Fox Trader: The Most Advanced and Reliable Trading Terminal for Intelligent Trading

About Fox Trader

Fox Trader is the best and unique online stock trading software specially made for active traders who are seeking intelligent trading. Fox Trader trade smart online trading terminal is the combination of the best and ground-breaking technology with distinguished precision.

Hopefully, with this Fox Trader review, you will be excited to understand more concerning Fox Trader Software, just like many other stock traders in India.

Fox Trader charting software is an Internet Trading Terminal application premeditated by Reliable Software Company in India.

This next-generation online stock trading software comes with nearly all the extraordinary features expected from modern trading software.

At the moment Fox Trader is available through VNS, Finvasia, PL India, Wisdom Capital, and BMA.

On the other hand, we have Upstox Fox Trader and Fox Trader Zerodha and we are still looking forward to it to be available through many more platforms soon.

Fox Trader charting software makes life easier for retail stock traders in India with its turnkey solution.

As a matter of fact, Fox Trader Upstox answers all the basic questions all stock market traders have been asking – How can I trade? When can I trade? And what are the things I need to analyze?

The solution is provided with disciplined Fox Trader strategies, tools that help when it comes to useful decision making, progressive thinking through constant learning, and disciplined approach towards carrying out plans most effectively.

Reliable Fox Trader Zerodha is a highly developed charting software where you can incorporate multiples of tools and studies all traders need for trading.

Fox Trader Zerodha will offer three years of daily historical charts and five hundred days intraday for studies.

The greatest aspect of Fox Trader is that 15 days is totally FREE when you register for Fox Trader Upstox. Carry out your Fox Trader download from Upstox Fox Trader to enjoy the 15 days FREE trial.

Fox Trader charting software became stock traders’ interest since July 2017 and functions in different areas, even as it ensures its viability.

Fox Trader advanced charting software has numerous tools for trading. You can use Fox Trader trade smart online software to practically enjoy its many benefits.

Fox Trader charting software is analyzed with the implementation of distinct technology in terms of product standardization and architect among others.

Fox Trader trade smart online software is developed to promote appropriate strategy formation to the numerous stock trading queries.

Fox Trader offers maximized output while it is ready to assist all online stock traders to acquire the great stock trading experience they need.

Whether the tempo of the market rises when it is on the upswing, or stuck in the broken-up mode, Fox Trader software is built to encourage the appropriate strategy formation in any difficult situation even as it avoids the numerous constraints of trading through a conservative trading platform.

In addition, with the help of incorporated multiple tools to standardize decision making with a thorough analysis, Fox Trader will allow you to execute your market orders judiciously.

Fox Trader Features

Fox Trader features are numerous and amazing, making Fox Trader the leading and best stock trading software in India.

Some of the key Fox Trader features in this Fox Trader review will enlarge your market reach to foster and gratify your trading experience are discussed here:

  1. Easy Back testing and Live Scanning

The best way to exploit the future is for you to first understand the past. With the easy Fox Trader strategies back-testing and live scanning, you will gain access to more than two hundred signals/conditions, over three hundred studies, and other ways that will let you understand and analyze past data.

Fox Trader’s back testing and scanning tools will guide and teach you how to assess and perfect the efficiency of your trading strategies before putting your hard-earned money in the open market.

With these tools, you can easily make your Fox Trader strategies live!

  1. Auto Mode or One-touch

This is one of the Fox Trader features that will allow you to automate your Fox Trader strategies.

It is noteworthy that when it comes to stock trading, discipline is everything. You can execute rule-based trading with auto mode or one-touch.

You can indicate that orders be sent for execution, once you have developed Fox Trader strategies you are satisfied with.

The orders can either be sent when you approve them or automatically. With the use of native API, your orders will be executed without delay.

You can automate trailing stops, stop levels, and order quantities. Furthermore, you can monitor open orders, P/L, and existing positions for all your Fox Trader strategies.

You can as well state maximum loss for the day using the auto mode.

  1. Real-time Market Scanner

Fox Trader allows you to take any situation and not trading signals alone. The platform will also describe a scan to allow you to know when that particular situation has happened in any instrument. With the real-time market scanner, you can even create orders.

  1. The Multiple Time Frame Analysis

This is the feature you can use to combine various indicators, time frames of data, Fox Trader strategies, and signals into one analysis or chart. Your charts can combine and match multiple frames in indicators, data streams, trading and signal strategies, and other instrument data.

With Fox Trader software, you can combine daily and weekly bars within the same trading system. You can generate a single trading system using minute and hourly bars.

  1. Charts Redefined

The stock trading market is all about data. Use the charts redefined feature to analyze the market and gain insights as you have never done before. You can view order flow, market profile, or conventional charts.

All the available conventional watches are harmonized with stunning visualization.

  1. Technical Indicator

You must have heard about technical indicators before if you are an active trader as it is generally used by the active traders.

This feature is applied in Fox trader software to analyze long-term price movement, short-term price movement, and help the active traders to discover trending environment.

  1. Watchlist

Watchlist is one of the notable Fox Trader features. If you think stocks trend up within the trend scanner, you can add them to the watch list.

Also, you can use the watchlist tool to generate multiple watch lists. On the other hand, you are at liberty to include more stock in your watch list and can delete a stock from the list if you don’t find it useful any longer.

Fox Trader Charges

The Fox Trader software is a subscription-based online access trading software application. There are Fox Trader charges for standard plan and Fox Trader charges for the premium plan.

Fox Trader Charges for Standard Plan

There are Fox Trader charges for the following futures:

  • MCX
  • BSE
  • NCF
  • NFO
  • NSE
  1. MCX

Quarterly: 4000INR

 Half Yearly: 7800INR

 Yearly: 14500INR.

  1. BSE

Quarterly: 3350INR

Half Yearly: 6500INR

Yearly: 12200INR

  1. NCF

Quarterly: 2700INR

Half Yearly: 5250INR

Yearly: 9900INR

  1. NFO

Quarterly: 4000INR

Half Yearly: 7800INR

Yearly: 14500INR

  1. NSE

Quarterly: 3350INR

Half Yearly: 6500INR

Yearly: 12200INR

Fox Trader Charges for Premium Plan

  1. MCX

Quarterly: 5650INR

 Half Yearly: 10870INR

 Yearly: 20110INR.

  1. BSE

Quarterly: 4700INR

Half Yearly: 9010INR

Yearly: 16790INR

  1. NCF

Quarterly: 3750INR

Half Yearly: 7200INR

Yearly: 13470INR

  1. NFO

Quarterly: 5650INR

Half Yearly: 10870INR

Yearly: 20110INR

  1. NSE

Quarterly: 4700INR

Half Yearly: 9010INR

Yearly: 16790INR

It is important to note that the more Fox Trader features and technical tools you get, the more your Fox Trader charges. Hence, choose the premium plan if you are an active trader.

You can either subscribe to Fox Trader charges directly from or contact the company through your stockbroker.

Markets Supported by Fox Trader Software

  • MCX
  • BSE
  • NSE-Cur
  • NSE-FO
  • NSE-CM

Fox Trader Order Types

  • Planned Orders
  • Cover Order
  • Multi-leg Orders
  • Bracket Order
  • Normal Order

Fox Trader Pros and Cons


  • Unique charting software that gives you updates about the market values
  • You can place orders based on your conditions that you believe the stocks will earn you profit with the aid of a semi-automatic order book.
  • Fox Trader gives you the right strategy concerning the market condition and satisfies your requirements.
  • You can take profit and stop losses with the help of Fox Trader software
  • Fox Trader Upstox warns you when you take risk
  • You are notified about upcoming trends earlier for you to manage the risk easily
  • It offers one-month FREE access and this is considered quite handy and a good plan for the beginners or newbie.
  • Fox Trader Zerodha software offers different effective solutions before executing your orders, irrespective of your stock marketing objectives.


  • A lot of useful indicators are restricted in the standard plan of Fox Trader trade smart online software
  • At times, taking a financial decision with Fox Trader software is very difficult for the novice and beginner traders
  • Fox Trader charting software still requires a number of advanced features
  • Fox Trader trade smart online software does not offer support for EOD screening
  • Fox Trader is a bit complicated, unlike other online trading software out there

Fox Trader Download

If you want to access Fox Trader software, you must carry out Fox Trader download.

Steps for login for Fox Trader Download

  1. Click on for your Fox Trader download
  2. Choose the download button and click on Fox Trader VNS
  3. Run the installation file and follow the instruction on the screen, once the Fox Trader software downloaded.
  4. Change the installation drive location if you get any error while installing. Just change the location from drive D to drive C.
  5. You are free to run your Fox Trader software with ease at the completion of the installation.
  6. Login to Fox Trader with your Login ID and Password to:
  • Finvasia
  • Fox Trader for Upstox
  • Fox Trader Trade Smart Online

You can carry out Fox Trader download for the following platforms:

  • Fox Trader Trade Online Smart – Fox Trader VNS
  • Upstox – Fox Trader Upstox
  • Finvasia – Fox Trader Vinvasia
  • Wisdom Capital – Fox Trader Wisdom Capital

Conclusion of Our Fox Trader Review

Have you wondered when you can enter the world of the stock market without having to take the support of brokers? If no, then Fox trader charting software has been designed by Fox Trader to take care of the needs of active traders.

This revolutionary online trading software offers all-inclusive support to traders who face enormous gaps between their understanding and lack of realistic Fox Trader strategies as they are investing and trading in the stock market.

Fox Trader who is the designer of Fox Trader software understands that we need some accurate mathematical Fox Trader strategies and advanced computer functions to execute plans and establish our trading strategies. As a result, Fox Trader was designed to be the only online trading software that finds trading opportunities for all traders and manages the risk level.

Fox Trader charting software not only helps smart traders to execute stocks at best possible prices but also decreases the likelihood of committing blunders. Definitely, Fox Trader is a sure way to do intelligent stock trading in India.

Fox Trader download installation and registration process is very simple, and it is a matter of fifteen minutes to get started. You can use Fox Trader strategies while placing orders to minimize loss and allow profitable opportunities.

However, nothing good comes for FREE. Fox Trader software is a subscription-based trading software application. Even though you can download and use the Fox Trader software FREE for 30 days, you have to subscribe after this period. There are different subscription plans to choose from as described in the earlier part of our Fox Trader review.

Fox Trader charges are quite affordable, and you will have value for your money. You can subscribe to Fox Trader directly from or get in touch with the manufacturer through your stockbroker.

FAQs about Fox Trader

Q1. How Can I do Fox Trader download and Installation for Upstox Fox Trader?


  1. Visit to download software for Fox Trader Upstox
  2. Select the Download Option next to the symbol of Upstox Broker. Your Fox Trader download will commence.
  3. To install Fox Trader for Upstox, run the installation file and follow the NEXT prompts on your screen when you must have completed the download above.
  4. The Fox Trader by default will install to DRIVE D of your Computer. But you can change the installation location to DRIVE C if you don’t have a DRIVE D on your computer or it comes up with an error.
  5. Run the Fox Trader Upstox icon from the Desktop when the installation is completed.

Q2. Can I use Fox Trader for FREE?

Ans: Fox Trader software is not FREE to use! However, in the course of our Fox Trader review, Fox Trader software manufacturers claimed that they are giving fifteen days FREE trial as a promotional offer after when you will be charged for using the software.

Please refer to the Fox Trader charges section of this Fox Trader review for details.

Q3. What are the differences between Fox Trader Standard Plan and Premium Plan?


  1. The Standard Plan supports just sixty-four indicators while the Premium Plan has support for three hundred and twelve (312) signals and indicators
  2. Historical data on the Standard Plan begins from 2000 but for the Premium Plan, it begins from 1985.
  3. There is a maximum of three Real-time Scanner instance on the Premium Plan, but screening is limited to only one on the Standard Plan.
  4. And more limitations on the Standard Plan

Q4. What is the refund policy of Fox Trader?

Ans: As of now, the Fox Trader platform doesn’t give a refund for cancellation. However, you are allowed to shift within segments if you desire but shifting Fox Trader charges may apply.

Q5. What are the various plans available for Fox Trader software?

Ans: There is 30 days FREE Fox Trader Demo. After the demo, you can opt for the yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, and monthly plans at a comparatively affordable rate.

Q6. Fox Trader is Live with which Brokers till now?

Ans: Fox Trader is Live with BMA Wealth, Trade Smart Online (VNS), Upstox, and Berkeley Securities till the present moment.

Q7. When will my subscription be activated after payment?

Ans: Your subscription is activated immediately if you are paying online. All you need to do is to choose your choice segment/period in the application or seek help from the support team to continue.

Q8. Is it possible for me to cancel my subscription?

Ans: Fox Trader doesn’t allow cancellation for the Yearly and Half Yearly Plans. But if you are not certain about the selection, you can start with the quarterly or monthly plans. You can then upgrade to higher plans if satisfied.

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