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About Moneycontrol Moneybhai virtual Trading Platform

What is your perfect investment plan? Not sure? Try it here on Moneybhai, the ultimate virtual share market simulator. It is bundled with all features that you need to plan before you plan to venture into the actual stock market. 

Try all your strategies here and see for yourself whether those work just right for you. 

Moneybhai is the right place where you can test a strategy before you risk your hard-earned cash.

The right way to go about it is to log on to, India’s largest and best online trading simulation game. It allows you to get drenched with the thrills of investing with no risk. 

Moneybhai is educational, a challenging virtual stock exchange game used by thousands of investors. It helps sharpen their trading skills, strategies, and make better decisions!

You can practice and be the master of trading skills in a simulated environment. To be an investor you need to inculcate discipline in you. It teaches you to be a disciplined investor. 

It helps you further to judge when to take a risk. It teaches the most important aspect of trading, i.e. money management.

Moneybhai is educational because you learn and create your own style of trading. Play every day; it will be a fun and profitable venture for you for sure.

Moneybhai Review
Moneybhai Review

Biggest Virtual Trading Game MoneyBhai decoded

Money is a simulated investing game for investors. MoneyBhai Moneycontrol is a game that simulates investing. Moneybhai helps beginners learn how to buy/sell shares virtually without using real money. 

It is a simulated virtual investment game where anyone who is interested in the stock market can learn to how to trade-in and trade-in successfully and effectively.

  • This is the same as ‘Moneybhai Virtual Trading’ where moneybhai investors can practice investing without using real or actual money. 
  • It is also known as paper trading, sometimes called ‘Virtual Stock Trading’. 
  • It is a simulated trading process where investors can use virtual or imaginary money on a virtual trading platform that behaves exactly like a real stock market.
  • The top 5 Best Virtual Trading platforms are Moneybhai, Dalal Street, Chart Mantra, MoneyPot, and TrakInvest.
  • Money Bhai is introduced by Moneycontrol. In order to invest in the share market, the basic requirement is to have a Demat and Trading account. 
  • Once you have both, you can hire a broker, for instance, Zerodha, a reputed Indian brokerage agency who is a member of the stock market and can help you buy or sell shares. 
  • You also need to have a savings account, PAN and ID proof.
  • It is a good idea to practice trading on a virtual platform like Money Bhai from Moneycontrol with virtual Money; at least you will not have the fear of losing your own real money. 

In order to get started, you need to do moneybhai registration by creating a moneybhai login id or password; alternatively, you can log in with your Google or Facebook id.

Moneybhai Welcome Screen
Moneybhai Welcome Screen

Let’s Explore MoneyBhai

Money Bhai is a potent and the most advanced technology that simulates the stock market. The players who participate in this virtual trading and investment game get an opportunity to get exposure to trading.

By participating in the market real-time, using real-time data, and virtual currency, you save yourself from losing real money. If you are new to investment, then you need to get into the habit of early investing. 

This game just does that. Money Bhai helps you understand the nitty-gritty of the share market without using and spending your own money.

If you are young and starting early, you have high risk-taking ability. Money Bhai will give you a kind of practical training on its virtual trading platform. 

This will help you inculcate high risk-taking capacity and also prepare you for the consequences of market-led decisions.

How does Moneybhai work?

  1. Money Bhai is India’s biggest and the most advanced virtual trading game that simulates investing methodologies of the share market. 
  2. Once you join by using your id /password, you will have cash in your portfolio account. You will also get an intraday trading limit. 
  3. With this virtual money, you can invest in all the asset classes. Asset classes considered here are shares, commodities, mutual funds, and fixed deposits. 
  4. If you have used up the entire money, you can reset it back to the original portfolio balances/cash. So, you do not lose anything here even if you do not win.
  5. Money Bhai uses actual market data from the share market. This offers real-time exposure, similar to using a brokerage account for trading in.
MoneyBhai Login Via FB & Google
MoneyBhai Login Via FB & Google

Advantages of Money Bhai 

  • It offers virtual cash, no  need for real money
  • Play with real data to get comprehensive idea about share market trading
  • You can try new things as there is no fear of losing.
  • You paly in a real time scenario where you are encouraged to take risk
  • A platform that doesn not include the risk factor so you explore more and learn more

5 steps to get started with Moneybhai

  1. Start by regiistering on Moneybhai account. You have to login or register with Moneybhai in order to claim the Moneybhai prize money. It is mandatory to login once a day.
  2. You are encouraged to achieve higher portfolio value while playing thegame. Do not shun away from competition, the fund lies there. You are encouraged by the game to learn to take a risk as much as you can to win.
  3. Do not be a miser and try to save virtual money. Invest all. The return you get in the maket is much higher than the cash you invest, so do not stay away from investing the entire cash to witness a larger return. No need to maintain a cash balances.
  4. Learn from the leader. monitor the leader’s portfolio and the way he is playing. That the best way to arrive at the winning strategy.
  5. Reset your portfolio back to your original corpus if you think you have lost. Play again, learn from the earlier mistakes. 

Money Bhai Menu and Purpose 

My InvestmentsTransactLeaguesLeadersLearnRules
You can see the information about the asset classes like Equity, Debt, Mutual Fund wher you may invest inYou can transact in and get help invest in different asset classesYou can for form small groups/communities  here under this option to include compettition among the groupsTells you about the  leader’s startegy to help you  learn the most aout share market strategiesHere you will learn about markets and basic moneybhai investment strategiesRules – how to play and navigate through the game
Here you can see the your Portfolio, Transaction History, and P&L StatementsAsset classes refrered here are equity, debt, and balanced funds. You may choose the asset class to suit your profile for investmentCan invite friends and acquaintances in the group.  You need to have more players to maximize the potential of learning, investing and trading

MoneyBhai App in a nutshell

MoneyBhai app offers a gaming platform that simulates the share and stock market. It helps you to deep dive into the nitty-gritty and intricacies of the stock market using virtual currency.

Key Features-

  • You can transact online
  • Enable you to look across all Assets Classes – AMC wise and Family-wise
  • MF related recent transactions
  • You can check the MF Holding Report
  • Fact sheets
  • Funds recommended for you
  • Videos on Market views and related news
  • Advisor’s scheduled tasks and activities
  • SIP Expiry, SIP Bounced, SIP Terminated alerts you will receive
  • Various Calculators to calculate outcomes
  • E-locker facility that enables you to store documents, insurance policy 
open Moneybhai demat account
open Moneybhai demat account

Moneybhai Reviews Conclusion

We have discussed why Moneybhai is India’s best virtual stock trading Platform. The bottom line of our Moneybhai review is that if you are looking at the best and incomparable virtual stock trading platform that will offer you value for your money; Moneybhai is strongly recommended.

The platform has amazing features. This is one of the highly-rated virtual share market trading platforms by its users with its positive sides more than negative. Moneybhai helps you learn the best strategy of stock trading without using our own hard-earned cash. 

Moneybhai is the perfect online virtual trading platform for you, and you can NEVER be wrong with your choice of Moneybhai Moneycontrol App!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Moneybhai Virtual Stock Trading Platform

Q1. What is Moneybhai?

Ans: Moneybhai is a stock market gaming app that gives you virtual trading experience in different asset classes with virtual money. It is perfect exposure for first-time investors, beginners and students to experience and learn about investments and various strategies of share and the stock market.

Q2. What do I require to buy shares in Moneycontrol?

Ans: You need to have an active Demat and Trading account. You can then higher a broker or start investing through a bank. Thus, you can start buying and selling shares in the stock exchange.

Q3. DO I need actual money to test my strategy on Moneybhai?

Ans: Moneybhai us a virtual gaming app that gives you the first look of the stock market and how it behaves. It is a tool that can be used without actually investing in the stock market. Since everything out here is virtual, the money too. You will get a credit of 1 crore virtual money once you complete moneybhai registration.

Q4. What are the key features of Moneybhai?

Ans: MoneyBhai app offers a virtual trading platform that simulates the share and stock market. It helps you to deep dive into the nitty-gritty and intricacy of the stock market using virtual currency. It helps you to learn how to transact online. You can master the stock market strategy without losing real money. If you go wrong, you can reset and start all over again.

Q5. How do I delete a portfolio on MoneyBhai?

Ans: The Delete option allows you to remove Portfolio from your Portfolio Tracker. 

  1. Go to Portfolio Tracker Homepage, select the portfolio from which you want to delete the scheme and click on <Go>
  2. Select the schemes that you wish to delete from the Portfolio Tracker
  3. Click on <Delete>
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