How To Buy Shares? Step By Step Guide

How To Buy Shares?

People frequently ask about the best way to purchase and sell stocks online since they want to create money (earnings ) or obtain some trading expertise. If you choose the ideal stocks, both are possible and maybe enjoyable.

You have probably imagined many occasions the way you are likely to put money into stocks and earn enough cash to travel the world and continue it for the remaining life.

Achieving this is hard, but you must begin somewhere. Purchasing stocks is just one of the most effective approaches.

And the fantastic news is that you will do this entirely online all, in the comfort of your house.

We will clarify jargon-free the way to invest in shares on the internet. It is not quite as simple as watching your favorite TV series, but do not worry. It is not rocket science.

When you gain experience, you will improve your financial literacy. This is only one of the very best long-term investments.

Have your friends ever talked about investments or the stock exchange, and you had? Don’t worry, once you start investing more about it, this will not happen.

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You will know how the stock market works and how it affects the economy, as well as your life.

This article will cover all you need to know about buying stocks and shares; making a sound investment now can undoubtedly pay off later, which is why the stock market is forever becoming popular as there are undeniably big rewards to be prepared for strategical investments.

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What to look for when buying Stocks and Shares?

Its no secret that when you start buying stocks and shares, it comes with a risk of a potential loss, but more importantly, it can come with a possible win too, in some cases doubling your investments and more.

This is why its crucial to adhere to this advice to reduce the risk of any loss on the stock market, especially for those who are just starting to make their first investments.

But, For the past few years how to buy shares guides have sprung up all over the internet providing different advice on what the best method is to purchase shares, unfortunately, there is a lot of incorrect information in these guides leading people in the wrong direction, this is why this guide has been created, to give the simple explanation as possible for those who have only just started to explore the world of shares and on how to buy stocks the right way.

Things You Have to Consider While Buying a Share

You need a standard investing account in the company whose share you are going to buy. To do this successfully you can consult a specialist. 

If you are going to buy stock for the first time you can consult an agent whose fees are relatively low.

He will surely guide you on how to purchase shares of stock. The most important concern now is where can you go to find a share dealer?

To buy good stocks, you need to go to a good dealer. A dealer with all the good qualities is tough to find. But if once seen, it can provide you with the best shares and eventually helping you to earn a good profit. 

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The First Golden Rule to follow when buying stocks and shares is the stock markets figures will not always give a good indication as to what is currently at a low value, many beginners go into the stock market with the idea of buying low and selling high which is undoubtedly how the stock market works.

But stocks and shares don’t always represent their real worth; for example, to a new investor, a stock worth £5 would seem cheaper than a £10.

However, the more seasoned and experienced traders know that there are other variables in the calculation to work out its real Value, these shares values could be different from what you see.

To summaries how the more seasoned traders work out, its actual value is known as price-to-earnings (P/E). 

This is done by taking the market value per share, so our example would be £10; for the previous year, the percentage grew by £2, then the P/E would be £5.

If you do not understand how this all works fear not as when you start trading a stockbroker will explain it all for you, and there is no faster way of learning than when you are buying stocks and shares.

The next area to monitor is the business you will be buying stocks and shares with, take a look at there business propositions, model, and growth history.

If a company has a robust model in place and an increase in revenue each quarter yearly, then this could be a worthwhile investment.

Indeed, for new businesses as the profit margins are much more significant for smaller investments, investing in huge corporations such as Microsoft would be a higher risk/reward chance as they have cash reserves on top of modest income growth as they are already turning over large sums of money.

Some new investors like to look for local businesses looking to expand as they can monitor their progress actively to see if buying the stocks and shares will provide a return and sell them before they crash. 

Follow these two straightforward blueprints, and you are well on your way to success, remember to monitor prices, the businesses you have purchased shares/stocks in.

There are a lot of methods you will pick up when buying stocks and shares for the first time, but with perseverance and cleaver thinking, you can certainly succeed. 

How to Buy Shares for Beginners?

This is the first step into the world of trading stocks and shares.

  • The section is essential to be considered for those who wish to know how to buy shares overseas or even locally in most cases; you will need to contact a broker. 
  • you are not familiar with this terminology a broker is a licensed individual or part of a more massive corporation who has the rights to buy and sell shares for you, these people can be based in any country around the world and up for hire either at a flat-rate fee, percentage commission or paid by the time invested for you.

Beginners its highly recommended to avoid discount brokers as these discount brokers may look appealing with low rates of hire. Still, they do not provide you with an insight into the stock market.

Instead, all you will receive is data and expected to make your own decision, which for someone who has no experience with how to buy shares would be highly inadvisable.

By investing your money into a non-discount broker you will certainly get your money’s worth with advice coming directly to you on stocks that are worth investing in, how much potential profit there is to be made and much more, again you should always conduct your research into how the stock market works as its your money that is being invested.

You can communicate with your broker via the telephone in most cases, but yes, other forms of communication such as email, online forms, and even post can be used.

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Okay, so now, if you’re looking at this page, it means you are probably interested in learning about how to buy shares online insights?

This is a no brainer and you’ve come to the right place. Generally, most people’s primary issue when starting merely is learning the process of how to buy shares.

I’m guessing by now you have a decent understanding of what the stock market is and the basis of how you can use it to make money. (Interlinking—what is share)

However, you are now at point A (Wanting to start), but you lack a firm understanding of how to get to point B (Investing comfortably online). 

Today we are going to talk about the first step you in getting to point B.

Let us take a look at the following steps of buying shares online :

I. Get your financial documents ready

Your identification documents like PAN Card, Adhaar Card, need to be prepared.

II. Find An Online Broker

The first thing you have to do is get an online stockbroker.

Well done, this seems simple enough; however, it takes some understanding to know what to look for. There are dozens of different kinds of brokers that operate and communicate through various means (phone, post, or internet).

On top of this, they all have different levels of involvement. Some broker will invest and trade stocks with zero input from you, you will pay them to try and make you money.

On the other side, there is a broker that will only buy the shares you request and are utterly uninvolved beyond that. Of course, there are many in between, so you need to find a stockbroker that fits well with you.

Before you sprint off to the nearest online stockbroker, sit your butt down, and let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the two sides of the coin.

  • This is the most common route many people take. 
  • The reason behind this is because they are CHEAP! 
  • This is for a good reason, though. 
  • They will do nothing but buy and sell your stocks.

If you are making a horrible decision and putting your life savings into dog umbrellas, they will smile while they make the transaction for you. They take no responsibility or action in your financial future.

Think of them as just the messenger for your stock buying needs. They are usually a great choice if you know what you’re doing. If you’ve put in the time and research to find good stocks, there is no reason to go to anyone else.

They will give you the link you need to wall street and do everything you request. If you fall into this category of a go-getter, the one thing you want to make sure of is that they are EFFICIENT and RELIABLE when it comes to buying your stocks.

I have had a few acquaintances who saw an excellent opportunity to buy a stock and missed out because their stockbroker was not quick about purchasing the share. 

In one case, the broker did not even buy the share. This little issue resulted in them losing money. Don’t worry, though, I will go over how to find a broker that won’t put you in this spot later. 

Discretionary Service Brokers Are you lazy?

Well, this type of broker would be perfect for you. Hopefully, you are also plentiful! 

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Brokers that offer optional services are online brokers that will give you solid advise on stocks to buy and hold your hand through the stock buying process to make sure you make the right decisions.

Many require zero involvement on your part!

Sounds like a sweet deal, right?

The catch 22 of this is that they often charge very high prices to do so.

This is why I would not recommend them for day to day trading.

The best way to utilize these guys is to use them when investing large amounts of money. (50k plus) .

They will charge a lot to invest your money, but when they turn your 50 grand into 200 grand over a few years, this is well worth the cost.

There are also some services that are cheaper. They will hold your hand on smaller trades and look over it. They will step in and stop you from investing in those nifty dog umbrellas I talked about earlier, saving you some severe damage to your wallet.

However, these services are again expensive. Now that you have an idea of types of services, you want to consider a few more things before siding with a broker online.

Do they operate through the phone, postal system, or the internet? If your anti-social and lazy, I have bad news for you. You’re going to have to interact with your broker.

There is a similarity between the choosing of shares and the purchase of automobiles.

If you are going to buy a share, you can find some fundamental ways. 

You can take the help of the World Wide Web or telephone to buy a share. 

The technique you are going to follow to buy a share is dependent on your requirements and the facilities provided by your agent.

Due to the advancement of the internet, people have found useful tips on buying stocks. If you go with the tips on how to purchase shares of stock online, you can save a lot of money as these advices are available almost free of cost. Your effort is also lessened. Why Is the World Wide Web Considered the Best?

Buying shares on the internet is the most convenient and comfortable among the other means of trading. 

The other means of trading include are over the telephone or directly going to the share market. 

If you are trading online, there is a relationship between the company that is offering shares, the broker, and the buyer.

When you are doing the trading over the internet, the broker only gives you some amount of advice on how to buy shares of stock. 

The whole trading process is entirely dependent on the customer of the share. 

The broker does not provide any financial guidance regarding the trading of shares and follows whatever the shareholder says.

He only carries out the transaction on behalf of the buyer.

So to sum up, we can say :

If there is one golden step, it is this as some broker companies are pretty weak when it comes to the services they provide; while many will give you nothing more than graphs and statistics, there are a select few that will provide you with guidance, speed, and reliability.

 You can do a background check on any online broker by searching for there company name online and read customer testimonials relating to a company to ensure you get quality service for your investments.

The Second Golden Rule to abide by how to buy shares online is costs involved; different organizations operate in different ways, and its finding the right broker to meet your needs is the key to success and investment. 

When you are just starting trading and investing, it would be better suited for you to go with a flat rate fee when you trade stocks; this is because it will give you a bigger time frame to work from on making a final decision on the shares you wish to purchase.

However, other firms online will function differently, providing a different fee or subscription, for example, its not uncommon for brokers to charge a service fee for providing information to its consumers or merely loading a percentage commission on the final sale.

 It is essential to decide on what would work better for you overall; many new investors can find the stock market overwhelming at first, so its necessary to find a broker that allows you to conduct your research and pay a commission once the decision has been made.

open zerodha demat acc

III. Get Your Demat And Trading Account.

How to Buy Shares through Demat Account?

The way to buy shares through demat?

Nowadays, almost 100% of the clearing and the trades in the stock exchange and settlement happens in the demat mode. Therefore one needs to understand how to purchase stocks through demat.

Would you need only a demat account to buy shares?

The solution is you will also require a trading account to purchase shares in the market. A demat account is a repository of your shares. You cannot transact on your account. You can negotiate in your trading account. When you purchase equities, you need to execute the transaction in your trading accounts. Into your demat account day, the stocks will automatically get transmitted on T +2. But can we buy shares with no trading accounts and straight into a demat account.

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IV. Know Your Depository Participants.

The securities in the demat accounts are held by the depositary player (DP).

 There are just two DPs – 

  • National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) 
  • Central Depository Services India Ltd (CDSL). 

It Will be dependent on which your broking company has tied up with. There’s not much of a difference, anyway, between the services of the two DPs.

V. Buy Shares And Dividend Will Be Credited To Your Bank Account.

dividend is a distribution of a portion of a company’s earnings, decided by the board of directors, to a class of its shareholders.

Dividends can be issued as cash dividend or bonus shares.

How its credited?

Cash Dividend: In cash dividend, money is created directly in primary bank account which is linked with your Demat account. In your case, check your bank account linked with demat account for your dividends.

Bonus shares:  Bonus shares or share dividend and credited to your demat account.

How Can You Find a Good Share To Deal With? 


Make market research:

Before you decide to buy the stock of any particular company you should do a little homework. 

  • Try to find out the financial position of shares of that particular company in the market. Learn some technical terms.
  • Make yourself accustomed to some technical terms related to the stock trading market like Years Transfer, Dividend Produce, Market Value, Face Value, to name a few. How to buy shares of stock is not a big deal once you become a little experienced in the field. 

After doing the desired market research of the stocks that you want to purchase, you can either make a “market order” or a “limit order.”

A market order is one in which you request a stock purchase at the prevailing market price. A limit order is when you request to buy a stock at a limited price.

Then do a test run: Select a few stocks and track their daily changes, seeing how they impact your bottom line. If you can not take care of the volatility, then think about selecting an advisor — or you want to make a plan. Dealing with you is a means to acquire a crash instruction. The secret is to achieve the knowledge to have the ability to follow rather than to make choices.

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