ODIN Reviews Of Why ODIN Is India Best Stock Trading Platform

Amazing Facts about ODIN’s Trading Platform

Open Dealer Integrated Network is the name abbreviated as ODIN and ODIN reviews confirmed that ODIN is a renowned and outstanding online trading platform in India. The conceived idea of ODIN was brought to reality in 1998 by Financial Technologies.

As at today, ODIN is not only a leading stock trading company; the company also has the biggest share of a trading platform in India for more than 2 decades, according to ODIN reviews. 

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ODIN reviews also pointed out that as at December 2017, there are 800 clients of ODIN using more than 25 Lakh ODIN licenses on 5 Lakh terminals.

ODIN offers the following products to brokers for trading on the platform:

  • Cash & Carry or Delivery Order (CNC) is utilized for trading in the delivery segment of the platform
  • Margin Intraday Square Off Order (MIS)
  • Normal or Carry Forward Order (NRML)
  • Bracket Order (BO)
  • Cover Order (CO) or Margin Plus Order
  • Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST)
  • Margin Trade Funding Order (MTF)
  • The ODIN managed service is designed to care for exchange connectivity, customer connectivity, hardware, disaster recovery, ODIN Trading Software, backups, and ODIN software for share trading on behalf of the brokers.
  • API for brokers to develop their front-end application
  • ODIN Diet – the strongest trading terminal and the best tool for trading

Brokers on ODIN Trading Platform

ODIN reviews that there is a discount broker on the platform but the following traditional brokers use ODIN online stock trading platform.

What Makes ODIN the Mother of All Stock Trading Platforms in India

The following cogent reasons are what make ODIN the best online stock trading platform in India and why you must make it your number one choice.

  • The positive ODIN reviews and feedback are more than the negative aspect of the platform.
  • ODIN trading software is matchless and incomparable.
  • You can gain access to online trading with its web, desktop, and mobile trading apps.
  • ODIN trading software download is simple and hassle-free.
  • ODIN Diet aka ODIN Trading Terminal is the most popular and powerful trading terminal for desktop.
  • Extraordinary and innovative ODIN software for share trading, making it the best in India.
  • When you choose ODIN platform for stock trading, you will have access to all asset categories at multiple exchanges.
  • Integrated EMS and OMS, making it reliable, stable, and fast.
  • Odin gives support to numerous market depth windows.
  • There is an opportunity for you to install third-party plug-ins on ODIN, the feature you cannot enjoy on other trading platforms.
  • ODIN platform has the best integrated DP back office.
  • ODIN is offered as managed services, meaning that a broker doesn’t have to worry about platform maintenance. This results in less downtime.
  • There are plug-ins for advanced users on ODIN platform.
  • ODIN stock trading platform supports multiple market depth windows.
  • You can create custom indicators, the feature that is currently possible in Omnesys NEST and NSE NOW.

ODIN Trading Platform Abbreviations and Definitions

Types of ODIN Trading Products

  • NRML: Normal F&O trades
  • AMO: After Market Order
  • CO: Cover Order
  • CNC: Cash n Carry
  • MIS: Margin Intraday Square-off
  • BO: Bracket Order


  • MCX: Multi Commodity Exchange
  • NSE: National Stock Exchange
  • BSE: Bombay Stock Exchange

Types of ODIN Orders

  • SL-M Order: Stop loss Market order
  • Limit Order
  • Market Order
  • SL Order: Trigger or Stop-loss order

OMS (Order Management System): This is a software program designed for executing market transactions cost-effectively and efficiently. OMS is used by stockbrokers to manage orders received from clients.

Back-Office Application: This application manages the portfolio, manages funds available in the trading account, facilitates trade analysis, pledges holdings, reports relevant to tax filings, P&L Statements, reports related to tax filings, historical data, and end of day reports.

RMS (Risk Management System): This is the major component that manages a variety of risk components in the course of trading.

ODIN Brokerage Technology Solutions

ODIN provides numerous tools for trading. ODIN reviews grouped these tools under Risk solutions, Solutions for Brokerage Technology, and Exchange Technology Solutions.

On the other hand, the Risk Management System, dealing desk for Multi-currency, and Multi-Exchanges are all the ODIN technology platforms that allow online trading under more than a few segments all over many exchanges.

ODIN platform has intrinsic risk management and orders the components related to management.

ODIN reviews that the platform is notable among the old school stockbrokers that have operated in India.

This works great in the franchise/sub-broker business models that are akin to the franchise model.

ODIN offers order routing, order and risk management, online trading, branch management and franchise-related software for Brokerage Technology Solutions.

ODIN reviews this exchange as just another trading platform that has the facility of being able to trade into mutual funds, derivatives, cash, commodities, currencies, and IPOs.

As a result, its user can carry out trade in almost all such segments just from one screen. ODIN chooses to trade on the NCDEX, MCX, NSE, and BSE.

ODIN Trading Software Review

If you are interested in stock trading on the ODIN platform and stock markets in general, you need to read more ODIN reviews and understand ODIN trading software, ODIN Software for Share Trading, and ODIN Trading Software Download.

In the ODIN reviews you read, you must learn about what works and what doesn’t work. This will help you become a successful stock trader.

Many trading software is available on the Internet, but ODIN trading software is the mother of them all.

If you are looking for software for trading in the online stock market, look no further than ODIN software for share trading.

ODIN trading software for share trading and ODIN trading software are matchless applications designed for trading in many market strategies. ODIN Software for share trading is used by a lot of broking agencies for their different trading purposes.

On the other hand, ODIN trading software download will allow you to carry out complex trading activities and also calculate your move without tampering or interference.  

With ODIN software download, you will have a favorable utilization of chances that come your way on all the available stock exchanges.

Going by ODIN reviews, ODIN trading software is one of the best software you can use for online trading in the stock market.

The great aspect of ODIN trading software is that it searches for prevailing opportunities online automatically. Moreover, ODIN reviews affirmed that ODIN trading software download is stress-free.

Download ODIN software for share trading and have remarkable trading experience.

ODIN Software for Share Trading in the Stock Market

ODIN offers its clients the best and unique ODIN software for share trading. The ODIN trading software is used for analyzing real-time market prices for buying and selling shares in the stock market.

ODIN software for share trading has different in-built features and applications that traders can use to automate trade and create alerts for daily trading activities.

ODIN Products for The Retail Customers

1. ODIN Diet

 This is a trading application designed for retail investors to be used for trading. It is safe, simple, and lightweight desktop trading software.

ODIN Diet software allows customers to trade under any of the segments  at NCDEX, MCX, NSE, and BSE. ODIN reviews and traders confirmed that ODIN Diet also among the best and the popular trading platforms for trading at the MCX.

To confirm this, more than eighty per cent of the MCX brokers make use of ODIN Diet. What makes it the best is its seamless integration along with several other apps such as:

  • Analysis
  • Back Office
  • E-IPO
  • Advanced Charting News
  • Electronic-Mutual Fund

2. ODIN WAVE (Mobile Trading App)

This easy to use and the sensitive app is the app meant for trading stock on-the-go. It is loaded with critical and indispensable features for safe trading for a frequent stock trader.

ODIN Wave has the facility for In-App Calling and will allow a customer to link directly to the dealer’s desk. To boost your trading experience, this mobile trading app has third-party integrations and plug-ins.

3. NeT.net (Trading Website)

This is a simple, reliable, lightweight, secure, and fast browser-based trading website where traders can perform online trading. NeT.net has all the major features that also happen to be the part of the ODIN Diet terminal.

The Net.net trading website has almost all required features like news integration, fund management, and a wide range of necessary reports. Moreover, you can easily integrate it into apps such as the following:

  • Online IPO
  • Mutual Funds
  • Back Office
  • Charting tools
  • Third-party news
  • Analysis tools


ODIN reviews and offers more than a few API’s to amalgamate the trading platform along with the third-party services and tools. With this development, brokers can create their own Mobile App, Web Portal etc. by making use of ODIN APIs.

There are more than 13 APIs for the brokers to make use of on ODIN platform including Algo API, trading API, User’s Risk Parameter based Upload API and lots more.

Pros and Cons of Trading on ODIN Platform


  • Access to classes of assets like MCX, NSE, and BSE.
  • The platform supports various market depth window.
  • Integrated back-office and depository account is available.
  • Scanning and Technical Screening is easy in ODIN as users can run it upon several scripts and even on the whole portfolio.
  • Second to none easy to use ODIN Trading Software.
  • Immediate fund the trader from more than 30 banks.
  • ODIN Trading Software Download is fast and simple.
  • No need for selecting the type of the product before the placement of your order.
  • ODIN allows brokers to rebrand ODIN Software for Share Trading.
  • ODIN’s trading platform is stable and secure.
  • There is an opportunity for traders to trade in almost all of the segments at MCX, NCDEX, NSE, and BSE.
  • Traders can view their Open positions, Demat holdings, Margin used, Ledger Balance, and much other information relevant to their accounts right on the screen.
  • RMS and OMS are part of ODIN’s Trading Platform.


  • ODIN Software for Share Trading is expensive, compared with that of Omnesys NEST, and NSE NOW.
  • The user interface of ODIN’s trading platform is not like any trading platform made available by the discount brokers.
  • Very limited capabilities on the ODIN Diet Charting software when compared with Omnesys NEST and NSE NOW.
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Feedback Received from ODIN Customers

Most of the customers on ODIN’s trading platform review is that it works quite well for them and has the most important features required for their trading needs.

Positive Feedback:

Users of the platform affirmed that:

  • Trading is provided by several brokers, making moving from one broker to another easy.
  • There is a robust and stable trading app for traders


  • The user interface of ODIN stock trading platform is not like other trading platforms in terms of user interface
  • The ODIN Trading software is quite expensive because most of the brokers charge some fee to use it. 

Types of Orders Available on ODIN Platform

  • RL (the Regular Lot): RL aka Norma orders or NRML is the type of order that involves no conditions that are special to be attached to it as any of the Regular Lot Orders
  • SL (Stop Loss): Such orders created for minimizing /restricting the possible loss of capital.

Such orders generally are placed for restricting/minimizing the loss.

  • AON (All/None): This simply implies that if somebody is about to place a huge quantity of orders and does not want to receive less quantity for the order that is due to get executed, such a person can place an order in which either almost all of the quantity shall be getting executed or either none.
  • MF (Min. Fill): This implies that a min. quantity shall be executed or just simply none. MF can also be used for the buyback of stocks.
  • ST (Special Trade): Orders with MF (Minimum Fill) or AON, fall under the spectrum of Special Trade.

ODIN Trade Reports and Order

1. Stock Watch

This is the report of that contains details of the cash segment delivery, based on the holding in the pool account.

2. Order Book

This report shows the report of pending, executed, and rejected order position for sell/buy order as for the present trading day. The order book is where customers verify the status of all orders.

3. Back Office Reports

You can gain access to the back-office reports from the trading application in ODIN.

4. Trade Book

This is the window is where you can view all trades executed on any given particular day. Trade book provides details of the order placed at the stock exchange together with the necessary execution details like Traded Price and Traded Quantity.

ODIN User Customization Options

ODIN reviews that ODIN trading software is greatly customizable trading software. It has loads of settings available to the users for their personalized experience, such as the Options Alerts, Script Alerts, and Create Custom Indicators.

ODIN Trading Software Cost

ODIN trading software is third-party software offered to customers by brokers. They charge a fee for making use of ODIN, but what they pay varies as per the broker.

Moreover, brokers have to pay a huge amount as a licensing fee to make this particular trading platform available to their various customers.

A number of these brokers will be bearing the required cost while the rest make their customers pay for using ODIN software for share trading.

ODIN Reviews Conclusion

The bottom line of our ODIN review is that if you are looking at the best and incomparable stock trading platform that will offer you value for your money; ODIN is strongly recommended.

The platform has amazing features and it is highly rated by its users with its positive sides more than negative.

ODIN is the perfect online trading platform for you, and you can NEVER be wrong with your choice of ODIN! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ODIN Online Stock Trading          

Q1. What is Odin trading software?

Ans: The ODIN Trading Software is particularly designed for stock trading. You can use ODIN software for share trading, derivatives, cash, commodities, currencies, IPOs, and mutual funds.

Q2. Can I use ODIN to trade in currency derivatives?

Ans: You can trade currency derivatives on ODIN’s trading platform because it offers to trade in currency futures & options at NSE and BSE.

Q3. What is ODIN Diet?

Ans: ODIN Diet is simply an application-oriented trading front-office solution that allows clients to connect to KCSPL’s servers through the Internet. ODIN Diet is light-weight and easy to download the application which boosts resourceful trading and integrates a lot of appealing features needed by active clients.

Q4. Does the ODIN platform provide online IPO Applications?

Ans: Not at all because the ODIN stock trading platform does not allow online applications in IPOs at NSE and BSE.

Q5. In ODIN, can I trade directly from charts?

Ans. In ODIN, you can’t place buy/sell orders directly from the chart.

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