iMuthoot Mobile App Review

About iMuthoot Mobile App

Muthoot Finance is a remarkable financial service with 133 years of experience in the field. The financial group has a Pan – India coverage with 5,330+ branches.  The iMuthoot app is an initiative from Muthoot group aimed at providing assistance to existing and new customers of Muthoot Finance.

IMuthoot Logo
iMuthoot Logo

The iMuthoot app provides opportunity to avail a number of activities directly from the app. It also helps to allocate nearby Muthoot Finance branch for further feasibility of the customer.

For using iMuthoot app, Muthoot Gold Loan customers can directly login using their WebPay username and password. Others users need to register using following steps for enjoying the benefits of the app.

Registering in iMuthoot App

  • Download iMuthoot app from Google Play Store or App store for android and iOS respectively.
iMuthoot App
iMuthoot App
  • Click on ‘Login/Register’ for registering into the app.
  • Click on New Registration.
iMuthoot App Registration Option
iMuthoot App Registration Option
  • Enter your Credentials such as your first name, last name, email address, mobile number, username and password. Use the same mobile number which is linked with your Muthoot account.
iMuthoot App Enter Details for Registration
iMuthoot App Enter Details for Registration
  • Agree to ‘Terms and Conditions’ and click on register.
  • You will be redirected to enter OTP, enter the OTP and click on ‘verify’.
iMuthoot App OTP Confirmation for Registration
iMuthoot App OTP Confirmation for Registration
  • Your iMuthoot account is registered.
  • Try logging in again with your new username and password.
iMuthoot App Login Option
iMuthoot App Login Option

iMuthoot Mobile App Review

iMuthoot app provides a variety of functions to Muthoot Finance customers for doing their tasks without visiting the branch. The app is developed and offered by Muthoot Finance Limited.

The iMuthoot app has multi – dimensional applications, from informative purposes to payment purpose.

iMuthoot android app has a rating of 4.3/5 with 41k+ reviews and 1 million+ downloads in Google Play Store. While, iMuthoot iOS app has a rating of 3.4/5 with 300+ reviews in Apple App Store.

iMuthoot App Interface
iMuthoot App Interface

Features of iMuthoot Mobile App

  1. iMuthoot allows all its users to view their active gold loan details directly from your mobile.
  2. iMuthoot app offers Online Gold Loan (OGL) feature to deposit or withdraw additional amount on your eligible loans.
  3. The app allows its users to locate nearest Muthoot Finance from the location of the user.
  4. iMuthoot app provides gold loan calculator, according to prevailing interest rates.
  5. iMuthoot app allows its users to make appointment with consultants in Muthoot Finance branch from your mobile phone.

iMuthoot Mobile App Compatibility

  • Operating System – iMuthoot app is compatible with android as well as iOS platforms.
  • File Size – iMuthoot android app has a size of 11 MB, while iMuthoot iOS app has a size of 103.9 MB.
  • OS Versions – Android version 4.2 or higher is needed for using iMuthoot android app and iOS version 9.0 or later is required for iMuthoot iOS app.

iMuthoot Mobile App Pros & Cons

iMuthoot Mobile App Pros

  1. iMuthoot app allows users to view all gold loan schemes available to them.
  2. The iMuthoot app provides live chat to users for further assistance. In case problem or query is not resolved helpline is also available in the app.
  3. The app allows users to calculate the loan amount based on mortgage provided.
  4. Feature to apply for fresh loan available in the app, the process and interface are kept easy.
  5. The app offers the facilities of loan eligibility and personal loan calculator to the users in the app.
  6. Frequently asked questions are present in the app for fast problem solving.
  7. Multiple security layers for ensuring all the funds of users are kept safe and transactions are completed securely.
  8. The iMuthoot app supports multiple login, a single account can be accessed from 6 different platforms.

iMuthoot Mobile App Cons

  1. The iMuthoot app for iOS is comparatively newer and number of bugs are present.
  2. The iMuthoot have some serious problems while paying installments from the app.
  3. Problems are reported regarding server, server gets down on various occasions.


iMuthoot app provides a compact and feasible platform for 6 million+ customers across the country. With a long history without any major dispute the Muthoot group is one of the reliable brand. The user – friendly app for betterment of customer further increases the satisfaction of the customer.

The app is designed for better customer satisfaction, but the app has disappointed a number of users due to non – responding server and number of bugs present in the app. A lack of regular maintenance also affects significantly affect user experience.

The developers of the iMuthoot app must look for developing the app with better payment interface. The app developers may offer bug bounty for recognizing the bugs and developing app in a better way.

iMuthoot Mobile App FAQs

Q. What is iMuthoot app price?

A. The app is free of cost, it is an additional benefit offered to Muthoot Finance customers. No extra price is charged for iMuthoot app.

Q. Is iMuthoot personal gold loan affordable?

A. The personal gold loan from iMuthoot app carries an interest rate of about 11.25%.

Q. Is Gold loan amount affected by gold purity in iMuthoot app?

A. The amount of gold loan is calculated on basis of purity of gold. It is classified on the basis of 18 carat, 20 carat, 22 carat, 24 carat.

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