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About IIFL

IIFL Securities Ltd., also known as IIFL Finance Ltd., is one of the leading financial service providers in India. IIFL deals in a variety of financial products such as business loans, mortgage loans, and micro-financing. 

IIFL Securities is a stockbroking arm of the IIFL Group.  

The company started in the year 2009. IIFL Securities let their clients trade and invest in multiple stocks and commodity exchanges such as NSE, BSE, and MCX.


IIFL Securities is a major player in the institutional and retail investing segments. They have opened millions of Demat and trading accounts since their inception. 

They provide advisory, research, and execution services across financial products like equity, commodity, derivatives, currency, and mutual funds.

IIFL has an extensive presence with more than 2300 in 500 cities in India. All of these are physical offices, including direct and sub-broker offices.

IIFL Securities believe in continuous innovation and reinvention of their trading tools. IIFL has made available many different technology products for the convenience of its users. 

This article will cover all those mobile trading platforms.

Here we go!

IIFL Mobile App Review
IIFL Mobile App Review

1. IIFL Markets – NSE BSE Mobile Stock Trading App

IIFL Markets is a well developed front end tool for share market trading and investing. It is one of the highest-rated IIFL Mobile App in India. IIFL Markets app has been awarded as the Best Mobile App for Stock Market s by Zee Business Awards.

IIFL Markets - NSE BSE Mobile Stock Trading App
IIFL Markets – NSE BSE Mobile Stock Trading App

It is a lightweight tool, which comes in a download file sized merely 16 MB. The app has over 1 million active users, and you will find 38,000 user reviews on the Google Play Store. 

These users have given the app an outstanding 4.2 stars rating.

IIFL Markets - NSE BSE Mobile Stock Trading App Screenshot
IIFL Markets – NSE BSE Mobile Stock Trading App Screenshot

Here are some of the most attractive app features of IIFL Markets.

  • It has live news and updates about the financial markets – national and global.
  • IIFL Markets also have option chain features for equity, currency, and indices.
  • There are comprehensive details of options and futures.
  • IIFL View feature – for checking out expert views on any stock. The research team of IIFL rates any stock with Buy, Sell, or Hold comment.
  • You get customizable watch lists for enabling you to track your favorite stocks, commodities, and indices.
  • It has push notifications and price alerts for F&O across equity, commodity, and currency segments.
  • It is the lightweight app, hence lightning-fast performance.
  • Customer support is available on one tap.
  • Technical charts, graphs, drawing tools, and technical indicators. A complete toolkit for performing an in-depth analysis of the stocks.
  • Charts are available in multiple time ranges – from 1 minute to 1 year.

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2. Mutual Funds A Service by IIFL App

Mutual Funds – A service by the IIFL app is a one-stop solution for mutual funds investors. You can buy, sell, and track a variety of mutual funds from your smartphone. Also, you get valuable recommendations and market updates on the go. 

Mutual Funds A Service by IIFL App
Mutual Funds A Service by IIFL App

Mutual Funds app of IIFL is downloadable from Google Play Store for free. Its file size is 14 MB. The app has 500k users currently. Mutual Funds app has a combined user rating of 3.9 stars on the Play Store.

Mutual Funds A Service by IIFL App Screenshot
Mutual Funds A Service by IIFL App Screenshot

Let’s consider some salient app features of this platform.

  • Open a mutual funds account in a few simple steps. This app facilitates online paperless account opening.
  • Buy, Sell, and track Mutual Funds from the top AMCs.
  • It has zero commission on buying and selling mutual funds.
  • A wide range of Equity Linked Saving Schemes and Tax Saving Mutual Funds is available.
  • Get funds details such as performance, fund horizon, fund manager, minimum investment amount, exit load, etc.
  • It has a goal-based advisory and investment tools.
  • You get an online facility for risk profile analysis and recommendation based on the same.
  • Start, Stop, Pause, or Modify SIPs.
  • Charts and historical performances are available.
  • You can download various reports and statements.
  • It offers a variety of Equity Funds, Debt Funds, Tax Saving Funs, and Index Funds.

IIFL Competitor:

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3. IIFL Loans App

As we already discussed, IIFL also deals in a variety of loans. IIFL Loans is the online platform for the management of such services. This app provides a convenient login process, easy navigation, and easy use. 

IIFL Loans App
IIFL Loans App

The app provides an integrated view of all your loans with the company. 

IIFL Loan app is rated 4.1 stars on the Google Play Store. It has more than 500k active users as of now.

IIFL Loans App Screenshot
IIFL Loans App Screenshot

Here are the top features of this app.

  • Wide range of loans are available – Gold Loan, Small Medium Enterprise Loan, Home Loan, and Commercial Vehicle Loan)
  • You can view the entire last year of the transaction history.
  • View interest certificates.
  • You can view and download reports and statements.
  • Pay your loan outstanding with this app.
  • Contact the customer care team from the app.
  • Applying for a loan is also possible within the app.
  • Branch locator facility.
  • EMI Calculator.

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4. IIFL Collection App

IIFL Collection app is an online tool for managing the collection activity of the loans. 

IIFL Collection App
IIFL Collection App

Only the internal employees of IIFL, who are in the loan collection and recovery department, can access this app. 

IIFL Collection App Screenshot
IIFL Collection App Screenshot

Outsiders will not get any login credentials or information about this app.

5. IIFL LeaDer App

Leader is an online lead management tool for IIFL. Mainly the sales department and managers of IIFl use this app for recording lead information. These features can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

IIFL LeaDer App
IIFL LeaDer App

New leads can be added, modified, and updated. Follow-ups can be created. It facilitates real-time capturing of leads.

IIFL LeaDer App Login Screen
IIFL LeaDer App Login Screen

Login id and password of this app are only available for employees of IIFL.

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IIFL Mobile App Pros And Cons

Let’s have a quick comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of using IIFL apps.


  • The mobile trading platforms of IIFL are compatible with all operating systems – Android, iOS, and Windows. 
  • Prompt and customizable alerts are beneficial.
  • Investing in Mutual Funds, IPOs, and FPOs are possible using the same app.
  • The app works perfectly fine with slow speed internet connectivity as well.
  • The app gets updated regularly.


  • The mobile trading app gets logged out automatically after every 15-20 minutes. Although the developers added this feature for additional security, it is frustrating sometimes.
  • Investing in Bonds is not possible.
  • Some users have reported a few cases of incorrect price displays.
Open IIFL Demat Account
Open IIFL Demat Account


IIFL is one of the best-rated brokerage houses in India. Its mobile trading platforms are amongst the top technological tools. They loaded with all the required features for providing smooth trading and investing experience.

Whether you are looking forward to intraday trading, wealth building, or mutual funds investing, IIFL and its tools can help you a lot.

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IIFL Mobile App FAQs

Q. Is this app free?

A. Yes. All the apps provided by IIFL are free of cost. These apps are downloadable from the respective app stores for free. However, there will be commission and brokerage charges imposed on your transactions. 

Q. Can I trade options with this app?

A. Yes. The IIFL Stock Trader app-enabled with derivatives segment trading. Other apps, however, will not support trading in options. Hence, if you are only looking for options trading, you can download IIFL Stock Trader for mobile or Tablet. No need to install other apps.

Q. How to open an account with IIFL?

A. IIFL Demat and Trading accounts can be opened very easily by submitting PAN and Aadhar cards. IIFL facilitates the online account opening process, which is instant. However, if you choose offline account opening with physical form, it may take up to a few days.

Q. Where to find the login password?

A. A set of login id and password required for signing in to the trading apps. These login credentials are shared with you by the company on your email address after successfully activating your account. Please check accordingly.

Q. Does IIFL provide tips for trading? What is the feedback?

A. Yes, IIFl Securities provides research tips and recommendations to all their customers for free. IIFL has an in-house team of expert researchers who take care of sending timely reports through push notifications. Current users of IIFl have reported these tips to be highly effective.

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