NSE NOW Reviews of Why the Platform is Great for Trading

About NSE NOW Platform

The full meaning of NSE NOW according to the available NSE NOW reviews is National Stock Exchange of India ON WEB. The NSE NOW platform was incorporated by the NSE also known as the National Stock Exchange of India. NSE NOW is among the extensively used stock trading platforms in India.

The NSE NOW online trading platform was developed by DotEX, which is NSE NOW subsidiary company.

NSE NOW reviews pointed out that all the NSE NOW trading platforms have direct link with NSE aka National Stock Exchange of India.

NSE is popularly referred to as the foremost and one o the biggest stock exchanges in the universe.

The NOW NSE Software Free Download for PC was offered and being managed by the National Stock Exchange of India.

It is noteworthy that more than 100 brokers licensed NSE NOW platform, while NSE NOW is used by numerous traders. NSE NOW platform is famous and great for its dependable and high-speed execution.

Since the servers are maintained at the NSE data centers, NSE NOW gives express connectivity to the exchange for live data feed and trade execution.

NSE NOW comes in three versions including the following: 

  • The WEB Version: This is the browser-based NSE NOW application
  • The EXE Version: This is an installable NSE NOW Desktop Application
  • The Mobile Version: This is the NSE NOW Mobile App

NSE NOW reviews also affirmed that traders on the NSE NOW platform can make use of all the three versions above to trade on BSE exchange and NSE.

Traders can as well invest in Mutual funds and IPO’s on NSE NOW platform.

NSE NOW Platform

The Key Features of NSE NOW Platform

It was stated in some of the available NSE NOW reviews that NSE NOW Latest Version is ideal for diverse kinds of traders.

Here are some of the key characteristics of NSE NOW:

  • Utilization of Monitoring Margin and Fund Transfer
  • Sole platform to trade across all the classes of asset (Offer for sale, Commodities, Currencies, Derivatives, and Equities among others).
  • Best ever order execution
  • Above fifteen charts with more than eighty technical indicators
  • Creation of Market watch groups
  • NSE NOW platform facilitates Holdings and Portfolio Tracking
  • Market data and Real-time streaming

The NOW NSE trading platform is provided for FREE to all brokers who are members of NSE. NSE NOW charges a small fee for making use of NOW for trading at BSE.

NOW platform supports trading in all the products traded at NSE such as Debt funds, Equity Derivatives, Equity Cash, Mutual funds, in addition to Currency Derivatives.

NSE NOW has an integrated order management system and risk management system, making NSE NOW online platform one of the fastest trading platforms in India today.

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India

Our NSE NOW reviews will not complete without featuring the National Stock Exchange of India.

The National Stock Exchange aka NSE is the owner of NSE NOW. In 1994, NSE founded the electronic-based stock trading and also initiated Internet trading and derivatives trading just like index futures in India.

 NSE provides several services such as:

  • Provision of trading software called NOW, meaning NSE on WEB, as part of its technology solutions.
  • NSE Monitors regulatory conformity by trading and clearing members and listed companies.
  • Clearing and settlement services
  • Exchange listings
  • NSE NOW gives financial education.
  • Indices, market data feeds
  • Technology solutions
  • Trading services

Brokers Using the NSE NOW Platform

Nearly all discount brokers and a lot of traditional brokers use NSE NOW stock trading platform for trading, while NSE NOW reviews are also given by the NSE of India Ltd.

Why NSE NOW is the Best Platform for Stock Trading in India

There are many things that make NSE NOW online stock trading platform beat all competitions and be among the best stock trading platforms in India and why you should choose the platform for your future trading. Some of the reasons are:

  • Sophisticated Charts and Graphs
  • Net-wise and Day-wise Reports
  • Trustworthy and top speed trade execution
  • A very strong risk management system
  • In-depth Administration features
  • Précised and easy to read NSE NOW Software User Manual
  • Stress-free NSE NOW Registration
  • Simple to use NOW NSE Software Free Download for PC
  • Fast NSE NOW Software Download
  • More than a few shortcut keys are on the platform for frequent traders
  • There are various reports, historical data, stock analysis, live quotes and lots more
  • Integrated RMS and OMS makes the trading platform faster
  • Opportunity to trade all over the multiple trading segments and multiple exchanges.
  • There are extraordinary historical data, stock analysis, live quotes, and many more
  • The platform gives stock traders more than a few functions which are vital for trading in the stock exchange market.
  • The NSE NOW Mobile App and NSE NOW online website are particularly made to make stock trading easy for casual stock market investors.
  • Powerful and reliable NSE NOW trading software for regular traders.

Our NSE NOW Reviews of the Pros and Cons of the Platform


  • NSE NOW platform has the smallest amount of latency, unlike other notable stock trading platforms such as ODIN and Omnesys NEST Trader
  • Exceptionally steady trading platform
  • It is possible for traders to set up stock notifications and alerts
  • The NSE offers extra plug-ins for certain needs of traders
  • The platform is faster for trading with integrated RMS and OMS
  • Online stock trading made easy with mobile, desktop, and web apps
  • NSE NOW platform is being managed by NSE. Therefore, there are no security problems and no installation is required as far as the brokers are concerned.
  • A wide range of Administration features
  • There is a strong risk management system in place
  • There are more than thirty-seven indicators on NSE NOW platform
  • The NSE NOW Mobile app is available for Windows, Android, and iOS
  • There are rare cases and issues of downtime on the platform
  • Traders can include up to 30 scripts in the watchlist


  • NSE NOW does not provide APIs
  • A number of brokers make trading at MCX and BSE from NSE NOW impossible, while others charge more to trade on BSE
  • You cannot create custom indicators in NOW
  • Technical scanning and screening run just on one script at a time. It can’t run on a set of scripts or whole scripts.

Products Provided by NSE NOW

1. Cash & Carry (CNC)

This is the product used when traders want to take delivery of Equity shares. Most brokers give no leverage under this product. 

2. Margin Intra-Day Square or MIS

This is the product used for intraday form of trading in Commodity, Equity Derivatives, Equities Cash, and Currency Derivatives.

Under MIS product, you then proceed to square off the given position on the given trading day.

Positions will close square off automatically in 30 minutes before closing the market hours, in a situation where positions are not closed by the trader.


This is normal product and it is used for Commodity, Equity, and Currency Derivatives type of trading.

Types of Orders Offered by NSE NOW

1. Cover Orders (CO)

Cover Orders are limit or market orders placed together with a Stop Loss Order. The buy/sell is always accompanied by an obligatory Stop Loss order, in a specific range as pre-defined by the system in Cover Orders.

Cos offer you higher leverage by making sure you place a stop loss. This is advantageous just for intra-day trades.

2. Limit Orders

These order types allow you to place a given order of sell or buy at a stated price.  Traders can only execute Limit Orders to buy at the particular limit price or a lower amount. Limit Orders to sell are always executed as per a specific limit price or a marginally higher amount. With limit order, you can buy or sell at the price you desire.

3. Stop Loss Orders or SL orders

SL is a type of order a trader places in order to sell a given security when it gets to the trigger price. Stop-loss Orders are particularly planned to limit the loss of an investor on a given position as far as a security is concerned. A trader is expected to offer both the trigger price and limit price in a stop loss order.

4. Market Orders

Market Orders are buy/sell orders to be executed right away at the existing market prices. It helps traders to buy or sell at the best price available.

5. The After-Market Order or AMO

These types of orders let traders place their orders for stocks further than the normal market hours. As soon as the markets open the next day, the orders are arranged in a queue and then further sent out.

6. Basket Orders:

These orders are used to place bulk orders at once. With basket order, traders can create a file in VSV or txt format and upload it directly into the system or include several scripts and place the orders.

NSE NOW Reports

NSE NOW has many reports and they are as listed and described below.

1. Net Positions: This is the report used for viewing the real-time positions for a particular trading day.

2. Order Book: The report is generally used for displaying the buy or sell order placed by a stock trader on different exchanges.

3. The Hourly Statistics: With this report, traders can view the hourly statistics of a certain contract or security with a number of parameters.

4. Trade Book: This is the book that is used to display traded or finished sell or buy orders all over the exchanges.

5. Holdings: Used for viewing the security holdings of client’s holdings in real time.

6. Limits: The limits record is generally used for viewing the available cash limit for trading purposes.

NSE NOW’s Charges

It charges a certain brokerage fee.

NSE NOW Link to Excel

NSE NOW Link to Excel allows you to be tremendous in Excel & Power BI. The NSE NOW Link to Excel is a commercial spreadsheet application.

If you want to carry out NSE NOW Link to Excel from market watch, all you have to do is to open NSE NOW with the administrator rights.

Once you do that, the next thing is to right click on the market watch and click on link to excel.

open NSE NOW Demat Account

NSE NOW Member ID and User ID

On the original login screen of the NSE NOW Mobile app, there are two Columns, where you will have to fill in your NSE NOW Member ID and User ID.

However, you can get all this information from your NSE NOW Login screen, if you are already using the NSE NOW Desktop Application.

It is noteworthy that NSE NOW Registration is one of the criteria for trading on NSE NOW. Upon the completion of your NSE NOW Registration, you are issued NSE NOW Member ID and User ID.

The NSE NOW Member ID: This is nothing but five digits distinguished and special member ID of your stockbroker. You are expected to get your NESE NOW member ID directly from your stockbroker.

NSE NOW User ID: This is also a special and unique user ID issued to you by your stockbroker according to NSE NOW reviews.

This information must be entered on your NSE NOW Mobile app. It is your NSE NOW Member ID and User ID that you will be using for your NSE NOW Login to access your NSE NOW accounts. 

Use both your NSE NOW Member ID and User ID information correctly to login to your NSE NOW mobile app.

However, if you have any problem with NSE NOW Member ID and User ID or NSE NOW login into your account, you have to call the NSE NOW Toll-Free Number for further assistance.

Conclusion of NSE NOW Reviews

Going by available NSE NOW reviews NOW is a great stock trading platform owned by the National Stock Exchange of India.

NSE NOW makes trading in multiple segments all over the multiple exchanges easy and allows traders to invest in Mutual Funds and IPOs.

NSE NOW platform is the best when it comes to speed and complete set of features. NSE NOW is a licensed platform embraced by more than 100 brokers in India.

FAQs about NSE NOW

Q1. What is my NSE NOW Member ID and User ID?

Ans: Your NSE NOW member ID is your stockbroker member ID. Every stockbroker has their unique five digits Member ID. It is issued directly by your stockbroker.

On the other hand, your NSE NOW user ID is the unique ID assigned to you by your stockbroker. If you want to access your NOW account, you must the number on your NSE NOW mobile app.

Use both your NSE NOW member ID and User ID correctly for your NSE NOW login into your NSE NOW mobile app.

Q2. Is direct trading from charts possible on NSE NOW platform?

Ans: Not at all, it is impossible for you to place buy/sell orders from the chart in NSE NOW.

Q3. Does NSE NOW platform provides installable trading terminal?

Ans: NSE NOW provides installable NOW NSE Software Free Download for PC and windows computers. This is possible because its owner too, the NSE National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India offer installable stock trading.

Q4. Is it possible for me to use the NSE NOW to trade in commodities at MCX?

 Ans: Of course, there is opportunity for commodity trading at MCX, using NSE NOW

Q5. Does NSE NOW provide website for trading?

Ans: NSE NOW online stock trading platform provides browser-based trading website for stock trading.

Q6. How easy is NSE NOW Software Download?

Ans: As a matter of fact, everything about NSE NOW Software Download is simple and stress-free.

Q7. Does NSE NOW provide mobile app for trading on its platform?

Ans: NSE NOW provides mobile app trading on its platform through NSE NOW mobile app.

Q8. Does NSE NOW offer APIs for trading?

Ans: NSE NOW doesn’t offer APIs for trading on the platform.

Q9. Is trading on NSE NOW provided by many stockbrokers in India?

Ans: Of course, trading on NSE NOW stock trading platform is offered by multiple brokers in India.

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