Omnesys NEST Vs. ODIN: The Comparison Of Two Great Trading Applications In India

Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN Overview

The best thing you can do if you want to choose between Omnesys NEST Trader and ODIN trading software is to do Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN comparisons.

Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN side-by-side comparison will reveal to you the attributes and benefits of Omensys NEST and ODIN trading platforms. 

Also, Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN will show the differences and similarities of Omnesys NEST software and ODIN software for share trading.

This comparison will eventually lead you to define which is better between Omnesys NEST Plus and ODIN.

For our findings to be objective at the end of the Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN comparison, we need to do look at Omnesys NEST review and ODIN reviews

Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN

The Omnesys NEST Review

The Next Generation Electronic Securities Trading is the full meaning of NEST, as pointed out in Omnesys NEST review.

Omnesys NEST is one of the popular and foremost stock trading terminals in India. 

NEST trading terminal was built by Omnesys Technologies Ltd. The Omnesys NEST software is available in different versions.

NEST innovative and latest resolution trading portal provides indispensable tools for all categories of traders. 

Hence, Omnesys NEST comprises of different stock trading tools such as:

  • Market Data
  • Trading Tools
  • Exchange Connectivity, and lots more.

The NEST trading platform supports Commodity markets, Currency, and Equity trading in India.

NEST trading terminal was built by Omnesys Technologies Ltd. The Omnesys NEST software is available in different versions.

The versions available include:

  • Windows Omnesys NEST Trader (the installable version)
  • NEST Mobile
  • The NEST Web 

What Makes Omnesys NEST Great?

 Without a doubt, NEST is a great trading platform and one of the leading stock trading terminals in India.

But what is responsible for the greatness and popularity of Omnesys NEST software?

Here’s why NEST is unique:

  • The products and tools offered are superior and of high quality.
  • Omnesys NEST Trader download is available in many versions. 
  • Omnesys NEST Trader download is FREE
  • Omnesys NEST Trader is fast, stable, powerful, and exceptional.
  • NEST is responsible for the operation of the managed services of the Omnesys NEST trading platform. 
  • Omnesys NEST Trader offers API to all the developers, brokers, and Algo traders.
  • There are diverse kinds of advanced orders for traders on NEST platform.
  • Omnesys Cost is low and yet intuitive, making it the number one trading software in India.

ODIN Review

Open Dealer Integrated Network is the full meaning of ODIN.

ODIN Trading Software built and owned by 63 Moons Financial Technologies Limited is one of the top and foremost online stock trading portals in India.

For more than two decades, ODIN Software for Share Trading owns the biggest share of a trading terminal in India stock markets.

More than 1,000 customers from 400 locations in India and more than 1 million dynamic end-users are using ODIN trading software as of December 2019.

ODIN trading software provides customers with many stock trading tools. These trading tools are grouped under the following solutions:

  • Risk 
  • Brokerage Technology 
  • Exchange Technology 

ODIN trading terminal has the competence and tools needed to trade in commodities, currencies, IPOs, Mutual Funds, Derivatives, and cash.

Users can trade in all the mentioned trading segments from only one screen.

ODIN trading platform provides trading at:

Why Choose ODIN Trading Software for Stock Trading in India?

ODIN reviews adjudged the ODIN Trading Software as the best trading software in India.

Enumerated below are some other reasons ODIN trading software should be the first in your list of stock trading applications. 

  • All the available ODIN reviews are positive, meaning that ODIN is superb for trading.
  • ODIN Trading Software Download is easy and fast
  • The ODIN trading software is the most sought-after stock trading software in India.
  • There are three different versions of ODIN to choose from.
  • You can trade from numerous exchanges from ODIN trading terminal.
  • ODIN is several market windows supported
  • Intermediary plug-ins can be installed on ODIN.
  • Interesting and wonderful ODIN Software for Share Trading features.
  • The integrated DP back-office of ODIN trading portal is the best.
  • Custom indicator creation is possible on ODIN. 

Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN: Platform Owners Comparison

Two different companies owned Omnesys NEST and ODIN. This is represented in the Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN table below.

Omnesys NEST                     ODIN
Thomson Reuters International Services Ptv. Ltd.63 Moons Financial Technologies Limited

Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN Comparison of Trading Segments 

In the Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN comparison, Omnesys NEST and ODIN are similar in trading segments as represented below. 

NCDEC Commodity
NDDEX Commodity

Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN: Software Offered

Both Omnesys NEST and ODIN software have differences and similarities.

Below is our Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN comparison of software offered by the two trading platforms.

The Omnesys NEST Trader The Omnesys NEST Trader product is a downloadable front-end desktop trading application. It is used by traders who trade frequently.Traders can use Omnesys NEST Trader for trading in multiple segments and exchanges. No wonder Omnesys NEST review counted it to be among the fastest and feature-rich platforms to trade in India.The ODIN API ODIN API is used to integrate the ODIN trading software with intermediary services and tools. With the ODIN Application Programming Interface (API) stockbrokers can build their Mobile Apps, Web Platforms, and many more.
The NEST Web The Omnesys NEST Web is simply a browser-oriented stock trading application. It is available on and online trading platform.It is built for casual traders and investors who are not engaged in regular trading.ODIN The ODIN browser-based stock trading software is safe, dependable, fast, lightweight, and easy for online trading. ODIN has all the essential features that make it one of the best in India.
NEST Mobile This is a mobile stock trading application that makes it possible to trade on the go. NEST Mobile trading terminal is handy and can be accessed easily.ODIN Diet This ODIN Exe-oriented stock trading portal is the flagship stock trading software for retail investors. The ODIN Diet is a secure, simple, and lightweight desktop stock trading platform.With ODIN Diet, clients can trade at any NCDEX, MCX, NSE, and BSE. When it comes to trading at MCX, ODIN Diet is the most popular trading software.
The Omnesys NEST Application Programming Interface (API) This designed for Algo Traders and developers by NEST. API by NEST is used in Upstox, Zerodha KITE, Finvasta, and lots more.  ODIN WAVE This Mobile application is built for stock trading on the move. ODIN Wave is an easy and effective trading application equipped with those features that are vital for investors and regular traders. 

Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN Comparison of Features Offered

Both Omnesys NEST software and ODIN Trading Software offer different features. Some of these features are similar while some are different.

Here’s our Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN comparisons of features of the two trading terminals.

Preference Settings This is the feature of NEST Trader software that allows for the customization of many segments of the software.Incorporated RMS and OMS These two ODIN features make ODIN Trading software reliable, stable, and fast
Advanced Charts NEST advance charts are outstanding for backing up data fast. You can also use it for accessing historical charts.
NEST advance chart has numerous charts view and more than fifty technological indicators.
Multiple ODIN Plug-ins These are particularly made for the advanced traders and users of the ODIN trading platform.
Omnesys NEST Report Omnesys NEST trader report is used for making order and trade reports as well as keeping the file for reference.
Users of the Omnesys NEST trading terminal can filter order by using any of the available columns.
Integrated ODIN back office and DP.
Omnesys NEST PLUS This FREE beginner to Omnesys NEST plug-in pack comes with many amazing plug-ins like:
NEST Market Alert
NSE-IPFT Research Report 
Market Movers 
Third-Party Plug-ins You can install this feature on the ODIN trading terminal. This is not obtainable on all the other available trading terminals
The Omnesys NEST custom Pointers or IndicatorsSeveral Market Depth Windows
Incorporated RMS and OMS  This Omnesys NEST feature makes the Omnesys NEST software stable, fast, and reliable.ODIN Custom Pointers or Indicators
Omnesys NEST Managed ServicesThese services are used for installing and maintaining the Omnesys NEST trading platform, which makes the downtime less. 
NEST Trigger and Alerts These are the features that enable users of the platform to keep their eyes on the stock.
Omnesys NEST Trader Shortcut Manager NEST Trader by Omnesys makes it possible for traders to manage the shortcut keys on the platform.
Different Plug-ins These Omnesys NEST features are available for the advanced traders and users of the Omnesys NEST trading platform
open omnesys demat acc

Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN Pros and Cons

Our Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN compared the strengths and weaknesses of Omnesys NEST software and ODIN trading software.

Our review is as revealed in the table below.

Fast and Easy Accessibility: Users can access NEST Trader from any location at any point in time. The ODIN Trading Software is stable and robust, making it to be trusted for the past twenty years by more than 800 stock brokers in India.
One Terminal for all Your Trading Requirements: You can use the Omnesys NEST software for different trading needs and functions like:
Sophisticated Risk Management
NEST Back Office Solutions
Routing of Smart Orders
Direct Market Access
Algorithmic and Automated Trading
Order Management
All these are done in one terminal.
ODIN trading terminal allows clients to generate custom pointers/indicators.
Omnesys NEST Trader Offers Strategic Edge Omnesys Nest Trader is among the leaders when it comes to proprietary stock trading. Also, it offers several indoctrination models to help programmers and traders with premeditated decision making and policy advancement.There are advance orders and advance charts available on the ODIN trading portal.
The Omnesys NEST Trader is simple to use and steer through.ODIN trading software is provided to clients as managed services, making the platform safe and stable.
The NEST trading software offers general support to the trading needs of all the platform users.ODIN Trading software gives traders and users of the platform the right to use all the asset categories at NSE, BSE, and MCX.
The NEST trading terminal comes with multiple preference settings for customizing the trading experience of all the users on the platform.ODIN trading terminals supports many market intensity windows
In India, the NEST trader is used by more than two hundred retail brokers.
Omnesys NEST ConsODIN Cons
The Omnesys NEST trading platform is slow when it comes to implementing the latest technology.ODIN trading platform is very slow when it comes to implementing the latest technology.
The turnaround period for adding the latest features on theThere are no important features such as Semi-Algo Trading, Backtesting, and Bracket Orders.
The turnaround period for adding the latest features is longer.
ODIN trading software is very expensive when compared with Omnesys NEST.

Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN Conclusion

Omnesys NEST software and ODIN trading software are two of the top and great trading terminals in India.

This Omnesys NEST vs. ODIN introduced you to the two trading platforms and highlighted their differences and similarities.

This is to make choosing between the two for your stock trading needs easy and to determine the best fit for your stock trading in India.

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