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About Nirmal Bang

Nirmal Bang is a multidimensional, multiproduct, full-service broker, which kick-started in the year 1986. The three brothers, Nirmal Bang, Kishore Bang, and Dilip Bang, co-founded the company

In the last 30 years, it has acquired immense knowledge and experience. It happily shares this with its customers. They have almost one lakh total number of customers.

They have a presence in equity, commodities, derivatives, and currency trading.

Nirmal Bang Logo
Nirmal Bang Logo

They have also made their presence in Mutual funds, IPOs, FDs and bonds, Insurance broking, Investment banking, portfolio management, wealth advisory, and such high-end financial services.

They started by being in the offline market, but now with changing times, they have adopted the online platform with ease and confidence.

Nirmal Bang Mobile Trading Platform serve their customers with great zest and eagerness.

Apart from being an active and honored member of NSE, BSE, MCX, NMCE, and NCDEX, they are depository partners of both NSDL and CDSL.

Nirmal Bang Mobile App Review
Nirmal Bang Mobile App Review

Nirmal Bang Mobile App:

Intending to increase efficiency and utility, Nirmal Bang has adopted internet technology. The most common device being mobile phones these days, Nirmal Bang has developed into a state of the art mobile apps.

1. Nirmal Bang Beyond App

Beyond mobile app is the official stock trading app of the Nirmal Bang group. It is available for both android and apple store.

It seems quite popular and efficient, with a total download of about 100,000. The users have rated it 3+, which is very commendable, considering the competition in the online trading app, in recent times.

Nirmal Bang Beyond App
Nirmal Bang Beyond App

Beyond the mobile app is very light at 7.5 MB and can be easily downloaded on any smart mobile. It allows the investor to get live market feeds across various platforms.

With this one app, the customer can take advantage of investment opportunities across the platforms. That is, he can trade in NSE, BSE, commodities by just a few clicks.

Being backed by Nirmal Bang, the latest news and proper market research are available on this app.

Nirmal Bang Beyond App Screenshot
Nirmal Bang Beyond App Screenshot

Some exciting App Features of the Beyond App:

  • Secured trading with 2F-A authentication for trading safety.
  • Access to intraday charts and historical charts as well.
  • It gives easy access to technical and fundamental analysis of any stock.
  • It has an inbuilt branch locator and an in-app calling facility to contact the dealer.
  • It facilitates easy and secure fund transfer between the trading and the bank account.
  • Track all your investment just with a click.
  • For the day trader, it comes with quick and easy intraday trading options
  • The latest news and information are available on your fingertips.

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2. Nirmal Bang BO

Though the trading happens online, lots of records need to keep in compliance with the rules.

Time and again, the trader needs to check on the status of his Demat account, his balances, and various other accounts.

Nirmal Bang BO App
Nirmal Bang BO App

Nirmal Bang BO mobile app is the official back-office mobile application. The registered users can log in and check their account status and monitor all their trading.

The old traditional ways on the desk are now online. It provides the ease of 24/7 connectivity with full transparency.

If needed, clarifications can be sought and given easily. Records being online can be viewed anytime and from anywhere.

Nirmal Bang BO App LD Firm Selection Screen
Nirmal Bang BO App LD Firm Selection Screen

App Features of Nirmal Bang BO mobile app:

  • Notional cash segment available
  • The notional derivative section is also available
  • You can view the financial statement here
  • Client snapshot accessible on this app
  • Global Cash net outstanding
  • Global derivative net outstanding.
  • You can view the opening and statutory charges here
  • You can see the direct dividend here
  • CDSL holding pdf viewed and downloaded.

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3. Nirmal Bang Connect

With the objective of better coverage and better service, Nirmal Bang has branch offices and associates spread throughout the country.

Nirmal Bang Connect App
Nirmal Bang Connect App

The branches have limited local back-office resources. So they need to connect to the central back-office for all their back-office needs.

Records and data need to exchange frequently. Apart from the client’s data, the branch data also needs to be recorded and analyzed.

Nirmal Bang Connect is the app that connects the registered offices to the back office to track and view the accounts in equity, derivatives, commodity, and currency market.

Nirmal Bang Connect App Firm Selection Screen
Nirmal Bang Connect App Firm Selection Screen

The key App Features of this app denoted by the records it keeps and shares:

  • Notional Cash Segment
  • Notional Derivative Segment
  • Financial Statement
  • Live Obligation
  • Ultimate Delivery
  • Global Cash Net O/S
  • Global Derivative Net O/S
  • Form 10DB
  • Contract Note
  • Span Margin Breakup
  • Short Term Long Term Capital
  • NBFC Funding
  • Portfolio Returns %
  • Cash Trade
  • Derivative Trade
  • Client Master
  • Future Purchase Blocked

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Nirmal Bang Competitor:

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4. Beyond 2.0

Beyond 2.0 is the advanced and feature-packed online trading app of the Nirmal Bang group.

Nirmal Bang Beyond 2.0 App
Nirmal Bang Beyond 2.0 App

The User Interface has many user-friendly features. The charts are more explicitly and colorful for a better understanding.

As with the Beyond, app, with Beyond 2.0, you can connect to equity, derivative or commodity market, and trade in any investment opportunity.

Nirmal Bang Beyond 2.0 App Screenshot
Nirmal Bang Beyond 2.0 App Screenshot

Some Key App Features:-

  • Advanced and secure fingerPrint Login, MPIN Login is available for added safety and security.
  • You get intuitive Gesture controls for quicker control and navigation.
  • Dark and light themes available for day/night operations
  • Beneficial multilingual support provided for Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati language.
  • For a quick search, voice-based commands included in beyond 2.0
  • With the new dashboard, it is secure track trades and portfolios.
  • Watchlist with HEAT MAP and flexibility of editing and sorting on various parameters, Symbol search now from watchlist itself
  • Movement between different trade section is seamless and secure.
  • Multi Exchange Streaming Market Watch
  • Live Reports generated or viewed.
  • Just press a button to track investments.

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Nirmal Bang Mobile App Pros and cons

Let us now look at some benefits and drawbacks of Nirmal Bang trading app.


  • The app is very user friendly with a great UI.
  • You get a free Demat and trading account.
  • Even beginners can work with the app very nicely.
  • Real-time market news and research is available
  • Technical analysis helps in making a wise investment decision.


  • It does not have consolidated trading, bank, and Demat account facility
  • No margin or brokerage calculator in the app
  • The margins are higher than discount brokers.
Open Nirmal Bang Demat Account
Open Nirmal Bang Demat Account


Nirmal Bang group, with an experience of over 30 decades, gives sound investment advice.

Desktop and mobile apps are also reasonably good at performance.

They provide services in almost all types of investment opportunities. Hence with due deliberation and considering the brokerage charges, one can decide to go ahead with the Nirmal Bang trading app.

Nirmal Bang Mobile App FAQ

Q. On which platform is the Nirmal Bang trading app available?

A. For the sake of customer convenience, this app titled as ‘Beyond’ and ‘Beyond 2.0’ is available in the android play store. It is also available in the apple store. Both the apps work with the same efficiency and features

Q. What is a 2FA password?

A. 2FA is a type of password, used for extra safety and precaution. Simple passwords get hacked easily. Since this is a trading account, to prevent any fraud happening, a super-secure 2 FA password helps. Here the cell number and the pan card number is also registered to make it difficult to hack.

Q. In which segments can I trade with Nirmal Bang mobile app?

A. You can trade in all types of    NSE and BSE. You can also deal with futures and options. Commodity trading is allowed in MCX.So it is, in fact, a multiplatform investment app.

Q. How will I Get confirmation of my trade?

A. Any trade that you execute on the Nirmal Bang Mobile app gets confirmed in two ways. Firstly an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number. Along with that, a mail also will be sent to your registered Email Id. In case you do not get confirmation, please contact the customer service department.

Q. What is AMO?

A. It stands for After Market order. It is an additional facility provided in the Nirmal Bang Mobile trading app. Through it, orders placed ever after it closes. The processing, of course, will happen on the next working day. But at least the order is lined up.

Nirmal Bang Alternative:

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