NSDL Review – Best National Securities Depository Of India

NSDL Company Information – Overview History

NSDL offers a gamut of financial services to traders and end investors, stock brokers, Indian stock exchanges, custodians, issuer companies, and much more. Established in August, 1996, National Securities Depository Limited, abbreviated as NSDL, is India’s largest Central Securities Depository in the world. It has an expansive PAN India network of over 276 Depository Participants & Business Partners. Being India’s first electronic securities depository for PAN India operations, NSDL operation provides services truly reflecting the essence of ‘One India One Nation’ theory of Indian Democracy and has been instrumental to the countrywide economic development and growth.

NSDL securities depository leverage the electronic facility to do away with the huge volume of paper work and paper certificates from Indian capital market which was time consuming, complicated, and expensive. One of the important activities performed by NSDL is the handling of the major bulk of the securities traded, held and settled in de-materialised (Demat) form in the Indian capital market.

NSDL has considerably reduced the cost of transfer of ownership of securities which was earlier carried out via issuance of certificates, now converted into a simplified process of a simple electronic account transfer which is faster, transparent, and cost effective.

The promoters of NSDL are Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI), Unit Trust of India (UTI), and National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). RBI offered license to NSDL to operate as payment bank in India as well.

NSDL Share Price

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About NSDL – Summary

We will take a glance about some important company facts and information, such as, management, registered office, listing info, etc. in this segment:

HeadquartersMumbai, India
Established YearAugust 1996
Company TypeLimited by Shares
OwnerIndustrial Development Bank of India (IDBI), Unit Trust of India (UTI), National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)
CEO & MDG V Nageswara Rao
SectorSecurity Depository
Company Websitensdl.co.in

NSDL Board of Directors

Mr. B. A. PrabhakarChairman, Public Interest Director
Mr. G. V. Nageswara RaoManaging Director & CEO
Prof. G. SivakumarPublic Interest Director
Dr. Rajani GuptePublic Interest Director
Mr. B. SambamurthyPublic Interest Director
Mr. Rajeev KumarShareholder Director

NSDL Management

Mr. G.V. Nageswara RaoManaging Director & CEO
Mr. Krishna M. SrinivasExecutive Director
Mr. Samar BanwatExecutive Director
Mr. Dnyanesh NerurkarExecutive Vice President
Mr. Nityanand PhatarphodExecutive Vice President
Mr. S. GaneshSenior Vice President
Mr. Prashant VagalSenior Vice President
Mr. Manoj Kumar SarangiSenior Vice President
Mr. Sunil BatraSenior Vice President
Mr. Jagdish Balkrishna PandyaSenior Vice President
Mr. Vishal GuptaVice President
Mr. Amit JindalVice President
Mr. Chandresh Mahendra ShahVice President
Mr. Rakesh MehtaVice President
Mr. Rahul Pratap SinghVice President
Mr. Deepak ChandnaVice President

NSDL Customer Ratings

Products & ServicesRating
Security Depository
Depository Account Validation (DAN)
Mobile App
Overall Ratings

NSDL Peer Companies

NSDL PeersWebsiteLocation
NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML) Ndml.inMumbai
NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited egov-nsdl.co.inMumbai
NSDL Payments Bank Limited  Nsdlbank.comMumbai

NSDL Landmark Events and Milestones

Jun-20The total amount of Demat accounts goes over 2 crores
Oct-18After receiving Banking license from RBI, NSDL Launches NSDL Payments Bank
 NSDL Launches Digital Loan Against Shares facility for bank deposits
Jun-17NSDL was awarded ‘CSD of the Year’ at The Asian Banker Financial Markets Awards
Nov-16NSDL successfully completes two decades of depository operations completed
Sep-16NSDL Total DPs in Demat accounts goes over 1.5 crores
Aug-15RBI Granted Banking license to NSDL to launch NSDL Payments Bank
Mar-15NSDL Launches its proprietary Consolidated Accounts Statement [CAS]
Jun-14Value of securities held in dematerialized form at NSDL crosses INR 100 Lakh crore [US $1.6 Trillion]
Jun-14Launch of FPI regime
Oct-12Launch of NSDL e-Signer
Jan-12Launch of NSDL e-Voting System
Jan-12Launch of KYC Registration System by NSDL’s subsidiary NDML
Feb-11NSDL appointed as Registrar for UID
Dec-10NSDL hosts 14th Asia-Pacific Central Securities Depository Group (ACG) Meeting
Dec-10Launch of New Depository System
Mar-10Facility for conversion of mutual fund units represented by Statement of Account (SoA) into dematerialised form
Dec-09Launch of SPICE (Submission of Power of attorney based Instructions for Clients Electronically) on SPEED-e / IDeAS
Nov-09NSDL launches facility for delivery of shares using mobile phones
Sep-09Launch of DIRECT (Direct Ideas REgistration of Client accounT) at NSDL upon activation of Client accounts
Aug-09Demat Accounts cross one crore
Aug-08Launch of Central Recordkeeping Agency (for National Pension System)
May-08NSDL and Japan Securities Depository Center sign Information Sharing and Collaboration Pact
Apr-08NSDL and National Depository Center (Russia) sign Information Sharing and Collaboration Pact
Feb-08NSDL and Euroclear (Belgium) sign Information Sharing and Collaboration Pact
Sep-07Value of securities held in dematerialised form at NSDL crosses US$ 1 trillion
Sep-07Launch of SMS alert facility for investors
Jun-07NSDL and DTCC (US Depository) sign Information Sharing and Collaboration Pact
Jan-07NSDL and TDCC (Taiwan Depository) sign Information Sharing and Collaboration Pact
Nov-06NSDL completes a decade of depository operations
Jan-06Launch of National Skills Registry by NDML
Jul-05Launch of Tax Information Network – PAN Ledger
Jan-05Launch of online upload of Central Excise challan data
Oct-04Intraday production shifting to Disaster Recovery Site
Jun-04Incorporation of NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML) – wholly owned subsidiary company of NSDL
Jun-04Launch of Online Tax Accounting System (OLTAS)
Jun-04Launch of PAN card services
Jan-04Launch of Tax Information Network (TIN)
Jan-04Launch of IDeAS
Nov-03Introduction of demat of Warehouse Receipts
Nov-03Launch of Market Participants and Investors Database (MAPIN)
Oct-03Demat Accounts cross 6 million
Apr-03Introduction of T+2 Rolling Settlement
Dec-02Demat Accounts cross 5 million
Nov-02Launch of STEADY – An STP initiative by NSDL
Apr-02Introduction of T+3 Rolling Settlement
Sep-01NSDL launches SPEED-e
Jul-01Introduction of T+5 Rolling Settlement and Uniform Settlement Cycle
Jun-0098% settlement in demat form
Jun-00Commencement of Demat of Debt Instruments
May-00Demat accounts with NSDL cross 2.5 mn
Feb-00NSDL launches internet based service – SPEED – for CMs
May-99NSDL launches NCFM – Depository Operations Module
Jan-99Commencement of compulsory trading for retail investor
Dec-98Introduction of Demat of Government Securities
Dec-98Establishment of NSDL branches at Chennai, Delhi & Kolkata
Nov-98Demat accounts with NSDL cross 100,000
Apr-98Demat delivery in physical segment at NSE and BSE
Mar-98Value of securities held in dematerialised form at NSDL crosses US$ 5 bn.
Jan-98Compulsory demat trading for Institutional investors
Dec-97Commencement of Demat trading at BSE
Jun-97Value of securities held in dematerialised form at NSDL crosses US$ 1 bn.
Dec-96Commencement of Demat trading at NSE
Nov-96NSDL Inauguration
Aug-96Enactment of Depositories Act
Dec-95NSDL Incorporation
Sep-95Promulgation of Depositories Ordinance

NSDL Financial Statement

Statement of Consolidated Financial Results for the Quarter and Year ended 31st March, 2020

* Financial Results (in Lakhs)

Total Income37935.4334101.23
Total Expenses21714.0718556.16
Profit before Exceptional Items and Tax16,221.3615,545.07
Profit before Tax16,221.3614,737.19
Tax Expenses  
Total Tax Expenses3,745.153,648.97
Net Profit after Tax12,476.2111,088.22
Total Comprehensive Income12,595.7411,035.43

Statement of consolidated assets and liabilities as at 31st March 2020

ParticularsAs at 31st March, 2020 (in lakhs)As at 31st March, 2019 (in lakhs
Non-Current Assets6,493.334,530.82
Financial assets65,098.0455,917.51
Current Assets35,192.5631,752.58
Current Liabilities20,691.3318,490.05

Consolidated Cash Flow Statement for the Year ended 31st March, 2020

ParticularsFor the Year ended 31st March, 2020 (in lakhs)For the Year ended 31st March, 2019 (in lakhs)
Cash Flow From Operating Activities  
Profit before tax16,221.3614,737.19
Operating Profit before Working Capital Changes14,162.5511,685.22
Changes in Working Capital  
Cash generated from Operations15,839.859,137.20
Net Cash generated from Operating Activities (A)11,565.795,831.78
Cash Flow from Investing Activities  
Net Cash used in Investing Activities (B)(11,806.79)(6,881.67)
Cash Flow from Financing Activities  
Net Cash used in Financing Activities ©(1,446.66)(1,205.55)
Net decrease in Cash and Cash Equivalents (A+B+C)(1,687.66)(2,255.44)
Cash and Cash Equivalents at the end of the year2,913.824,601.48

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NSDL Mobile App

You can install NSDL Mobile App in your android or Apple iOS phone which is available on Google Playstore and Apple App Store and comes absolutely free, The mobile app is specifically launch for the benefit of the demat account holders to access your investment demat accounts on the go anywhere anytime.

NSDL Mobile App
NSDL Mobile App

Leverage NSDL cutting edge technology based mobile app in your investment life, NSDL developed its world-class state-of-the-art Mobile App for its investors, traders, and clients. Download and enjoy the freedom of checking and viewing balances in your demat account on your mobile on the move anytime, anywhere using the NSDL Mobile App.

NSDL Mobile App Interface
NSDL Mobile App Interface

You are empowered to view your investment holdings in NSDL Demat account.

Registration on NSDL Mobile App

The online registration on the NSDL mobile app account is very simple. All you need to do is to go with the flow to complete the online registration successfully. You need to follow simple steps once you have downloaded and installed the NSDL mobile app successfully in your smartphone. If you have an existing account and already a User of IDeAS or SPEEDe system of NSDL, you can then use the same credentials, your existing User ID and Password to login onto the NSDL mobile App, no need to create a new account.

NSDL Key Advantages

NSDL is the first central depository to convert all paper-based process of ownership and transfer of securities in an exchange to a full-fledged electronic transfer of book entries. This system eradicated all risks and dangers involved in handling the paper.

Apart from the major benefit and the reason for NSDL to be launched and exists, the other direct and indirect benefit would include:

Remove the possibility of Bad Deliveries

Unlike physical environment where buyer bears the risk of endangering the quality of assets while transferring, in electronic environment, the holdings are dematerialized, hence bad delivery is completely removed from the system of transfers.

Removal of all risks of physical certificates

The physical certificates carried risk of theft, mutilation, loss in transit of assets. In a depository environment, through the mode of electronic transfers, investors enjoy a secured environment to transfer the assets, in addition to transparency.

Immediate transfer and registration of securities

In a depository environment, you can be the owner of the asset once the security is transferred to your account; there is no need to send it to the company registrar for registration. In physical environment, the investor is required to send the securities to the company registrar for the registration of the change of ownership. Physical transfer of owner is a long drawn process and may take up to 3 to 4 months, while electronic transfer is instant.

Rapid Settlement Cycle

Settlement cycle follows T+2, which implies that the settlement of the trades will be completed on the second business day from the day the trade is initiated. This of course results in faster liquidation of stock enhancing the liquidity of the investor.

Rapid disbursal of non-cash corporate benefits including rights, bonus, etc.

NSDL facilitates direct and faster credit of non-cash corporate benefits and entitlements in the investors account, thereby reducing the risk of losing the ownership certificates in transit.

Brokers reduced their brokerages due to trading in dematerialised securities

Since all ownership transfers are done through the depository electronically, it involved lower cost triggering the brokers to reduce their brokerages to the investors. Brokers now deal with dematerialized securities that reduce their paper work and the overhead cost to maintain a team in the back office to handle the paperwork. This gain in cost benefit is passed on to the investors in the form of lower brokerage fees and allied charges.

Freedom from handling of huge volumes of paper

Due to electronically transfer of securities has done away completely of paper certificates and paper trading which is complex involved multiple risks and higher costs.

Periodic Status Reports

Investors receive the periodic status reports of their holdings and transactions leading to better control and informed trading.

Elimination of problems related to change of address of investor

The cumbersome process of address change with each company and registrar is no more needed. All investors need to do is to contact their DP with proof of address and other supporting documents and the address change will be in effect with all the companies the investors registered with.

Elimination of problems related to transmission of demat shares

The transmission of holding has become more convenient for dematerialised holdings. Dematerialized movement of held shares and securities are more convenient than the paper-based trading, and to top that up, it is more secured, no loss of information and cost effective.

Elimination of problems related to selling securities on behalf of a minor

A minor can sell demat securities and does not require to go to the court to get the authorisation by the guardian to sell on the minor’s behalf.

Ease in portfolio monitoring

The securities held in dematerialized form are easy to monitor and keep track of. The owner is eligible to get a consolidated periodic statement of accounts on investments in all instruments.


  • Checks and balances in place with NSDL
  • A DP can operate on NSDL only after registration with SEBI based on the recommendation of NSDL
  • DPs can transact in debit or credit on valid instruction from the owner/client
  • A Mandatory reconciliation process in place between DPs and NSDL at the end of every day
  • NSDL Central Systems record all the transactions for future reference or address any dispute raised in the system
  • A data base is maintained by all trading and business partners
  • Periodic inspections carried out into the activities of DPs and R&T agent of NSDL
  • Investors are eligible to get periodic statement of accounts of all securities held
  • SMS / Email alert sent to the account holder of NSDL after any critical transaction takes place in the account holder’s accounts
  • Depository allows investors to transfer the account to another DP if his current DP goes bankrupt
  • International standards of protection of data such as encryption hardware lock, levied by NSDL as per the recommendations in the SEBI regulation
  • Freeze Facility can be applied by the account holder to prevent any debit or credit in his account that freezes the securities available in the account
  • The account holder has the option of Freeze for Debits only, Freeze for both Debits and Credits, Freeze a specific ISIN in the account, and Freeze a specific number of securities held under an ISIN in the account.
  • It is mandatory for DPs to acquire certification from National Institute of Securities Markets before embarking on any operation with NSDL as per SEBI guidelines.
  • Investor’s grievances to be resolved by the business partner, if not, the investor can directly reach out to NSDL/SEBI
  • Insurance cover offered by NSDL to its investors identified by the DPs in case of losses accrued to them owing to errors, omissions, commission, or negligence of DPs.
  • NSDL and its business partners use hardware, software and communication systems as per industry standards and as advised in SEBI regulations. Systems pass through a rigorous testing process by NSDL technical team.
  • Machine level back up and Remote Disaster Back up system are in place. RAID implementation in the disk ensures no loss of data due to a failure of hard disk
  • Power Back up UPS system in place to prevent and data or transaction loss due to power failure and power contingencies.

How to Join NSDL

You can Join NSDL in the following forms/roles/capacities:

  • As a DP
  • As an Issuer
  • As a R&T Agent
  • As a CC/CH
  • As an Investor
  • As a Broker

NSDL activities run through various roles of service providers in the forms of Depository Participants (DPs), or Business Partners (BPs), such as Issuer companies and their registrars, Share Transfer Agents, and clearing corporations of Stock Exchanges. These DPs and BPs have to integrate their services with NSDL to be able to offer their services to investors and clearing members.

Investors get access to the central depository system of NSDL through DPs. Investor will have to open a depository account with NSDL registered DPs to access depository facilities.

Clearing member opens a clearing account with the depository to set the trades done in stock exchanges.

Issuer can make dematerialisation services available to their shareholders by signing an agreement with NSDL. Once the registration is complete, a link is established between NSDL, Issues, and the R&T Agents to collaborate.

Clearing corporations of stock exchanges also needs to be linked to the depository to receive securities delivered electronically by the clearing members for pay-in and pay-out.

As a Depository Participant (DP)

NSDL reach out to investors to offer its services via DPs. DPs can be Sebi registered organisations extending financial services, such as Banks, Brokers, Custodians, and Financial Institutions among others. NSDL via the DPSs can reach across length and breadth of the country cutting across a wide range of investors.

To be a DP, you will have to go through the detailed evaluation by NSDL and needs to be approved by SEBI.

As an Issuer

Issuer may provide demat facility to its investors and shareholders by admitting securities in NSDL. Issuer gets the connectivity electronically with existing registrar and transfer Agent (R&T Agent) or availing of in-house connectivity.

As a Registrar and Transfer Agent (R&T Agent)

R&T agents will have the facility to help the issuer to create and extinguish securities in demat form in NSDL Depository system.

Join as a Clearing Corporation

Clearing Corporation will have a fully operational settlement guarantee mechanism to facilitate settlement in a stock exchange; the facility must be approved by SEBI.

Join as an Investor

With introduction of automated trading systems, you can get scrip-less holding and transaction of securities.

Join as an NSDL Broker

Brokers in stock exchange act as intermediaries to facilitate buying and selling of securities. They are the link between an investor and clearing corporations. Member brokers must have an established electronic connectivity with the NSDL and therefore, need to open a clearing member account.

NSDL Product & Services

In the NSDL’s depository system, you can hold securities in depository accounts the same way you hold funds in the bank accounts.  

Transfer of ownership of securities is simply done via account transfers, thus eliminating the risks and hassles of paperwork, thereby reducing the cost of transacting as compared to transacting in paper certificates which was cumbersome too.

In this section we will deep dive into the products & services offered by NSDL.

NSDL Product & Services
NSDL Product & Services

1. Basic Services

The basic services offered by NSDL include:

  • Account Maintenance
  • Dematerialization
  • Rematerialisation
  • Market Transfers
  • Off-Market Transfers
  • Inter-Depository Transfers
  • Transmission/Nomination
  • Corporate Action
  • Value Added Services

2. Value Added Services

NSDL Provide unique facilities that include:

  • Pledge
  • Hypothecation of Securities
  • Automatic delivery of securities to clearing corporations
  • Distribution of cash and non-cash corporate benefits
  • Stock lending
  • Demat of NSC/KVP
  • Demat od Warehouse receipts
  • Internet based e –services like SPEED-e and IDeAS


NSDL is a single stamen of all you investments that include serveice as below:

  • Investment in equity shares
  • Preference shares
  • Mutual Funds
  • Bonds
  • Debentures
  • Securitized instruments
  • Money market instruments
  • Government securities held in Demat form
  • All investments held in your name (joint/single)

4. Speed-e

This is an internet-based service offered by NSDL. It enables account holders and clearing members to submit instructions directly on the internet via SPEED-e website. For this, you do not need to use paper.

5. IDeAS

IDeAS is internet based Demat Account Statement that allows you to view balances and transactions in your demat account. This account is updated within maximum 30-minutes online basis. Users of SPEED-e, clearing members who have subscribed to IDeAS, and clients whose participants are registered for IDeAs can avail of this service.


‘STeADY’ refers to the facility which enables brokers to deliver and submit contact notes electronically to custodians and fund managers by transmitting digitally signed encryoted trade information.

7. Depository Account Validation (DAN)

Depository Account Validation (DAN) is secured internet based facility providing an online interface that enable subscribers of the service to validate DP ID, Client ID, and PAN of the investors via digital file upload. Book Running Lead Managers, Syndicate Members, can use this service for IPOS and Public issues.

8. SPICE (Submissions of Power of Attorney (POA) based instructions for clients electronically)

The facility enables the clearing members (having POA in favour of  the clearing member) are able to submit the auto pay-in instructions to participants (where client maintain Demat account) on SPEED-e platform to debit the Demat accounts of the clients and credit their clearing members’ Pool Accounts, thereby doing away the need to give paper beased delivery instructions to the participants.

9. SIMPLE (Submission of Instruction through Mobile Phone Login Easily)

The SIMPLE refers to the facility that enables the password–based users of SPEED-e facility to submit client to clearing member pool account transfer instructions on the SPEED-e website using their smartphones.

Fees and Charges to Depository Participants

Services OfferedCharges/Fees (Amount) INR
Entry Fee payable at the time of submitting application (non-refundable)Rs. 25,000/-
Settlement Fees 
Per debit instruction in a Client’s accountRs. 5.00/-
Credit received in CM account from CCRs. 1.00/- per instruction subject to minimum Rs. 1,500/- and maximum Rs. 5,000/- per Quarter per CM account
Inter-settlement transfers in the CM Account(s)Rs. 5.00/- per debit instruction
Transfer from CM account to CM account of another Clearing MemberRs. 5.00/- per debit instruction
Pledge (For creation of pledge / hypothecation. No fee for closing/invoking pledge/hypothecation)Rs. 25 per instruction
Fees for hold on securities for NonDisposal Undertakings/Agreement (NDU)0.01% of the value of securities upon creation of hold subject to a minimum of Rs. 25
Rematerialisation (no rematerialisation fee charged for Government Securities)a) Rs. 10 for every 100 securities or part thereof, subject to maximum fee of Rs. 5,00,000; or b) a flat fee of Rs. 10 per certificate, whichever is higher.
Reconversion of mutual fund units in to SOARs. 10 per instruction
Redemption of mutual fund units through ParticipantsRs. 4.50 per instruction
Interest free refundable Security deposit payable at the time of admission (Clearing Corporation and Clearing House Exempted)Rs. 10,00,000/-
Annual maintenance – corporate accountsRs. 500 per corporate account per annum
Minimum fee to Participants (In case the total fee billed to the Participant in a financial year is less than the minimum fee then the Participant shall be charged the difference)Rs. 1,00,000/- per year
Connectivity charges 
Annual Fees based on bandwidthMinimum Rs. 65,000 and Maximum Rs. 2,50,000 (inclusive of taxes)
Installation Cost (One time charge)Rs. 11,000/- (inclusive of taxes)
DPM software maintenanceRs. 2.5 lakh (one time charge) OR Rs. 40,000 per annum
IDEAS (Annual Fees)Rs. 10000 for first DPM setup and Rs. 5,000 for every additional DPM setup
CASRs. 0.75 per transacted BO demat account for email CAS Rs. 8 per transacted BO demat account for physical CAS

Fees and Charges to Issuers

Service OfferedCharges/fees (amount) INR
Joining Fee for companies 
For an issuer of listed securities20,000/-
For an issuer of unlisted securities15,000/-
Distribution of non-cash corporate benefits: 
Corporate Actions – For debit or credit to accounts10 /- per record, subject to minimum ₹ 1,000/- per corporate action
Issue of commercial paper and short term debt Instruments10,000/- for five issues. Additional fee of ₹10,000/- for every additional five issues
Debit or credit to accounts for Mutual Funds Units (TRASE)10/- per record subject to a minimum fee of ₹ 300/- per corporate action
One time Custody Fee (Not applicable w.e.f November 1, 2011)0.05% plus service tax on market capitalization
Special processing charges for online corporate action10/- per record Subject to minimum of ₹ – 2,500/-and maximum of ₹ 20,000/-per corporate action.
Corporate Action (Buy Back) 
Open market buy back (one time)2,000/-
Each Tender offer buyback1,000/-
Rectification of error by Issuer/ R & T agent0.01 % on transaction value subject to a minimum of ₹ 1,500/- and maximum of ₹ 15,000
Tender Offers1,00,000/-
Reactivation of a ISIN or Corporate Action fee to effect transfer in a suspended ISIN of a private limited company0.01% of the face value or book value or transaction value whichever is higher subject to a minimum fee of ₹10,000 per such request.
CASPhysical – ₹ 2/- per MF Folio Email – ₹ 0.30/- per MF Folio
Document Processing Fee20,000/- for listed/ to be listed Companies for processing documents in respect of issue/ alteration/ cancellation of shares. In case of issue of shares pursuant to employee share benefit schemes ₹ 5,000/- subject to maximum of ₹20,000/- for financial year. ₹250/- for processing document in respect of issue/cancellation/alteration/redemption for securities other than mentioned above (except mutual fund units and Government securities)
Data Service for name verification for corporate actions.₹2.50 per record subject to a minimum fee of ₹ 2,000/- per corporate action

NSDL Offices and Branches

Below is the list of offices and branches pan India:

MumbaiTrade World, A wing, 4th Floor, Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400013
Ahmedabad402, 4th Floor, Heritage Horizon, Off. C. G. Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380009
BengaluruOffice No. 106, DBS house 26, Cunningham Road, Bengaluru – 560052
Chennai6A, 6th Floor, Kences Towers, #1 Ramkrishna Street, North Usman Road, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017
HyderabadOffice No. 123, Hyderabad Regus Mid-Town, 1st Floor, Mid Town Plaza, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500033
Jaipur207, 2nd Floor, Arcade Tower, K-12, Malviya Marg, C – Scheme, Jaipur – 302001
KochiSuite No. S – 105, Monlash Business Center, 4th Floor, Crescens Tower, NH 47, Changampuzha Nagar Post, Kochi – 682033
KolkataUnit 2E, 2nd Floor, The Millenium 235/2A, A.J.C. Bose Road Kolkata – 700020
Officer-In-ChargeNational Securities Depository Ltd. Trade World, A Wing, 4th floor, Kamala Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400013

NSDL Contact Points

Below are the touch points of NSDL vial telephone and email:

CityToll – FreeTelephone NumberEmail
Mumbai1800 222 990(022) 2499 4200[email protected]
Ahmedabad (079) 26461375 
Bengaluru (080) – 40407106 
Chennai (044) 2814 3917 /11 
Hyderabad (040) – 44334178 
Jaipur (0141) 2366347 
Kochi (0484) – 2933075 
Kolkata (0522) 6672325 
Officer-In-Charge1800 222 990(022) 2499 4200[email protected]


NSDL is the largest securities depository of the world. It has a state-of-the-art infrastructure to handle and manage most securities in India held and settled in de-materialized form. It has help reduced the cost of paper based trading by setting up the electronic securities depository systems in India, first of its kind.

Leveraging its cutting-edge world class technology systems, NSDL supports Indian investors, traders, and brokers in the Indian capital market. NSDL ensures safety and reliability of Indian marketplaces through its proprietary settlement solutions increasing efficiency and transparency, thus, minimizing risk and reducing costs. NSDL flagship products and services nurture the growth of the Indian financial services industry.

NSDL is trusted by tends and thousands of investors and intermediaries, living truly up to its tag line “Technology, Trust and Reach”.

The bottom line of our NSDL review is that if you are looking at the best stock exchange platform that will offer you value for your money, NSDL is strongly recommended.

The stock exchange has amazing features and it is highly rated by its users with its positive upsides than downsides. NSDL is the perfect stock exchange service provider for you, and you can NEVER be wrong with your choice of NSDL!


Q1.  What is a Depository?

Ans. A depository is similar to a Bank in real life. Likewise a bank holds accounts electronically or digitally without using paper, a depository holds securities, such as shares, debentures, bonds, govt. securities, units and many more of the holders/investors/traders in the digital form. In addition to holding securities, it also offers services pertaining to transactions in securities.

Q2. How can I avail Depository services?

Ans. A depository works through the Depository Partner (DP) who is the authorised agents that interfaces with investors. To avail of the services of a depository, first you need to open an account with its registered DP.  Consider DPs as the branch of a Bank where you open a bank account to avail of the services of the bank.

Q3. What is the benefit to open an account with depository?

Ans. The benefits include immediate transfer of securities; eliminate the risk of dealing or trading with paper, Reduce the volume of paperwork, reduce th transaction cost as it is done electronically helping the brokers to pass on the cost reduction benefits to the investors, Nomination facility, change is address with DP gets registered electronically with all companies in which investors hold securities, elimination communicating with each company separately, Automatic credit of shares in Demat account, and much more.

Q4. What us NSDL?

Ans. NSDL is a national/central securities depository offering services that include Dematerialization and Rematerialisation (convert physical to electronic and vice versa), facilitate repurchase/redemption of mutual funds, electronic settlement of trades in connected stock exchanges in India, electronic credit of securities allotted in public issues and rights issue, pledging/hypothecation of securities against loan, Freezing of demat accounts, Receipt of non-cash corporate benefits, nomination facility of Demat accounts, etc.

Q5. How to open NSDL Depository Account?

Ans. Opening depository account with NSDL is simple, you need to contact a NSDL DP (Depository Partner) who will guide you with the entire procedure and assist you in completing the formalities. You need to fill up a form, furnish your PAN, Proof of Address, and provide the details of your bank account. You need to open a Demat account of NSDL with the help of your DP.

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