Omnesys NEST: The Best Trading Platform Of The Moment

About Omnesys NEST

When making a list of or looking for notable, foremost, and best stock trading platforms in India today, Omnesys NEST will be one of them. The Next Generation Electronic Securities Trading is the full meaning of NEST that completed the name of Omnesys trading platform.

The Omnesys NEST trading platform was developed by Omnesys Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India.

In addition to stock trading, Omnesys NEST also makes different customized trading tools, exchange connectivity, market data, and some other useful trading solutions available for the use of proprietary trading desks, discount stockbrokers, retail brokers, traditional stockbrokers, and exchanges.

OMS and RMS are also provided for multi-asset on the platform. These provisions make the trading platform the most sought after by all stock traders in India.

NEST provides the following for the retail brokers:

  • Franchise and branch management
  • Order Routing
  • Order Management
  • Risk Management
  • Online Trading

It is also noteworthy that NEST offers support for commodity and currency markets in India, share trading in equity.

NEST also caters to the following groups on the platform:

  • HNI Customers
  • Individual Retail Customers
  • Branches
  • Franchises for the brokers and sub-brokers
Omnesys NEST

Why Omnesys NEST is Best Stock Trading Platform in India

There are many reasons NEST is the best stock trading platform and stockbrokers’ choice in India. More than 200 discount and traditional stockbrokers in India turn to NEST for their trading.

This is because the Omnesys NEST Trader Download is fast; the trading platform is stable, powerful and fast when it comes to trading at MCX, NSE, and BSE.

Enumerated below are why Omnesys NEST is the best stock trading platform to reckon within India. 

Superior Products: Omnesys have excellent and amazing products available for the India Stock Market.

Omnesys NEST Trader Download: There are different versions of the Omnesys NEST Trader download for all traders on the platform. The good aspect of Omnesys NEST Trader Download is that it is FREE.

Managed Service: NEST stock trading platform provides managed service for all the NEST traders by taking care of all the operational responsibilities of the trading platform.

Such responsibilities include disaster recovery, backups, client connectivity, exchange connectivity, software, and hardware.

Advanced Order: The varieties of advanced orders such as bracket orders and cover orders provided on the platform makes the platform attractive to traders.

The Desktop Trading Terminal: This is one of the most powerful, stable, and second to none.

RMS and OMS: The integrated RMS and OMS of Omnesys NEST make the platform exceptional and matchless.

NEST provides the best API to Algo traders, developers, and brokers on the platform. The APIs are accessible in COM, Java, C++ and REST API.

Omnesys NEST Cost

Omnesys NEST cost for making use of their stock trading platform differs from one broker to another.

However, there is a licensing cost paid by brokers for making the Omnesys NEST platform available to their customers.

A number of these brokers pay this Omnesys NEST cost themselves, while others make it the responsibility of their customers who trade with the software to pay the Omnesys NEST cost.

Omnesys NEST Plus

The Omnesys NEST Plus from Omnesys and partners is a ground-breaking solution provider ‘Tools of the Trade’.

With Omnesys NEST Plus, an investor client has the opportunity of using more than a few news, trading advice, investment services, or any other services they prefer.

This information is delivered in their various trading platforms.

These ‘Tools of the Trade’ aids on Omnesys NEST Plus are flawlessly incorporated with the NEST trader (the prize-winning platform).

You can access numerous services from a range of sources just within one interface when you use Omnesys NEST Plus.  

This approach emphasizes the significance of providing niche services to a large community in a centralized method.

This was made possible by Omnesys by joining hands with a number of the top industry service providers.

Omnesys NEST Trader

The Omnesys NEST Trader can be described as an instinctive front-end solution connected to a strong backend server to make trading easy, to execute orders, and fetch market data.

Some of the amazing features of Omnesys NEST Trader include the following:

  • Multiple Asset classes
  • Charting
  • Basket Order Placement
  • Multiple Venues
  • Trader Screens
  • Exercise Window
  • Order Placement
  • Risk Management
  • Trade Revise/Cancel

NEST Trader Customization and Setting Options

The highly customizable NEST Trader comes with a lot of setting options that will offer stock traders tailored experience on the platform. Listed below are a number of these setting options:

  • The Appearance Settings: Let you specify fonts, color’s, and a lot more
    Shortcut Manager: Allows users to manage the shortcut keys
  • The NEST Trader Setting option for controlling the status bar and the message bar
  • The NEST Trader setting option for managing toolbar settings
  • The Order preference, Market Watch preference, and Basket orders preference setting options
  • The RMS related setting option

Omnesys NEST Trading Software Download

There is the Omnesys NEST trader download free version .There are four sets of trading software designed for every retail client on the Omnesys NEST trading platform including NEST API, NEST Mobile, NEST Web, and NEST Trader.


API is the abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. API is designed for the Algo Traders and API developers.

The NEST API from Omnesys is used by Finvasia, Upstox, Zerodha Kite, and many more.

However, nearly all the brokers have used these APIs to build their trading platforms.

2. NEST Mobile

It is the mobile trading app designed for traders who are always on the move. NEST Mobile app works all over the platforms and provides live news alerts, streaming quotes, and incomparable trading experience.

A client can use this mobile app to trade in Commodity, Currency, Derivates, and Equity at MCX, NSE, and BSE.

The key features of the NEST Mobile app are that it allows to:

  • Place orders
  • Cancel /Modify orders an
  • View Trade book / order book  
  • Position book / Holdings
  • Live quotes / Limits  
  • Market picture

3. NEST Web

This is an online web trading porch designed for trading and it is used by the casual investors. The NEST Web is easy to use, reliable and fast trading software.

With the software, an investor can do everything possible from a Trading Work Station (EXE).

The key features of the NEST Web are:

  • Charts
  • Quotes
  • Positions
  • Trade Book
  • Order Book
  • View Contact Information
  • Market Watch
  • Online Trading

4. The NEST Trader:

This is a desktop trading terminal made available for the everyday traders on Omnesys stock trading platform. It is one of the fastest trading front-end software and it is the flagship Trading Work Station (EXE) for trading at MCX, NSE, and BSE.

The Key Features of Omnesys NEST

Omnesys NEST has some amazing features designed to cater to the need of both a regular trader and seasonal investor in Indian Stock Market.

Apart from the normal trading features, the following are some of the main highlights of the NEST Trading Platform:

1. NEST Trader Preferences

The NEST Trader software has several preference settings that allow the platform users to customize a lot of areas of the software.

2. Reports

There are many reports NEST provides for the users. Among these reports are:

  • The Trade Book
  • Order Book
  • View the T1 Holdings
  • View Collateral Values / Holdings
  • View RMS Limits
  • Modified Trades
  • Bulk Trades
  • Order History
  • Spread Order Report
  • Net Positions

With the Reports feature, a user can make Trade Reports and Order Reports and then proceed to save the file. Moreover, users of the platform have the option of filtering orders by making use of columns.

3. The Omnesys NEST PLUS

Omnesys NEST PLUS is a FREE plug-in package with a lot of exceptional plug-ins such as the following:

  • NSE-IPFT Research Report Tool: Gives the research reports as offered by CRISIL and NSE.
  • Market Monitor Tool: This alert tool gives you updates in real-time on all the stocks that violate particular market indicators such as the Fifty-Two weeks high/low
  • Advance Charts: These Charts have more than 50 built-in indicators and a configurable interval.
  • Market Movers Tool: It designed for scanning stocks based on certain of the before given conditional queries.

All NEST users can get all these NEST PLUS tools for FREE on the platform.

NEST Trade and Order Reports

It also provides several orders and the trade reports including the following:

1. The Order Book: Designed for checking regarding the status of any order placed.

2. Trade Book: This is the book that reveals all the orders that have been executed with the summary displaying the Total Buy Value, Total Buy Quantity, Total Sell Quantity, Sell Value, and the resulting total Amount.

3. Net Positions Report: It is from this report that users can view consolidated positions.

4. Spread Order Report: This particular report reveals all about the spread orders that are placed by its users. They can also cancel, modify or filter the results.

5. Order History Report: Shows the full history of orders placed by users using NEST.

6. Bulk Trades Report: In terms of issue capital, bulk trades report shows the extent of the stated order in percentage.

7. Modified Trades: Used in order to view the names of the of modified trades

8. RMS Limit: This is designed in order to view the Risk Management System (RMS) limitation of the customers.

9. Collateral Values or View Holding: This is used in order to view Demat holdings.

10. To View T1 Holdings: T1 quantity refers to the quantity of stock that the client is yet to receive in DP but yet in the pool account that belongs to the broker or a Buy Today along with then Sell Tomorrow type of quantity.

Omnesys NEST Pros and Cons


  • There is an opportunity for traders to trade in all areas of MCX, NSE, and BSE
  • Omnesys NEST is the most stabilized and stable platform in the industry through its managed services
  • A wealth of experience in software building and development in India Stock Market.
  • A market reputation of the best trading tools provider
  • With Omnesys NEST Hot Key Manager, users of the platform can manage and customize the shortcut keys.
  • The RMS and OMS are among NEST trading platform
  • Instant fund trader from more than 30 banks
  • Omnesys NEST trading platform can be used by discount brokers and traditional brokers alike
  • NEST Traders can reconnect automatically if there is Internet connectivity lost. This makes the platform different from ODIN where you must re-login
  • There is FREE Omnesys NEST Trader Download for traders on the platform.


  • In NEST Trader, users can’t create custom indicators, unlike ODIN where users can build custom indicators
  • There is no support for third-party plug-ins
  • You have to run scanning and technical screening on individual scripts. This makes the platform different from ODIN that allows you to run it on several scripts or the entire portfolio
  • Omnesys NEST user interface is not as perfect as that of the other trading platforms

NEST Products

There are different product choices for NEST customers to choose from when placing their orders. These products are:

1. CNC: Used for trading Equity in the delivery

2. MIS: Used by Omnesys NEST to trade Equity and F&O in intraday.

3. NRML: Used specifically for Commodities F & O, Currency F & O, and Equity F & O.

4. Bracket Order: With this advance order, you can take an intra-day position for you to take advantage of further exposure even as you are protected through a stop-loss order and a profit booking order.

5. Cover Order: Buy/sell order is placed along with a stop-loss order automatically in only one click. Cover order allows for trading with higher exposure.

Types of Orders on NEST Trading Platform

There are varieties of orders to place on Omnesys NEST stock trading platform. Such orders include the following:

1. Stop Loss-Market Orders (SL-M)

This is a Stop Loss Market Order at which trader spells out the exit trigger price. Stop loss-market order is an order for leaving a position.

2. Market Orders

These are orders which are carried out at the best market price. These orders are performed immediately, as long as a buyer/seller is available on the other side.

3. Limit Orders

With this type of order, the price is given by the trader. A limit order is performed only when the price reached the limit price on which order is placed.

4. Stop-Loss Orders (SL)

This is simply a Stop Loss Limit Order. Stop-loss orders are orders for leaving a position, in which the price is stated by the trader.

Brokers that Use NEST Trading Platform

  • Tradejini
  • Karvy Stock Broking Ltd
  • Bonanza Portfolio Ltd
  • Finvasia (Infinity Trader)
  • Trade Smart Online
  • Zerodha


Omnesys NEST desktop online trading platform is without a doubt a great platform that worth giving a try if you want to have seamless and memorable trading experience.

The platform has a pretty easy portfolio monitoring and offers investors the opportunity to pay through more than a few channels, such as online transfer.

This stock trading platform can be set up to provide well-timed suggestions on stocks through pop-up windows and provides live market data and a live stream of quotes in real-time. No wonder it is the most sought-after trading platform in India, and a top-rated trading platform.

Omnesys NEST Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is NEST trader?

Ans: NEST Trader is a sophisticated and powerful share trading desktop software in India. With NEST Trader, traders can seamlessly place orders, monitor markets, buy and sell shares in real-time. Order types and advanced charting are the main strengths of NEST Trader.

Q2. What is basket order in NEST trader?

Ans: In NEST Trader, Basket order is the utility you can find on Zerodha Trader, where you can place numerous orders all at once. You can either place the order as a market order or limit order.

A market order will be executed immediately if it is placed, but it will remain pending until it gets executed if it is a limit order.

Q3. How can I place a Basket Order to NEST Trader?

Ans: Adding Basket Order to NEST Trader can be done in 2 ways:

1. Sign in to NEST Trader and press the Shortcut Key “CTRL + B” then enter Orders, and click “Place”.

2. Sign in to NEST Trader and choose the “Order and Trades” tab, then “Basket Order”, choose “Normal Basket”, then enter orders, and click “Place”.

Q4. What is Omnesys Nest Plus?

Ans: Omnesys Nest Plus is a groundbreaking solution offering Tools of the Trade designed for use by retail and institutional brokers, exchanges, and proprietary desks.

As far as institutional trading is concerned, Omnesys NEST automated trading system is the market leader, as it comes with a major share in retail trading.

Q5. What id Nest Plus?

Ans: Nest Plus is FREE, fast, and easy-to-use software application from the Accounting & Finance subcategory, and part of the Business category.

Q6. How do I get my NEST Trader connected to excel?

Ans: Use the administrator rights to open NEST. Right-click the market watch, then link to excel. Paste it on excel.

 Excel>>Properties>>Select compatibility>>In the Privilege Level, mark the “Run this program as an administrator”.

Q7. What is NEST software?

Ans: It is simply imitation software for spiking neural network models, such as significant neuronal networks

Q8. How do I add a new index in NEST Trader?

Ans: All you need to do if you want toadd a new index to NEST Trader is to right-click anywhere in the index window, and click on the number one option – “Show Indices Dialog”.

This action will open a new window having the list of indices. Scroll down or up and select the index you want to add on the market watch screen.

Q9. How Can I confirm my NEST Trader balance?

Ans. Sign in to your NEST Trader account, and Go to View Order/Trade Reports > View RMS Limits. You will see your Net cash balance available in the Present value section. For the balance details, refer to the All-All-All-All row.

Q10. How do I open the NEST Trader chart?

Ans: To invoke the intraday chart after registration, right-click any script and pick the “Plugin Commands”. It is the last option.

Then, select the Plus Chart Option, and finally select Shift plus P” option to invoke intraday chart. This shall invoke the chart on the underneath of your Nest Trader screen.

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