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Fortune trading corporation is a discount brokerage in southern India. They started their operation from Chennai, Tamilnadu in the year 2004. 

It offers investment opportunities in the financial segments like equities, F&O, commodity, and currency.

Though they mainly work in south India, their dealer and franchise arrangement is outstanding. They provided good earning potential to their business partners.

They enjoy a customer base of over 25000 with this collective effort. Timely and accurate market analysis and intelligence help their clients to make the right investment decisions.

Fortune trading has membership with NSE, BSE, and MCX, with an extensive business network across India. They manage their business with two sister concerns.

Fortune trading realized the importance and reach of the internet and mobile application and adopted the latest technology to introduce various applications in the market.

Fortune Trading Mobile App Fetures
Fortune Trading Mobile App Fetures

1. Fortune Mobile Trading app:

Fortune mobile trading app is technical a very superior app with excellent add- on and features.

Fortune Mobile Trading App
Fortune Mobile Trading App

It is very convenient for investing in stocks, even when you are out and traveling.

The investor can trade in cash, futures, and options and currency derivative using this app.

Fortune Mobile Trading App Interface
Fortune Mobile Trading App Interface

The top salient features of the Fortune Mobile Trading app

  • Real-time stock quotes are available, which is of great use to the investor
  • In-depth analysis and research on various stocks available in the app.
  • You can place an order on any stock that you which in real-time.
  • Transfer of funds is possible online.
  • It has fixed charge trading.

2. Fortune Breeze Mobile App

With Fortune Breeze, mobile app investors can analyze and trade various financial instruments in different exchanges. The app provides real-time market data for sound decision making.

Fortune Breeze Mobile App
Fortune Breeze Mobile App

Market analysis tools are available to conduct a self-analysis. Placing an order is very simple, with just a few taps. The investor can check the position of his portfolio in real-time.

Fortune Breeze Mobile App Interface
Fortune Breeze Mobile App Interface

The top salient features of the of Fortune Breeze mobile app

  • The app gets real-time data at incredible speeds.
  • It allows the creation and monitoring of the personal watch list.
  • The search tab facility saves a lot of time and confusion.
  • Market screener facility available to show the fast movers.
  • It gives authentic and fast market news and analysis.
  • Also, it has fantastic technical charts with all the necessary tools.
  • Transact in any exchange with just one app.
  • Facility to put stop loss, limit, aftermarket, and IOC orders.
  • There is Real-time notification on the execution of orders.
  • You can set price alerts to exit the positions safely.
  • You can square off positions with this app.

3. Fortune Wealth Mobile App

Access to Fortune Wealth is only for the registered clients of the organization.

Fortune Wealth Mobile App
Fortune Wealth Mobile App

This app is handy for investors to check their portfolio, goal tracker, and such essential reports.

Fortune Wealth helps grow and maintain investment. In a way, it is a wealth management app.

Fortune Wealth Mobile App Interface
Fortune Wealth Mobile App Interface

The top salient features of the Fortune Wealth Mobile App

  • It has the facility of SIP investments
  • Investment in NFO is possible with this app
  • Investment goals can be set and tracked
  • Tools for investments available
  • Provides relevant notifications

4. Fortune Back office Mobile app

Fortune Back office app integration is as important, if not more, than the trading activity. All details of trading transactions.

Fortune Back Office Mobile App
Fortune Back Office MobileApp

The payable, receivable, and the different ledgers need to be accessed from time to time.

This app gives the convenience of checking any back-office account 24/7.

Fortune Back Office Mobile App Interface
Fortune Back Office Mobile App Interface

The top salient features of the Fortune Back office.

  • You can use the app on any mobile or tablet,
  • Holding details available instantly.
  • It has easy access to the statement of account.
  • Check the ledger 24/7
  • Check the open position with just one touch.

Fortune Trading App Pros and Cons

As with any other apps, this app, too, has its own advantages and drawbacks.

Let us check on a few of them


  • It is very popular in the southern part of India.
  • There are no account opening charges.
  • The trading platforms are intuitive and user friendly.
  • The brokerage rate is competitive.
  • They do have a separate back office app.


  • Customer services can be further improved.
  • Technical advice is lacking.
  • They need to work on their performance.


Fortune trading is growing at a decent pace in the discount broker category. The overall rating of Fortune trading is 5.8 out of 10, which is good.

It is perfect for people who have the right expertise in stock market operations/trading.

Before one goes for this organization, it is better to check suitability, mainly since they do not provide any marketing intelligence

Fortune Trading App FAQ

Q. Fortune trading is associated with which depository participant.

A. Fortune trading is involved with the CDSL depository, and they provide excellent service in opening the account and later on in maintaining it. And the Demat opening charges are Rs 525/- and there is no AMC.

Q . Are there any referral benefits shared by Fortune Trading?

A. Yes. Fortune trading believes in increasing its network and share quite good referral benefits with its clients. It can maintain a comprehensive network in the southern part of India, because of this feature.

Q. What are the equity delivery charges?

A. Since it is a discount broker, they offer a fixed rate of Rs 20/-per trade. The charge is irrespective of the size of the trade or value of the stock. Many regular investors find this type of charge convenient and economical.

Q. What are the various trading platforms available in Fortune Trading?

A. Fortune trading makes its application available on a variety of platforms. It runs on windows, android, ios. They also have web-based applications to run on desktops. Mac-compatible platforms are also available.

Q. Does Fortune trading deal in mutual funds?

A. No. Fortune trading is not into mutual funds. They are very actively into stocks, futures, options, currency trading, and commodity trading. But still, they can do good business and satisfy their clients.

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