HDFC Securities Blink Is A Top Software To Trade Stock

HDFC Securities Blink Overview

When it comes to stock trading in the competitive world of today, software with high speed will not only turbo-charge your trading experience but also make you be on top and give you an edge over all your competitors.

As a result, empower yourself with HDFC Securities Blink for trading in the F&O and Equity segments.


You will experience and enjoy additional gains of Blink on your M-Powered trading platform when you subscribe to HDFC Securities Blink Software.

The Blink competency is integrated with your Market Watch by default. 

In this our detailed HDFC Securities Blink review, we will examine HDFC Securities Blink, its features, Pros and Cons, how it works, and why you should make it your number trading application in India. 


About HDFC Securities Blink

HDFC Securities Blink can be described as a terminal-based trading software application that needs to be downloaded onto a laptop or desktop computer by a stock trader. 

Once you have downloaded HDFC Securities Blink Software, follow the installation instruction to set up the platform and start enjoying your stock trading.

The most beautiful thing about this browser-based application is that you can access it with an Internet connection via mobile, desktop or laptop from just anywhere. 

Why Choose HDFC Securities Blink Software?

  • F&O and Equity order placement from a single screen
  • Transaction monitoring – such as Net Position, Trade Book, and Order Book
  • Trading platform customization to help investment decision
  • The HDFC Securities Blink Software will allow traders to make useful investment decisions.
  • With the trading application, you can monitor real-time price movement.
  • Speedy Buy/Sell Order entry

HDFC Securities Trading Platforms

HDFC Securities have several trading platforms, the software designed and managed internally by the bank-based brokers.  The investment platforms are particularly made for both experienced and beginners all over the available devices from desktop to Web, and mobile phones.

1. HDFC Securities Blink

 The HDFC Securities Blink is a terminal-based trading software that traders can download and install on their laptops or desktops. 

The key features of HDFC Securities Blink include the following:

  • Sole user interface across several investments and trading divisions.
  • Customized trading software
  • Very high trading speed

2.  HDFC Securities ProTerminal

HDFC Securities ProTerminal is an incorporated, all-inclusive tool designed for analysts and traders. It is a high-tech trading application for both professionals and beginners.

HDFC Securities Blink review affirmed that this trading software can be accessed through a laptop or desktop PC.

HDFC Securities ProTerminal, is a trading application meant for analysts, traders, and researchers, to know the past, the current and the future of the market.

The tool will use mathematical algorithms and advanced techniques to gather relevant news articles – to help you make perfect market decisions.

HDFC Securities ProTerminal trading platform has the following features:

  • Schmaltzy Analysis
  • Global Market Trends and News Updates
  • Tailored Watchlist
  • Heat Map
  • Advanced Charting and Technical Analysis
  • Tailored Single Screen Trading
  • Stocks filtering, besides, to focus on stocks according to crystal-clear metrics through stock screeners.

3. Mobile Trading App

The Mobile Trading App is across devices such as Blackberry, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

The key features of Mobile Trading App include the following:

  • Access to insights and research reports
  • Trade-in Derivatives and Equity with details and updates in a single click
  • Track and put together investment and portfolio and investment

HDFC Securities Blink Features

In this HDFC Securities Blink Review, it is imperative to look at those characteristics and what the trading software offers that make it the most sought after among stock traders in India.

1. Customized Trading

This is simply a feature that helps investment decisions. The customized trading platform also gives traders access to the latest research reports and tips across classes of an asset – Mutual Funds, IPO, Currency, and Equity.

2. Transaction Monitoring

Traders can use the platform to monitor transactions including; Net Position, Trade Book, Order Book along with the summary of your portfolio.

3. The Single Screen Feature

This is the unique feature used by traders to place their orders in F&O and Equity. This makes the overall trading experience pretty seamless and smooth.

4. Advanced Charting

The advanced charts have multiple chart types, option strategies, and technical indicators available for traders. In the charting, you can choose a minute per minute market movement to be used for your technical analysis, and then return or refer to the last twenty years for your basic analysis.

5. Shortcut Keys

You can configure the shortcut keys based on your preferences for executing orders fast or to access some specific features in the trading software.

HDFC Securities Blink Demo

With HDFC Securities Blink Demo, you can with the trading application with losing money.

The HDFC securities Blink demo explains how Blink was positioned. The demo narrated further that Blink is like a market watch place where you have the opportunity of creating five market watch screens and also place orders in Derivatives and Equity markets right within the same screen.

HDFC Securities Blink demo stated further that you will be able to place buy and sell orders and obtain information on the best 5 buyers and sellers as well as High low, on the same screen.

Subscribe to Blink and have access to the HDFC Securities Blink demo to learn about the trading application and super-charge your trading experience!

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HDFC Securities Blink Charges

For the HDFC Securities Blink charges, there are 6 months subscriptions and one-year subscriptions.

The HDFC Securities Blink charges for the six months subscription is 2,999 INR.

The HDFC Securities Blink charges a subscription for the one-year subscription is 3,999 INR.

If you subscribe to the 6 months plan and want to upgrade to the one-year subscription, you have to contact the Blink support team before the expiration of your plan.

If you fail to do this, your HDFC Securities Blink charges will be 2999 INR instead of 1000 INR. In other words, you must notify the customer care of Blink Securities in advance of your upgrading.

Pros and Cons of HDFC Securities Blink


  • Speed and High performance. You will be able to access this trading software application with an excellent user experience if you are maintaining the right configuration.
  • It comes with a wide range of features, particularly handy and appropriate for the heavy traders.
  • With the HDFC Securities Blink, there is an opportunity to invest and trade across several investments and trading segments all at a go.
  • Traders have access to quick tips and research reports to enhance their investment decisions because HDFC Securities is a full-service stockbroker.
  • It gives chance to traders to set multiple notifications and alerts based on their preferences to obtain speedy reminders on their investment and trading plans.
  • Traders have the ability to configure shortcut keys as per their preferences. As a result, they can access any particular feature of the platform that will help them in their trading application plus placing quick orders. 
  • Traders can keep an eye on the transaction procedure as they are able to see their portfolio summary right on the platform. This will help them understand the market condition.
  • Traders will experience overall pretty faultless and smooth trading.
  • Drag and drop level customization with the least commotion.
  • Offers advanced charting features with different chart options like option strategies, technical indicators and lots more. This chart will help users know the market movement for their technical analysis and they can refer back to the last two decades to analyze the stock market.
  • Users can also obtain real-time market quotes all over several indices. 

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  • HDFC Securities Blink Software is available for use by Indian traders alone, meaning that it cannot be used by foreign-based or NRI clients of HDFC Securities.
  • Inaccurate or invalid position, data and many more are the main issues in the usage of the My Portfolio functionality of the software.
  • The trading application is somewhat hard to use for beginners and initial level traders.
  • Another major concern of HDFC Securities Blink software is that trial is not available.

Web Trading Application Set-up

As mentioned earlier in our HDFC Securities Blink review, you can download HDFC Securities Blink software and set it up this HDFC on your laptop, desktop or computer. However, you must have a Windows operating system to do this successfully. 

You can use the popular Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox to open this web trading software trading application.

Blink Configuration

There is a specific system configuration expected by HDFC Securities Blink software.

Here’s the detail:

The Browser: Windows Safari 5, Mozilla Firefox 21, Internet Explorer 10, Opera 15 and above, Google Chrome 26, and Mac Safari 5.

The System/Machine: Computer, Desktop or Laptop

RAM: A minimum of 2 GB

Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768 

In order to have flawless trading experience with this ground-breaking trading software, make sure you keep the configuration of your system at the level described above. 

You can seek help from the Blink customer care department if you find it difficult to install this software.


At the end of this honest HDFC Securities Blink reviews, it can be concluded that HDFC Securities Blink is the best trading software for you, particularly if you are a heavy and active trader seeking a dependable solution.

Tracking your stock will be stress-free and easy with this trading application, but it attracts HDFC Securities Blink charges, meaning that it doesn’t come for free.

But you will have limited access once you pay the required HDFC Securities Blink charges. You can subscribe for 6 months or one year, depending on your capability.

Choosing the best trading application for stock trading in India can be daunting because there are more than a few options available.

However, Blink is the best choice for traders who are looking for quick to respond, simple to use, and friendly trading software in India.

HDFC Securities Blink demo is simple to understand while the set-up is a breeze as well. Nevertheless, you must have the right configuration to get the best of the software.

It is noteworthy that the HDFC securities also have a lot of trading applications to offer traders. These include a trading terminal, HFDC mobile trading app, and lots more.

But the fact remains that high-level traders prefer this particular application for their stock trading for the simple reason that trading through the platform is quite easier.

With the ground-breaking and amazing features of Blink trading application, you will get a better, remarkable, and profitable trading experience.

You need to be aware of the fact that the stock market is dynamic and changes always. But with Blink Securities software, you will be supplied with the relevant trading information that will give you an edge over other traders. 

Keeping updated about the stock market is the best way to get profitability. Blink trading applications will traders track stock, allowing them to make rightful decisions at the right time.

The bottom line of this HDFC Securities Blink review is that the trading application is strongly recommended for you to super-charge your stock trading if you are not on a tight budget to pay the charges.

HDFC Securities FAQs 

Which type of Stockbroker is HDFC Securities?

The HDFC Securities is simply a full-service stockbroker in India.

In which of the commodity or stock can I trade through HDFC Securities in India?

You can trade at NSE and BSE in India through HDFC Securities.

What are the HDFC Securities Blink charges for opening a trading account with them?

HDFC Securities Blink charges for opening a trading account with them is 999 INR. 

How much do the AMC aka Annual Maintenance Charges for a trading account on HDFC Securities cost?

The AMC for a trading account on HDFC Securities is free.

What is the cost or charges for the Demat account opening on HDFC Securities?

There are no charges for the Demat Account opening on HDFC Securities.

What are the charges for Demat Account Maintenance (AMC) on HDFC Securities?

750 INR is the charges for Demat Accounting Maintenance (AMC) on HDFC Securities.

Is it mandatory to open a Demat account to trade at HDFC Securities?

It is mandatory to open a Demat trading account before you can trade for real at HDFC Securities.

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