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Karvy Brokerage Calculator

Karvy is one of the leading stock broking companies which have its brokerage calculators. This brokerage calculator of Karvy is available on its website.

The brokerage charged by Karvy for trading can be calculated with the help of the Karvy brokerage calculator. Just like any other broking firms, Karvy also charges brokerage for trading in the stock market on behalf of clients.

You need to enter details like Buy Price, Sale Price, and the number of shares purchased.

Once you enter the details, you will get the clarity about Total brokerage, Taxes charged along with Total Profit, and Loss earned on Total Turnover. For this, you need to open a trading account to deal with NSE through Karvy.

Karvy Brokerage Calculator Online

Karvy Equity Brokerage Calculator 

Various shares of different companies are traded in the stock market through NSE. These shares are known as equities that are purchased or sold in the stock market either on the same day or after a certain period for earning profits.

There are different segments in equity trading, like intraday, delivery, and derivatives.

Karvy stock broking offers a trading facility for equities at a discounted brokerage rate. These segments have their brokerage rate as per the basic brokerage plan.

Karvy Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator 

Intraday trading is gambling of companies shares in the stock market. However, if the right bidding takes place at the right time, then you can earn profits.

Karvy promotes equity intraday trading at 0.03% of total turnover. Calculation of actual brokerage charged can be made available with the help of the Karvy Equity intraday brokerage calculator.

Suppose you invested in 700 shares each of Rs.200/- and now wish to sell it at Rs. 240/- then you will be charged with brokerage fees of Rs. 924/-

Demat Account Opening With Karvy

Karvy Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator

Equity delivery trading is risky but profitable; hence it is popular in between traders. Therefore, if you have good knowledge about equity delivery trading, then you should make use of the Karvy trading account.

Karvy charges brokerage fees, which range from 0.10%-0.30%as per the brokerage plans. Just make a habit of using Karvy Equity delivery brokerage calculator when dealing in this segment.

Karvy Equity Future Brokerage Calculator

Every investor wants to pay safely when investing in the stock market. The main motive of investment in stocks is to earn reasonable returns on the amount invested.

Equity future trading is the safest way of investment as its risk-free from market fluctuation. Karvy promotes online equity in future trading.

If you are a user of Karvy trading account and wish to invest in the future equity segment, then have an idea about charges, which range from 0.01%-0.03% on Turnover.

However, before investing in this segment through Karvy, make sure that you use the Karvy equity brokerage calculator to get your earnings out of this deal.

Karvy Equity Option Brokerage Calculator 

Option trading has an expiry date, so when you plan to enter in the option contract, you need to make your predictions well. You would want to earn good returns on your amount invested in terms of profit.

This is the one equity segment where you to pay brokerage as per lot size. Karvy offers you this facility at Rs. 10-Rs. 30 per lot, which is quite reasonable.

Karvy has its equity option brokerage calculator, which can be used free at cost for calculating your profits after reaching the breakeven point.

Karvy Commodity Brokerage Calculator 

Karvy eases trading in the commodities market through the MCX exchange platform. NSE is a platform for shares of companies that can be traded through Karvy.

They charge a commission for trading in this sector, which ranges from 0.01-0.03% as per its brokerage fee structure.

However, before initiating the trading in commodities without any doubt, make use of Karvy commodity brokerage calculator to reach your breakeven point.

Karvy Currency Brokerage Calculator 

Currency trading plays a dynamic role in the stock market worldwide. A speculator who is interested in taking the risk for good returns may think of investing in the forex currency market.

Currency trading is uncertain as small news can make it fall or rise suddenly. Currency market deals in future and option. For which Karvy charges specific fees to make a deal possible for investors.

Karvy Currency Future Brokerage Calculator 

Currency’s future is a profitable choice. One can do trading in currency future through Karvy at nominal brokerage fees of 0.01%-0.03%. To get information on predictive profits, make use of the Karvy Currency Future Brokerage calculator.

Karvy Currency Option Brokerage Calculator 

The brokerage charges range at a discounted rate of Rs. 10-Rs.80 per lot for the currency option segment by Karvy.

Moreover, Karvy Currency Option Brokerage Calculator will get you approximate details of profits earned after the exclusion of all the charges.

If you want to save your time in doing tedious calculations, make use of this brokerage calculator to get details in a fraction of seconds.

Karvy Basic Plan Brokerage Charges Table

Segment Charges
Monthly Fee (Fixed) Free
Equity Delivery 0.10% – 0.30%
Equity Intraday 0.01% – 0.03%
Equity Futures 0.01% – 0.03%
Equity Options Rs.10 – Rs.30 per lot
Currency Futures 0.01% – 0.03%
Currency Options Rs.10 – Rs.30 per lot
Commodity Futures 0.01% – 0.03%
Commodity Options Nil

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10. FAQ

What are Karvy brokerage charges?

Ans: Karvy charges 0.03% on intraday and future trades.

What is STT charges in Karvy?

Ans: STT charge on Karvy is as per standard.

Is Karvy a good broker?

Ans: Karvy is charging nominal fees for as brokerage and also has good customer support making it a good broker to consider.

Can we convert intraday to delivery in Karvy?

Ans: Yes, we can convert intraday to delivery in Karvy.

Is Karvy really free?

Ans: It charges nominal fees as brokerage fees across all segments. Hence cannot really be considered free.

Which is better – Karvy vs ShareKhan?

Ans: Both the brokers are equally rates by the traders across various ratings.

What is one unique thing on Karvy brokers?

Ans: Karvy charges nominal fees as brokerage across all the segments.

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