Geojit App – Review, Selfie Mobile Demo and Download & More

Geojit Mobile App Review

Geojit is a leading financial firm in India, providing various investment services. The company is overgrowing in the middle east of India. Geojit Financial Services offer a variety of solutions such as Equity trading, Commodity trading, Mutual Funds, Life and General Insurance, Fixed Deposits, and many more. 

Geojit Financial Services have over 10 lakh, active customers. Geojit claims to be able to serve all of them only with the help of the latest cutting edge technology and in-house expert teams.  

Geojit Logo
Geojit Logo

The company is a member of and also listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange.

The company is physically present in all the major states of India. They cover a total of 19 States and 2 Union Territories. 

Their national and global footprints are expanding at a tremendous speed.

Geojit promotes its customers for trading online using the mobile trading platform, known as Selfie Geojit. There are few other apps as well introduced by Geojit for Mutual Funds and other purposes. 

This article focuses on the Geojit Mobile Trading App, but we will also cover other apps by the company.

Geojit Mobile App Review
Geojit Mobile App Review

Geojit App Review

1. Selfie Geojit

Selfie Geojit is a next-generation trading tool offered by Geojit Financial Services. This app is capable of providing an unmatched and unparalleled trading experience.

Selfie Geojit App
Selfie Geojit App

You can deal with equity, currency, derivatives, and mutual funds with this app. Mutual Funds SIP feature is also available in the Selfie Geojit App. 

This app is highly advanced, loaded with features, customizable, and easy to be used by the beginners. Its well-designed user interface and intelligence interface enables you for smooth and enriching trading experience.

Selfie Geojit App Screenshot
Selfie Geojit App Screenshot

Selfie App is an 11 MB file size app, which makes it lightweight and ultra-fast. More than 100k people have downloaded this app from the google play store, and it has a combined user rating of 3.6 stars. 

You can also check over 6000 reviews by active users.

Here are the attractive app features of Selfie Geojit.

  • Geojit App has multiple market watch lists, which are customizable and provide real-time information on the go.
  • There are Grip and list view options for scrip details.
  • You can also add indices to the market watch.
  • Equity, Currency, Derivatives, and Mutual Funds are accessible from a single app.
  • You get a consolidated view of your holdings and portfolio on one page.
  • There are Order Book and Trade Book for getting information on pending orders, executed orders, and open positions.
  • Option Chain, Option Calculator, and Margin Calculator.
  • Dynamic charts and Graphs with various drawing tools. Bar Chart, Line Chart, and Candlesticks.
  • It has technical Indicators for performing a detailed analysis of any scrip.
  • There are instant pay-in and pay-out facilities supported by many leading banks. These transactions are highly secured.
  • Alerts for News, Reports, and Recommendations.
  • Mutual Funds recommendations.
  • There is a push notification facility for sending research tips.
  •  The customer care team is reachable via this app in a single click. 

2. Geojit Funds Genie

The Geojit Funds Genie app is an advanced mutual fund investing platform offered by Geojit Financial Services. It provides you access to top-performing and curated mutual funds. 

Geojit Funds Genie
Geojit Funds Genie

Also, their handpicked list of mutual funds helps you find the right choice for your needs—these recommended funds based on in-depth research.

For investing in mutual funds with the Geojit funds genie app, you only require a PAN card and Aadhar card. You will get an instant account within 2 minutes. 

The mutual funds’ app of Geojit is 14 MB in file size, and it has over 800 user reviews on the Play Store. Geojit Funds Genie is rated 4.1 stars. 

Geojit Funds Genie App screenshot
Geojit Funds Genie App screenshot

Here are the critical app features of Funds Genie.

  • Instant account opening process.
  • No paperwork is required.
  • Invest in all top AMC Funds.
  • Goal-based mutual funds investment.
  • Performance tracking of your portfolio.
  • Tax saving funds.
  • You get access to detailed, comprehensive reports.

Geojit Competitor:

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3. Lime Geojit

Lime Geojit App is for the internal use of Geojit employees and associates. It is a lightning-fast app due to its small size. The app is merely 4 MB. It is rated 4.9 stars on the google play store.

Lime Geojit
Lime Geojit

Here are some salient features of this app.

  • Lime app has profiles of all the employees of the organization – includes their contact and address details, etc.
  • The lime app can also be used as a directory to find the contacts within the company.
  • Lime app has referred to a lead function.
  • You can do lead management with this app—also, schedule Follow-ups.
Lime Geojit App screenshot
Lime Geojit App screenshot


For using the Goejit Selfie App, you will require a specific configuration on your mobile phones. Here are the details about the devices on which Geojit Mobile App is compatible.

  • Operating System – Geojit Mobile App works on Android Operating System and iOS.
  • File Size – For Android, the Geojit download file is 11 MB and 23.5 MB for iOS.
  • OS Versions – Android 4.1 or higher is required. Whereas on iPhones, iOS 7.0 or higher version is required.

Geojit mobile apps Pro & Cons

Here is a thorough comparison of the pros and cons of using Geojit mobile apps.


  1. Views and themes are highly customizable. Personalize many features of the app to suit your requirements.
  2. Research reports and recommendations are available for free. At the same time, these tips are highly accurate.
  3. Elegant and professional user interface.
  4. Customer support and tech support departments are very prompt.
  5. It has advanced level orders such as Bracket order and Cover orders.


  1. Every time you close the app or switch from different apps, you have to log in with id and password.
  2. The trailing stop-loss feature is missing.
  3. The guest login feature is not there.
Open Geojit Demat Account
Open Geojit Demat Account


Geojit Trading App, a very well designed app, also loaded with essential features for facilitating a smooth trading experience. However, the company is new and is not physically present in all the states of India.  

For a beginner to starting with necessary trading and investment, Geojit apps are going to be helpful. 

Also, you can save some money in the long term in the face of a discounted brokerage model. Decent app features are available at very affordable pricing.

Geojit App FAQs

Q. Are these apps free?

A. Yes. All the apps provided by Geojit Financial Services are free of cost. These apps can be downloaded and used for free from the respective app stores. However, there will be additional brokerage charges, commission, and transaction charges applicable to order placing. The Stock Exchange Board itself mandates some transaction charges.

Q. I can’t find my login id and password. What to do?

A. All these apps, including the Selfie Geojit app, require a set of login id and password, generated by Geojit itself, and sent to your registered email id. If your account has been activated, please check in your inbox. You can also check the spam folder as these emails sometimes land there as well. If you are still not able to find your credentials, please contact Geojit Customer Care. They will undoubtedly be able to help you.

Q. How to open an account with Geojit Financial Service? How much does it cost?

A. Opening a Demat and trading account with Geojit Financial Services is very easy. You can opt for an online account opening, where you will require submitting your KYC and Identity documents online, and your account will be activated instantly. In the case of an offline account opening, the process may take a few days. Account opening at Geojit is entirely free of cost.

Q. Does Geojit provide advisory services?

A. Yes. Geojit provides advisory services to its clients. This service is available free of cost. Geojit has a dedicated team of expert researchers who arrange highly accurate trading tips and recommendations. Customers of Geojit reported that these services are productive and profitable. 

Q. Can I trade the Futures segment with these apps?

A. Yes and No. The Selfie Geojit app is compatible with derivatives trading, i.e., trading in futures and options segment. However, the Funds Genie app is only for Mutual Fund investment.

You will not be able to trade futures with that app. Please download the Selfie app if you only want to access the futures segment.

Geojit Alternative:

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