NSDL Mobile App Review

NSDL – An Overview

NSDL stands for National Securities Depository Limited is one of the largest Depositories in the World. The company got founded in the year 1996. NSDL has an infrastructure for handling most of the stocks settled in dematerialized form in the Indian Financial Market.

The Indian Financial Market is more than a century old. The paper-based settlement of shares during the initial days was a complicated process and had many challenges. Hence, the establishment of NSDL under the Depository Act in August 1996 was much needed.

The goal of NSDL is to ensure the safety and soundness of the Indian marketplace by offering digital settlement solutions with high efficiency and minimum cost.

NSDL uses innovative and advanced technology systems for supporting the brokers and the investors of the Indian Capital Market.

NSDL Mobile App

NSDL Mobile App is a highly developed app of the National Securities Depository Limited. This app is for viewing and managing your investment portfolio and holding from the Demat account.

NSDL Mobile App
NSDL Mobile App

The NSDL App is compatible with the Android OS Version 4.0 and higher. There are over 1 million active users of this app. It is a quite popular app and hence has 6k user reviews and 3.8 stars aggregate user rating.

NSDL Mobile App Interface
NSDL Mobile App Interface

The NSDL Mobile app is free for download and use. It comes in a download file size of 5.9 MBs only.

Top features of NSDL Mobile App

  • It has a safe and secure login system with Used ID and encrypted password.
  • Users can reset the password themselves by using the forgot password option on the login screen.
  • New users can register themselves through this app.
  • A detailed dashboard gets provided with a menu and all the information related to the Depository account – DP ID, Client ID, etc.
  • It offers features for a consolidated view of investment holding and portfolio.
  • Various reports and statements viewed, downloaded, and emailed.
  • E-Voting feature is available within the app.
  • Customer support conveniently contacted from the Contact Us option on the menu.
  • Reset ID and Reset Password features.
  • Post your queries and feedback.

NSDL Jiffy App

The NSDL Jiffy is a new age platform for digital banking solutions. It facilitates online banking, free debit card, and other banking services such and NEFT payments, IMPS payment and UPI payments, etc.

NSDL Jiffy App
NSDL Jiffy App

NSDL Jiffy is a small app with a download file size of merely 18 MB. There are more than 10k active users, and they have rated this app at 3.8 stars on the Google Play Store.

NSDL Jiffy App Interface
NSDL Jiffy App Interface

Top features of the NSDL Jiffy App

It gives an online instant account opening process, which is entirely paperless.

  • Get a free digital Visa or RuPay debit card.
  • You can forward a request for a physical card from the app.
  • Online payments are available such as NEFT, IMPS, UPI, etc.
  • The physical cards provided by NSDL jiffy come handy at ATM and POS for shopping.
  • Bill Payments, Mobile Recharge, and DTH recharge features are available.
  • App provides multi-layered security and also log in through MPIN and OTP.
  • Fantastic offers for online shopping, food ordering, etc.

NSDL Mobile App Pros and Cons

Here is a quick comparison of the Pros and Cons of the NSDL Mobile App.


  1. It is a highly secured app with an encrypted password.
  2. It enables the users to track their holding in one place.
  3. Detailed statements are available at the convenience of your fingertips.
  4. Electronic voting for shareholders.
  5. Most of the app features are DIY.


  1. The user interface is a little old and outdated.
  2. Not a lot of features provided.
  3. Customers have reported that the technical support of NSDL is not up to the mark.


The NSDL Mobile App is dedicated only to the long-term investors, and it does not provide a trading platform. If you are an investor managing a detailed portfolio and a big list of Indian Financial instruments, then this app is the right choice for you.

There are no other competitors of the NSDL App in the Indian Market. However, the services and features provided by the NSDL app are also available with the other broker apps as well.

NSDL Mobile App FAQs

Q. What is the purpose of NSDL?

A. NSDL is the National Securities Depository. It is one of the largest depositories in the World. During the initial days of stock market investments, securities and financial instruments got traded in the paper form. Management of these paper forms was a challenging task. Hence, NSDL started dematerializing the shares and started keeping a proper record of them.

Q. Is the NSDL Mobile App Free?

A. Yes. The NSDL Mobile App is completely free of cost for downloading and using. NSDL does not charge any fee for downloading their app. However, for opening a Demat account and availing depository services, the users are required to pay specific account opening fees and maintenance charges.

Q. Can I trade derivatives with this app?

A. No, the NSDL app is only for the management of your investment holdings. Any type of investment and trading is not allowed in the NSDL app. You can go for a SEBI registered broker and open a trading account for trading derivatives. You can also ling your NSDL Demat account with the trading account for convenience.

Q. Does NSDL provide Advisory services?

A. NSDL is a depository service provider, and they do not deal and any kind of stock market tips, recommendations or advisory, etc. Various other brokers in the market provide such services, you can collaborate your NSDL account with them and get advisory.

Q. Why should I choose NSDL?

A. The Securities Depository system takes care of the ownership and transfer of securities and other financial instruments. This whole concept eliminates the risk of mishandling of the paper and physical documents. On top of everything, NSDL claims to remove the risk of wrong deliveries, immediate transfer, and registration of the securities and the fastest settlement cycle.

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