NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro Comparison – Two Trusted Platforms

NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro Comparison

NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro is the comparison of NSE NOW and Upstox Pro Indian trading platforms to identify their differences and similarities.

NSE NOW software and Upstox Pro Web software are two most affordable and trusted platforms for online trading in India.

Reading NSE NOW reviews and Upstox Pro reviews is the best way to understand how the two leading and feature-rich platforms work.

Also, NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro transparent and honest side-by-side comparison is the most reliable way of finding a better platform between NSE NOW and Pro Upstox.

NSE NOW Trading Platform Review

Are you looking for a feature-rich and trusted platform for your online stock trading platform in India? Look no further than NSE NOW platform.

NSE NOW software was developed for a smooth and profitable stock trading by the National Stock Exchange of India.

NOW was not only developed by the NSE, but it is also managed and controlled by them.

It was also gathered from NSE NOW reviews that NSE NOW software is offered to NSE member brokers for free.

Moreover, there is an NSE NOW Mobile app for iOS and Android phones and NSE NOW desktop application.

The greatest part is that an Order Management System and Risk Management System are an integral part of NSE NOW.

Some of the unique and valuable features of NSE NOW online trading platform are:

  • Multiple Shortcut Keys
  • Live Quotes
  • Historical Data
  • Stock Analysis
  • Various Reports

Notifications or custom stock alerts can also be installed on the NSE NOW platform, while NSE provides extra plug-ins for your particular needs of the users.

NSE NOW review affirmed that there is no installation required and no security problem was noticed on the part of the brokers.

NSE NOW software download will allow traders and investors to trade smoothly and seamlessly at different exchanges and all over a wide range of online trading segments.

Traders and investors can carry out online stock trading using NSE NOW desktop application, NSE NOW Mobile app, and NSE NOW Web application.

Free NSE NOW software download can be done for seamless trading at https://www.nowonline.in/

Upstox Pro Trading Platform Review

Upstox Pro review claimed that Upstox Pro software is one the greatest, most trusted, and cheapest trading software in India.

Upstox Pro software for PC is the web-facilitated and feature-rich online trading software built by RKSV Securities India Private Limited.

Upstox Pro Chart is one of the most valuable and unique features of the Pro Upstox trading terminal.

Upstox Pro web has numerous features for analyzing trades and dealing in Commodities, Stocks, Futures, Currencies, and Options across BSE, NSE, and MCX.

Another beautiful thing about Pro Upstox online trading terminal is that it was built internally from the beginning by the Upstox team of engineers.

The Upstox Pro charges are minimal and affordable while the Upstox Pro demo is free and simple to download.

Download Upstox Pro for Laptop for free at https://www.pro.upstox.com and do Upstox Pro login to trade in Commodities, Currencies, F&O, and stocks from one window.

NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro Platform Owners Comparison

NSE NOW and Upstox Pro are owned by two different stockbrokers.

Below is our NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro comparison of the owners of NSE NOW platform and Upstox Pro platform.

NSE NOWUpstox Pro
National Stock Exchange NSE) of India LimitedRKSV Securities India Private Limited

NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro Comparing the Websites Offered for Trading

Different websites are provided for trading on NSE NOW and Upstox Pro as shown below.

NSE NOWUpstox Pro

NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro Comparing Order Types Offered

There are differences and similarities in the NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro order types offered.

It was observed that only Upstox Pro platform offers Stop Loss-Market order type.

All order types offered on both NSE NOW platform and Pro Upstox platform are listed below for your decision making.

NSE NOWUpstox Pro
Market OrderMarket Order
Cover Order (CO)Cover Order (CO)
Basket OrderBracket Order
AMO aka After Market Order AMO aka After Market Order
Limit OrderLimit Order  
SL aka Stop-Loss OrderStop-Loss Order
 Stop-Loss Market Order

NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro The Trading Software Comparison

The NSE NOW software offered for trading is different from Upstox Pro software provided for trading on the platform.

From our NSE NOW reviews and Upstox Pro reviews of software offered for trading on the platforms, we observed the following:

NSE NOWUpstox Pro
NOW WebPro Web
NOW TouchPro Mobile App
NOW EXENEST Trader Desktop
NSE NOW Mobile App 

NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro Comparing Different Reports Maintained

From NSE NOW review and Upstox Pro review of different reports kept on the two trading platforms, we noticed differences and similarities.

Below is the list of reports maintained as observed in our NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro comparison of reports kept.

NSE NOWUpstox Pro
Hourly StatisticsPositions Book
Net PositionsTrade Book
Limits RecordOrder Book
Order BookHoldings Book
Trade BookP&L Reports
Holdings Book 

NSE NOW Against Upstox Pro Comparing the Features

We compared the features of NSE NOW and Upstox Pro trading platforms to guide you in finding a better platform between the two.

Below is the list of features of NOW and Pro Upstox trading terminals for your consideration.

NSE NOWUpstox Pro
Custom Notifications/Stock AlertsThe Price Alerts
Plug-InsUpstox Pro Chart
Stock AnalysisCustomization
Live QuotesKeyboard Shortcut
Historical Data 
Multiple Shortcut Keys                    
Technical Indicators 

NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro Comparing the Pros and Cons

There are benefits and shortcomings of trading at the NSE NOW platform and Upstox Pro online trading platform.

The table below revealed the pros and cons of NOW software by NSE and Pro Upstox trading software.

NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro Pros

                   NSE NOWUpstox Pro
NSE NOW is loaded with amazing and extraordinary features that guarantee the utmost trading experience.Traders can invest and trade in different products to diversify their risks and extend their portfolios.
NSE NOW platform is exceptionally simple to use.Upstox Pro offers different courses and programs to spread good knowledge to its numerous customers.
With NSE NOW download, buying and selling stocks in a single click is possible.The Upstox Pro platform is loaded with numerous features that clients can use for analyzing trades.
The workspace of NSE NOW can be customized for a smooth, convenient, and profitable trading.The Upstox Pro platform has a customizable workspace for effective trading.
Download NSE NOW software and trade at NSE free of cost.Pro Upstox platform guarantees the buying and selling of stocks in a single tap of your mouse.
NOW provided multiple functions to traders for effective trading at the stock market.Different Margin and Brokerage calculators are available on Upstox Pro platform
NOW allows for seamless trading at NSE, BSE, NCDEX, and MCX at all trading segments.With Upstox Pro, there is an opportunity to open a free trading account.
NSE NOW platform is one of the best for order implementation in India.The Upstox Pro brokerage charges are quite low.

NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro Cons

NSE NOWUpstox Pro
Bracket Order is not offered on NSE NOW platformMargin funding is not available.
Traders cannot place bracket orders on the platform.Research-facilitated services are not available.
NSE NOW platform features no Advanced charting.There is no installable trading platform for desktop on Upstox Pro.

NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro Trading Segments Offered

NSE NOW and Upstox Pro support offer and support the same trading segments.

The trading segments supported by NSE NOW and Upstox Pro include the following.

NSE NOWUpstox Pro
Open Upstox Demat Account
Open Upstox Demat Account

NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro Exchanges Supported Comparison

There are similarities in the exchanges supported for trading by both NSE NOW and Upstox Pro trading platforms.

Listed in the table are the exchanges supported by NOW and Pro Upstox.

NSE NOWUpstox Pro

NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro Conclusion

The best way to find a better platform for your trading requirements between NSE NOW and Upstox Pro is to carry out a thorough comparison.

This is placing both platforms side-by-side to find their differences and similarities.

At the end of the NSE NOW Vs Upstox Pro comparison as done above, you should be able to find a better platform that will fulfill your trading needs.

But without a doubt, the NSE NOW software and Upstox Pro platform are two distinguished platforms for online trading in India.

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