LSE Securities FAQs – Demat & Trading Account Related General Questions & Answers

LSE Securities FAQ

LSE Securities is a subsidiary of the Ludhiana Stock and Capital Ltd. The main objective of LSE Securities is to enhance investment and business opportunities for the members and investors of the Ludhiana Stock Exchange through various innovative products and services.

LSE Securities encompasses various activities in the capital market to achieve many milestones, especially in the stock exchange.

Q1. Is LSE Securities incorporated?

Ans. Yes, LSE Securities Limited became incorporated in the year 2000.

Q2. What category does the LSE Securities company fall in?

Ans. LSE Securities is a full-service stockbroking company that has its headquarters in Ludhiana in Punjab.

Q3. Who is the founder of LSE Securities?

Ans. Since its inception in the year 1981, the company is held privately but is co-founded by Mr. B.M Munjal and Mr. S.P Oswal.

LSE Securities FAQs

Q4. What is the registered address of LSE Securities?

Ans.  LSE Securities has a registered office location at SCO. 142-143, 4th Floor, Cabin No. 111, Sector 34 A Chandigarh – 160022. It also has a corporate office located at 1st Floor, Ludhiana Stock Exchange Building Feroze Gandhi Market, Ludhiana (Punjab).

Q5. What services are offered by LSE Securities?

Ans. The services offered by LSE Securities include; capital market, derivatives, IPOs, trading services, Demat services, stock recommendations, and depository services.

Q6. What products are offered by LSE Securities?

Ans. The variety of products provided by LSE Securities include; equity trading, currency trading, commodity trading, options, and futures.

Q7. What partnership does LSE Securities have?

Ans. LSE Securities is a member of National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), MCX Stock Exchange Limited as well as depository participants of CDSL and NSDL.

Q8. Does LSE Securities offer futures services?

Ans. Yes. LSE Securities provides services for currency future segments in NSDL, DP, LSESL, and CDSL.

Q9. What other services does LSE Securities offers for easy online training?

Ans. In addition to comprehensive services and products, LSE Securities also provides IPO research, advisory services, training, Demat services and online training to its clients.

Q10. How much does it cost to maintain an account on LSE Securities?

Ans. LSE Securities Company charges Rs. 0 to Rs. 250 per year for the AMC of Demat accounts.

Q11. What Trading exposure does LSE Securities offer?

Ans. LSE Securities offers a trading exposure of up to 6X to its clients. In addition to this, they offer a margin threshold for the trading of Rs. 10,000. They charge a brokerage fee of 0.03% and 0.3% for Intraday and Delivery brokerage respectively.

Q12. What free offers does LSE Securities provide to its client?

Ans. LSE Securities offers free Demat account offer, free trading account offer, discount on brokerage and flexible brokerage plan.

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Q13. Do LSE Securities levy other charges other than brokerage?

Ans. Yes. LSE Securities has other charges levied these include; transaction charges, STT charges and SEBI charges of 0.00315%, 0.0112% and 0.0007% on turnover totals respectively.

Q14. What Trading Platforms are available on LSE Securities?

Ans. LSE Securities offers trading terminals for Windows and Mac. LSE Securities offers ODIN, a trading platform that can be assessed on both desktop and laptop.

Q15. Reasons to Invest with LSE Securities Ltd?

Ans. LSE Securities have 3 decades of experience in offering brokerage services as well as a variety of products as investment options to the customers making it a credible and proficient company to trade with.

Q16. Does LSE Securities offer market details to clients?

Ans. Yes, LSE Securities works tirelessly to provide detailed and accurate information to their clients in order to help them make calculative and methodical decisions. This is through the issuance of periodic reports to clients for proper trade planning.

Q17. What features are offered by LSE Securities on their various trading platforms?

Ans. LSE Securities offer real-time updates on market details, monthly and weekly reports, periodic stock tips, trend analysis, multi-exchange utilities, portfolio details, news flash, email alerts, and live markets.

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Q18. What are the features of customer care services at LSE Securities?

Ans. LSE Securities offers special team of dealers to help clients. They also allow offline trading for their customers as well as 24/7 support services.

Q19. How many branches do LSE Securities have for offline trading?

Ans. LSE Securities have 9 branches all over the country where their customers can visit and conduct offline trading at their convenience. In addition, clients can visit these branches for any help or assistance needed.

Q20. How does the client open a trading and Demat account with LSE Securities?

Ans. Clients need to visit the website at to open trading account. In addition, clients can call 0161 2412318, 2774716 and 2412318 for an assistant on opening a trading account. Clients can also send an email to LSE Securities via [email protected]

open Lsc demat acc

Q21. Does LSE Securities company offer callback services?

Ans. Yes. LSE Securities offers a call back service to clients. Clients need to fill details such as name, mobile number and city they reside in so as to get a callback.

Q22. What are the contact modes for LSE Securities?

Ans. LSE Securities has a team of dedicated customer support who offer trading advisory services and general support to its clients. They can be contacted by calling 0161 2412318, 2774716 and 2412318. In addition, clients can send an email at [email protected] or request a callback.

Q23. What details are required when opening an account with LSE Securities?

Ans. The details required include name, physical address, phone number, email, nationality and current location. Other details include the financial status and amount you earn per month and per annum. All these details are kept private from other clients or a third party.

Q24. Does LSE Securities receive complaints from clients?

Ans. Yes. LSE Securities have had 22 complaints lodged in BSE, 38 in NSE. The uniqueness is how effectively and fast the company resolved the issues of the clients.

Q25. Is LSE Securities a brokerage company that can be trusted?

Ans. Yes. LSE Securities is an established and stable company in stock trading. This makes it a reliable and trustworthy company to invest with.

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