ICICI Trade Racer: The Best Terminal Software For Power Packed Trading

ICICI Trade Racer Overview

In this comprehensive honest ICICI Trade Racer Review, we will look at the performance, the features, pros, and cons, as well as other attributes that will help you determine and figure out whether ICICI Direct Trade Racer trading software is your best choice or not.

If you are looking to trade at will from the comfort of your home, then look no further than ICICI Trade Racer trading software.

Trade Racer ICICI is an easily installable online stock trading software for your desktop or laptop.

The ICICI Trade Racer for Android is terminal-based and power-packed trading software designed by ICICI Direct, a leading name in India when it comes to full-service stockbroking space.

The greatest aspect of ICICI Trade Racer is that it can function on any device such as a tablet, desktop, mobile, laptop, and any other computer.

ICICI Trade Racer Web is pretty responsive as it molds itself to any device configuration or screen size.

All you need to access the Trade Racer ICICI trading software application is a compatible web connection and browser.

However, one major prerequisite you must fulfill to access the ICICI Trade Racer Web application is that you must install SilverLight plugin on your browser.

If not, you will not be able to access the ICICI Direct Trade Racer software trading application.

ICICI Trade Racer Web

The ICICI Trade Racer Web is simply the browser-based version of the ICICI Trade Racer software trading application. Trade

Racer Web is professionally designed to give stock traders access to Different Themes, Drag & Drop, Customization of Widgets, Multiple Widgets in Single Screen, and multiple data in Order Window among others.

Traders can access the ICICI Trade Racer Web from anywhere if they want to buy or sell stock on NSE and BSE.

ICICI Trade Racer Web application supports the following:

  • Derivative Trading
  • Buy Today Sell Tomorrow
  • ICICI Margin and Margin Plus Trading
  • Cash Trading

Use the ICICI Trade Racer Web application to obtain the live streaming of stock market prices for your preferred stocks.

In addition, you can use technical indicators and charts of ICICI Trade Racer Web application to analyze your much-loved stocks.

ICICI Trade Racer Web is particularly designed for the active stock traders who are conscious of the different nuances of the stock market and it is simple to use.

Silverlight Application and Internet Explorer 6 and above are all you need to start using ICICI Trade Racer Web.

Silverlight Application is a FREE downloadable software that works on all Windows operating systems.

Steps to Download ICICI Trade Racer Web

  1. Click on Secure.Icicidirect.Com/TradeRacerWeb/Index.Html and ICICI Trade Racer Web will open automatically if you install Silverlight. If Silverlight is not installed, ICICI Trade Racer Web will automatically prompt for the installation of Silverlight.
  2. Install Silverlight
  3. Open ICICI Trade Racer Web by clicking the link above, once it is installed.

ICICI Trade RacerICICI Trade Racer Key Features

As promised at the beginning of this ICICI Trade Racer Review, we will examine some of the extraordinary features that make ICICI Trade Racer for Android so advanced and ground-breaking for stock trading.

The top features of our ICICI Trade Racer Review will convince you to choose ICICI Trade Racer software for your online stock trading.

These features are as described below:

  1. The Snap View

The Snap View gives you full and comprehensive information about scrip, such as Pivot Levels, Corporate Announcements, Peer Group, Charts, and Market Depth among others.

  1. Trade Racer ICICI Scanner

The Trade Racer ICICI scanner is a trend scanner designed for tracking intraday price movements to look for scrip that trends based on the technical parameters already set at a certain level.

Trade Racer ICICI scanner is available at the diverse scrip trend levels like the Pivot, Bearish, Bullish, and lots more.

The Trade Racer ICICI scanner tool tracks New Lows and New Highs for Stocks with their Price Movement.

Trade Racer ICICI scanner helps stock traders to identify Scrip in the following trends:

  • New Daily High or Low
  • New Weekly High or Low
  • New One Month High or Low
  • New Three Months High or Low
  • New One Year High or Low
  1. The Live Trade Racer ICICI Scanner

With the Live Trade Racer ICICI Scanner feature, you can scan the stocks on a real-time basis.

Trade Racer ICICI Scanner allows you to notice and map out scrip that experiences highs and lows every day, every week, every month, every quarter, or on a yearly basis.

  1. The Multiple Views

With the multiple views of ICICI Trade Racer Web application, you can opt for the view you want based on your choice, upon your login to ICICI Trade Racer.

The 3 views available on ICICI Trade Racer are:

      The Margin or last Logged in Session View

      Derivatives View

      Analytical View

Multiple views feature allows traders to make the right decision and choice at the beginning of the session.

  1. The Heat Map

The HeatMap gives you a direct idea of the stocks that experiencing upward movement and those experiencing downward movement.

The green color coding signifies upward-moving stocks while the RED color-coding shows downward-moving stocks.

This will assist you when it comes to making quick decisions when crucial opportunities arise.

  1. Multiple Market Watch Lists

With the multiple watch lists feature of ICICI Trade Racer for Android, traders can multiply market watchlists of up to five lists and there is provision for adding up to twenty scrips in each market watch.

  1. Charting

Charting feature of ICICI Trade Racer stock trading software application allows stock traders to do a comprehensive and thorough stock analysis necessary for investments and trades.

Some of them are:

  • Volume Weighted Moving Average
  • The Welles Wider Smoothing
  • VIDYA Moving Average
  • Variable Moving Average
  • Triangular Moving Average
  • Time Series Moving Average
  • Exponential Moving Average
  • The Simple Moving Average
  • And lots more
  1. Customization

With ICICI Direct Trade Racer trading software, traders can customize the color coding, user interface layout and the grid layout based on their requirements and preferences.

  1. Specific Filtering and Segmentation

As ICICI Direct is a full-service stockbroker, it offers tips through specific filtering and segmentation.

They include:

  • Profitable Stocks
  • Great Performers
  • High Price Momentum
  • Top revenue stocks

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ICICI Trade Racer Charges

There are no ICICI Trade Racer charges attached to using ICICI Trade Racer by clients.

However, you must take care of some ICICI Trade Racer charges such as accounts related charges, taxes, regulatory charges, and transaction charges.

On the other hand, there is a particular brokerage you must pay for every successful buy/sell trade when you are placing a trade with ICICI Trade Racer.

Consequently, there are no extra ICICI Trade Racer charges for using ICICI Trade Racer.

ICICI Trade Racer Download

Before you can access and use ICICI Trade Racer, you must know how to do ICICI Trade Racer download. The good news is that ICICI Trade Racer download is FREE.

However, it is only the ICICI Traders with ICICI Trade Racer trading account that can have access to ICICI Direct Trade Racer software and ICICI Trade Racer download.

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How to Set Up and Perform Free ICICI Trade Racer Download

It is noteworthy that you must download the latest version of ICICI Trade Racer software before you can trade on the platform.

Interestingly, ICICI Trade Racer download is very simple.

In addition, you must have the following configuration in your desktop to enable you to do ICICI Trade Racer download and start carrying out trading activities

System Requirements:

  1. A minimum of the Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
  2. Windows 7 or 8 (32 or 64 bit), Windows XP for the operating system of your PC.
  3. Min of 2GB RAM built into the system, which could be further upgraded to 4GB.
  4. 1024 x 768 pixels for the resolution of the screen.
  • Start your ICICI Trade Racer download from this link www.directlink.icicidirect.com/TradeRacerLive/TradeRacerSetup.asp
  • Install Trade Racer ICICI application in your computer
  • To start the Trade Racer ICICI application, double click Trade Racer icon
  • Use your Login ID and Password to log in
  • Generate 2FA password and reset your new password
  • Now you are logged in to explore all the features of ICICI Trade Racer software
  • Set up a watchlist and begin to trade

You have successfully done ICICI Trade Racer download:

Pros and Cons of ICICI Trade Racer Software

Our ICICI Trade Racer Review will not be complete without looking at the pros and cons of ICICI Trade Racer software.


  • Sophisticated trading software that guarantees technical assistance and high performance
  • It helps traders to make the right decision about stock
  • Gives comprehensive details about how stocks are bought and sold over a given period of time
  • Gives information about International indices from different countries of Asia, the United States, and Europe
  • Advanced charting tools for identifying different opportunities and choose the right one with technical tools
  • Live streaming quotes
  • Three different themes available for customizing the layout of ICICI Trade Racer software
  • Multiple watch list facility for making a list of your preferred stocks and tracking their movement. With the software, you can generate numerous watch lists.
  • Trade Racer software gives live research recommendations from ICICI. This will enable you to embark on timely research.
  • Allows access from any device and through any compatible browser like Safari, Google Chrome, IEG, and lots more.
  • ICICI Trade Racer Web is very lightweight in nature and doesn’t need any complicated configuration from your device.


  • It takes more time to fix a bug as the update frequency cycle given by ICICI Trade Racer is too high.
  • You may be having problem loading chart tools during peak periods if you live in a city where there is lower Internet bandwidth.
  • When it comes to brokerage charges, ICICI is very expensive

ICICI Trade Racer Complaints

Complaints are meant to determine the satisfaction of customers among the client base. As far as ICICI Trade Racer is concerned, the number of complaints against ICICI Direct Trade Racer has decreased tremendously over the years.

open ICICI Trade Racer Demat Account

This simply means that users of the software are satisfied with the performance and effectiveness of the application.

Conclusion of ICICI Trade Racer Review

This ICICI Trade Racer Review has critically analyzed the pros and cons of ICICI Trade Racer for Android, its features and some other relevant and vital information you need to know about ICICI Trade Racer software to establish whether it suits your needs or not.

The look and feel of the ICICI Trade Racer Web application is matchless and great. The technology of the Trade Racer ICICI scanner is ground-breaking.

Plus, ICICI Trade Racer Download is FREE and simple, while the extraordinary and amazing features of ICICI Direct Trade Racer make it the best and leading stock trading software you can rely on for trading.

Without a doubt of mind, this power-packed and thrilling software will take your stock trading to the next level.

Now that you have a detailed understanding of ICICI Trade Racer through this review, you should be able to take your stand as to whether you should use the ICICI Trade Racer Web for trading on ICICI Direct trading platform or not.

The bottom line is that going by customers reviews, feedback, comments and overall verdict, ICICI Direct Trade Racer is the best on the market for smart stock trading by smart stock traders.

FAQs about ICICI Trade Racer Software

What is the ICICI Trade Racer Web?

ICICI Trade Racer Web is a proficiently designed Online Trading software application by ICICI. ICICI Trade Racer Web grants traders access to multiple data in Multiple widgets in Single Screen, Order Window, Different themes, Drag and Drop, and Customization of Widgets.

Streaming quotes, Live quotes, and Professional look are the key features of ICICI Trader Racer software.

What is ICICI Trade Racer?

ICICI Trade Racer can be described as a trading software application designed by ICICI. The ICICI Trade Racer offers traders with Multiple watch list facility, integrated fund transfer system, and Research Calls, and Live streaming quotes.

Who owns ICICI Trade Racer?

ICICI Direct, is a foremost name in full-service stockbroking space in India are the owner of ICICI Trade Racer.

This simply means that ICICI Trade Racer is terminal-based trading software designed by ICICI Direct, the trading arm of ICICI Bank and a full-service stockbroking house.

Who is the ICICI Trade Racer Web designed for?

The ICICI Trade Racer web is designed for people who want to use a web browser to trade. ICICI Trade Racer Web is an easier online version of ICICI Trade Racer terminal software.

What are the different trading platforms offered by ICICI Direct?

The ICICI Direct Trade Racer is available across all devices. You can use ICICI Direct Trade Racer from your desktop, laptop, and you can as well trade by making use of the Web version from ICICI Direct website.

ICICI Direct Mobile App is also available for you when you are on the go and cannot use your desktop or laptop or for trading.

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