Kotak KEAT Pro: The Best Share Market Software that Offers You Control on Stock Portfolio

Kotak KEAT Pro

This Kotak KEAT Pro Review will cover the following areas:

  • Kotak KEAT Pro overview
  • Kotak KEAT Pro Key Features
  • Kotak Securities Download
  • Kotak KEAT Pro Feedback by Customers
  • The Types Orders Offered by Kotak KEAT Pro
  • Kotak KEAT Pro Cost
  • Kotak KEAT Pro Reports
  • Kotak KEAT Pro Securities Trading Software Pros and Cons
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs about Kotak KEAT Pro

Kotak KEAT Pro Overview

Kotak KEAT Pro is a simple, FREE, and high-speed desktop online trading software designed for Mac and Windows users. Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X installable trading terminal is designed for traders who trade frequently, need fast order execution and live data.

Execute Kotak Securities by downloading on your laptop or desktop computer and start buying and selling securities online in real-time with this easy to use, simple and high-speed online trading software.

Another amazing thing about Kotak KEAT Pro share market software is that you can use it for tracking the market live and have control on stock portfolio. In addition, you can carry out online trading on NSE, BSE, and NSE currency markets with ease.

Kotak KEAT Pro software offers you access to live stock recommendations from the research team of the platform. Furthermore, it offers absolute portfolio control for traders with instantaneous information on placed or executed orders, live market depth; it tracks profit & losses, and limits positions tabs in the risk report section.

Traders who are very much interested in investing their money and time on trading always ensure that they have an all-time access to this share market software. As a result, the EXE oriented trading platform likes the Kotak KEAT Pro.

Once you do the Kotak Securities Download, you can access the platform at any time of the day because it is opened and accessible 24/7. More importantly, Kotak Keat Pro provides a comprehensive reporting on the portfolio.

Since you will have only a point access, Kotak KEAT Pro really simplifies the task of buying stocks, which you can use to avail any of the available stock exchanges.

Without mincing words, this trading terminal is high- end fantastic and outstanding functional software. Its speed is immeasurable, making it work hassle-free. It comes with loads of perks like letting you figure out the status of the stocks on the market.

Kotak KEAT Pro Key Features

  1. High Speed

You will never miss a change in the prices of your preferred stocks with the high speed offered by Kotak KEAT Pro. The High-speed stock market trading guarantees that you NEVER lose out while executing transactions in the fast-changing stock market world.

  1. The Latest Account Information

This is the feature of the software that keeps tabs on how portfolio is performing on a constant basis, views positions, receives updates on transactions made, and knows the exact profit or loss you have realized.

  1. Watchlist

This is the feature used in tracking particular stocks of your choice in real-time, when you create personalized watchlists. You can generate many watchlists and every watchlist may have up to one hundred scripts each.

On the other hand, you can combine scrips from NSE, BSE, and the currency market all in one watchlist. You will have the Watchlists you created in Kotak KEAT Pro available on your account the Mobile Stock Trader App and on www.kotaksecurities.com

  1. The Live-streaming Stock Market Data

Watch the NSE Currency, NSE, and BSE currency markets live on Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X with Market lots, live stock quotes, updates on Sensex Nifty (Indices), data on top gainers or losers, most active scripts, and lots more.

  1. Stock Suggestions

The research analysts of the platform work round the clock to provide you with live inputs concerning the stocks you should buy or sell. With the stock recommendations, you can make your moves equipped with the top research in the market using the Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X stock trading software. 

  1. Charting Tools

With the charting tools, you can create charts and graphs to track both the past and future predictable performance of your preferred scripts by making use of the matchless charting tools on your Kotak KEAT Pro share market software.

Kotak Securities Download

You must carry out the Kotak Securities Download before you can successfully use the Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X stock trading software.

The question then is; how can you perform Kotak Securities Download and use Kotak KEAT Pro?

Follow the steps below for the Kotak Securities Download:

  1. Login with your user ID, Password and Security Key or Access Code to your Kotak Securities trading account on www.kotaksecurities.com
  2. Tap the Trading Tools tab and opt for KEAT Pro X, then tap on the Download button to install software on your laptop or desktop computer.
  3. You can confirm the Kotak KEAT Pro version you are running by clicking Help on your system and then select the About Us option. Moreover, you can get the version of Kotak KEAT Pro you are using on the top header of the main terminal.
  4. Every time a new feature is introduced to Kotak KEAT Pro, it will be updated in your version automatically as soon as you commence Kotak KEAT Pro on your computer.

Kotak KEAT Pro Feedback by Customers

Generally, customers that use Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X were satisfied with the numerous features that come with Kotak KEAT Pro. But some of these customers have user interface problems while others have recommended improvements in the area of watchlists. There is the issue of high system requirement with some customers as well.

The Positive Feedback: The customers appreciated the real-time information on indices, markets, stocks, and high speed of Kotak KEAT Pro Securities Trading Software.

The Negative: Users are unable to see the multiple charts in one Window because they don’t have chart books.

The Types Orders Offered by Kotak KEAT Pro

  1. Market Order

Market Order is simply an order to buy or sell a stock at the existing market price.

  1. Bracket Orders

Bracket Order is the mixture of book profit order and stop-loss order.

  1. Good-till-Cancelled (GTC) Orders

These order types hold true just for the period of the trading day for which the orders were given. The order expires, if it is not executed on that day. Good Till Cancelled (GTC) order cannot be passed to the following day.

  1. Stop Loss Order

 This is usually the Normal order placed to sell a stock when it attains a particular predetermined price.

  1. Limit Order

 This is the type of order used to buy or sell a stock at a particular price. Limit Order is used to prevent buying or selling a stock at a price lower or higher than preferred.

  1. Smart Order

A smart order lets a trader come across the best price available in any of the exchanges for a certain stock.

Kotak KEAT Pro Cost

The KEAT Pro trading software is available for FREE to all the Kotak customers.

Kotak KEAT Pro Reports

Kotak KEAT Pro gives reports on the following:

  • Order status
  • Positions
  • Profit & Loss
  • Capital Gains
  • Ledger etc.

Kotak KEAT Pro Securities Trading Software Pros and Cons


  • The trading software is FREE to use. This means that it costs you nothing to login on to the website.
  • Trading takes place on a single platform. You don’t have to avail several access points, regardless of whether you want to trade in currency, equity, or derivative market or you want to access the NSE or BSE. The single platform will allow you to access everything simultaneously.
  • The personalized watchlist allows you to create your own watchlist and personalize it accordingly. In other words, you can include one or two scripts. You can as well personalize the interface as required.
  • You have absolute control and autonomy over your portfolio. Kotak KEAT Pro is very efficient that it can monitor Profit and Loss. You will also be able to understand the details regarding orders placed, and also track the confirmations.


  • Kotak KEAT Pro doesn’t offer API Integration
  • The trading software does not offer support for trading in commodities. However, www.kotakcommodities.com and KC Trader X Terminal provides services in commodity trading


Kotak KEAT Pro is FREE, high-speed, and easy to use desktop online software for all Windows and Mac users. If you are a frequent trader that needs easy to use software, live data, and speedy order execution, turn to Kotak KEAT Pro. You can use the software for online trading on BSE, NSE, and NSE Currency markets.

One amazing thing about Kotak Securities Download and installation is that, the updated version of Kotak KEAT Pro software will be included automatically anytime you download and install it, allowing you to use it to trader without any problem.

This means that Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X makes the whole trading process flexible and easier. As a matter of fact, traders have been having easy communication with Kotak KEAT Pro.

Carry out your own Kotak Securities Download today and have limitless flawless trading experience!

FAQs about Kotak KEAT Pro

Q1. How do I place a trade with Kotak KEAT Pro?

Ans: All you need to place a trade with Kotak KEAT Pro is to right click the exact scrip you want to trade and choose the Buy option. Doing this will make a new Window pop up. Pick the quantity and the price you wish to place an order.

Once you have decided to tap on the New Order button, a new Window will show, providing you with the details of the order. Tap on Yes to confirm the order.

Q2. How do I make a personalized Watchlist?

Ans: To create your unique and personalized watchlist, you can Edit the default Watchlist, you can click New Watchlist or use predefined watchlist.

Right click the Watchlist screen to incorporate scrip and choose the Add Scrip option. You will see a new Window appearing. Input the name of the scrip, then choose Exchange button and choose the segment as Option, Future, or Cash. After that, tap the Search button, then choose the necessary scrip and Click OK.

Very Important: After adding the scrip (s), make sure you save the Watchlist to allow the added scrip(s) to be viewed in the same Watchlist next time.

Q3. What can I do if I’m facing problems installing KEAT Pro?

Ans:  If you are finding it difficult to install Kotak KEAT Pro and troubleshooting, you need to contact the Customer Care team pleased to resolve whatever query you have.

Q4. What is Good till Cancelled (GTC) order as far as Kotak Securities are concerned?

Ans: Good till Cancelled (GTC) order in Kotak Securities means that when you place an order, such an order is valid till the end of the day or only until it is executed.

Q5. What is meant by basket order in Kotak Securities?

This is a facility offered on the platform of kotaksecurities.com, which lets you place an order in 5 different scrips with just a single click. To execute a basket order, choose Place Multiple orders in Equity then choose your scrips and buy/sell them all at the same time.

Q6. Who is Kotak KEAT Pro Designed for?

Ans: Kotak KEAT Pro Securities Trading Software is available for FREE to all online trading customers.

Q7. What exactly is Kotak KEAT Pro?

Ans: Kotak KEAT Pro is a FREE and simple to use online trading software designed for monitoring what is going on in the market at real-time speed.

Q8. How can I confirm the version of Kotak KEAT Pro?

Ans: if the software is installed on your system, then go to the Help option, then About Us link and then view the version of your Kotak KEAT Pro. On the other hand, you can confirm the version of your Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X on the top header of the main terminal screen.

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