Fyers One is A Powerful and Best Trading Terminal Software in India

Fyers One Overview

Fyers One is described as a completely loaded desktop stock trading terminal software. With Fyers One download on your desktop or laptop computer, you are just a few steps to becoming a professional stock trader.

This best desktop trading platform will allow you to trade in stocks from the comfort of your home using your computer.

Fyers One review adjudged Fyers One the best stock trading software in India with ground-breaking features that can be used by professionals and beginners to stock trading.

Fyers One is an all in all stock trading terminal that will help you perceive the stock markets from a much better professional point of view, using the Fyers One software.

Without kidding, Fyers One software is the only software on the market that will give basic investors and technical traders a winning edge.

Fyers One software is popular for its speed and high performance to go together with a number of pretty valuable features.

You can carry out Fyers One download and install it on your laptop or desktop to have unlimited stock trading.

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Fyers One software is environmentally conducive for basic and technical analysis with the aid of display, charting, and number-based features that are exclusive to this very software and are not yet introduced in any other trading terminal software.

Once you do the Fyers One download and Fyers One login to your account, you can take advantage of an immediate market watch, high-speed order execution, alerts and personalized notifications.

Fyers One ReviewThe Key Features of Fyers One Software

Fyers One installable desktop trading software designed for professionals comes loaded with a lot of trading features such as the following:

  1. Advanced Charting

With the advanced charting feature of Fyers One, you can chart with over sixty indicators for your technical analysis.

In addition, the advanced charting tool gives historical EOD data of more than five years and intraday data of about 30 days. You can even use charts for spots indices.

Charts are available in different time frames of:

  • One Minute
  • Five Minutes
  • Ten Minutes
  • Fifteen Minutes
  • Thirty Minutes
  • Sixty Minutes
  • Custom time frames
  1. Stock Screeners

Let’s you discern the relevant information from loads of chunks of displayed market data. You can measure the trend, view intraday movements, levels of resistance and support, and lots more by making use of the stock screeners.

  1. The Market Meter

With the market meter, you will see at a glance the stocks that are bringing the market down and the ones taking it up.

  1. The F & O Analysis

Making a quick decision with the least amount of casualties by an investor is imperative. When it comes to options and futures, there is a need for speed in deciding.

Hence, the F&O Analysis tools are the much-desired turbo boost for any knowledgeable trader.

  1. Opportunity Finder

With the opportunity finder feature of Fyers One, you can research, and filter stocks based on your predilection.

  1. Analysis of Market

Time wasting is not acceptable in the urge of making money. The market dynamics, heat map, and index meter of Fyers One is using in analyzing the pulse of the market.

This will save you both money and time. In addition, you will have additional knowledge of trading as a trader.

  1. Portfolio Tracker

The portfolio tracker performs two functions for a stock trader. The tool helps a trader to track the performance of his investments and also helps him create a simulated portfolio where he can learn new investing tactics and strategies.

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Fyers One Demo

Fyers One demo is a free trading demo account and an incredible way of gaining experience with zero risk.

Fyers One demo is a type of trading practice account or simulator that lets you carry out day trading with any financial instruments, such as options, futures, and stocks.

When you fund Fyers One Demo account with fake money, it will allow you to acquire trading experience and knowledge without the need of risking real capital.

With Fyers One demo account, you can come up with strategies and build your confidence even as you are getting familiar with the market situations.

On the other hand, Fyers One demo is an efficient way to test drive the Fyers One stock trading software.

Benefits of Fyers One Demo

  • No-Risk Involved: Error blunder won’t allow you to lose your hard-earned money since your Fyers One demo account is funded with simulated money. On the other hand, Fyers One demo allows you to practice day trading as you are still saving for that first account deposit.
  • Broker and Platform: Online stock trading with Fyers demo is an effective and best way to test a possible platform and broker. For instance, you can confirm whether or not Fyers One software has all the required tools and charts you need. Consequently, carry out your Fyers One Setup and check the general quality of Fyers One software and the services of the broker before investing real capital.
  • Price Action– Experiencing price action is the best way to understand it. Fyers One demo will provide you with practice reacting to volatile markets and capitalizing on price fluctuations.


Feedback from Fyers One Customers

Fyers One review declares that users enjoy the variety of features of Fyers One software such as a facility for thematic investments, price ladder trading, and charts among others.

Nevertheless, there was a Fyers One review that revealed that a number of customers want commodity trading to be on the platform.

Types of Orders on Fyers One

Stop Loss Order (SL)

SL Order is a conditional order which is executed only when the market price of the chosen stock gets over the verge. Stop Loss Order is premeditated to reduce the loss of an investor.

Limit Order

This is an order placed to sell/buy securities at a particular price. Limit Order guarantees a price but does not guarantee the fill.

A limit order is executed only when the price is in the limit price range.

A limit order to buy is executed at a particular price or a lower price, while a limit order to sell is executed at a particular price or higher than that price.

Stop Loss Limit Order

This is simply an order placed below the existing market price. The limit order is sent to the exchange when the stop price is triggered.

With that development, a sell limit order will now work at or higher than the price you entered.

Market Order

A market order is executed at the existing market price. It is a type of order that allows you to buy or sell at the best possible price

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Reports Offered by Fyers One

Our Fyers One review will also cover some of the reports offered by Fyers One. These reports are:

  1. The Live Stock Scanner: The report reveals the conditions of predefined stock screener based on technical facts to give an objective view. Traders can take a trading decision and look for opportunities in the daily price action, with the help of the stock scanners.
  2. Order Book: This is the report that reveals the list of buy/sell orders placed by users. Traders can cancel and modify pending orders directly from the report.
  3. Net Positions: These reports reveal the consolidated information on buy and sell trades of timestamps, trade day, unrealized/realized profit and loss, net positions, and current positions among others.
  4. Trade Book: This is the report where the list of all executed orders is recorded.
  5. EOD Reports: This report gives the details of the end of the day data. The EOD reports are accessible after market hours every day.

Fyers One Software Cost

Fyers One software is FREE to all customers.

Brokers Using Fyers One

Fyers securities are the brokers on Fyers One.

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Fyers One Setup and Fyers One Download

Fyers One setup requires a good Internet connection to trade because Fyers One is an online stock trading terminal.

Before Fyers One setup, you must first do Fyers One download.

If you don’t know how to install Fyers One, you cannot use the software to trade on your desktop or laptop computer.

However, if you have learnt and understood how to install Fyers One, you just need to go ahead and download the executable file and install Fyers One on your Windows PC.

Follow the step below for Fyers One setup and download on your Windows PC:

  1. Go to the website at www.fyers.in
  2. Click on the Support tab
  3. Click on Downloads
  4. Choose the Trading Platforms option
  5. Click the option for Fyers One. You will see a new window appearing with the download link and Fyers One setup instruction
  6. Click the Fyers One Download Link. As you do that, a new window will show
  7. Click Fyers One Download and the download will begin
  8. At the end of the Fyers One download, complete the Fyers One setup and launch your Fyers One software
  9. Enter the particulars of your account and Fyers One login

How to Install Fyers One

To install Fyers One on your desktop or laptop, first download Fyers One from this link:

Explained below is how to install Fyers One:

 Begin the installation by doing any of:

  1. Right-clicking FyersOne.exe icon and choosing Run as administrator
  2. Double-clicking the FyersOne.exe icon
  3. Open Fyers One after a successful Fyers One installation
  4. Provide your credentials in the Fyers One login screen:

User Name: This is your Fyers Client ID (E.g. FX0010)
Password: Insert your password
PAN/ DOB: PAN Number in capital letters of DOB in DD-MM-YYYY format (E. g.25-11-1960)

  1. Click on Connection Settings in Fyers One Login screen.

Note: For a successful Fyers One setup and installation, ensure that Authentication Server is tradeonline.fyers.in:8080

  1. Choose the OK button and continue Fyers One login using your credentials

This is how to install Fyers One on your desktop or laptop computer.

open fyers one demat accountPros and Cons of Fyers One Software


  • You can carry out quick technical analysis using Index meters, Heat map, and stock screeners among others. This will help you make the right decision at the right time.
  • Availability of real-time scanners for grabbing opportunities
  • Fyers One software comes with sophisticated charts with more than 300 icons, historical EOD Data, more than 65 indicators, drawing tools, and intraday data.
  • Fyers One is the only software used for MCX trading in TradeView charts
  • Brokerage free equity delivery trades and low flat brokerage per executed order
  • Fyers One software makes use of very stable RMS, OMS, and Omnesys API.
  • Unlike some other trading software out there, data displayed by Fyers One software is much more accurate.
  • Learn about stock market trading for FREE with the Portfolio Simulation feature of the software.


  • The software doesn’t give trading tips and research reports
  • Dependency on intermediary services such as Trading View charts and Omnesys API.
  • Fyers One is heavy in size. To make it operate smoothly, it requires better configuration
  • Clients using Apple computers or desktop cannot access Fyers One software because Mac iOS is not yet available.

Conclusion of Fyers One Review  

We have successfully done Fyers One review and discovered that Fyers One software has a lot of additional features that are not available in other brokers terminals.

There is a wide range of stock trading software out there, but Fyers One is exceptional as far as functionality is concerned. In terms of stock screening, Fyers One software is ahead of others.

Fyers One download is FREE and simple. The steps to Fyers One setup are also simple, once you understand how to install Fyers One. Fyers One is a user-friendly and perfect software that reduces the stress of searching everywhere and comparing everything.

If you are concerned about scams and don’t understand the working of the stock market, Fyers One is the perfect solution for you.

FAQs about Fyers One

Q1. Who are the owners of Fyers One stock trading software?

Ans: Fyers securities, a Bangalore based online discount stock brokers are the owners of Fyers One software.

Q2. Can I use Fyers One to trade in currency derivatives?

Ans: Of course, you can use Fyers One to trade in currency derivatives. The platform offers trading in NSE, BSE, currency options and futures.

Q3.Does Fyers One offer an installable trading terminal?

Ans: Fyers securities are the owner of Fyers One stock trading software and they offer an installable trading application for Windows computers.

Q4. Can I trade in APIs on Fyers One?

Ans: API trading is not possible on Fyers One

Q5. Can I use Fyers One to trade in commodities at MCX?

Ans:  You can use Fyers One to trade in commodities at MCX since Fyers One provides commodity trading at MCX.

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