prescribed time is quite essential; in case of failure a tremendous amount of interest money one may have to pay.

Payment to PNB credit card bills can be made in many ways. The most favorite technique is online payment. Let us discuss one by one all the way such that anyone can utilize it as per his or her suitability.

  • Auto debit mode- Automatic debit as per credit card bills generated can be done by using PNB internet banking. After logging in, set the standing instruction for auto-debit. Set the date of the auto-debit. You have to enter a credit card number for the auto-debit facility.
  • Through Bill desk- Bill desk is specially designed to pay the credit card bills. Bill desk is available in the following web link.
PNB Credit Card Payment
PNB Credit Card Payment

As shown above, the bill desk has three simple steps required to take for credit card payment. Credit card number,  amount of cash, and click for pay button. You will receive the confirmation mail also.

PNB Credit Card Pros and Cons

PNB  credit cards have many unique features, such as a discount on purchase as well as credit points on every purchase.There is no such problem related to PNB Credit card customer care.
Thirty days grace period to re-pay the card helps pay any bill. 
Customers can call a toll free number 180010818 9818 for any query related to the PNB Credit card. 


There are three types of PNB credit cards available. PNB credit cards make customers free from cash transactions. PNB Global Classic Credit Card provides facility in purchasing of goods.  PNB Global Gold card and PNB Global Platinum card is an International credit card.   PNB toll-free number is 18602676161.

PNB Credit Card FAQs 

Q1. What is the toll-free PNB credit card customer care number?

Ans- You can call toll free number 180010818 9818 to contact PNB credit card customer care. Please keep credit card number, PIN, etc. ready in your hand. 

Q2. Can I take a loan against a credit card?

Ans– Yes, You can contact on toll-free number 180010818 9818 from any town of India and apply for a loan.

Q3-  What is PNB billdesk?

Ans– PNb Bill desk is a specially designed web site to facilitate the customer by a secure method of credit card bills payment. Bill’s desk is helpful to know the details of bills also.

Q4. How to complain about wrong billing on the PNB credit card.

Ans- You can contact the customer care and request them for correction. You can also use the mailbox available in the online banking portal to send an email.

Q5. How to deactivate the PNB credit card during an emergency?

Ans- The deactivation process is available and straightforward through customer care. You can deactivate it after visiting the customer care number.

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