ICICI Direct Sub Broker Review – Franchise, Authorised Person, Partner, and more


ICICI Direct Sub-Broker program was launched in the year of 2003 and they introduce the Remisier program in the year of 2012. But ICICI was founded by M K Sharma in the year of 1994. It serves Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities with a total of more than 1050 offices.

In this article you may get the information on ICICI Direct Franchise Review, ICICI Direct Sub-Broker offers ICICI Direct Franchise commission models, ICICI Direct Partner Initial Investment, and features of getting a partnership with ICICI Direct.

To get more information on business models, Cost details of ICICI Direct follow this article. Here are some Franchise Customer Ratings in each sector for you:

Trading Platforms3.60
Revenue Sharing Model3.00
Security Deposit2.50
Market Share2.50

After this type of attractive rating one should be very interested in ICICI Direct, so follow the details below to become a Sub-Broker of ICICI.

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ICICI Direct Sub Broker Review
ICICI Direct Sub Broker Review

ICICI Direct Sub-Broker Model| Franchise | Partnership:

ICICI Direct offers you a very helpful way to grow your money properly and safely. With their exciting service and friendly behaviour, they offered you –

  • Sub Broker Model/Authorised Person Model.
  • Investment Associate or Remisier.

1. Details of ICICI Direct Sub-Broker Program/Authorised Person Model details:

If you are interested in the Sub-Broker plan then, this point is only for you. Follow this point properly to get details on this plan. They offered this kind of partnership only to a well experienced (minimum experience of 1-3 year) candidate. Because they want that the man should have the potential to deal with the client(s) and also the ability to deal in the trading market properly. They believe that only an experienced person gets to earn more clients for them in trading and investing activities.  

The sub-Broker has to deal with all the asset classes like ranging from equity to derivatives, commodities, Currency, IPOs, Mutual Funds, etc. It is necessary to say that the minimum age limit of a Sub-broker must be 20/21 years. They also are registered on SEBI and relevant stock exchange. Also, they have to pass the minimum Educational Qualification to enter this field which only Twelfth standard (10+2). With all of these, they needed their Sub-Broker as a certified candidate for NISM, which is a capital market certificate.

The Sub-Broker is expected to continue adding clients with maintaining all the current clients as well. ICICI Direct interacts with all of its clients daily, so Sub-Broker has to be attentive with their Clients by placing their trading orders with the principle brokers properly.

Benefits of becoming ICICI Direct Authorized Person/ICICI Direct Sub-Broker: –

  • Association with a huge brand name.
  • Exclusive offers for prestigious client account
  • A high range of products & services to offer for client
  • A very healthy and progressive revenue share constantly.

2. ICICI Investment associate or Remisier program Details:

This model offered to the new-comers/fresher. In this model, no previous experience is needed in the relevant field. There is nothing to do in this business model. An investor does not assist the trading/investment activities.

ICICI Direct Investment AssociateBenefits

  • No previous experience in the stock market is mandatory.
  • No requirement to have previous experience in the stock market.
  • You can use this trading sector as your extra income source.
  • You have to focus on the product to gain money properly.
  • ICICI secure your money properly and use it properly to give you profit.

ICICI Direct Partner| Sub-Broker| Franchise Commission and Incentive –  

ICICI Direct, one of the most reputable and established business house always tries to improve their partners’ money so they are offering each Sub-Broker a very healthy and very effective Revenue Sharing ratio. One can easily grow up their money and secure a heavy Bank balance to becoming a Sub-Broker of ICICI Direct. The Revenue Sharing ratio is depending based on multiple parameters like Experience of the Candidates, the product profile, the category of the client which he/she dealing, the current revenue, the projected revenue, and many other conditions are applicable. Below we have mentioned the revenue sharing details and benefits offered by ICICI Direct for their sub-brokers and investment associates.

  • ICICI Direct Sub-Broker/Authorised Person:

ICICI Direct gives a ratio sharing of 50% to 75% to their Sub-Broker. But as told above the revenue sharing is depends on various factors and the sharing percentage will vary from case to case.

  • ICICI Direct Investment Associate:

ICICI Direct offers a revenue sharing ratio of  30% to 70% to their Investment Associates. This model has a wide range as there are many products in this model and the products have different margins. But besides these the revenue sharing of this model is widely differs.

Here is a table to help you in proper understanding:    

Revenue SharingAvailable
Revenue Sharing Percentage in Sub-Broker Model50% – 75%
Revenue Sharing Percentage in ICICI Direct Investment Associate30% – 70%

From the above table we can witness that being a sub-broker is more beneficial than being an investment associate. Now we will discuss the steps to register with ICICI direct.

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How to make a Partnership/Become a Sub-Broker of ICICI Direct?

You have to go through the below steps to be registered as a partner/Sub-Broker of ICICI DIRECT-

Step 1 – Firstly you have to fill-up the lead form mentioning your basic details.

Step 2 – Next, you can start earning money by referral plan and also by reinvesting the gain/profit.

Step 3 – There team will connect you with you to confirm your details which you provided to their form.

Step 4 – ICICI Direct team will get back to you and arrange a meeting to detail you about the terms, the security money, the commission, and other information. 

Step 5 – The candidate has to sign an agreement between The candidate and ICICI Direct team.

Step 6 – You need to submit the below-mentioned documents  –

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Soft copy of Signature
  • Photograph (Passport Size)
  • Stock Exchange certificate (SEBI/any others)
  • Investment documents
  • GST registration Certificate/GST Number

Step 7 – After submission of the documents and the agreements ICICI will finalize your partnership program with them and they also sate up an account on ICICI Direct as a Sub-Broker.

Step 8 – You will receive a registration ID from them and finally, you become a registered partner of ICICI Direct. 

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Eligibility Criteria of Sub Broker Ship, Franchise, Partner:

  • SEBI Registration: this is one of the most important and also the basic requirement of becoming a Sub-Broker. Each of them has to register with SEBI & also have to be associated with NSE/BSE.
  • You must be 21 years old.
  • You have to complete the Higher Secondary examination.
  • You should have a minimum knowledge of the financial market.
  • You may add your previous experience certificate to the Stock Market.
  • You may add any of your certification course with the above Documents.

Joining Cost OF Sub Broker Ship, Franchise & Partnership, and to become an ICICI Direct Authorised Person: 

Like other industry monitors, ICICI Direct also claims a security deposit from their Partners. And the amount is too affordable to carry out. They fixed the amount between 25,000 to 2 lac depending on the products of the Sub-Broker ship.

This amount is taken because if any loss happens due to the Sub-Broker then this amount will recover the loss of the company. But this deposit is refundable.

Security Deposit amountApplicable
Amount of investmentRs. 25,000 to 2 lac.

In franchise partnership, you have to invest between 75,000 up to 2 Lac rupees as an authorized Sub-Broker of ICICI Direct. In ICICI Direct Investment Associate you have to invest a minimum of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. Depending on the city and the products of Sub-broker ship one should invest in this infrastructure. Now check the table below to understand properly:

ICICI Direct Sub-Broker/Authorised PersonRs. 75,000 – 2,00,000
ICICI Direct Investment AssociateRs. 25,000 – 1,00,000

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Open ICICI Direct Demat Account
Open ICICI Direct Demat Account

ICICI Direct Sub Broker Advantages and Disadvantages:

Knowing the benefits makes you prepare before indulging into a venture. Also, it makes you confident about your forthcoming decision and planning. Below we have detailed the advantages and disadvantages of joining ICICI Direct as a sub broker /investment associate:

Advantages : –

ICICI Direct is a 100% online trading operating site.Beside this,  

1. ICICI Direct has a huge brand.

2. ICICI Direct gives you Franchise Set-up support.

3. ICICI Direct will give you support by giving you training.

4. The Friendly behavior of the Manager will help you to improve easily.

5. The smart analytical tools of ICICI Direct will help you to invest in the market properly.

Disadvantage: –

The main drawback of a fresher partner is to invest initial deposit money into the company. But not only ICICI Direct all trading companies want a minimum deposit amount form their partner. But this is not a serious issue so far.


In this profit sector, everyone wants to invest, but very few of them become successful and making a profit through trading. Because they trade properly by their money through proper Company and ICICI Direct is so reliable in this business. So come and invest your money and gain it properly through ICICI Direct.

ICICI Direct Sub Broker FAQs:

Q. Why you should choose ICICI Direct Sub Broker Model?

ICICI Direct always ensure your money’s security with their special Authorised Employee. Also, they give you better facilities than others.

Q. How much time needed to register as a Sub-Broker?

You need a maximum of 14 working days to become a Sub-Broker of ICICI Direct.

Q. How can one get payment from ICICI Direct?

Every partner of ICICI Direct will get the payment daily of 30 days’ loop.

Q. As a fresher in the trading sector may I get help from ICICI Direct?

ICICI Direct is always ready to help you with their authorized and person. So if you a newcomer then you also welcome in this sector.

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