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About ICICI Direct

ICICI Group is a big name in the Financial Services Industry, and it deals in diversified services such as banking, housing loan, portfolio management, stockbroking, investment advisory, mutual funds, etc. ICICI Direct is the Stock Broking wing of ICICI Group. 

ICICI Direct Logo
ICICI Direct Logo

ICICI Direct is an advanced technology-based company and is a full-service stockbroker. They have a variety of financial services such as investment banking, institutional broking, retail broking, financial product distribution, wealth management, etc..

The firm headquartered in Mumbai has physical offices in more than 75 cities across India. They have over 10 lakh satisfied customers. 

ICICI Direct has also received many awards and recognitions for its commendable work in the financial industry.  

Being a technology-based firm, they emphasize trading online. For facilitating online trading, they have introduced many front-end tools for different devices such as desktops, tablets, web-browser based tools, and many more. 

This article focuses on the review of the ICICI Direct Mobile App. We will talk about the key app features, benefits of the app, drawbacks, and fee structure.

ICICI Direct Mobile App Review
ICICI Direct Mobile App Review

1. ICICI Direct – Mobile App

ICICI Direct App is a mobile share trading app, which enables you to transact at multiple stock exchanges and across different segments. 

 ICICI Direct also enables its customers to invest in Mutual Funds and IPOs

All these things are possible right from the screen of your smartphone with the ICICI Mobile Trading Platform.

ICICI Direct Mobile App
ICICI Direct Mobile App

ICICI Direct App is a 3 in 1 online trading platform. That is your saving bank account, trading account, and Demat account, all in one place. 

The whole stock market is virtually in your hand with this app.

The app developed by ICICI Securities Ltd, which is another wing of ICICI Group. The app is available for Android and iOS users for free. Users can download the app from their respective 

App Stores. It is a small-sized app and only occupies 758KB on your mobile phone. Over 10 lakh customers are currently using this app, and they have rated it 3.4 stars on the Play Store.

ICICI Direct Mobile App Screenshot
ICICI Direct Mobile App Screenshot

Let us see the salient features of the app:

  • Trading in all the segments – Equity, Commodity, Currency, Derivatives is possible through a single app.
  • Track your portfolio and get consolidated information on your holdings, such as M2M, P&L, LTP, etc.
  • Home Screen with latest data feed – Indices, Top Market Movers (gainers and losers), and your watch list.
  • It has a customizable watch list that keeps you updated with real-time information on your favorite stocks. The app offers multiple watch lists, and you can add up to 50 scrips in each listing.
  • Charting and Drawing tools are available with multiple time frames ranging from 1 minute to 1 year.
  • It has technical Indicators such as Bollinger Bands, Acceleration Bands, RSI, and many more.
  • The ICICI Direct App allows users to view the stocks in a heat map format. The heat map is a color-coded representation of shares according to their momentum. 

Green color implies that the stock has gained, whereas red indicates a loss on stock value.

2. IDirect Partner App

iDirect Partner app of ICICI Securities is for the partners and associates of the company. 

IDirect Partner App
IDirect Partner App

This app has over 5000 downloads and only 16 reviews because of the restricted user base. However, it has an outstanding rating of 4.4 stars on the google play store.

IDirect Partner App Screenshot
IDirect Partner App Screenshot

Here are the salient app features of iDirect Partners:

  • Log in with the employee access code.
  • It has a detailed dashboard for a summary of all essential features and information.
  • The invitation feature is available for new prospects and users.
  • Push notifications about meetings etc.
  • It has a tracking of a client’s investment portfolio with a wide range of reports and statements.

Users get unique login credentials generated by the administration of ICICI. 

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ICICI Direct Competitor:

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3. IDirect Chat App

It is another app for the internal use of ICICI staff and employees. The teams use the iDirect Chat app for sharing internal communications. 

IDirect Chat App
IDirect Chat App

Employees can stay connected with colleagues, managers, and other members of the team from anywhere, at any time.

IDirect Chat App Screenshot
IDirect Chat App Screenshot

This app does not have many reviews and downloads, as this is a restricted app.

The main app features are like these:

  • Chat with managers, team members, and other people in the office.
  • It has notifications and alerts about the latest updates.
  • One to one and group chats are allowed.
  • Receive broadcasts.
  • It has a feature for calling your colleagues from anywhere on their official number.
  • It has contact numbers mentioned in the app like a directory.
  • It has a provision of sharing files, documents, images.

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ICICI Direct App Pros and Cons 

Here is a fair comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the ICICI Direct App.


  • You get the facility to invest in Mutual Funds as well, along with stock market trading.
  • It is a loaded app in terms of mobile app features.
  • ICICI is a decade old company and is very consistent in its services since its inception. It indicates the trustability and reliability of the app.
  • News, reports, recommendations, and tips are available in the trading app itself.
  • The app is available for Windows, iOS, and Android Operating Systems.


  • The app doesn’t get updated very frequently. 
  • Call & Trade facility at ICICI is chargeable extra.
  • User interface design is a little complicated and difficult to understand for new users.
Open ICICI Direct Demat Account
Open ICICI Direct Demat Account


ICICI Direct is a fantastic app with loads of attractive features. On top of everything, it is a lightweight application and hence occupied very less space on the phone. It’s small size also makes it lightning-fast and quick.  

Many more unique features such as heat-map and back-office are also the reasons why one should consider ICICI Direct. Apart from a few drawbacks in terms of budget-friendliness, ICICI Direct app is fit for all your trading needs.

For a beginner in the stock market, you can go with ICICI Direct without any doubt. However, if an advanced trader and looking for any specific features, you may want to scan the market for a better comparison before making a buying decision.

ICICI Direct Mobile App FAQ

Q. Is ICICI Direct App Free of cost?

A. Yes. ICICI Direct Mobile App is free for all ICICI customers. The app can be downloaded from the Android Play Store. The app has over 10 lakh downloads and outstanding 3.4-star ratings. 

Q. I have downloaded the app, and it is asking for id and password; where should I find it?

A. ICICI Trading App requires a set of login id and password, which is sent by the company to your registered email address. If your account is activated, please check your email inbox for the same. Sometimes the email might land in the spam folder as well, so check accordingly.

Q. Do they provide advisory services?

A. ICICI Group is a reputed name in the financial industry, and they are known for their outstanding research and recommendations. A dedicated team of wealth manager consistently work on sending useful advises to their customers.

Q. Can I invest Mutual Funds with this app? What other segments are traded?

A. ICICI Direct enables you to invest in Mutual Funds with this app. A curated list of top-performing stocks is available on the app itself, from which customers can choose and spend. Mutual Fund investment can be possible in lump sum or SIP. Apart from Mutual Funds, Equity, Commodity, Currency, and Derivatives trading is possible with ICICI Direct. 

Q. Does ICICI Direct offer zero brokerage delivery?

A. ICICI Securities is a full-service stockbroker, and hence they do not facilitate delivery with zero brokerage. Their brokerage model for all kinds of trading and investment is percent based.

ICICI Direct Alternative:

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