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Fyers, the acronym of Focus Your Energy and Reform the Self, started the journey of being predominant in the stockbroking area in 2015 by a group of innovative and the stock market experienced entrepreneurs who were determined the reform the conventional way.

However, the journey was not easy. But now Fyers is one of the leading stock brokerage names. They offer up to 20% of referral commission share in the referral/sub-broker. Fyers offers a trading platform in Equity Cash, Currency Derivatives, and F&O at NSE.

One can even aim up and gain up to 80% Fyers revenue share if taken seriously. The brokerage company ensures easy payouts within just 30 days time period. With Zero Security deposit one can easily be a sub-broker within just 30 days in Fyers’ sub-broker program.

Here in the following article, we would go through the Fyers’ sub broker, in other words, Fyers Referral program.

Fyers Sub Broker Review
Fyers Sub Broker Review

Fyers Sub-Broker Program | Franchise | Partner

One can have one prominent option to be a part of Fyers-

  • Join As A Partner/ Sub broker / Referral Program

Fyers Partner/Sub Broker/ Referral Program:

Being a partner of Fyers one can expect large area of benefits as Fyers offers several trading platforms because Fyers has membership with platforms like NSE, BSE, F&O and also DP CDSL, MCX-SX / MCX, NCDEX, etc.

There is no initial deposit of security. Only the registration fee of INR 2360/- per segment. For example, if one is interested in trading on platforms of BSE, NSE, MCX-SX, MCX, then he would require to pay INR 2360Rs. × 4= INR 9440/- only.

The potential partner/sub-broker needs have a few initial infrastructure like internet connection, mechanical support like laptops or PCs, Scanning & printing machines. The Franchise would need to have an office space of 300sq.ft. It offers a 30:70 initial revenue sharing ratio.

Other than this one can earn more by referral i.e. referring leads to Fyers.

Here are some details of the partnership/Sub broker

  • Registration fee 2360/- one-time payment
  • Flat rate of 20/- Per segment
  • Rate of 0.01 and 0.10 for intraday and delivery
  • Zero security/refundable deposit
  • Negotiable brokerage  reach up to 40:60
  • Technological Advance trading platform
  • Remunerative referral program
Negotiable Revenue Sharing Not Available
Flat Revenue SharingAvailable
Remunerative Referral Available
Zero Deposit Scheme Available
Refundable DepositNot Available

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Fyers Partner| Sub-broker| Franchise Commission and Incentive – Revenue Sharing Model:

There is a very clear revenue share model for Fyers Partners/sub-brokers, also one can have remuneration through the referral program.

1. Fyers Partners/Sub Broker Revenue Share Model:

Fyers offers an initial 30:70 revenue model that is the sub-broker/partner can have 30% of the brokerage gained and Fyers will have 70% the brokerage. This model is often very stiff to the brokers. However, with increased time and brokerage volume one can negotiate up to 40:60.

DetailsFyers CommissionSub Broker Commission
Fyers Partner/Sub broker70%30%

2. Fyers Referral Program Revenue Share Model:

There is no specified percentage of Revenue share or Commission. The more referral leads, who are trading on Fyers, is provided by a sub broker, the more the revenue is gained. However, one can gain up to 20% of total revenue.

DetailsFyers CommissionSub Broker Commission
Fyers Partner/Sub broker80%20%

Enrollment or Registration process – How to become a Partner/Sub Broker of Fyers?

One can easily become a partner/sub broker of Fyers by easily following these simple steps. A firm knowledge and appreciative mind set up is always encouraged. Here are the steps required to be a sub broker/ partner of Fyers-

  • Open the Trading & DEMAT account with Fyers
  • Submit all KYC document as per Fyers Checklist
  • After submitting required KYC documents along with the account opening form, Fyers executive would be in touch
  • An IPV  (In-Person Verification) is done then as per directed by SEBI (Stock Exchange Board of India )
  • The IPV with Fyers authorized executive can be bone by both ways, in person or through webcam
  • After IPV is done all the provided documents along with account opening form goes through processing post which your Trading account will be opened on Fyers and you are good to go

The whole procedure usually takes up to 4-5 working days in general.

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Eligibility Criteria of Sub Broker Ship, Franchise, Partner:

The eligibility criteria of a sub broker/ partner of Fyers is rather very simple. A person truly interested in providing leads and increasing business by tactical moves is always encouraged. Basic knowledge of the stock market is also an eligibility criteria. There are also some basic requirements-

  • One should have completed 10+2 education system
  • One should be minimum of 21 years of age
  • One should have a valid identity proof
  • One should be able to provide the required KYC documents properly
  • Prior knowledge of the stock market and brokerage is always encouraged
  • Positive relation management skill with good a quantity of ‘network’ is always acknowledged

Required Documents:

  • Identity Proof: Aadhaar Card/ Driving License/ Passport/ PAN Card
  • Age Proof: PAN Card/ Passport
  • Address Proof: Aadhaar Card/ Driving License/ Passport/ Voter ID/ any Governmental Utility Bill
  • Bank Details: Canceled Cheque
  • Photo: Passport Size Photographs

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Joining Cost/Fees of Sub Broker Ship, Franchise & Partner, and Fyers Authorized Person:

Fyers does not need any initial deposit or investments to starts as a business partner. The sub brokerage also follows the same procedure. This is a zero investment program.

However, the investment is a certain registration fee. Only the one time registration fee of INR 2360/- per segment. For example, if one is interested in trading on platforms of BSE, NSE, MCX-SX, MCX, then he would require to pay INR 2360Rs. × 4= INR 9440/- only and that is all one needs to pay.

DetailsRequired InvestmentRequired Refundable Deposit
Fyers Partner/Sub brokerZeroZero

Fyers Sub Broker Advantages and Disadvantages:

Every business has its ups and downs but one can receive a significant amount of profit by balancing them tactfully.


  • Zero to minimal brokerage with an amazing opportunity for 30days to win free trades.
  • There are other beneficial schemes from which a customer can save up to 95% of brokerage compared to other stock brokers.
  • Technologically supportive and advanced trading platform
  • Very supportive customer care service which grants access to both the customer and the sub broker/partner in case of any necessity.


The sub broker/partner/referral program is specifically designed to remove most of the drawbacks. However, the only matter of concern can be the 30:70 revenue sharing model as the sub broker/partner is getting the minimum of the revenue. For the referral program, the ratio is 20:80 which is again often very stiff for the brokers.

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Open Deamt Account with Fyers
Open Deamt Account with Fyers


However, to sum up, we can state that Fyers, one of India’s now popular stock brokerage houses offers a flat rate of INR 20/- per segment and gives the opportunity to earn almost 20% Partner/ Sub broker / Referral Program commission on overall remuneration.

But, what company to put one’s faith in is always the matter of own preferences.

Fyers Sub Broker FAQs:

Q. Why Partner with Fyers?

  • Zero Investment
  • Absolutely no security deposit
  • Technically supportive trading platform
  • NSE Registration
  • Vast knowledge and experience of the Stock Market
  • Positive response of existing and customers and partners
  • Available Flat Brokerage Rate

Q. What Are the Supports provided by Fyers Partner Program?

  • Complete free of cost training program on Fyers trading platform
  • Free of cost trading platform for partners and their clients
  • OWN TECH, their own trading platform with high end technology
  • Very supportive customer care service which grants access to both the customer and the sub broker/partner in case of any necessity.

Q. How long does it take time for the registration process?

The whole procedure usually takes up to 4-5 working days in general.

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