Just Trade Securities FAQs – Demat & Trading Account General FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

Just Trade Securities

Just Trade Securities Ltd. It is a financial organization based in Delhi with offices in Maharashtra. Established over 10 years ago, it lays claim to being one of India’s foremost financial planning and investment advisory outfits.

It states that its aim is to provide seamless trading for investors and traders based in India by enabling real-time, private trading.

Let’s take a closer look at Just Trade Securities, answering some of the more pertinent questions you might have regarding it.

Just Trade Securities FAQs

Q1. What is Just Trade Securities?

Ans. Just Trade Securities describes itself as the Online investment and Stock Broking arm of the Bajaj Capital Group, designed to adequately serve active investors.

Q2. Does Just Trade have an online platform?

Ans. Yes, it does. For those who would like to access their financial and investment services, the web portal to access them is www.justtrade.in.

Q3. What advantages does using the Just Trade online portal give customers?

Ans. The portal offers a number of benefits to its users including the ability to trade in Initial Public Offers, Equity markets, Mutual Funds, and more using a single Login ID. Their platform is based on highly reliable technology connected through Lease Lines and V-Sat.

Just Trade Securities FAQs
Just Trade Securities FAQs

Q4. Does Just Trade offer customized customer handling?

Ans. Yes. Just Care will link clients with personal relationship managers that will ensure that they receive the most relevant and useful product, planning, and research expertise they can get. These relationship officers will also ensure that clients receive current research and financial assessment reports on various asset classes as well as the capital market in general.

Q5. How much does it cost to open an account with Just Trade?

Ans. There are charges clients will incur when opening certain account types as follows. The Trading account opening will cost Rs. 599; AMC Trading account opening is Rs. 599; Demat Account opening is free; while opening an AMC Demat account will cost a yearly fee of Rs. 250.

Q6. What brokerage plans does Just Trade offer its clients?

Ans. Just Trade has a selection of brokerage trading plans that offer differing costs, rewards, and benefits depending on what the client is looking for. These include the Default plan, the ACE plan, the Economy plan, and the Basic plan.

Q7. What regulatory bodies and oversight institutions is Just Trade registered with?

Ans. Just Trade is a registered member of the BSE and the NSE as well as being a depository participant (DP) with the NSDL (National Securities Depository Ltd).

Q8. How can a person open a Trading or Demat Account with Just Trade?

Ans. To participate in the online trading activities facilitated by Just Trade, investors need to open an account with them. One way of doing so is by calling 1800-110-900 for those whose operators are MTNL or BSNL. Other operators should call 1800-3000-9000 or SMS JTN 56767. 

Another option is to simply visit one of their branches from where you will be guided through it. A list of their branches is available at www.justtrade.in/ClientCare/Local-Offices.aspx

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Q9. What documents does one need to open their own Demat account with Just Trade?

Ans. The required documentation aside from the properly filled out account opening form includes a valid identity card, PAN card, photograph, Aadhaar card, and some proof of age such as a birth certificate.

Q10. What brokerage fees does Just Trade charge its clients?

Ans. This brokerage house will normally offer its services and financial products to clients at certain nominal fees. With a minimum brokerage fee of Rs. 20, they will charge from 0.2% to 0.4% on equity delivery trades.

Equity intraday trades, commodity options trades, equity futures trades, and

currency futures trades charge between 0.02% to 0.04%. Currency options trades will attract a charge of Rs. 10 per lot, while AMC Demat accounts attract a yearly rate of Rs. 280. AMC trades are carried out free of charge.

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Q11. Are there any other charges clients incur while trading with Just Trade Securities?

Ans. Yes. There are a number of other charges faced by traders and investors with Just Trade. These include ao. oo290% of total turnover in the form of transaction charges, 0.0114% of total turnover in the form of STT charges, 0.0008% of total turnover in the form of SEBI charges, state-determined stamp duty, as well as an 18% GST charge on the brokerage and transaction fees. 

All the mentioned charges are based on the current market values and are designed to be too minimal to negatively impact your trading or investment performance.

Q12. What operating systems support Just Trade or carry its applications adequately?

Ans. Just Trade apps are supported on systems and platforms including Windows desktop and all web trading platforms.

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Q13.Are there any operational conveniences or benefits to using Just Trade’ online services?

Ans. Yes, there are. Traders and investors using Just Trade will be provided with real-time market updates, comprehensive portfolio details, news flashes and alerts, global market indices, interactive informational charts, and very easily installed applications. All their queries and complaints can be directed for a speedy resolution to the online and offline support staff. 

Open Just Trade Securities Demat Account
Open Just Trade Securities Demat Account

Q14. Does Just Trade have any special incentives or offers for potential clients?

Ans. Yes. Just Trade has a number of active offers. These include flexible brokerage plans, holiday offers, as well as referral reward offers.

Q15. Why open a trading account with Just Trade rather than another brokerage firm?

Ans. Just Trade offers a number of advantages to its clients including plenty of flexibility and ease of trading designed to bring about profitable transactions and satisfied clients. 

Q16. How do we get in touch with Just Trade?

Ans. There are a couple of options on how to direct any questions or queries you might have to Just Trade. If it’s convenient for you, you could visit their Delhi head offices at Bajaj House, 5th floor, Nehru Place in New Delhi – 110019. 

Their toll-free number is 1800-3000-9000, active from Monday through to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. IST. Their online customer support email address is [email protected] or [email protected]

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