Paxful Bitcoin Wallet Mobile App Review

About Paxful Bitcoin Wallet Mobile App

Paxful is a reliable name in bitcoin market around the globe with over 800,000 happy customers. It is a peer to peer bitcoin exchange, which offers one of the cheapest service fees. Paxful presents a complete transparent system with more than 300 payment methods for trading bitcoins. It offers free wallet for safely storing the bitcoins. Paxful supports escrow system for safeguarding the interests of buyers and sellers from any scam or fraud.

Paxful Bitcoin Logo
Paxful Bitcoin Logo

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app is a safe closet for keeping all your hard earned bitcoins. The app offers to check value of your bitcoins in all major fiat currencies at real time prices. Paxful mobile app offers a highly customized and easy interface which is suitable for ‘newbies’ and ‘pros’ alike.

Paxful was founded in 2015 with its headquarters in US. The company is operational in over 180 countries of the world. With a large base of verified sellers in its platform, it has already made a remarkable place in bitcoin market.

The article is based on Paxful bitcoin marketplace and Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app.

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet Mobile App

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet Mobile App
Paxful Bitcoin Wallet Mobile App

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App is developed by PAXFUL INC for android as well as iOS.  With its advanced security features, paxful is one of the most safe and secure bitcoin wallet. The user must register with different verification levels to start using Paxful wallet. The verification level decides transaction limit for the particular user.

The android version of Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app has been installed more than 500,000+ times from Google play store. The app also have a rating of 3.5/5 with 9,600+ reviews in Google Play Store.

The iOS version of Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app has a fair rating of 4.2/5 with 1.9k+ reviews in apple app store.

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet Mobile App Interface
Paxful Bitcoin Wallet Mobile App Interface

Features of Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App

  • Paxful Bitcoin wallet allows a easy interface for sending and receiving bitcoin in your individual mobile wallet.
  • Paxful supports more than 300 payment methods, which includes gift cards (amazon, ebay, walmart, itunes etc), debit cards, credit cards, cash deposits, mobile wallets (PayPal, skrill, stripe etc.).
  • Bitcoin to be traded are stored in escrow for ensuring a transparent transaction between buyer and seller. The Bitcoin is only released once the seller approves the transaction.
  • Paxful data has been presented in highly optimized form in mobile wallet app.
  • Large number of verified vendors with high rating for buying authentic bitcoins.

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App Compatibility

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app is compatible with both android and iOS platforms. The app requires screen lock, storage and location permissions for hassle free safe working.

  • File Size – The android version of Paxful Bitcoin Wallet has a size of 34 MB. While iOS version of Paxful Bitcoin Wallet – Safe & secure bitcoin wallet has a size of 73.7 MB.
  • OS Versions – Paxful Bitcoin Wallet supports android version 5.0 and higher. At the same time you need to have iOS version 11.0 or later for using Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using Paxful Bitcoin Wallet mobile app –

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App Pros

  1. Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app is a easy to use app with user friendly interface for bitcoin traders.
  2. Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app provides free wallet service to its users. Wallet service do not attract any charge with total absence of charges such as ‘Annual Maintenance Charge’ and ‘Least transaction Charge’.
  3. Paxful Bitcoin Wallet supports More than 300 payment methods. No charge while adding or withdrawing money.
  4. Dedicated customer support for complaint redressal and avoiding bitcoin scams.
  5. Availability of 2-factor authentication ensuring high grade security.
  6. Paxful Bitcoin Wallet is secured with BitGo, equipped with multi – signature facility the security if wallet is uncompromised.
  7. Users can personalize their paxful wallet, so that people can know who they are transacting with.
  8. Real time bitcoin to fiat and fiat to bitcoin conversion available.
  9. Paxful Bitcoin Wallet provides the facility to share paxful wallet to friends, family and traders using QR code.

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App Cons

  1. Slow customer support is reported by various users.
  2. Customer support accused of supporting vendors in most cases, which gives them an undue advantage in times of a dispute.
  3. A lot of scammers present in the platform, non – verified vendors not to be trusted.
  4. Complaints regarding buyer being ripped off their money especially while using gift cards.


Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app is a market cum wallet for bitcoin traders. The app provides a common platform for trading and storing of bitcoins. Paxful Bitcoin Wallet  app is successfully operating for 5 years without any major controversy and lawsuits.

Paxful platform is also one of the highest rated bitcoin exchange with one of the lowest trading charges.

The traders face some disadvantage while trading bitcoins due to absence of technical indicators and enhanced charts in the app. If these features would be further integrated, app will outshine many of its competitors.

The developers must try to increase the utility of app by incorporating more cryptocurrencies along with bitcoin. It will increase the efficiency of the app and would be more beneficial for the users.

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App FAQs

Q. Is the app free?

A. Yes, the app is free. The service charges of wallet is also free, however, charges are incurred while selling bitcoins.

Q. Is Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app trustable?

A. Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app has decent rating in google play store as well as apple play store also transactions of millions has been successfully carried out it the platform with 800,000+ customers.

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