How To Get Credit Cards?

How To Get Credit Cards?

How to get credit card? Which one is the best? SBI credit card, HDFC credit card, ICICI Credit card, Bajaj Finserv credit card , Kishan credit card or student credit card. These questions are common questions for the young chap, grown-up peoples, farmers, or student community. Awareness that credit card is helpful in ease our every business is quite common.  A credit card is a beautiful way to save while doing purchasing.  It magnificently grants us peace of mind.  It boosts confidence by the feeling of being a credit card owner.   A credit card makes us capable of handling any eventuality.   These days, our guys always have a shortage of time; they have to play many roles at a time.  A credit card helps them to move to achieve their dream.  Our research team has shared the most important and valuable information related to how to get a different credit card and a few other related important issues; you are requested to spare precious 2-3 minutes. Go through carefully in below-shared paragraphs.

Our research team has tried their best to share the answers related to the issues mentioned above.

Get SBI Credit Card

  • State bank of India (SBI) is the frontier banking system in India. SBI offers 25 numbers of different credit cards.
  • Simplyclick credit card is known as beneficial for all time customers. It provides an Rs500 voucher for Amazon as a welcome trait. 10X reward on clear trip, Amazon, etc. purchase. The facility of cash advance, balance transfer etc. are also there.
  • Getting an SBI card is simple. You have to fulfill the eligibility, submit the documents online.
  • You should be of a minimum of 18 years age. A resident of Indian is another requirement. However, there are few credit cards for NRI, overseas Indians, and foreigners too. But, they require having an SBI account and should fulfill certain statutory norms. 
  • Businessman and salaried people both are eligible for credit cards. A businessman has a particular category of credit cards; they can use the card for personal expenditure or expenses for business separately.  
  • New applicant can apply online. You have to keep a scanned copy of Aadhar Card or any ID proof, Electricity bill or any residence proof, last three months salary slip, previous three years IT returns, and one recent photograph.
  • The online application also requires your email and mobile number.
  • Open the page SBI credit card apply, submit your application.

Get HDFC Credit Card

  • HDFC is known for its maximum number of varieties of the credit card. It offers 38 kinds of credit cards. You can choose the credit card suitable for grocery purchases to an international movement.
  • To get an HDFC card, a few simple steps you have to take. The online application is quite simple. For salaried and self-employed persons, minimum yearly earning should be INR 1.8 lakh and 2 lakh, respectively. Age should be between 21 to 65 years.
  • Online form for a new credit card is available in; one snapshot of the application form is given below for your glance. You have to provide your email ion and mobile number in the form. Bank representative will contact you and collect your credentials either at your home or as per your convenient place and time. 
HDFC Credit Card Application Form
HDFC Credit Card Application Form

Get Bajaj Finserv Credit Card

  • Bajaj Finserv is famous for its10 super credit cards, especially Platinum plus first-year free Supercard is more prevalent among masses as for one year it offers many attractive offers.
  • Bajaj finserv provides the facility of cash withdrawal from ATM also. For 50 days, interest freed cash from ATM is also one of the attractions in the Bajaj Finserv credit card.
  • Bajaj Finserv credit cards are four in one; it acts as a credit card, cash card, loan card, and EMI card. Thus, it justifies its name as supercards.
  • There are simple two steps application formalities to get Bajaj Finserv super cards. First, you have to provide your personal information online.  You require to submit your ID proof, birth proof certificate, residence proof, IT returns, and a recent photograph. A hard copy of the signed application form,  the copy of your credentials will be collected by the bank representative
  • For the Bajaj Finserv credit card CIBIL Score requirement is minimum 750.

Get ICICI Credit Card

  • ICICI bank is known for its new and innovative features credit cards. For example- ICICI Bank Rubyex credit card has benefit of two cards i.e. American Express and Master card. Welcome voucher of Rs 5000 for new comers is point of attraction in this credit card. Airport complimentary lounge offer twice in three months is special attraction of this card. You will get many surprising offers in different credit cards of ICICI bank.
  • ICICI credit card application process has both the option, you can apply online or you have choice to fix the appointment with bank representative.
  • For online application email ID, mobile number and your credentials are required. The online application form is available at Once you enter all the relevant fields, then, at last, you have to select whether you want to submit documents or you want an appointment with a bank representative. 
  • If you will upload the scan copy of ID proof, residence proof, IT returns, etc. as per instruction, then the credit card will reach your residence by post. If you choose a meeting option, then in one or two day’s bank representative will visit and collect the documents.

Get Axis Bank Credit Card

  • Axis Bank credit cards have special provisions for customers. My choice credit card offers eDGE loyalty rewards program. Under eDGE 4 reward points are provided to customers for every spend of INR 200. High reward points are there for travel and dining. Axis Bank Free charge a credit card, Flipcart Axis Bank credit card, Axis Bank Magnus credit card, etc. are few popular credit cards that have exciting features.
  • Getting the Axis Bank credit card requires a few eligibility requirements. However, per annum income requirement varies with the type of card. It differs from INR 2 lakh to 9 lakh. Axis Bank SELECT credit card requires an annual income of customers not less than INR 9 lakh.
  • You must be between 18-70 years age group. Documents to keep ready are ID proof, residence proof, form 16 or IT returns, salary slips for salaried persons, and a recent color photograph.
  • To get the Axis bank credit card go to, under the credit card section, you have to apply online for a credit card. Initially, you require providing email ID, mobile number with your name and details like income, etc. and pressing the Call Me button. One snapshot of the initial process is given below for your convenience.  Axis bank representative will follow you, and shortly you will be the owner of a credit card.
Axis Bank Credit Card Application Form
Axis Bank Credit Card Application Form

Get Kishan Credit Card

  • To facilitate our farmers, Kishan credit card was introduced by Indian Banks in 1998. Grant of money for 90 days without any interest is a big help for growers. There are many cash crop having 45 days growing cycle; farmers quickly returns the bank money within the stipulated interval of time.
  • Kishan credit card provides a credit facility for harvesting, conservation purpose, and marketing purpose. It has a unique facility of life coverage as well as coverage for the safety of agriculture machines through an insurance scheme PAIS.
  • Eligibility for the Kishan credit card is simple. You have to produce land owner paper or rent agreement paper. You have to contact the nearest branch of a bank; all bank has the provision for Kishan credit card.
  • Kishan credit card is valid for one year but can be issued for the subsequent year by clearing the credit amount in time.

Get City Bank Credit Card

  • Citibank offers specific credit cards, for example, Citibank Premier miles card for travel, Citibank rewards card for shopping,  Citibank cashback card for cash back, etc. Customers can easily select a card of his/her choice.
  • One can apply  for getting a credit card of Citibank.
  • You can provide the email ID, mobile number, etc. online and permit to collect the papers for KYC. Papers requirements are ID proof, address proof, IT returns, salary slip, and recent photograph. The online form is given below for your perusal-
City Bank Credit Card Application Form
City Bank Credit Card Application Form

Get Paytm Credit Card

  • Paytm first credit card is for Paytm customers only.
  • Paytm provides a credit card in partnership with Citibank.
  • Paytm first credit card has many attractive features such as 1% cashback in all your transactions, 15% discount in dining, two movie tickets for a price of one and amazing gift offer in shopping of one Amezon, Reliance digital, Zometo and many more shop.
  • To get a paytm first credit card, you have to click at paytm first available in your Paytm app. It is necessary that KYC of yours is already been completed in Paytm.
  • You have to provide information related to yearly income and your credentials — submission of hard copy of documents you can do paytm nearby KYC points. Address of nearby KYC point quickly you can know by clicking Nearby KYC points provided in Paytm App.

Get Walmart Credit Card

  • In two different ways, you can apply for Walmart’s credit card, through Walmart store or online.
  • A credit card of more than 640 is required to be eligible for instant approval of Walmart store credit card, while for Mastercard version credit score requirement is more than 700.
  • Required documents are valid US mailing address, Social Security number paper & ID proof. The age requirement is a minimum of 18 years.
  • No annual fee is charged for walmert credit card. You can get 2% back in & Murphy USA gas station, 1% cashback in all other places.
  • Walmart credit card takes 7-10 days in approval, and finally, it reaches in your mail. You can call in 1 (877) 294-7880 for any query related to Walmart’s credit card.

Get Rupay Credit Card

  • Rupay credit card is a domestic credit card, the bank has to pay less fee to Rupay payment get way in comparison of International Visa or Mastercard.
  • Rupay credit card is available in SBI, PNB, Bank of India, Union Bank, Canara Bank, ICICI bank, Citi Bank etc. 
  • You can know more details and apply online in for Classic, Platinum and Select Rupay credit card.
  • To get the Rupay credit card, you have to apply to any of the above-mentioned banks with your credentials – ID proof, address proof, IT returns, salary slip, and photographs. Online you have to provide your Name, Email ID, mobile number, and preferred bank name to submit the application form. A letter on the bank representative will follow you and complete documents formalities.
Rupay Credit Card Application Form
Rupay Credit Card Application Form

Get Virtual Credit Card

  • There is no difference between Plastic credit cards and virtual credit card. For virtual credit card, you have to apply through your online banking portal. All the details of the card such as card number, CVC, expiry dates etc. are available in your online banking portal only. These card related information will be available online only.
  • SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank, Kotak bank, Citibank, American bank etc. are providing virtual credit card.
  • Virtual credit card is taken as little safer, and it is gaining popularity and momentum among masses. There is little chance of stolen card secure numbers in Virtual credit card.
  • Getting a virtual credit card  have simple process. You have to contact your bank to provide virtual credit card. They will demand for documents related to your yearly income, salary slips etc. Virtual credit card will be issued by your banker  after scrutinizing your SIBIL score.

Get SBI Student Credit Card

  • SBI student credit card is popular among the student community because all those students who have taken education loans are eligible for the card.
  • Student plus advantage credit card has zero annual fees or renewal fees. Student requires to do purchasing of INR 35 thousand to avail the zero-fee facility.
  • Students are allowed to do ATM withdrawal also through this credit card.
  • Students can apply online for Student plus advantage credit cards. You are advised to visit the credit card section of; you have to fill the online form. You have to provide your mobile number, Email Id, etc. on the first page of the portal. On the second page, you have to upload documents and submit the form.
SBI Student Credit Card Application Form
SBI Student Credit Card Application Form

Get Business Credit Card

  • Anyone running a business can apply for a business credit card. Even a person doing freelance work, the person driving ola/uber, a private tutor, etc. all are eligible. The only thing is that Business should be legitimate, it should be an LLC or corporate.
  • You have to provide company registration paper, tax identification number (TIN), audit report, monthly expenses, details of the company Director.
  • Business credit card can be applied online, can be issued with a digital signature of the Director of company.

How to Get Credit Card Easily?

  • There are mainly two categories of credit cards known as easy to get without any hurdle and guaranteed.   First is the supplementary credit cards and the second one is against fixed deposit.
  • Supplementary credit cards are for students, senior citizens or for housewives. These credit cards are an extension of already issued credit cards to fathers/sons/husbands. 
  • Few credit cards are known for their easy and fast issuance. Coral and Instant platinum of ICICI bank, Insta easy of Axis bank, Assure of Bank of Baroda comes under this category. These cards are issued based on fixed deposit of customer.
  • However, If you have good SIBIL or credit score and if you have submitted the required documents properly then also issue of credit card would be easy and fast.

How to Get Credit Card with No Credit?

  • If you are a young chap, starting your career, no earlier credit and you need a credit card. There is provision for you also.
  • As per rule of bank Credit card can be issued to a person already have a bank account for last one year, in some bank it is six month. You can verify for eligibility online through prequalify check for a credit card. You have option to apply for store credit card, Secured credit card, Ad on credit card and Student credit card without any credit history.
  • Store credit cards are good for creating credit score and it does not require your credit history. Different stores issues their credit card to make convenient day to day purchase. You can get issued the Store credit card simply producing your salary slip, ID proof and address proof.
  • Secured credit cards are those for which you have to  do security deposit in the bank. Security deposit is usually in forms of fixed deposit. Bank grants you a credit card have maximum limit of credit as per your FD. Few banks allow the customers to have a credit card based on good habit of keeping money up to a level in bank account.    
  •  Add on credit card are also common. You can request your parents/guardians to add on in their credit card. You will also get a credit card based on already having credit card by your family member. Add on process is easy and available online without any hurdle.
  • Student credit cards are also an option for people having no credit score. Few banks issue the student credit card based on the education loan others keep the condition to do fixed deposit in the bank. 

How to Get Credit Card with Bad Credit?

  • There are few credit cards which allows the customer having bad or low credit score. However, usually a credit score of 700 out of 900 is required to get a credit card.
  • Secured credit cards or preapproved credit cards are the option for bad credit score people.
  • Credit one visa card requirement of credit is as low as 300.Indigo platinum master card requires credit in the range of 300-670. Credit one unsecure visa card requires credit 300-670, Milestone gold credit card is also a low credit card.

How to Get Cash From Credit Card?

  • You can get cash from credit card also. There is a cash limit in each credit card; you are eligible to use that without paying any interest in a stipulated grace period.
  • Getting cash from credit card every month without any interest is one of the feature attract many of the users.
  • Few credit cards allow you to withdraw money from ATM machine, but in most of the cases first you have to transfer the money to your bank account  through any money wallet.
  • You can use any money wallet such as paytm or any other to transfer the money from credit card to money wallet and then transfer the funds to your bank account.

How long does it take to Get Approval for a Credit Card with Bad Credit?

  • Time taken to issue credit card varies with the bank. Before the issue of credit card bank official verifies your credit or SIBIL score. They also check the documents that you submitted with your credit card application.
  • However, verification processes are online, but the bank does not allow to take credit cards by hand. Bank deliver credit card in your address by post. Altogether, time in issuing a credit card takes around 15 days. 
Apply Now For HDFC Titanium Times Card
Apply Now For HDFC Titanium Times Card

Credit Card Pros and Cons

Banks offer many credit cards without any introductory or yearly fees.Payment of credit card bills in time is essential, if one fails to clear the bills on time, then he/she has to pay high interest.  
Bank has provision to issue a credit card to those people also who do not have any credit score or bad credit score.  
You can transfer cash from credit card to your bank account. 
Money or purchase capability without any interest for a certain fixed grace period is a big feature with credit cards. 


How to get a credit card? How to get a credit card without a credit score? How to get a credit card with a bad score? These are few quite common questions, require to know thoroughly. Getting SBI credit card, HDFC credit card,  ICICI credit cards, etc. requires only simple steps to follow. The facility to get a credit card online makes the process even simpler. Banks are quite friendly in the issue of credit cards. Once you apply online for a credit card, the bank official will contact and cooperate with you in getting the credit card. Special feature such as without any fee, cash transfer, redeem points, etc. makes the credit card smart as far as customer use is a concern.   

Credit Card FAQs

Q1. Can I get a credit card without a credit score?

Ans- Yes, you can get a credit card without a credit score also. Secure credit card, add-on credit card, and Student credit card do not require any credit point check. Secure credit cards are issued based on your FD in the bank. The Add-on card is based on the already existing credit cards of your family members. Student credit cards are based on an education loan or FD in bank.

Q2. What is the CIBIL score required for a credit card?

Ans- CIBIL score is determined by the Credit score bureau. It is based on your earlier payment history for the debt and your present yearly income etc. the required CIBIL score to get a credit card is 700 or more out of 900.

Q3. What are the advantages of a cardless credit card?

Ans- Card less credit cards are suppose to have more safe, as it is accessible through your online bank account only. You have not to carry the plastic card, hence no risk of being stolen or theft. Your card credential is only visible online through your online banking no way else.

Q4. Can I withdraw cash by credit card?

Ans- Yes, many credit card offers the facility to withdraw the money from ATM. You have to bear an additional interest rate in the case of ATM withdrawal.

Q5. How to increase credit score?

Ans- There is a common worry to increase the credit score. Credit score not only make you eligible and have high credit value in credit card but also it helps in securing loan  for personal or business use. If you want to increase your credit score then you have to chalk out a proper plan. You try to do your maximum transaction through credit card, pay the bill in advance. If you pay little advance money in your credit card with your bills, that attitude gives a quantum jump in credit score.

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