MDirect FAQs – Demat & Trading Account Related General Questions & Answers

MDirect FAQ

MDirect, also known as Moneylicious Capital is a discount brokerage company that offers various services and products to clients making it a renowned broker in India. MDirect was founded by Mr. Sushil Agarwal who is a renowned charming figure in the stock trading industry. 

MDirect stands out as a great discount broker due to its combination of great good traits such as exceptional customer services, great trading platforms, a maximum of 2X trading exposure and more.

Q1. Who is the founder of MDirect company?

Ans. MDirect was founded by Mr. Sushil Agarwal who has tons of experience and exposure in the stock trading industry. MDirect has been in operation for over 2 decades since it was founded in 1997 in Mumbai, Maharashtra India.

Q2. Is MDirect a public listed company or a private company?

Ans. MDirect is a private brokerage company owned by Mr. Sushil Agarwal and is not a public listed company.

Q3. What is the registered headquarters or office of MDirect?

Ans. MDirect Capital has a registered headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra in India.

MDirect FAQs

Q4. Which broker category does MDirect falls in?

Ans. MDirect falls under the discount broker category this means that it has a fixed brokerage per transaction. It is not a full-service brokerage company.

Q5. Which stock exchanges are supported on MDirect?

Ans. MDirect supports several stock exchanges that its customers can trade on. These stock exchanges include; BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX, and MSEI.

Q6. Which segments does MDirect offer their services?

Ans. MDirect offers several segments that their clients can trade. These segments include; Equity, Commodity and Currency segments. The equity segment offers Deliver, Future, Option, and Intraday.

Q7. What are investments products and services available on MDirect?

Ans. MDirect offers equity trading, commodity trading, currency trading, futures, options, SIP and more. The trading products offered by MDirect are inclusive of financial investment products as well as the general stock market.

Q8. What are the charges of opening a trading account with MDirect?

Ans. MDirect offers affordable trading account opening fees. It charges a one-off fee of Rs. 500 to open a trading account with them.

Q9. What are the charges of opening a demat account with MDirect?

Ans. The Demat AMC charges on MDirect are Free because the price is waived for the first year. For the consequent years, the charges are Rs. 400 per annum.  The trading AMC charges are Free on MDirect Capital.

Q10. Is it mandatory to have a demat account with trading account at MDirect?

Ans. Yes. When opening a trading account with MDirect, a Demat account is mandatory for effective trading.

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Q11. What are the monthly or yearly plans available on MDirect?

Ans. MDirect does not have any monthly or yearly plans. This makes it easier for clients to trade at all times.

Q12. What is the minimum trading brokerage with MDirect?

Ans. With MDirect, there is no minimum trading brokerage.

Q13. Is there automated trading for retailer investor in India?

Ans. Yes. MDirect supports automated trading to all its retailer customers all over India. This makes it easier for busy investors to trade with MDirect at all times.

Q14. Can MDirect allow clients to place order after the trading hours?

Ans. Yes. With MDirect, it is possible for clients to place an order ‘After Trading Hours’ The “After Hour Session” makes it possible for clients to place an order even after the market is closed.

Q15. What features makes MDirect ideal brokerage company?

Ans. MDirect is renowned for in-house research reports, seminars, webinars and workshops to educate its clients, transparent and simple pricing, multi segments and exchanges on the same trading window.

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Q16. What is the process of registering with MDirect to start trading?

Ans. To start trading with MDirect, you can contact them on their toll-free line 1 8602 671 671 for account opening. A client can request information and guidance about MDirect trading when they call. MDirect also has a customer support email at [email protected].

Q17. What are the trading platforms available with MDirect?

Ans. The trading platforms available at MDirect are accessible and functional on each and every device be it desktop, mobile or laptop. The 3 trading platforms available are MDirect Trading Terminal – NET PLUS, MDirect Web-Based Trading Platform – WEB NEST PLUS and MDirect Mobile Trading App.

Q18. What features are available on the MDirect trading app?

Ans. The MDirect mobile app platform is capable of real-time updates, it offers portfolio details, it has news flash, it is easy to install and use, it has global indices, interactive charting, live market data, and email alerts.

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Q19. What is the leverage or exposure offered by MDirect?

Ans. MDirect offers up to 2X leverage on Equity deliver, intraday, futures, options, currency futures, currency options, and commodity trading.

Q20. Does MDirect offer a call back services to clients?

Ans. In addition to their toll-free phone number, MDirect offers a call back service to its client, clients just need to fill in their details and they will get a call back from MDirect support team.

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Q21. Is there 24/7 customer support with MDirect?

Ans. Yes, MDirect offers 27/7 customer support to all its clients across India and beyond.

Q22. What contact modes are available with MDirect?

Ans. MDirect offers several options for its clients to reach them. The phone numbers are; 1 8602 671 671 for account opening. For existing customers, the numbers are 022-66018386 and 022-66018324. In addition to this, clients can send them an email at [email protected].

Q23. Does MDirect provide a toll-free contact number?

Ans. Yes. MDirect offers toll-free contact for their customers. The toll-free contact is 1 8602 671 671. This makes them reachable by anyone at any time.

Q24. Does MDirect offer daily market research reports?

Ans. Yes. MDirect offers free daily market research reports to its clients in order to keep them informed and updated. The daily market research reports also help its customers to make their trading decision.

Q25. Does MDirect offer advisory and research to their clients?

Ans. Yes. MDirect offers resources and free tips about stock and commodity trading to its customers. These tips and resources are available on the 3 trading platforms that they have.

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