Fyers VS Sas Online comparison: Demat, Brokerage, Margin

Fyers VS Sas Online comparison

Fyers VS Sas Online Comparison

Fyers and Sas Online are two new financial service providing companies who deal with stocks and shares and have an innovative approach towards the demands of the market.

Let’s look into the detailed facts like their advantages which show about Fyers Sas Online comparison.

The article is factual information about Fyers VS Sas Online topic. 

Fyers VS Sas Online company details


  • The company was founded by Tejas Khoday who is the CEO, Shreyas Khoday who handles the strategy part and Yashas Khoday who looks after the technology.

Fyers started its journey in 2015 as a discount stock broker and is partnered with IL&FS security service for trading online and for demat. 

  • They are a group of young and passionate entrepreneurs who commit to let their clients have a transparent investing experience.     
  • They provide their services in mutual fund investment, equity, thematic investing, trading in derivatives, etc.

Sas Online

  • A discount broker in stock market, also known as South Asian Stock Online was incorporated in the year 2013 by two young entrepreneurs Shrey Jain who is the CEO and Siddhant Jain who is the COO of the company. 

Anubha is the president of sales and marketing and also one of the three people who were the first team. 

  • They made a record of acquiring 1000 clients in just six months of their starting their business through their referral accounts. There services are in derivatives trading, currency, portfolio analysis, commodity, etf investment, equity, etc.
ParticularsFyersSas Online
Company TypePrivatePrivate
Established in20152013
HeadquartersBangalore, IndiaDelhi, India
Founder(s)Mr. Tejas Khoday,
Mr. Shreyas Khoday,
Mr. Yashas Khoday
Mr. Shrey Jain,
Mr. Siddhant Jain 
Type of BrokerDiscount Stock BrokerDiscount Stock Broker
No. of branches1 branch1 branch
Supported ExchangesNSE, BSE, MCXNSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX
Website URLhttps://fyers.inhttps://sasonline.in
Active Client Base

Fyers VS Sas Online products comparison


  • Fyers Web – An advanced generation web trading platform where a customer can track the pricing of stocks before completing the order or selling and buying of shares for smart trading, charting system for modify, order place, tools for drawing historical data charts with icons to provide a user friendly interface.  
  • Fyers Markets – Mobile app to bring forth a location independent experience to avoid overflow of data in getting insights and focus on relevant information to generate vital trading ideas.

Track stocks using Fyers stock screener to manage the analytic information and trade at right time. Get access to more than 20 years of historic data on shares in real time as and when required.

  • Fyers One – The desktop platform is an advanced trading terminal that views the trading market at a more sophisticated way. Any trader needs to be fast and strategic with their decisions in trading and compete with multiple traders. The platform surveys the futures and option of different trading sections to increase the efficiency of the trading process alongside resourceful data, live charts and intraday oppurtunities.

Sas Online

  • Alpha Mobile – Trading is the easiest when you can access your trading features from anywhere. The app allows to be able to use the power of trading to analyze trade charts, stock quotes monitoring, payment of funds, notifications and updates of market indices with instant connectivity. 
  • Alpha Trader – A desktop specific platform flexible with the demands of traders and offers tools for market scanning, quick trade execution, managing orders and custom based charting. 

The charts are of candlestick, line, bar graph origin for technical research and more than 80 indicators for expert advisory.      

  • Alpha Web – Use trade facility directly from light and flexible web browser to get real time live feeds form market, buy and sell shares as per shares performance with suggestion on which stock is performing well.

Sms updates to get instant info about shares.

Investment OptionsFyersSas Online
Stock/Equity TradingAvailableAvailable
Commodity TradingAvailableAvailable
Currency & DerivativesAvailableAvailable
Online IPO ApplicationNot AvailableNot Available
Mutual FundsAvailableAvailable
Bond/NCDNot AvailableAvailable
BankingNot AvailableNot Available
InsuranceNot AvailableNot Available
ForexNot AvailableNot Available
Equity SIP InvestmentNot AvailableAvailable
MF SIP InvestmentNot AvailableAvailable
PMSNot AvailableNot Available

Fyers VS Sas Online Benefit Comparison

FyersSas Online
  • Thematic investment is the answer to be successful in creating wealth with Fyers. The portfolio is created for giving a long term, diversified and less cost based performance for data specific requirement by taking note and ideas from best performers in the field.
  • They give the option of tracking multiple stock shares with watch list. One can easily create a list of their selected shares of importance so that they can easily get back to it when in need.
  • They offer their 30 day challenge where if a client do not earn profit from trading through Fyers portal, they will return or refund the 30 days’ brokerage charge to the clients.
  • They have made separate sections about various stock market faqs and details about their own various products like funds related information, margin related facts displaying their transparency with their business.
  • Get the latest news and updates on trading market starting from beginner’s level where you can learn how to manage your money, about nifty and its calculation, when to buy or sell in equity markets, etc.
  • They offer 4 separate plans for brokerage which are for trade, currency, equity and commodity which are created for clients’ suitability and preference.
  • Fyers VS Sas Online Account Open Compare

    To open an account online go to this link

    To open an account in Sas Online, go to this link

    FyersSas Online
  • Fill the boxes with your mobile no., email id, full name of the applicant, select the dropdown boxes and select the desired option (optional), ensure the terms and conditions box is checked and click on generate otp.
  • Put your six digit otp and click on submit.
  • Give you identification details which are pan no, date of birth and select fill form manually to fill the kra data and then click on save and continue.
  • Provide your personal details which are gender, marital status, name of your father or spouse, mother’s name, and click on save and continue.
  • Next is your correspondence details like your address like pin code, district, city, etc., optional input for telephone no. of office and resident and then click on save and continue.
  • Then comes their active segments page where you need to select in which stock type you want to do trading, whether you need to receive contract notes in either digital form or physical and click save and continue.
  • Specify whether you have an existing demat account and if it is yes mention your dp whether cdsl or nsdl along with dp id and name and proceed to next step.
  • Enter your bank details like IFSC code, MICR code, bank branch, etc and then on to next step.
  • Fill the other details page with your education details, income details, trading experience and continue.
  • Upload the documents online like pan, cancelled cheque, address proof, photograph, etc. and then continue to next step.
  • Choose the pricing option and then go to next step.
  • After verifying the details within a day, Fyers will send the e-sign service link to your email.
  • Fill the fields of email, mobile no., password, confirm password and click on register.
  • Two otp of 4 digits will be sent to your mobile no. and email id which you need to put in the column and click on submit.
  • In the next step input your pan no. and date of birth and go to next step.
  • Give your details like name, address, etc.
  • Provide your bank details like bank passbook details, cancelled cheque, income details, marital status, brokerage plan and other details and on to next step.
  • The documents that are needed to be given online for verification are pan, aadhar, address proof, passport size photograph, income proof and other documents as been asked for.
  • Complete the e-sign service process to finish with the account opening process.
  • * Bank account should be linked with Aadhaar no.

    Fyers VS Sas Online Charges Comparison

    Here the account charges comparison between two companies Fyers and Sas Online is as per:

    Types of ChargesFyers ChargesSas Online Charges
    Trading AccountRs. 0Rs. 400
    Demat AccountRs. 0
    Commodity AccountRs. 0Rs. 200
    Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)Rs. 400Rs. 200

    Other ChargesFyers ChargesSas Online Charges
    Call and Trade ChargesRs. 20Rs. 20

    Fyers vs Venture Securities Brokerage Charges

    SegmentFyersSas Online
    Equity DeliveryFreeRs. 9
    Equity IntradayRs. 20Rs. 9
    Equity FuturesRs. 20Rs. 9
    Equity OptionsRs. 20 per executed orderRs. 9 per executed order
    Currency FuturesRs. 20Rs. 9
    Currency OptionsRs. 20Rs. 9
    Commodities FuturesRs. 20Rs. 9
    Commodities OptionsRs. 20Rs. 9

    Fyers VS Sas Online Advantages Compare

    FyersSas Online
  • No need to pay any charges on account opening in both trading and demat account.
  • They have a 50 percent referral rate with more than 3500 crore turnover every year through exchanges proving their worth in the industry.  
  • Referral program to gain income in brokerage of 20 percent on every successful refer.   
  • They have their operations in over 560 cities with more than 4000 crore of turnover every day with 40000 orders daily showcasing their high demands by their clients making them trustable.  
  • There is no fixed or minimum brokerage plan giving the customers the ease of using their services. 
  • The fund withdrawal process is quick with their back office terminal and easily transferred by the end of the day.
  • Fyers VS Sas Online Brokerage Comparison

    Fyers Brokerage Comparison

    EquityEquity DeliveryEquity IntradayEquity FuturesEquity Options
    Broker ChargesRs. 20Rs. 20Rs. 20Rs. 20 per executed order

    CommodityCommodity FuturesCommodity Options
    Broker ChargesRs. 20Rs. 20
    CurrencyCurrency FuturesCurrency Options
    Broker ChargesRs. 20Rs. 20

    Sas Online Brokerage Comparison

    EquityEquity DeliveryEquity IntradayEquity FuturesEquity Options
    Broker ChargesRs. 9Rs. 9Rs. 9Rs. 9 per executed order

    CommodityCommodity FuturesCommodity Options
    Broker ChargesRs. 9Rs. 9
    CurrencyCurrency FuturesCurrency Options
    Broker ChargesRs. 9Rs. 9

    Fyers VS Sas Online margin / Exposure/ Leverage

    Fyers Margin Vs SAS Online Margin

    ParticularsFyersSas Online
    Equity Delivery1x1x
    Equity IntradayUpto 16x5x-9x
    Equity Futures4xUpto 2x
    Equity Options1.3x (for buying) and 4x (for selling)Upto 2x for selling
    Currency Futures2.5xUpto 2x for selling
    Currency Options2.5xUpto 2x for selling
    Commodities TradingUpto 2x for selling

    Fyers VS Sas Online Comparison Summary 

    Fyers is discount stock broking company that has a well balanced thematic investment interface to control cost and give great performance, whereas Sas Online gives great flexibility with choosing varied plans as per suitability.

    Open Demat Account with Fyers
    Open Demat Account with Fyers
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