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Company Information – Overview History

Olymp Trade, an international broker operational from 2014, offers extensive opportunities to trade in equities, currency pairs, Stocks and global Indices, company shares, and cryptocurrencies. Olymp trade is a Forex and Binary Options trading platform. Olymp Trade has built-in forecasting indicators to help increase forecasting accuracy for traders and investors. This further helps investors to registered more profitable trades. As an investor, you are empowered with an option to join online analysts through free webinars while real trading on the platform. What’s more? You get an easy-to-understand step by step strategy formulation guide to enhance your trading efficiency and productivity. These strategies enlighten you with a successful trader’s trade secrets and experience. It states the clear rules for earning money by formulating successful strategies for trade.

Olymp Trade offers easy-to-start trading account for beginners as well as experienced traders and investors for hands on experience in trading before getting on with live trading if stock exchange. It offers free trading as well as a demo account, faster deposit of funds into your trading account, and rapid withdrawal. What you get with Olymp is an opportunity to master the online trading platform with deposit starting at $10, Free Demo account, and facility to withdraw funds within a day.

Olymp Trading platform has gained popularity among the traders from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Argentina, and Brazil.

Olymp Trade Awards and Milestones

2016“The fastest-growing broker” ShowFx World 2016
2016“The best broker” KROUFR Awards
2016“The best platform for trading” Le Fonti 2016
2017“The best financial broker” CPA Life Awards 2017
2017“The best broker” Forex Expo 2017
2017“Innovative broker” IAFT Awards 2017
2018The best trading platform” Le Fonti 2018

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Olymp Trade Online Customer Ratings

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Olymp Trade Mobile App

1. Olymp Trade – Online Mobile APP for Trading

Olymp Trade app can be downloaded from the Google Play on your mobile phone to take the advantage of the new app for your investment needs. The new comes with enhanced trading capabilities and trading mechanics. The app offers new and improved charts, built-in training, horizontal and trend lines, online Strategy Advisers.

Olymp Trade - Online Mobile APP for Trading
Olymp Trade – Online Mobile APP for Trading

Olymp Trade is an international broker with over 30000 traders from across 50 countries, generating daily trade of 5 million, and the monthly pay outs goes up to $13000000. With Olymp Trade Mobile App, you can become a successful trader with the help of Olymp trading practice and training & analysis features.

Olymp Trade offers over 70 assets and over 20 indicators. Olymp offer user-friendly interface with indicators and technical analysis tools to help you grow to become a successful trader.

Assets on the offer include:

  • You can choose Stocks of the likes of Apple, Tesla, Google
  • Indices available are S&P500, Dow and much more
  • You can choose metals, such as Gold, Silver to trade in
  • You can choose various Commodities, such as Crude Oil, Natural gas
  • Many other asset classes are available to choose from for your trading such as ETF, Currencies and many other
Olymp Trade - Online Mobile APP for Trading Interface
Olymp Trade – Online Mobile APP for Trading Interface

Availability of Demo Account to practice Trading:

Get ready to get an exposure to trading through Hands on training with Olymp Trade demo account before you jump into live trading. The Olymp trading simulator helps you learn to trade without pledging your money. As a registered user, you will get access to 10,000 currency units on a demo account. You can reset the amount back anytime you feel to do so. If you think you are ready and confident to plunge into live trading, you can switch to a live account. You can deposit funds into your live account quickly and get started with live trading from the comfort of your home/office or even on the move.

Olymp Trade’s Free Webinars and Trading Strategies & Analytics

Olymp holds free webinars and customized trading strategies for traders to benefit from. Additionally, Olymp provides expert advice from professional analysts and expert traders. You can join Olymp’s proprietary educational courses, materials on strategies, indicators, analytics and news & updates for traders as well as beginners. You can expect to get invaluable experience absolutely for free.

Olymp Trade’s 5 Glorious Years of Excellent Service

Start to trade like a pro with a trusted broker. Certifying companies have approved and guaranteed the quality of quotes and Olymp’s financial obligations to clients. Olymp offers the platform that has won the most prestigious trading awards, such as Global Brand Awards (2019) as the Best Mobile Trading Platform. Over 20 million of Internet users have become Olymp Trade’s clients since 2014 and People’s trust on Olymp Trade is growing in leaps and bounds.

Personal Offers and Traders Community

As a trader, you can expect to get an exclusive status enabling you to trade on special terms and get help of a personal manager’s consultation. Being a part of the Olymp Trade, you automatically become a member of the international trading community.  You are eligible to take part in regular contests and tournaments and win prizes and gifts!

Multilingual Support around the Clock 24×7

Olymp Trade offers around the clock technical and analytic support team that runs 24×7. You can take the advantage of Olymp’s online chat and email service or make a voice call to ask question and get an instant help from the expert team onboard.

2. Olymp Plus – Your Trading Assistant

Olymp Plus is an encyclopaedia of trading information presented in a simple and intuitive design. You will get exposure to market analysis, tutorials in the form of videos, tips of various expert and time-tested strategies, news and latest updates. It is designed keeping in mind the newbies and expert investors to help you with informed investment decisions backed by robust strategies.

Olymp Plus – Your Trading Assistant App
Olymp Plus – Your Trading Assistant App

Olymp Trade offers you over100 assets for you to trade in. With Olymp Plus, you can gain quintessential knowledge about trends, approaches, and secrets to deal with the assets in the offering. Leveraging Olymp’s customisable chart scale from 1 hour up to 1 month, you are poised to identify the right trends and can have a sneak peek into the price forecasts!

Olymp Plus – Your Trading Assistant App Interface
Olymp Plus – Your Trading Assistant App Interface


Olymp Trade is your perfect learning partner. Keep learning with Olymp Trade on price forecasts with the help of a series of short lessons. You will have easy-to-understand video tutorials for the Beginner as well as expert traders to hone their trading skills. With Olymp Trade at your disposal, you can go through interesting topics of your choice to learn at your own pace at the comfort of your home/workplace, anywhere, anytime.


To trade like a Pro, you need to be equipped with strong insights. You need knowledge in trading and tools to carry out the trading profitably. Olymp Plus is a unique tool that offers you the much-needed insights in market analytics, detailed overviews, and short-term recommendations to strengthen your investment strategies. You can filter the category to find the product you are looking for to benefit from a lucrative trading opportunity.

Registration on Olymp Trade

You need to visit Olymp home page and click on Register button on the upper right corner of the page.

Olymp Trade Registration
Olymp Trade Registration

The registration process is quite simple. All you need to do is to enter your email id and create a password of your choice, select the currency between US and EUR, check the box of legal age, and click on register. There you go! You are registered with Olymp and will be redirected to the online trading platform page.

Olymp Trade Trading Tools

Olymp tools are your best trading partners to execute a profitable trade. The tools include:

  • Forex Market Hours
  • Trader’s Profit Calculator
  • Trade Log for Binary
  • Trading Checklist
  • Economic Calendar
  • Market Overview

Olymp Trade Product & Services

Olymp Trade offers three distinct versions of its flagship trading software based on user preference and recommendations from financial analysts and researchers.

1. Browser Version

The browser version works as standalone application without having to install any ancillary software support.

2. Desktop Application version

The desktop application is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS to run seamlessly on your computer/laptop. This is similar to the browser version and has additional features to exploit.

3. Mobile App version

Mobile version can be downloaded from the Google Store or Apple Store for android and iOS enabled mobile phones respectively. We have discussed the mobile apps offered by Olymp Trade in detail in the Mobile App section of this article.

Key Features of Olymp Trade

The award winning platform includes stand-out advantages over other similar platform from the peers.

  • Multilingual Trading Platform supporting languages including Russian, English, Thai, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, and Malaya.
  • Advanced Chart Options and Settings available in line chart, bar chart, candlesticks, and heikin-ashi
  • Well research and sophisticated analytical setup that lets you edit the Asset list
  • Leverage the real-time trading assistant chat bot to know more about the tools and how they work on Olymp Trade
  • Themes offered are in modes Black and Light
  • Olymp Trade Indicators and Technical analysis offered – SMA, EMA, WMA, Parabolic, SAR, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, DeMarker, Bulls Power, Bears Power, Williams %R, Bollinger, Bands, Ichimoku, Sentiment, Alligator, Aroon, Zig Zag, CCI, Momentum, rate of Change, Gator, Awesome, Oscillator, Detrended Price Oscillator, and Average Directional Index.
  • Offers Graphic Analysis Tool – A trend line, a horizontal line, Fibonacci retracements, Fibonacci fan.
  • Olymp Trade Chart Indicator Assistant – This helps in choosing the right indicator. You can learn the principles of indicators and how it works by clicking on the “Assistant” button. You will see a pop-up window that will have the training material with examples.
  • Chart timeframe – You can select the timeframe as per your choice manually, such as 15 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, 7 days, a month. Line chart has the timeframe from 1 minute up to 4 months.
  • List of assets – You can choose assets quickly by clicking on the buttons located above the chart
  • Olymp Tarde Asset Selection – You can choose single asset at a time or the whole sector at one go.

Platform Access

The platform gives access that includes

  • 36 currency pairs, including both major and cross pairs,
  • 10 cryptocurrencies against USD,
  • 2 Cryptocurrency pairs,
  • 6 commodities,
  • 10 stock indices,
  • 13 shares of the largest companies worldwide that includes bigwigs like Apple, Tesla, Facebook, etc.

Olymp Trade Brokerage Charges & Fees

The good part is that Indian Traders are not required to pay additional fees.

The brokerage in India is same as levied in other countries and varies between 0.8 – 15% of the overall investment amount.

Olymp Trade is a member of Financial Commission (FinaCom) that guarantees protection of traders’ rights by FinaCom by a compensation fund.

Democratic Financial Conditions

  • Minimum starting deposit for trading is $ 10 / € 10 / $ 350 / $ 20R$
  • Minimum size of the order for any asset is $ 1 / € 1 / 30₽ / 2R$.
  • Minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $ 10 / € 10 / $ 350 / $ 20R
  • Olymp does not charge for fund transfer to client.

Training Account Fees & Charges

Once you are registered, you can start trading on the demo account of Plump Trade with virtual unit of $10000 using the real-life stock exchange trade simulation. You can replenish the balance any number of times if your balance goes below $5000.

Olymp Provide Free Learning Tools

The content available online and the webinars are organised for theoretical and hands on tutorials on trading strategies for technical and fundamental analysis work.

VIP Status Trading Benefits with Olymp Trade

A trader is assigned a VIP status when lumpsum deposit of $2000/€2000/ R$5000 or more is made into his trading account.

Benefits of VIP Status

  • A VIP Trader gets 10% higher return as compared to regular trader
  • Increase maximum amount for trading: $ 5000 / € 5000 / ₽4000000 / 35000R$
  • Personalised VIP trader consultant around the clock for the assistance of the trader and keep him abreast with latest investment strategies
  • ‘Boost Your trading volume’ program offered to VIP traders exclusively to receive risk-free trades monthly to increase montly trading volume
  • VIP Traders are privileged by getting the secret trading strategies
  • Private exclusive hands on and theory based webinars arranged for VIP traders
  • VIP traders as the select few to get daily market reviews

Comparison Between Standard Trader & VIP Trader

Maximum yield92%82%
Minimum trade amount$1 / €1 / 30₽ / 2R$$1 / €1 / 30₽ / 2R$
Minimum deposit$10 / €10 / 350₽ / 20R$$10 / €10 / 35₽ / 20R$
Maximum trade amount$5000 / €5000 / ₽400000 / 35000R$$2000 / €2000 / ₽150000 / 20000 R$
Maximum total amount of open positions on different assets₽4000000 / $50000$ / €50000 / R$200000₽1500000 / $20000 / €20000 / R$50000
Maximum total amount of open positions on the same asset₽750000 / $10000$/€10000/ R$35000₽1500000 / $20000 / €20000 / R$50000
Maximum withdrawal time period1 working dayup to 5 working days
Withdrawal feeno fee is chargedno fee is charged

Olymp Trade Customer Care & Support

Here are the Olymp Trade: Hotline numbers if you happen to be trading on Olymp.

  • +357 (2) 5030996 – Nicosia, Cyprus
  • +234 (1) 2279021 – Lagos, Nigeria
  • +66 (2) 026-03-56 – Bangkok, Thailand
  • +27 (21) 1003880 – Cape Town, South Africa

Olymp Trade Support E-mail[email protected]

Olymp Trade Review – Conclusion

Olymp trade is an international broker offering Brokerage Services globally across all asset classes that include Equities, Cash & Derivatives, Commodities, Currency, Investment Banking and Wealth Management.

Olymp Trade garnered over 20 million users across the globe that has chosen the Olymp Trade platform for their trading needs. Not surprisingly, Olymp is committed to offer them the best support, congenial and transparent financial environment, a user-friendly digital user interface. Moreover, it has brought in all the necessary market analysis tools crucial for trading profitably.

Olymp trade platform has passed the reliability test with flying colors as confirmed by the international regulator. Olymp Trade is a trustworthy and time-tested partner in the world of trading as far as stability and consistency of deliverables are concerned.

The bottom line of our Olymp trade review is that it is an amazing platform with many features and it is highly rated and reviewed by its users with its positive upsides than downsides.

Olymp trade is the perfect share market partner for you, and you can NEVER be wrong with your choice of Olymp trade!

Olymp Trade FAQs

Q1. What is Olymp trade?

Ans. Olymp is a Forex and binary options trading platform.Olymp Trade is an online international broker helping traders to trade in commodities, currency pairs, Crypto currencies, and ETFs.

Q2. Is there a charge to deposit or withdraw money in Olymp Trading account?

Ans. You can use various ways to deposit or withdraw funds to and from your trading account help with Olymp via Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, or Fasapay. Withdrawal and deposit of funds bears no cost on the trader. It is free.

Q3. When was Olymp trade launched?

Ans. Olymp Trade started back in 2014. It has been 6 years that they have grown manifold in term of data, research, and analytics.

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