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Karvy Group – An Overview 

Karvy App – Karvy Group is an unstoppable player in the financial realm for three decades. It provides diversified services in the finance industry, such as wealth management, advisory, stockbroking, etc. 

They are known for their quality services and customer-centric approach. 

Karvy Stock Broking is the broking division of Karvy Group, which offers customized solutions to institutions, corporates, high net worth individuals, and retail investors.

Karvy Stock Broking Logo
Karvy Stock Broking Logo

Karvy being a traditional full-serviced stockbroker focuses on customer services more than anything else. They are one of the best service providers in the industry with the help of their cutting edge technology and professional management. 

The technology of Karvy includes its mobile trading platforms and other apps for investing and wealth management purposes. Karvy has introduced a massive range of mobile apps for different classes of clients. 

This article focuses on understanding all the Karvy Mobile App and its features.

Karvy Mobile App Review
Karvy Mobile App Review

Karvy Stock Broking – App Review 

Karvy emphasizes online trading and investments for its clients. Hence, they offer a wide range of Karvy Mobile Trading Apps; here is a list.

  1. Karvy Online 
  2. Karvy Nivesh
  3. KFinKart
  4. Karvy Forex

Let us will talk about them one by one.

1. Karvy Online – Trading App

Karvy Online App is the first-ever mobile trading app of Karvy Stock Broking. It is a simple, fast, and highly secure online trading platform. 

This Karvy Mobile Trading App is loaded with special features for providing you a seamless trading experience on the go. You stay tuned with the market and make sound investment decisions anytime, from anywhere.  

Karvy Online App
Karvy Online App

This app is good rated and downloaded more than 5 lakh times. Play Store has 9000 user reviews about this app and a consolidated rating of 3.1 stars.

Here the salient features of this app are described :

  • A trading account can be opened directly from this app. 
  • Customizable stock watch lists.
  • You can monitor your holdings and portfolio directly from the app.
  • The heat map feature is available for a quick understanding of the stock activities. 
  • The heat map is a color-coded representation of the movement in stocks. Gainers are shown in green color, whereas red indicates losers.
Karvy Online App Interface
Karvy Online App Interface
  • This app has Fundamental and Technical Research of all the stocks you want. 
  • The app includes advanced calculators for span margin, exposure margin, brokerage calculating, and many more. 
  • There is Order Book and Trade Book for getting information about pending orders, executed orders, open positions, closed positions, etc.
  • It has advanced level order types – Bracket Orders, Cover Orders, After Market orders, etc.
  • Gives access to a list of top-performing mutual funds and also investment tips according to it.
  • Get updates about dividends, stock split, rights issues, etc.
  • Available are charts Graphs – Bars, Lines, Candlesticks, Mountains, etc.
  • More than 50 technical indicators are available. 
  • Trading in all the segments, i.e., Equity, Commodity, Currency, and Derivatives, is possible with one single app.

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2. Karvy Nivesh – Mutual Fund App

Karvy Nivesh App is the answer to all your Mutual Fund investment requirements. This app is designed to strategize and manage the investment needs of their clients to achieve financial goals. The app is straightforward, convenient, and easy to use.

Karvy Nivesh App
Karvy Nivesh App

This app has numerous investment plans and ideas, and you can choose from those. All of this is available on the screen of your smartphone.

Karvy Nivesh App is very small-sized and lightning-fast – only 10 MB download files. Google Play Store rating is 4.0, with over 250 user reviews.

Karvy Nivesh App Interface
Karvy Nivesh App Interface

Salient features of this app are:

  • More than 3000 different mutual funds from 35+ funds house too, and you can choose.
  • Goal-based investment strategy.
  • The app has s well-designed user interface, which makes the app very informative and customer friendly.
  • Requires only one-time KYC
  • Buying and selling with one touch.
  • You get easy tracking of your fund’s portfolio.
  • You can link the app to your bank account and set up auto-debit for the SIP installments.
  • Lump-sum and SIP investment options are available.
  • It has a wide range of funds – equity funds, debt funds, tax-saving funds, hybrid funds, balanced funds, etc.

Karvy Compositor:

[table id=SBI1AlternativeBroker Responsive=scroll/]

3. KFinKart

KFinKart App is another app for investing and managing mutual funds with Karvy Stock Broking. It enables easy tracking of your mutual fund portfolio and watches lists as well. 

Karvy KFinKart App
Karvy KFinKart App

You can track your favorite mutual funds across AMCs, invest in NFOs, transact or reinvest, start or pause SIPs – all of these at our fingertips with the help of KFinKart App.

KFinKart has more than 21,000 user reviews and an outstanding rating of 4.1 stars. 

Salient features are:

  • One-touch login – login through Facebook and Google account is also possible.
  • It has smooth user interfaces for accessing major features with simple, robust, or slide.
  • A detailed dashboard of the portfolio from where you can track, invest, or redeem from your funds.
  • You can extract a consolidated account statement from the app.
  • The e-mandate feature enables you to register a mandate without getting into offline paper submitting hassle.
  • NAV Tracker

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4. Karvy Forex App

Karvy Forex App provides customers with multiple tools for hedging currencies. It can keep track of the international currencies market. The extensive currency analysis of Karvy Forex offers a top-notch solution for maintaining your FX portfolio. 

Karvy Forex App
Karvy Forex App

One of the best apps offered by Karvy is this Karvy Forex app; it has a 5-star rating on the Google Play Store. 

Here are the key features:

  • Live forex rates that get updated on a real-time basis. 
  • You get expert recommendations in the app for helping you make a better and informed decision.
  • There are advanced calculators for Spot Rate, Forward Rate, and Annualized Rate, etc.
  • Prompt updates via WhatsApp broadcast and SMS.

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Karvy App Pros and Cons 

Here are consolidated benefits and considerations of Karvy Stock Broking and its mobile apps.


  • Karvy enables you to trade across all the segments, along with Mutual Funds, IPOs, and Bonds. 
  • It offers high speed and performance of all the apps.
  • The company is serving in the industry for more than 30 years. It indicates a lot of experience and consistency.
  • You have a lot of trading platforms and can choose accordingly.
  • All the apps are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.


  • High brokerage and other charges.
  • There are a limited number of features in the charting tools.
  • Call and trade service is chargeable.
Open Karvy Demat Account
Open Karvy Demat Account


Upon studying all the Karvy Mobile App features, along with considering all the merits and demerits, we conclude that Karvy is a suitable option for traders who are looking for diversified services under a single roof.

If you are a little concerned about the high-end brokerage and other charges, you can also consider some discount broking providers. However, if the budget is not your concern and you value excellent customer service, you should go for Karvy.

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Karvy Mobile App FAQs 

Q. Where can I download these apps? Are they free?

A. These apps are available on Google Play Store for Android users and iTunes App Store for iOS users. The apps can be downloaded and used for free. However, you will be required to pay account opening fee and brokerage/commission charges on the transactions which you will make. 

Q. Do these apps have Good Till Cancelled and Good Till Date Order types?

A. No, unfortunately, you won’t get the feature of Good Till Date (GTD), and Good Till Cancelled Orders (GTC) in these apps.  However, other advanced level orders such as Bracket Orders, Cover Orders, and After-Market Orders are available.

Q. Does Karvy offer zero brokerage for delivery trade?

A. Karvy is a full-service brokerage house; hence they do not facilitate delivery trading on zero brokerage. For all kinds of orders – intraday, delivery, BTST, Karvy will charge you percent based brokerage. That is 0.03% of the total transaction amount. 

Q. Can I trade in the derivatives segment with these apps?

A. Karvy Online is the only app used for trading. The other three apps are for investment purposes and forex trading. Hence, you can trade the derivative segment, i.e., options and futures via Karvy Online App. You will not require downloading other apps if you trade only derivatives.

Q. What is the brokerage structure of Karvy Stock Broking?

A. For all kinds of intraday trading, Karvy charges 0.03% of the total transaction value. This amount is charged separately on both buying and selling orders. The same brokerage is applicable for future and commodity trading as well. However, for options trading, Karvy charges flat Rs 50 per lot – both buying and selling.

Karvy Alternative:

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