Motilal Oswal App – Review, Mobile Demo, Charges and Download & More

About Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. is a full-service traditional stockbroker. Based out of Mumbai, Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd is a part of Motilal Oswal Group, which is a diversified financial service provider. 

Motilal Oswal Group offers services including broking, loans, wealth management, portfolio management, investment banking, etc. 

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd facilitates trading and investment at NSE, BSE, and MCX. Customers can trade across all the segments and indices through the Motilal Oswal Mobile App. 

The company has a vast network of more than 2200 physical branches and sub-brokers in over 500 cities across India.  

Motilal Oswal is one of the most technologically advanced stockbrokers, with an in-house development team, research team, and multiple in-house software such as back-office, risk management software, and partner portal.  

When we talk about the advanced technology at Motilal Oswal, we mention their top-class trading and investment apps, which are operable from smart mobile phones. 

This article points out the pros and cons of these apps, along with the salient features and quick comparison.

Motilal Oswal offers various apps for trading and investment purpose. 

Let us understand these apps in detail.

Motilal Oswal Mobile App Review
Motilal Oswal Mobile App Review

Motilal Oswal – App Review 

Motilal Oswal emphasizes trading via mobile applications to gain a better trading experience.

The Oswal mobile trading app is loaded with all the essential features which you may need at your disposal.

1. MO Trader

When it comes to the mobile trading app for android, MO Trader App is the answer. MO Trader is a highly developed product by the in-house team of Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. 

Motilal Oswal MO Trader App
Motilal Oswal MO Trader App

This app enables you to trade in various segments, i.e., Equity, Commodity, Currency, and Derivatives.  

MO Trader app is free for download and uses from the Google Play Store. It has over 1 lakh, active users currently. 

The users have praised the app very much and have rated it 3.7 stars on the Google Play Store.

Motilal Oswal MO Trader App Interface
Motilal Oswal MO Trader App Interface

This app is minimal in file size and occupies only 5 MB of space on your smartphone. Here are the key features of MO Trader App:

  • Get a consolidated view of pending and executed orders, open and closed positions as well as utilized limits.
  • It has multiple watch lists that are customizable for tracking your favorite stocks across different segments and industries.
  • There are intraday Charts and Graphs with Drawing Tools – Line Charts, Bar Charts, Candlesticks, and Mountain Charts, etc.
  • Charts are available in multiple intraday time frames, ranging from 1 minute to 1 year.
  • It has technical Indicators such as Bollinger Bands, RSI, VIX, etc. for extensive technical research.
  • There are bracket Orders, Cover Orders, Stop-loss, Trailing Stop-loss Orders, and many more.
  • It has trading equity, commodity, currency, derivatives, etc. from one single app.
  • It is a small size and lightweight app, which provides extra speed to the app.
  • It is a clean and smooth user interface, which is easy to understand even for beginners. 
  • Quick and safe fund transfer process between your savings account and trading account. Motilal Oswal App support over 25 nationalized banks for pay-in and pay-outs.

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2. MO Investor

MO Investor App is a very user-friendly mutual fund app. 

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned investor, the MO Investor app is one of the best apps suitable for managing your investments and portfolio on the go. 

MO Investor App
MO Investor App

MO Investor App also enables the users to invest in Gold and Gold Bonds along with Mutual Funds. 

This app is top-rated amongst the Indian Investors, and more than 5 lakh users downloaded it. 

Just like the other Trader App of Motilal Oswal, this Investor App is also lightweight and blazing fast.

MO Investor App Interface
MO Investor App Interface

It has 3.9 stars on the Google Play Store. Here are the key app features:

  • Real-time updates on your watch list.
  • You can access rich Mutual Funds Page for a snapshot of your holdings, ongoing SIPs, maturing SIPs, etc.
  •  The app enables you to invest as per you’re your financial goals. 
  • You can use the TIP (Target Investment Plan) feature for goal-based investing.  
  • You get instant customer support, which is available through chat 24×7.
  • There is a Robotic Wealth Manager assigned to you for proper risk profiling and effective asset allocation based on the same.
  • Invest in Gold.
  • Start, Stop, Pause, and Modify your SIP amount as per your convenience, directly from the MO Investor App.

Motilal Oswal Competitor:

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3. MO Saathi

MO Saathi is a tool for the sales and advisory team of Motilal Oswal. The useful tool is for managing sales leads (prospective customers). 

It helps in maintaining a relationship with the clients and winning back inactive clients.

MO Saathi App
MO Saathi App

MO Saathi app is 3.6 MB in file size and has 4.3 stars user rating on Google Play Store.

Here are the key features of Saathi App:

  • Keeps you updated on sales activities.
  • It set follow-ups, appointments, notifications, and much more.
  • Comprehensive Lead management.
  • Multiple product client mapping.
  • Track your team performance vs. targets.

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MOPWM CRM is the next-generation app that helps you connect with your clients and prospects.

  • You can stay in touch with the prospects and clients, schedule meetings, put follow up reminders, and the client connects points—all of this on the go.
  • It is a minimal app, merely a 3.5 MB download file size. 
  • The total user rating of this app on the Google Play Store is 4.3 MB. 
  • MOPWM CRM app is compatible with Tablet PC and iPads.
  • The newer version of the app has improved UI & UX.

5. MyZone – Motilal Oswal

My Zone Motilal Oswal is the mobile-based application for managing the attendance, leaves, and payroll of the Motilal Oswal Employees.

Motilal Oswal MyZone App Interface
Motilal Oswal MyZone App Interface

The app is 4.1 MB in file size and has 4.6 stars on the google play store.

  • The profile section includes your photo, designation, personal details, contact details, and precise details, etc.
  • The attendance calendar shows the overall attendance of the employee, beginning from the current financial year to the current date. 
  • The leave application feature is also available in the app. 
  • It has My team section with the details of your team, which includes the employee’s name, code, date of joining, branch, designation, and status of the day.
  • It has a holiday calendar for a consolidated view of the leaves and holidays.

6. Motilal Oswal AMC – MF & PMS

Motilal Oswal AMC is a mobile application for the regular investors of Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company.

Motilal Oswal AMC is a convenient mode of investing. The app is 4.33 MB in file size and has an overall user rating of 3.7 stars. 

Motilal Oswal AMC – MF & PMS App And Interface
Motilal Oswal AMC – MF & PMS App And Interface

For new Mutual Fund Investors and a KYC complaint, one can start investing without any documentation. You can also access the following;

Mutual Fund Products

• PMS Products


• Monthly Newsletters – MF and PMS

• Wealth Creation Thoughts

Existing Mutual Fund Investors can view the portfolio and initiate these transactions at convenience without a User Id and Password.

• Additional Purchase in existing and new folios

• iSIP in existing and new folios

• Download Account Statement, Capital Gain Statement, and Monthly MF Factsheet

• Systematic Transfer Plan

• iSIP cancellation

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7. MO Thunder

MO Thunder app is an outstretch version of Home Loan Sales CRM with the facility to record the lead lifecycle.

Also, real-time end to end the flow of the leads and sales funnel available.

MO Thunder is a powerful app that provides freedom from the annual and hectic maintenance of the Daily Sales Report.

It has an outstanding 4.9 stars rating on the google play store.

8. UpperMOst

UpperMOst App is a solution for all Business Partners and Franchises. This app enables them to manage their business effectively and efficiently. 

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly snapshot of your Revenue, AUM, Sales & Clients. 
  • A quick view of newly acquired, inactive, and top clients with inbuilt call and email functionality is available.
  • It values Foster Relationship Management with the clients. 
  • It gives market information from national and international markets. 
  • It is a small file size of merely 4 MB.
Motilal Oswal UpperMOst App
Motilal Oswal UpperMOst App

9. MO Marshal 

MO Marshal is an application for helping the agents to recover loans outstanding.

  • You get a list of follow-ups for the next day.
  • SMS acknowledges PTP cases.
  • Timeslot feature during follow-up.
  • You have the facility of simplified UI for Cash Payment with the option to receive SMS on a user-selected number.
  • Top up provision for eligible clients.

10. MO Mobic

MO MOBIC app is the app specially created for the Partners of Motilal Oswal. It has 1000 + installs and rated for 3+

The purpose of this app is to enrich the MOBIC Conference, which is Indian’s first and largest conference for a partner. 

Amazing features of this app. –

It has an Ask, and the Win section of this app allows the partners to ask questions in the conference and take home exciting gifts in return. 

-MOBIC app is a must-have app for all our registered business partners

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11. Motilal Oswal Conferences

Motilal Oswal conferences app is for conference management. This app acts as your companion at the event and helps you stay connected. 

This app is a modern paperless solution for eliminating the burden of printing and carrying hard-copies on site. It offers you to :

  • View your conference schedules.

12. MO Wealth App

The MO Wealth app is a defective way of tracking your family level portfolio with simplified design and analytics. 

Below are mentioned the key features of this app.

  • It has a single page view of the entire portfolio.
  • New and simplified design.
  • It has the facility of research, blogs, and news.
  • Responsive with a range of devices.

13. Motilal Oswal Digital A/c Opening

You can open an account anytime, anywhere, with this enhanced Motilal Oswal Digital Opening app offered by Motilal Oswal. 

Through this app, you can open an account in equity, commodity, currency, or only Mutual Funds without a Demat account. 

Key features of the app are as given here :

  • All-in-one app for Broking & Only Mutual Fund account opening – Anytime & Anywhere.
  • Real-time identity proof verification.
  • Quick client code generation to start trading. 
  • It has a feature for tracking the live status of the application.
  • It gives operational ease with online fund transfer.
  • It is a single powerful tool for opening accounts across all segments.
Open Motilal Oswal Demat Account
Open Motilal Oswal Demat Account

Motilal Oswal – Pros and Cons 

Here is a comparison of the advantages and considerations of Motilal Oswal’s Mobile Trading Platform.


  • It is a loaded app with multiple features required for smooth trading experience.
  • Both the apps are lightweight and hence lightning fast.
  • Motilal Oswal is one of the oldest companies in India, which indicates a sense of trust and reliability.
  • Robotic Wealth Manager is a unique and helpful feature.
  • It gives real-time reports and recommendations for profitable trading.


  • Brokerage charges and other fee structures are high compared to discount brokers.
  • Motilal Oswal provides call & trade service, but it is chargeable extra.
  • Limited customer support features within the app.


Motilal Oswal’s Trading App and Investor App are fit for providing the right trading environment. Apart from a few drawbacks, the app is pretty exhaustive in terms of features.  

If compared with a discount broker, the charges are on the higher end. But at the same time, discount brokers can not compare with the top-class customer service of a traditional full-service broker, i.e., Motilal Oswal.

Motilal Oswal Mobile App highly recommended for both beginners and advanced level users.

Motilal Oswal App FAQs

Q. Where can I download these apps, and are they free?

A. Motilal Oswal Mobile Trading App and Investor App are available from Google Play Store. These apps are free to download, and you can download and use these apps for free; there are no hidden charges on these apps. Additionally, you will be supposed to pay commission and brokerage fees on your executed orders once you start trading. 

Q. How to open an account with Motilal Oswal?

A. Account Opening at Motilal Oswal is an effortless process. 

You will be required three different accounts – Demat Account, Trading Account, and Mutual Funds Account. 

You have to submit KYC and Aadhar ID for account activation. 

You can send these articles either online or by visiting the nearest office. 

Q. What is the review of the Motilal Oswal Advisory Service?

A. Motilal Oswal has a dedicated in-house research team. It continually works on providing useful tips, recommendations, and reports based on extensive analysis. Current clients of Motilal Oswal have given good feedback about their advisory and claimed to have benefited by their recommendations.

Q. Where to find my login id and password?

A. The set of login credentials is shared on your registered email address once your account is activated. Please check your inbox for the same if your account opening process is complete. You can also check the spam folder as well. If you still can’t find it, please contact Motilal Oswal Customer Support.

Q. Do they have zero brokerage on delivery trade?

A. No, Motilal Oswal is not a Discount Brokerage or Zero Brokerage Firm. It is a traditional full-service stockbroker firm, and hence standard percentage based brokerage charges are applicable for all kinds of buying and selling.

Motilal Oswal Alternative:

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